Reverend Insanity
835 Promise of Three Matters
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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835 Promise of Three Matters

Time passed, Zheng Shan Chuan was finally at the last few steps of the refinement, the incomplete Gu worm in the fire was becoming more clear.

To play safe, he looked at Fang Yuan again, he saw that Fang Yuan had just finished the previous step, he had fused the six materials together.

By this point, Zheng Shan Chuan has to admire Fang Yuan's calmness: "It is a pity, I am the victor of this duel. I will definitely get this green shine Gu!!"

Zheng Shan Chuan was oozing with confidence, but when he retracted his gaze, Fang Yuan suddenly laughed loudly: "Hahaha, Zheng Shan Chuan, you lost, look at my refinement path killer move!"

"What?" Zheng Shan Chuan's heart shuddered, he immediately turned to look at Fang Yuan.

Only to see that Fang Yuan took out a Gu worm and squashed it.

Instantly, Zheng Shan Chuan's pupils shrunk to the size of pins, as he was about to jump.

He screamed at Fang Yuan angrily: "You! You actually destroyed green shine Gu!!"

As he said this, the fire in his hands became unstable, it went out of control and exploded.

The explosion was not intense, but after it occurred, Zheng Shan Chuan's clean face was covered in soot, he was like charcoal, it was a sad sight.

Zheng Shan Chuan was stunned on the spot, he froze like a statue.

Such a huge change had occurred in mere moments!

Everyone outside was silent for a few breaths before reacting, they were all shocked, their voices overlapped and caused a huge wave of chattering.

"What a ruthless demonic path Gu Master!!"

"He directly destroyed green shine Gu, causing Zheng Shan Chuan to lose control and fail the Gu refinement, all his hard work was wasted!"

"This Fang Yuan is too good at scheming, he flipped the situation around instantly. Zheng Shan Chuan failed and has to restart the refinement now. Fang Yuan's advantage is too great now, even if Zheng Shan Chuan repeats the process, he cannot catch up to Fang Yuan."

"Most importantly, he only destroyed his own Gu, this cannot be determined as him maliciously interfering with his opponent!"

"Oh no, oh no! He actually did this, this actually happened!" Old Man Qi Shan was flustered.

Zheng Shan Chuan suffered a huge blow, he took a long while before recovering.

When he regained control of his mental state and restarted the Gu refinement, Fang Yuan was at the last step already.

This duel no longer had any surprises, Fang Yuan was the eventual winner.

"Exciting, this was too exciting." The spectators were commenting with much enthusiasm.

"Zheng Shan Chuan was too young and naive, he lost his bright future now. Sigh…" Some people felt pity.

Of course, some people were happy, for example, An Han, but he was the first elder of a righteous sect, he could only be happy in secret, he had to express his sympathy towards Zheng Shan Chuan's fate on the outside.

The duel was over, Fang Yuan stood up as Zheng Shan Chuan stared at the flame in his hands blankly.

He lost!

He lost his life, his bright future to a mysterious demonic path Gu Master in a duel.

How could this be? What should he do?

Zheng Shan Chuan felt that his future was bleak, there was no hope.

"Senior, please spare him! Both of us had eyes but failed to recognize Mount Tai, we offended senior. Please be magnanimous, my disciple is still young and innocent, please let him go. I am willing to replace him and contribute all of my savings in exchange for his freedom. Please have mercy on us, please spare us!"

Old Man Qi Shan knelt on the ground, kowtowing to Fang Yuan non stop.

The old man's head hit the floor, causing a wave of loud thudding sounds, his face was covered in blood.

"Master, master!" Zheng Shan Chuan was jolted to awareness, he hurried over and tried to help Old Man Qi Shan get up.

But Old Man Qi Shan was insistent, he pushed his disciple away as he continued to kowtow, begging for mercy.

"Master…" Zheng Shan Chuan's face was full of tears, with a splat, he knelt down facing Old Man Qi Shan.

Everyone looked at this with varying expressions.

Flying Frost Sect's leader showed a look of regret and sympathy.

An Han was coldly sneering internally.

But the duel was over, how could the terms be changed under everyone's watchful gazes? Unless Fang Yuan was willing to let them go, but he was a ruthless demonic cultivator, Zheng Shan Chuan was a refinement path master at such a young age, how could Fang Yuan let him go?

Even if it were the righteous path Gu Masters in his position, they would not let Zheng Shan Chuan go.

The cruel and harsh side of the Refinement Path Convention was displayed in front of everyone.

But at the next moment, Fang Yuan said to Old Man Qi Shan: "It is not impossible to let him go."

An Han's mental sneer froze, the place went silent.

"What?" Zheng Shan Chuan was stunned.

Old Man Qi Shan was the first to react, he was overjoyed: "Thank you senior for your magnanimity, thank you senior for your kindness!"

Fang Yuan smiled, his tone was warm and kind: "People should be kind to one another, that is also being kind to oneself."

Everyone heard this and showed looks of disbelief.

Weren't his words too fake? Who was it who destroyed the green shine Gu earlier and made a young lad lose?

An Han's expression changed, he screamed inwardly: "Hey, are you still a demonic path Gu Master? Quickly act ruthless! What are you saying, are you not cold at all, are you trying to make the entire demonic path lose face?!"

Fang Yuan's words changed: "But, since you offended me, you need to be punished."

