Reverend Insanity
836 Preliminary Success of Vaguely Familiar Face
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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836 Preliminary Success of Vaguely Familiar Face

After the second round of the Refinement Path Convention ended, Fang Yuan returned to Hu Immortal blessed land.

Some time had passed in the blessed land already, Mo Yao's will had recovered from Fang Yuan's arrangements, he could search again.

Fang Yuan had no pity for her, he conducted will searching on Mo Yao's will.

This time, he obtained quite a few Gu refinement techniques that Mo Yao knew, including a refinement path killer move.

In these memories of Mo Yao's fake will, many were related to details of Gu refinement.

In this aspect, Mo Yao was a refinement path grandmaster, while Fang Yuan was only a quasi-grandmaster, Mo Yao was also a certain generation's fairy of Spirit Affinity House, the refinement path techniques that she had expanded his vision quite a bit.

After Fang Yuan learned them, he felt that he benefited greatly.

Usually, when masters teach their disciples, they might keep some secrets to themselves or hide their trump cards, as the saying goes: a teacher dies of starvation after teaching his student.

Mo Yao's will was now Fang Yuan's 'master', but she was teaching him without reserving anything.

Fang Yuan had many benefits, on one hand, he learned all sorts of new Gu refinement techniques from Mo Yao's fake will, on the other hand, he was revising the things he had learned.

He intended to show his skills in the Refinement Path Convention, using all his ability to get the best result he could obtain.

Because this concerned the Infallible inheritance.

Looking over the current situation, Fang Yuan estimated that it was still safe for him to join the Refinement Path Convention. But as time passes, the risk of undertaking such actions would be uncertain.

The toppling of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building was too huge of a matter, Fang Yuan was a lone force, he could only stall them, it was impossible to completely hide the truth from the investigative forces of Northern Plains and Central Continent.

If the five regions chaotic war was soon to occur, the five regions would be busy fending for themselves, Fang Yuan would be able to conceal the truth.

But unfortunately, the five regions chaotic war was still hundreds of years away.

Central Continent did not have much chaos under the control of the ten great ancient sects. Northern Plains' situation had improved in stability after the battle between Old Ancestor Xue Hu against Heavenly Lord Bai Zu and Yao Huang.

"One day, the truth that I caused True Yang Building's collapse will be exposed. By then, I will have arrest warrants from Central Continent and Northern Plains, the other three regions might also come after me due to Giant Sun's true inheritance. Hu Immortal blessed land would no longer be unaffected by the outside world, it would be attacked immediately. Thus, before the truth is exposed, I have to develop myself during this period of time."

Fang Yuan could clearly discern his future circumstances.

Once the truth was exposed, Fang Yuan would have to start a life as a fugitive.

Thus, he has to increase his strength as much as he could, using all opportunities that came, or even create them if they didn't come.

Right now, the Refinement Path Convention was a huge opportunity.

This was only the second round of the Refinement Path Convention, towards the middle and late stages, the first place rewards would be immortal essence stones, immortal materials, Immortal Gu recipes, or immortal killer moves.

If one obtained a good position during the final competition, they would be qualified to obtain the reward from the Infallible inheritance.

Thus, even if he attracted the attentions of people and was high profile, Fang Yuan could not care less.

Also, his duel with Feng Jin Huang was well known by everyone already, almost all of the higher-ups in the ten great ancient sects of Central Continent knew about it. Fang Yuan could not lay low even if he wanted to.

One day, when news that he was the culprit behind True Yang Building's collapse gets exposed, his name would spread over the five regions, he would be extremely famous!

By then, he would face a difficult and dangerous challenge.

The entire world would be his enemy, countless Gu Immortals would chase down Fang Yuan, in their opinions, Fang Yuan certainly would have obtained countless benefits from Giant Sun's true inheritance.

"I have to use this last stretch of time to develop, accumulating immortal essence stones, immortal materials, and raising my battle strength to the limit, most importantly, I need to get rid of my immortal zombie body, and regain a living body!"

Immortal zombies could not produce immortal essence, even his usual cultivation expenses were dragging Fang Yuan down. Looking at most of the immortal zombies in Zombie Alliance, they had to be careful and calculative in every battle.

If Fang Yuan was still an immortal zombie when he was a fugitive, he would face immense danger, it might even be the cause of his demise.

Thus, in the following days, Fang Yuan had to join the Refinement Path Convention and practice his Gu refinement techniques, but he also had to deduce and use large numbers of star thought Gu to modify the immortal killer move, vaguely familiar face.

This killer move was an urgent matter, it was his best way to change the situation for the better. Other matters could not compare to it, they were put aside by Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan got through the third, fourth, and fifth rounds.

He had outstanding capability, his quasi-grandmaster refinement path attainment was uncommon even among Gu Immortals. He got first place in all five competitions, with such a record, his reputation was surging.

Fang Yuan's name started to circulate everywhere. Everyone who heard of it knew that he was a demonic path Gu cultivator, he was skilled in refinement path and had many Gu refinement techniques, he had a deep foundation.

The day before the sixth round, Fang Yuan finally reached preliminary success in the deduction of the immortal killer move vaguely familiar face.

"It was not easy at all!" Fang Yuan walked out of the underground cave, he was really excited, almost to the point of tears.

