Reverend Insanity
826 New Dao Marks, Deeper Foundation
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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826 New Dao Marks, Deeper Foundation

Fang Yuan had also placed starlight fireflies in Tai Bai Yun Sheng's immortal aperture. He had also moved a portion of the star fragment grass in, now that they had been merged together once again, they recovered their original scale.

The poisonous blood from the blood poison kerria flowers had only contaminated the ground, it had not caused the slightest harm to the star fragment grass in the sky.

Dragon scale lake and jade root lake were placed opposite each other at a distance, many small lakes were dug up between the two large lakes, as well as in the surroundings, like they were stars in the sky surrounding a moon each.

These small lakes and pools did not use any special soils.

Dragon scale soil and jade root soil were Gu refinement materials. Although they were not immortal materials, but with such great quantity, enough to construct two large lakes, Fang Yuan had spent quite a sum.

Some remaining water wolves and shark fin wolves lived in these small lakes. The shark fin wolf desolate beast that Fang Yuan had subdued also moved around here, eating the fish in these small lakes when it was hungry.

There were large numbers of blue jade carps in the pools and lakes. These blue jade carps could remain alive stubbornly in harsh conditions, even the poisonous blood could not kill them, instead it caused a portion of them to undergo a mutation, becoming blood jade carps. The price of these blood jade carps was several times that of blue jade carps.

In the western part of Hu Immortal blessed land, Fang Yuan had followed a set pattern; digging soil, arranging Gu formations, and using charcoal stones to construct a large lake.

However, this lake did not have even a drop of water. On the contrary, hot air rose with the charcoal stones covering the lake bed, when wind blew, the black-grey charcoal stones shone with a red light.

Fang Yuan named this lake charcoal lake, it was the second-best breeding ground for eerie fire dragon pythons. The optimal method was used in Dong Fang tribe's headquarters — the arrangement in Jade Pool blessed land.

Fang Yuan knew this optimal method from Dong Fang Chang Fan's soul, it could be said that he was extremely clear of the arrangement.

But it was a pity that Fang Yuan's wealth could not support it. In particular, the amount of money required at the earlier stages was too high, Fang Yuan considered it carefully and chose to use the second-best method of charcoal stones to construct the nest for the eerie fire dragon pythons.

He placed all the eerie fire dragon pythons inside and let them develop. Fang Yuan moved away, and at every set distance, he dug a small lake, he did not use any special soils and after setting up simple Gu formations, he poured all the poisonous blood taken into his immortal aperture into them.

Under the effect of isolation from the Gu formations, these lakes of poisonous blood would only seep out a little every year, contaminating the surrounding soil.

In the entire western part of Hu Immortal blessed land, Fang Yuan dug hundreds of small blood lakes.

Why did Fang Yuan do so?

This related to the connection between heavenly tribulations or earthly calamities and the blessed land.

Good fortune is hidden within bad, bad fortune lurks within good.

The deeper the blessed land's foundation, the greater the fortune, and the stronger the heavenly tribulation or earthly calamity, and the more they would target such fortune.

For instance, the previous earthly calamity of Hu Immortal blessed land, a desolate beast swamp crab carrying gruel mud Immortal Gu, was targeted at the most valuable part of Hu Immortal blessed land - Dang Hun mountain. The result was that Dang Hun mountain gradually started turning into a pile of gruel mud, it was barely rescued by Fang Yuan from its death.

Heaven was fair and paid attention to balance. If you had a special superiority in one aspect and attracted heaven's envy, the heavenly tribulation or earthly calamity would weaken you. Naturally, there were too many types of tribulations and calamities, this rule was not absolute and one could only say that the probability was high.

This was the embodiment of 'bad fortune lurks within good'.

After the swamp crab earthly calamity, Hu Immortal blessed land had, in fact, gained large amounts of enslavement path dao marks as well as small amounts of earth path dao marks.