Everyone immediately restored their composure.

An Han calmed down, he was overjoyed: "Oh, so this is it, he is trying to toy with their relationship. Hahaha, that is right, this is the demeanor of the demonic path!"

Zheng Shan Chuan's expression tightened.

Old Man Qi Shan started to kowtow again, he shouted: "Lord, please have mercy!"

"Forget it, I will not make you my slave for life, I want you to do three things. But now, you are not qualified yet, to do things for me. As for what these three matters are, hehe, I have not decided yet. Maybe I will not make you do any in your entire life. Maybe in the next moment, I will ask you to do three matters, it will all depend on my mood." Fang Yuan said slowly.

His voice was not loud, but the people were quiet, listening to him.

Old Man Qi Shan sighed out in relief, he shouted while holding back his tears: "Thank you, lord, for your mercy!"

Zheng Shan Chuan lowered his head: "Junior thanks senior."

Three matters compared to being a slave for life, the former was much easier to accept. Central Continent was dominated by the righteous path, if Zheng Shan Chuan had the identity of a demonic path Gu Master's slave, even if he had refinement path talent, he would be unable to be successful and make a name for himself.

But handling these three matters was just an agreement. Having an agreement between righteous path and demonic path Gu Masters was nothing much. Zheng Shan Chuan's future was still very bright.

Looking at the master and disciple who were extremely grateful to him, Fang Yuan laughed, ordering: "Both of you, bite your tongues and give me a drop of blood from the tips of your tongues."

Old Man Qi Shan and Zheng Shan Chuan looked at each other, they bit their tongues and gave the blood to Fang Yuan with much fear.

Fang Yuan stretched out his right arm and his five fingers closed up, grasping the two drops of blood in his hand.

Next, he moved his hand, grinding with his fingers as black smoke emerged from the spaces between his fingertips.

When the black smoke faded, Fang Yuan opened his hand, showing two Gu worms.

Old Man Qi Shan and Zheng Shan Chuan were staring with wide opened eyes, these two Gu were a pair of rank four Gu.

Everyone gasped.

Fang Yuan was actually so formidable, he refined a pair of rank four Gu in a few breaths' time.

"This is the technique of blood path! He actually has such astounding blood path Gu refinement techniques!" Flying Frost Sect's higher-ups were showing dark expressions.

Even the demonic path Gu Masters outside showed looks of wariness.

Blood path was notorious, it was even more vile than using soul path techniques to burn human souls! Righteous path members would hunt it down, even the demonic path often excluded it.

"This pair of rank four Gu can sense each other. You two will take one, I will take the other. If I have anything to request of you, I will send someone over carrying this blood path Gu worm as the symbol. These two blood path Gu worms can sense each other and tell if they are real. Even if you die in the future, these three matters will extend to your children, descendants, disciples and other later generations. Are you willing? If not, be my slave." Fang Yuan said.

"Willing, we are willing." Old Man Qi Shan replied hurriedly.

Fang Yuan's hand moved, and one of the blood path Gu worms was tossed to Old Man Qi Shan.

He tossed Zheng Shan Chuan another Gu.

When Zheng Shan Chuan received this Gu, he was stunned, he stammered: "This… this is green shine Gu?"

Fang Yuan stored the other blood path Gu worm away as he said slowly, laughing: "Did you really think I destroyed green shine Gu?"

As he laughed, he left the dumbfounded Gu Masters behind, turning around and leaving.

Zheng Shan Chuan looked blankly at Fang Yuan leaving, as Old Man Qi Shan stored the blood path Gu worm carefully. He did not dare to violate this agreement, their witnesses were not just Flying Frost Sect, but the entire Refinement Path Convention itself.

All of the competitions, including this duel, were recorded. Central Continent's ten great ancient sects and all of the forces that joined the Refinement Path Convention had the evidence, he could not deny it.

"Master, you need to heal the injury on your head." Zheng Shan Chuan quickly got up, helping Old Man Qi Shan up.

"Go, quickly leave, we cannot stay here anymore!" Old Man Qi Shan was intimidated by Fang Yuan's methods, he was truly shell-shocked now, he urged his disciple to leave this terrifying place.

With this, Zheng Shan Chuan backed out of the competition, no longer joining the rest of the rounds.

But he had obtained green shine Gu, his original goal.

After this matter, Old Man Qi Shan gave Zheng Shan Chuan a good lesson using this as an example, telling him how vicious Fang Yuan's methods were, he truly had a grasp on the nature of people, he next told Zheng Shan Chuan about the jealousy of Flying Frost Sect's first elder, An Han, towards the talents of others, he was the person surreptitiously encouraging this duel.

Zheng Shan Chuan matured greatly from this matter, he finally understood his own shortfalls, as well as the vicious nature of the world. For most of his life, he tried all sorts of ways to treat Old Man Qi Shan while raising his refinement path attainment, keeping a low profile. When he was fifty-three years old, he healed Old Man Qi Shan's poison, when he was eighty-eight years old, he became a refinement path grandmaster without causing much of a disturbance. In his final years, he returned to Central Continent's east coast, creating a sect that he named after himself, it was called Shan Chuan Hall.

His life ended at a hundred and fifty years old, he did not join the Refinement Path Convention ever again.

As for the agreement of those three matters, that was another story.


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