The process of deducing and modifying this immortal killer move was very difficult. Fang Yuan's wisdom path and transformation path attainment levels were entirely too low, he was like a child pushing a stone mill, going one step at a time.

To get his current results, Fang Yuan had expended all of the star thought Gu he had obtained from Dong Fang Chang Fan by the fourth round of the competition. Thankfully, he had the stone nests and large numbers of hairy men, he had been continuously refining and accumulating star thought Gu.

That gave Fang Yuan enough resources in order to obtain a 'vaguely familiar face' that he could utilize.

As has been mentioned previously, Immortal Gu were unique, Fang Yuan did not have a single one of vaguely familiar face's three core Immortal Gu (They were in Feng Jiu Ge's hands).

If Fang Yuan wanted to use vaguely familiar face, he could only change the core Gu and modify the killer move. Furthermore, it would be best if this Immortal Gu was one that Fang Yuan currently had.

Right now, Fang Yuan achieved this aim.

The modified vaguely familiar face that he deduced was greatly simplified in comparison to the original, it only had one core Immortal Gu — eat strength Immortal Gu.

His other Immortal Gu, like Fixed Immortal Travel, Self Strength, iron crown eagle strength Immortal Gu and so on were incompatible. Or rather, Fang Yuan's attainment level was too low, he could not make use of these Gu in this regard.

Fang Yuan could use eat strength Immortal Gu as the core to activate vaguely familiar face, this was mostly due to his rich foundation as a strength path grandmaster.

Using 'eat strength' Immortal Gu as the core to use vaguely familiar face, the effect was very limited.

Once the killer move was used, it could not change Fang Yuan's appearance, but it could change his aura.

Fang Yuan was a Northern Plains Gu Immortal, once he had to exert himself seriously, his aura would leak out and be exposed, along with his identity. But if he used this version of vaguely familiar face activated by eat strength Immortal Gu, he could change his aura and turn his Northern Plains Gu Immortal aura into that of Central Continent, Southern Border, Eastern Sea, or Western Desert. If the other party was not a Gu Immortal skilled in investigation, they would not be able to expose him.

In fact, Old Lord Can Yang had such a method.

When Old Lord Can Yang helped Dong Fang Chang Fan, he fought with the band of demonic path immortals in an intense battle. But from start to finish, he was showing a Northern Plains aura, he did not display any relationship with Central Continent. This was evidently an immortal killer move, this was an indication of Immortal Crane Sect's plentiful foundation.

But Fang Yuan created vaguely familiar face in a rush, the effect was weaker than Old Lord Can Yang's move.

Old Lord Can Yang could fight intensely against a large number of Northern Plains Gu Immortals without exposing his true Central Continent aura. Fang Yuan knew clearly that his version of vaguely familiar face could not do that.

Furthermore, the use of this killer had a huge weakness, the price was very high.

Each time he used it, he would need to consume several strength path dao marks!

Eat strength Immortal Gu's effect was to allow the Gu Immortal to eat immortal materials that were full of pure strength path dao marks, and extract the natural strength path dao marks from them, adding them to the Gu Immortal's body.

Fang Yuan faced many failures in his deductions, he eventually racked his brains and placed his target on himself.

As a strength path immortal zombie, his body purely consisted of strength path dao marks. As for the time path and space path dao marks in his immortal aperture, they were not related to his body. Looking at another example, Hu Immortal blessed land had earth path, space path, time path, and enslavement path dao marks, but Hu Immortal's body when she was alive only had enslavement path dao marks. After she died, the enslavement path dao marks on her body were all transferred into her blessed land.

Thus, Fang Yuan decided to 'eat' his own body. He used eat strength Immortal Gu as the core, by supplementing large numbers of mortal Gu, he expended strength path dao marks in order to disguise his aura.

Even though this immortal killer move effect was not great, it could not meet Fang Yuan's requirements, and also had a huge drawback, but it was at least usable.

It was already very fortunate that he obtained such a result. He had thought that his deduction would end in utter failure. Having a preliminary success was already very satisfactory to him.

The highest credit had to go to wisdom Gu, under the light of wisdom, Fang Yuan had unlimited inspiration, he could forcefully make the strength path Immortal Gu into the core of vaguely familiar face.

With the joy of success, Fang Yuan entered the sixth round of the competition and got first place.

Returning to Hu Immortal blessed land, he rested for a short while before using Fixed Immortal Travel to go to Western Desert.

Western Desert, impassable dunes.

Winds were blowing as sand was scattered in the air.

The Gu Masters of Xiao clan were all in a battle formation, they were fighting intensely with the hidden sand spiders.

These hidden sand spiders were all the size of elephants, their bodies were covered in a layer of glazed exoskeleton, they were skilled at moving in the sand.

Hidden sand spiders emerged from the sand, their mouths were sharp and dangerous, they attacked the Xiao clan Gu Masters. Fang Yuan watched them from the sky, he estimated that there were at least thirty thousand of these hidden sand spiders!

But Xiao clan was a super force of Western Desert, the Xiao clan Gu Masters had exemplary skill in battle, they also had rich experience in dealing with hidden sand spiders. Thus, the situation was tilted in favor of the humans.

Fang Yuan only took a look before moving his gaze to behind the hidden sand spider group.

This was a huge area of sand dunes.

Within this area, fierce winds were moving about as the sky turned dark, countless beasts were growling.

If one looked closely, they would realize that these sand dunes were moving slowly!


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