Reverend Insanity
837 Doing Business in Western Deser
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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837 Doing Business in Western Deser

This was one of the seven most famous natural wonders of Western Desert - the movement of hundreds of thousands of sand dunes. It was like heaven was using a brush to sweep past most of the Western Desert, drawing a curved line. In this fixed curved path of moving sand dunes, there were no oases, no beasts and no rocks, there was only yellow sand. No one could stop it, even rank eight Gu Immortals were powerless.

For these enormous moving sand dunes, Western Desert's people named them impassable dunes, revealing their helplessness and confusion towards nature's might.

"Impassable dunes…" Fang Yuan, however, narrowed his eyes, and flew straight towards the sand dunes.

He had concealed his figure, and flew right above the battlefield on the ground, but no one detected him.

Several of Xiao clan's Gu Immortals were fighting on the impassable dunes, but they were at the periphery, even these Gu Immortals could not explore the inner areas.

Their opponents were three enormous hidden sand spider queens, each was a desolate beast.

These hidden sand spider queens were like fish in water amidst the sandstorm, their hill-like colossal bodies were constantly letting out hidden sand spider groups.

However, Xiao clan's Gu Immortals were well arranged and in good order.

Xiao Hu Chi led the charge as the leader, shouting and roaring as he immersed himself in the thrill of battle.

The deputy leader, Xiao Shi Rang, sighed, transmitting: "Leader, it is almost time, we have already achieved our objective of training them, we should order our Gu Masters to retreat now."

"If you had not said this, I would have forgotten it! Handle this by yourself, hahaha, these three hidden sand spider queens have weakened greatly, it is time to capture them." Xiao Hu Chi laughed wildly and was just about to attack, when his gaze suddenly focused in front of him and towards his left. He shouted: "Who's there?!"


The reply was a giant hand that passed through the sandstorm with an imposing air, directly grabbing a hidden sand spider queen.

Xiao Hu Chi stared with a furious expression, but this giant hand's timing was perfect, that hidden sand spider queen had just been forced back by Xiao clan's Gu Immortals when the giant hand smoothly grabbed it from behind, as if this hidden sand spider queen had gone straight into a trap.

"Such guts! You dare to challenge Xiao clan in our territory!!"

"Thief, you want to reap the fruits of our labor, you are unforgivable!"

"Everyone, attack and capture this person, I, Xiao Hu Chi, must see who is so daring!"

Xiao clan's Gu Immortals were furiously about to attack when suddenly, seven strength path giant hands emerged from the sandstorm.

Bam bam bam!

Intense banging sounded out, five rank six Gu Immortals of Xiao clan were routed in panic.

Only Xiao Hu Chi and Xiao Shi Rang, the two rank sevens, were able to fight equally with two giant hands.

"This is rank seven battle strength!"

"The enemy is extremely powerful, the two leaders have used their signature killer moves, but they actually haven't made progress!!"

"The other party still doesn't seem to have used all their strength. This is the first time I have seen this strength path killer move, who in the world is this person?"

Immediately, Xiao clan's Gu Immortals revealed heavy expressions.

"No need to be nervous, I have no malicious intentions. Look." Fang Yuan slowly flew out and revealed his appearance, his expression having a slight smile.

Everyone's gazes turned towards that hidden sand spider queen, which was already clenched firmly in the grasp of the strength path giant hand, screeching in pain and struggling desperately.

"Captured just like that…"

"This immortal killer move is really strong!"

Xiao Hu Chi and Xiao Shi Rang glanced at each other, seeing the vigilance in each other's eyes.

If it were them, they could not accomplish this so easily. Otherwise, Xiao clan would not have sent so many Gu Immortals to capture the hidden sand spider queens.

Fang Yuan was able to accomplish this easily, one reason was because he had grasped the correct timing, when the hidden sand spider queen was greatly weakened, another reason was that after the merging of a second Immortal Gu, Pulling Mountain, into myriad self giant hand, its might had greatly increased and had even more power against earth path desolate beasts like hidden sand spider queens.

After grabbing the hidden sand spider queen, Fang Yuan appeared in front of Xiao clan's Gu Immortals of his own accord.

"Sir, who might you be? What is your intention?" Sensing Fang Yuan's good intention, Xiao Hu Chi asked in a low voice.

Fang Yuan chuckled: "I am nothing more than a nameless lone cultivator of Western Desert, living in seclusion over my life. Not long ago, I had no choice but to become an immortal zombie, only then did I come out into the open. I am here because I want to do a long term trade with your esteemed clan. I wonder if you are interested in regretful spider groups?"

"Oh? Regretful spiders?" Xiao clan's Gu Immortals felt joyous.

Xiao clan possessed an Immortal Gu House, Ten Thousand Li Silk Corridor, 'ten thousand li' was only a general name, the entire Immortal Gu House was far longer than ten thousand li.

This Immortal Gu House had a very special function, as long as there were enough mortal spider Gu, it could be spread out and built everywhere. If looked on from a bird's eye point of view, it would resemble a giant spider web spread over Western Desert.

And the surface of the floor of this Ten Thousand Li Silk Corridor was smooth like silk. Anything placed on it could be transported at an extremely fast speed.

Xiao clan was one of the richest among Western Desert's super forces. The most important reason was because Xiao clan possessed this Ten Thousand Li Silk Corridor.

Any Immortal Gu House was a unified construct involving defense, attack, movement, healing, investigative and other aspects.

Be it Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, Water Pavilion, Heaven Overseeing Tower, Red Fiend Divine Boat, Profound Ice House or any other Immortal Gu House, they all were like this, they could be considered war fortresses.

