Reverend Insanity
840 Fang Zheng“s Nightmare
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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840 Fang Zheng“s Nightmare

Nobody expected that Fang Yuan would show up here. According to the competition rules of Central Continent's Refinement Path Convention, from the eighth round onwards, there can only be one winner from each test venue.

Thus, gradually, the whole of Central Continent's test venues became domains to be dominated by skilled refinement path Gu Masters, like fierce beasts ruling over a territory..

Unless they were forced to have no other choice, no beast would move out of their territory to challenge another beast.

This was not sensible.

The further they advanced, the higher the glory and rewards they could obtain. Having a decisive showdown early on would only let someone else reap the benefits.

Thus, when they saw Fang Yuan, many Gu Masters guessed: "Does Fang Yuan have some enmity with Firesmith Dragon Chief?"

The Demon Expelling Sect elder hosting this round of the competition also felt baffled, but showed no expression on his face.

Fang Yuan's entry was in accordance to the competition's rules. As long as someone entered any test venue within the set time, their results would be recorded.

Thus, even if there were people who wanted to obstruct someone, they could not do so under everyone's gazes.

"This person is Fang Yuan? Is he that famous owner of Hu Immortal blessed land in our sect?" Immortal Crane Sect's disciples also began to guess.

"Truthfully speaking, our sect's Lord Fang Yuan is truly mysterious. I have yet to see his true appearance."

"This is Fang Yuan? Impossible. Central Continent is so large, there are also Gu Masters with the same name."

"Fang Yuan and Feng Jin Huang's agreement has already been widely spread. Our Immortal Crane Sect has many exemption quotas, Fang Yuan could have simply conserved his energy and participated from the tenth round onwards."

Immortal Crane Sect's disciples discussed, many of them stealthily glancing at Fang Zheng's face.

Fang Zheng's lips were pursed tight, his face looked pale-white and his hands were clenched tightly within his large sleeves. They were brothers by blood, the moment Fang Yuan appeared, Fang Zheng could intuitively tell that it was his big brother!

Fang Zheng was caught unprepared.

The shadow during his childhood years suddenly fell and shrouded over him again at this moment, seemingly like a pair of black hands were tightly clenching his neck.

Fang Zheng felt suffocated.

The nightmare, that he had done his best to evade from since he woke up from his coma, attacked his mind once again!

The arrogant exclamations and cheers of Myriad Dragon Dock group gradually turned quieter.

Fang Yuan had displayed high refinement path attainment, seizing first place in all the past seven rounds, the same as Firesmith Dragon Chief.

Myriad Dragon Dock's elders and disciples had to admit Fang Yuan was a powerful opponent!

"I heard this Fang Yuan's achievement is the same as that of our Firesmith Dragon Chief, seizing first place in all seven rounds."

"Is he that person who is duelling Feng Jin Huang?"

"If it is truly him, then that is the owner of Hu Immortal blessed land, he should be very affluent."

"So what? Hmph, haven't you seen the rankings. Firesmith Dragon Chief is ranked at seventh, but where is Fang Yuan placed at? It is beyond thirtieth place!"

"Right, he is simply looking for humiliation by coming here. I believe Lord Firesmith Dragon Chief will definitely defeat him."

Although Myriad Dragon Dock's group said this, other spectators did not have the same thoughts.

Fang Yuan entered on his own accord, showing an extremely aggressive stance. Fang Yuan was clearly not a fool, he surely had confidence and trump cards to move out of his territory and attack.

Fang Yuan's unorthodox behavior made Firesmith Dragon Chief startled, furious and doubtful.

Thereupon, Firesmith Dragon Chief probed: "Fang Yuan of Immortal Crane Sect! Are you coming to lose in advance?"

What Firesmith Dragon Chief truly wanted to ask was: Why are you coming here to compete? Couldn't you have just stayed in your territory and advanced safely? You must be smoking something!

At the same time as he asked this, he felt gloomy inwardly — We don't have any grudges, what are you trying to do by disturbing me? Don't you still have the duel with Feng Jin Huang? Do I look that easy to bully?

The moment he spoke, the uproar turned even louder.

"What, this Fang Yuan is actually a member of Immortal Crane Sect?"

"Isn't he a demonic cultivator?"

"It should be true, Firesmith Dragon Chief has personally confirmed it, can it still be false?"

"This is big news, who could have thought he was actually a disciple of one of the ten great ancient sects… But why did he come here? Did Immortal Crane Sect have a fight with Myriad Dragon Dock? I haven't heard rumors about any disputes."

Even the hosting elder was looking with eyes wide open, staring at Fang Yuan blankly.

At once, Fang Yuan became the focal point of everyone's gazes.

"Big brother…" Fang Zheng gritted his teeth, his face pale as paper and his body filled with cold sweat unknowingly. He was feeling difficulty in breathing, and also physical weakness, as if he had collapsed after doing intense exercise.

Fortunately, everyone was gazing at Fang Yuan and no one noticed his miserable state.

Lord Sky Crane consoled him from his aperture, but there was almost no effect.