The higher the enslavement path dao marks, the easier it was to control the living beings raised in the blessed land and the higher their reproduction. Rockmen, hairy men, fox groups, wolf groups, fish groups and so on were among this list.

This was the most superior aspect of Hu Immortal blessed land, after all, the original owner, Hu Immortal, was an enslavement path Gu Immortal. Among the dao marks increased after every tribulation and calamity, the highest quantity would be in enslavement path dao marks.

Besides enslavement path, there were a small number of earth path dao marks. These dao marks could increase the fertility of the soil in Hu Immortal blessed land, the ground would become more firm and could absorb even more earth qi, and support Dang Hun mountain.

These dao marks could not be inspected with ordinary methods. They merged into Hu Immortal blessed land and comprehensively were built into this small world, making it more outstanding.

And this was the embodiment of 'good fortune lies within bad'.

Heaven and earth targeted Dang Hun mountain, creating the swamp crab earthly calamity. But after the tribulation, Hu Immortal blessed land had obtained benefits, the earth path dao marks increased, which instead caused the mountain to be better suited for the blessed land.

And this earthly calamity was blood poison kerria flowers. Fang Yuan inwardly guessed that this was probably sent by heaven and earth in relation to his blood path grandmaster attainment level.

After getting past this calamity, Hu Immortal blessed land once again gained a large amount of dao marks. Enslavement path dao marks were still the highest in quantity, further enhancing Hu Immortal blessed land's specialty. At the same time, there was also many blood path dao marks.

The appearance of the blood path dao marks undoubtedly changed Hu Immortal blessed land.

The mutation of blue jade carps into blood jade carps was only one manifestation of this. After Fang Yuan spent a lot of effort and energy to remove the top layer of soil in Hu Immortal blessed land, the layer of soil exposed below already had large quantities of tender grass and exquisite flower buds growing.

The grass was called blood sickle grass and after completely maturing, the stalks would be bent like sickles, broad and with edges as sharp as a knife.

And the flowers were called red axe flowers. The petals were like axe blades, they were white but gave off a hint of red light.

Regarding both blood sickle grass and red axe flowers, they were excellent Gu refinement materials, although not immortal materials, they could be used to refine rank three mortal Gu.

Once the blood sickle grass and red axe flowers that were all over Hu Immortal blessed land matured, they would be in astonishing quantity and act as a good source of wealth.

And this wealth was actually given by the last earthly calamity to Hu Immortal blessed land.

In fact, there were many kinds of grass and flowers grown in Hu Immortal blessed land previously, like blue degree grass which was both blue and poisonous, water chestnut grass which were shaped like chestnuts, six divine grass which looked like six thin leaves with the feeling of jade. And also the seven treasure flower which was in seven colors, and the cup-shaped milk tea flower, filled with nectar that was like milk tea.

However, these flowers and grasses could at most be used to refine rank one and rank two mortal Gu. Their value was far lower than blood sickle grass and red axe flowers.

The poisonous blood had seeped into the soil, changing a portion of the root systems and seeds of these flowers and grasses into the seeds of blood sickle grass and red axe flowers. The key point was that the addition of blood path dao marks remodeled Hu Immortal blessed land's environment, which created the foundation for blood sickle grass and red axe flowers to grow.

Rank six Gu Immortals experience an earthly calamity every ten years, and a heavenly tribulation every one hundred years. After three hundred years, facing a total of thirty earthly calamities and three heavenly tribulations, they could advance to a rank seven Gu Immortal.

Earthly calamities were weaker than heavenly tribulations, every calamity and tribulation was a difficult test from heaven, they were filled with dangers but also filled with opportunities.

The newly added dao marks would reform the world of the blessed land to produce even more valuable resources. These resources provided the supplies required for the Gu Immortals to cultivate.

In the beginning, Hu Immortal could only plant large numbers of ordinary grasses and flowers in the blessed land. At that time, the soil was weak, there was no water and no wind, blue degree grass and chestnut grass would not be able to survive in this environment.