Xiao clan spread Ten Thousand Li Silk Corridor everywhere, transporting goods and earning a fortune. However, Ten Thousand Li Silk Corridor's usage consumed large numbers of mortal spider Gu.

Ten Thousand Li Silk Corridor was Xiao clan's economic lifeline, thus Xiao clan had to gather a very large quantity of mortal spider Gu every year to maintain Ten Thousand Li Silk Corridor.

This time, Xiao Hu Chi and Xiao Shi Rang led the group to capture hidden sand spider queens, it was to raise them in the clan's headquarters. Every set interval of time, the blood of the hidden sand spider queen would be drawn and their flesh would be cut, then the clan's Gu Masters would gather to refine large amounts of mortal spider Gu.

Despite Xiao clan's own management fulfilling a portion of the requirement, there was still a shortfall left, which would have to be filled by purchasing large numbers of mortal spider Gu from the market.

Moreover, the larger the number of mortal spider Gu and the greater the variety of them, the more beneficial it would be in the operation of Ten Thousand Li Silk Corridor.

Xiao clan's Gu Immortal group was naturally excited, Xiao Hu Chi asked immediately: "How many regretful spiders do you have, sir, and how will we make the transaction?"

Fang Yuan laughed, reporting a number, the joyous light in Xiao Hu Chi's eyes faded in an instant.

Fang Yuan then spoke: "I can supply your esteemed clan with this number of mortal spider Gu every month."

Xiao Hu Chi beamed with delight.

"As for how to trade them…" Fang Yuan said slowly: "Isn't your Ten Thousand Li Silk Corridor the best way? Give me a token for a nearby node of Ten Thousand Li Silk Corridor, every month on the thirtieth, I will arrive at this node, place the goods and take the payment."

"Then what is the price of sir's goods?" Xiao Shi Rang chipped in.

"No rush." Fang Yuan waved his hand, "Let's discuss the price after you look at the quality of the goods."

Fang Yuan took out a sample, Xiao clan's Gu Immortals were greatly pleased at the quality.

These regretful spiders came from a super force of Northern Plains, Dong Fang tribe, it would be strange if Xiao clan's Gu Immortals were not satisfied.

Fang Yuan quoted a price.

After a round of bargaining, the two sides settled on a price and completed the first transaction on the spot. Xiao Hu Chi made the payment on behalf of Xiao clan, and Fang Yuan also obtained a node token.

After the completion of the transaction, he turned around and left.

Xiao Hu Chi and the rest of the group returned to Xiao clan's headquarters, and immediately reported this to Xiao clan's first supreme elder.

The first supreme elder slowly nodded his head after learning of the details: "Little Hu, you did well, the contribution points for this task will be doubled."

Xiao Hu Chi said in a heavy voice: "Lord, it is just that this person appeared too suddenly. A rank six immortal zombie with rank seven battle strength! Does lord know of his origins?"

The first supreme elder smiled indifferently: "Western Desert is vast, there are naturally many Gu Immortals who remain in seclusion, this is not something I can know completely. Immortal zombies cannot produce immortal essence by themselves, it is not strange for them to be forced to come out of seclusion. Since this person wants to do business sincerely, we will cooperate with them for now. Our clan has an unceasing demand for mortal spider Gu. If the cooperation is pleasant, there is no problem with handing out one of Xiao clan's transaction tokens to him."

"Lord, are we not going to investigate him?"

The first supreme elder thought for a moment before saying: "I know what you mean, since the other party can supply goods for a long time, he must have other blessed lands. Okay… investigate him a little for a while, we cannot treat him like a normal immortal zombie. The most important thing right now is the contest with Dong clan to occupy the market in the northwest side. We need to spread Ten Thousand Li Silk Corridor as fast as possible."

"I understand, lord first supreme elder." Xiao Hu Chi saw the first supreme elder shutting his eyes to rest, he understood the message and gave a respectful bow before quietly leaving.

A few days later.

Central Continent, Floating Flower Riverbank, Hearing Wave Pavilion.

The large force, Hearing Wave Pavilion, was generally a secluded sect, but it was now bustling like a market.

This was the one of the test locations for the seventh round of the Refinement Path Convention.

A round of the competition had just ended.

Everyone in the audience was discussing and exclaiming, with countless gazes gathered on Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was clothed in a black robe, he wore a mask on his face, just like previously. Silently and unhurriedly, he walked out of the stage.

Many gazes moved followed his slow movement, while another portion of people stared at the rankings on the wall with shock.

Right now, Fang Yuan's name was imprinted on first place!

"Demonic cultivator Fang Yuan has seized first place seven times in a row! Amazing, truly amazing, this performance means he has master level attainment at least!"

"With such talents and ability, there is a high chance that he can pass the famous nightmarish eighth round of the Refinement Path Convention."

"When can I have such ability?" Among the crowd, Hong Yi gazed at Fang Yuan's receding figure, his heart filled with yearning. For some reason, while others disliked Fang Yuan's style as a demonic cultivator, Hong Yi, as a disciple of the righteous path's Universal Life Academy, did not feel any dislike towards Fang Yuan.

Hong Yi had great luck and huge potential, but his skills were too thinly spread out and he was eliminated pitifully at the second round.

"Do you guys think Fang Yuan can fight his way into the finals just like this?"

"Youngster, you are thinking about the finals now? Hehehe, it is too early, too early!"

"That's right, who knows how many dragons and snakes are in Central Continent's Refinement Path Convention, the water here is too deep. The previous seven rounds were no more than the initial portion of the competition. The true essence and brilliance of the Refinement Path Convention lies in the later parts of the competition."


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