Other Immortal Crane Sect members were excitedly gazing at Fang Yuan, some even stood up unconsciously.

Fang Yuan had never officially appeared in Immortal Crane Sect's headquarters. However, his legends were spread widely in Immortal Crane Sect. Mysterious and powerful, with countless rumors regarding him.

It was said that he had outstanding talents, such that he was taken in as a legacy disciple by a Gu Immortal the moment he stepped into Immortal Crane Sect.

This was of course a rumor, purely speculative and completely unreliable.

However, Immortal Crane Sect's higher ups could not refute them, once they spoke the truth, where would their reputation as one of the ten great ancient sects remain?

Moreover, Immortal Crane Sect's disciples were more willing to believe the proof in front of them.

The greatest proof was Fang Zheng!

Fang Zheng had A grade aptitude and already had rank five cultivation now, becoming a sect elder. They could only imagine, as his big brother, how outstanding Fang Yuan's aptitude must be. Otherwise, how could he have won against Feng Jin Huang and seized Hu Immortal blessed land?

Right now, Immortal Crane Sect's members was stretching their necks, firmly fixing their gazes upon Fang Yuan like glue.

Uncertainty and curiosity was overflowing from within their hearts.

"I really want to see Lord Fang Yuan's true appearance."

"It should be similar to Elder Fang Zheng's."

"Sigh, why did he have to wear a mask. This is a test venue, if we carelessly use investigative Gu, we will be thrown out."

The disciples communicated excitedly.

The other Immortal Crane Sect elder finally discovered Fang Zheng's state and asked with concern: "Elder Fang Zheng, what's wrong? Are you feeling unwell?"

"Nothing, nothing…" Fang Zheng's heart skipped a beat, hurriedly replying.

'Why does Elder Fang Zheng seem to be afraid of Fang Yuan, is the relationship between these brothers not good?' A strange look flashed past the elder's eyes.

Fang Yuan's eyes were hidden behind the mask. He first slowly glanced around, pausing a moment on Fang Zheng before slowly landing on Firesmith Dragon Chief.

He chuckled, breaking the long silence, his voice somewhat hoarse as he proudly proclaimed to everyone present: "Right, I am Immortal Crane Sect's Fang Yuan."

"Haha, it was true!"

"Elder Fang Yuan, best of luck!"

"Elder Fang Yuan and Elder Fang Zheng are our sect's heroes."

The most intense response was from Immortal Crane Sect's group. Some disciples almost jumped in excitement, they felt pride and a strong sense of honor in their sect, after being suppressed by Myriad Dragon Dock, right now, with Fang Yuan's words, they felt really relieved and avenged.

"What are you so happy about?"

"Right! What is there to be pleased about…"

Myriad Dragon Dock's group retorted.

Hatred flashed past Fang Zheng's eyes, as he said with clenched teeth: "Don't compare my brother with me!"

These words, however, had another meaning when heard by others.

"Did you hear it, even Elder Fang Zheng, with his aptitude, admits he is inferior to Lord Fang Yuan!"

"That's right, reportedly Fang Yuan is a Gu Immortal seed and the higher ups are nurturing him with all their strength."

Immortal Crane Sect's disciples talked in a 'soft' volume, but the sound was not soft at all.

"You guys…" Fang Zheng's expression turned ashen and he felt an intense dizziness.

The expressions of Myriad Dragon Dock's group turned even more unsightly.

The atmosphere of conflict intensified.

One elder of Myriad Dragon Dock sneered and cursed in a quiet voice: "Let's see what kind of downcast expressions you guys will have when he loses."

The bustle outside the stage already made the other participants on the stage into props to be ignored. Fang Yuan continued to gaze at Firesmith Dragon Chief, and intentionally raised his voice: "Firesmith Dragon Chief, I came here to defeat you. It is way too boring to defeat those incompetents. You are a slightly decent opponent, you will add some radiance to my path of advancement. So use your true strength, don't hold back, I remember your strongest method is, what was it… mad deity's blazing flames? Use it and fight me, this way when I defeat you, I can feel a little satisfaction."

Hearing such provocative words from Fang Yuan, whether it was on the stage or outside the stage, all the Gu Masters had the same feeling — arrogant, too arrogant!

Everyone had already felt that Firesmith Dragon Chief was arrogant, but now that they saw Fang Yuan, they realized the saying 'no matter how good you are, there is always someone better than you' was completely true. Look at Fang Yuan, this was the true master of arrogance!

Firesmith Dragon Chief was startled: 'He actually knows about my hidden trump card?! This is impossible, I have never exposed this technique. How did he find out?'

After the astonishment, anger rose in him as he countered: "Alright, since you, junior, are boasting so shamelessly, let me teach you a thorough lesson. I will make you understand what true pain is!"

At the same time, he furiously shouted inwardly: 'Will I, a grand rank six Gu Immortal who has undergone two heavenly tribulations and is only one away from rank seven, be afraid of you, a bottom tier immortal zombie? Kid, you think too highly of yourself, I will step on you and make you lose all your face! Blindly challenging me will be the greatest regret of your life!!'


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