After several earthly calamities, the flowers and grasses withered and died out several times. Hu Immortal suffered great losses, but got new additions of wood path dao marks and earth path dao marks.

Because of the fire calamity, the blessed land gained fire path dao marks. Through the water calamity, there were water path dao marks.

With these dao marks, Hu Immortal blessed land's environment was remodeled, Hu Immortal could then plant blue degree grass, chestnut grass, six divine grass, milk tea flowers and so on.

Although blessed lands were able to improve greatly with these opportunities, every earthly calamity would cause losses which would test the Gu Immortal's management ability.

Hu Immortal weakened time and time again, her strength constantly fell, and while facing the fifth earthly calamity, she died at the hands of the blue charm lightning shadow.

After Fang Yuan inherited the blessed land, he was barely able to pass the sixth calamity, the desolate beast swamp crab calamity. Now, Hu Immortal blessed land had already passed seven earthly calamities.

With this last earthly calamity, Hu Immortal blessed land gained blood path dao marks, producing a living environment for blood sickle grass and red axe flowers.

Experienced farmers knew what to plant in particular kinds of soil to get the best harvest. Fang Yuan managed the blessed land in accordance with the conditions, developing the strong points and avoiding the weak points. He did not let Tai Bai Yun Sheng use Landscape as Before, instead digging the poisonous blood lakes for this reason.

"In fact, it is not only these flowers and grass, with these blood path dao marks, I can raise blood stripe foxes. The blood stripe fox's reproduction rate is higher than any of the fox groups raised in Hu Immortal blessed land earlier. The annual yield would be even greater and if I buy some knowledge and experiences in raising blood stripe foxes, with some good luck, I might be able to turn them into a small source of income."

However, blood stripe foxes were partway up the food chain, Fang Yuan would have to bring in some blood stripe rabbits to feed them.

Then what would blood stripe rabbits eat? It would be blood sickle grass.

Thus, Fang Yuan put in great effort to dig so many poisonous blood lakes, it was to use this poisonous blood as nutrition. Under the control of the Gu formations, they would seep into the soil and constantly nourish the growth of blood sickle grass and red axe flowers.

To provide beneficial competition for the blood stripe foxes, Fang Yuan also planned to buy some poison beard wolves. Previously, Hu Immortal blessed land was not suitable for the growth of these poison beard wolves. But with the contamination of poisonous blood now, Fang Yuan could raise some poison beard wolves.

There was no need for a lot of poison beard wolves, he only required a small number of them to form a catfish effect with the blood stripe foxes.

Fang Yuan was very busy, it was as if he was running around to and fro.

Time flies quickly when one was busy.

Almost in an instant, over half a month had passed by in Hu Immortal blessed land.

Fang Yuan's project of remodeling Hu Immortal blessed land finally came to an end.

Hu Immortal blessed land was changed beyond recognition.

In the eastern part, dragon scale lake and jade root lake mutually enhanced each other's beauty, with many small lakes and pools in the surroundings. The lakes contained dragonfish, air bubble fish, blood jade carps and blue jade carps. Beside the lakes were some numbers of shark fin wolves, water wolves and earth skin pigs.

In the western part, the number of lakes had increased sharply, surpassing the eastern part. The center of the western part was fully occupied by the charcoal lake.

Every set interval of distance was a small poisonous blood lake. Hundreds of blood lakes were evenly spread over the western part, looking from a bird's eye view, it was a magnificent spectacle. Not long later, there would be fields of blood sickle grass and seas of red axe flowers here. There were small quantities of blood stripe rabbits, poison beard wolves and blood stripe foxes living here. But blood stripe foxes were being constantly drawn in from the outside world, and their numbers were increasing day by day.

Something that was worth mentioning was the desolate beast giant horned sheep, it was also placed here to prevent the desolate beast shark fin wolf in the eastern part from hunting it.


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