Reverend Insanity
825 Developing the Blessed Land, Lou Lan Comes to a Realization
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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825 Developing the Blessed Land, Lou Lan Comes to a Realization

Hu Immortal blessed land's seventh earthly calamity was finally over.

Afterwards, looking back at this earthly calamity.

There was really nothing dangerous. But this earthly calamity targeted Fang Yuan's weakness, it was quite unpleasant.

Fang Yuan and the other two Gu Immortals could only watch the earthly calamity develop, making as much compensation as possible afterwards.

After the earthly calamity ended, Hei Lou Lan continued to stay in Hu Immortal blessed land, this place was the safest to stay in for her right now.

Under Fang Yuan's arrangement, she continued to use strength qi Immortal Gu, assisting the hairy man slaves in the stone nests, refining large numbers of airsac Gu.

Right now, there was a mountain of airsac Gu in the storage.

Airsac Gu was a one time consumable Gu, it was paired with guts Gu and sold together.

Before the tribulation, Fang Yuan had made full use of Hei Lou Lan, the three stone nests were refining Gu crazily, creating large numbers of airsac Gu.

Right now, there was a high number of airsac Gu, the production of guts Gu could not keep up.

Fang Yuan changed his refinement plan, he made one stone nest refine airsac Gu, while the other two refined mortal star thought Gu.

This made Hei Lou Lan grit her teeth in anger.

Because their earlier deal was: Before the tribulation, Hei Lou Lan would help the hairy men with the refinement of airsac Gu. After these airsac Gu were used to store guts Gu and sold for profit, all of it would go to Fang Yuan.

Now that Hu Immortal blessed land had gone through the tribulation, from now on, the sale of guts Gu would include Hei Lou Lan's share of the profit.

Hei Lou Lan lacked money too.

Or more accurately speaking, any Gu Immortal who had just ascended into an immortal like her would lack money.

Especially now, when Fairy Li Shan's wealth was dwindling, she could not support Hei Lou Lan's cultivation anymore, Hei Lou Lan's desire towards immortal essence stones was at an all time high.

But just when she wanted to start building and accumulating her foundation, Fang Yuan shrunk the production of airsac Gu.

Hei Lou Lan was helpless.

The three stone nests were Fang Yuan's possession, he could refine whatever he wanted to, he did not need to get her input.

But was Hei Lou Lan someone who gave up easily? She found Fang Yuan and talked to him, hoping that he would allocate at least two stone nests to refining airsac Gu, so as to increase the sale of guts Gu.

Fang Yuan attended to her enthusiastically, telling her about his difficulties with much emotion: "Fairy Lou Lan, I also want to increase production. I have a huge headache right now, you've also seen how many hairy men I've lost in the production of airsac Gu. If I want to replenish the number of hairy men, the cost will go up. Meanwhile, refining star thought Gu is much milder and would cause fewer deaths in the hairy men. At this point, I've lost about thirty percent of my hairy men, if this goes on, I'll need to buy hairy man slaves. But you've just witnessed Hu Immortal blessed land undergoing tribulation, the losses were very great, now it's necessary to be more sparing."

Hei Lou Lan heard this and frowned, she felt vexed inwardly, she almost lost control and shouted 'you're bullshitting me'.

Even if Hei Lou Lan did not know about Fang Yuan's total assets, she knew this: Before the tribulation, Fang Yuan had already transferred all of his precious resources into Tai Bai Yun Sheng's immortal aperture, he had no great losses.

Meanwhile, in Jade Pool blessed land, he seized so many resources and even obtained Dong Fang Chang Fan's soul, it could be said that he was one of the biggest winners out of the people in Tai Qiu.

The sale of guts Gu was very much in demand, most of the profits went to Fang Yuan.

No matter how poor Fang Yuan was, he could definitely afford to buy a group of hairy man slaves.

Fang Yuan was lamenting about poverty to Hei Lou Lan, seeing that she was unhappy, he continued smiling, saying: "Actually, in my opinion, my earlier suggestion is quite appropriate. We can pool a huge fund and buy experiences and knowledge of raising hairy men, before buying the slaves and raising them ourselves. This is a long term investment, it is extremely worth it in the long run."

Fang Yuan mentioned his suggestion again as Hei Lou Lan sighed in her mind.

Fang Yuan's plan was advantageous to all four of them. But the first time he mentioned it, why did Fairy Li Shan object immediately?

Because once this plan worked out, Fang Yuan was the biggest winner! This provided him too much help.

Among the four of them, Fang Yuan needed hairy man slaves the most, he had the stone nests and could use them to their greatest value. Fang Yuan's cultivation plan involved the refinement of large numbers of mortal Gu. But Hei Lou Lan, Fairy Li Shan. and Tai Bai Yun Sheng did not have such a need.

If this plan succeeded, Hei Lou Lan and the others would need to invest time and money into raising hairy men. The best use of this was to sell hairy man slaves. But their immortal apertures were not suitable for raising hairy men, meanwhile, Hu Immortal blessed land was a much better location.

Not only could Fang Yuan sell hairy men slaves and have the greatest advantage in raising them, he could even use them to refine Gu and sell large numbers of mortal Gu.

Precisely because of this, Fairy Li Shan rejected him.

Fang Yuan was developing too quickly, an experienced Gu Immortal like Fairy Li Shan could not allow it any further. Even though they were allies, the Snowy Mountain Alliance would expire eventually.

After cooperating with Fang Yuan so many times, would Hei Lou Lan and Fairy Li Shan be unclear about how unscrupulous and ruthless this demonic schemer was?

Hei Lou Lan sighed, her brows were tightly knitted, she did not continue the conversation, she turned around and left.

Fang Yuan smiled as he sent her off and watched her leave, he shouted: "This is not an urgent matter, fairy, do give it some thought."

Hei Lou Lan was flying in the air as she inwardly scoffed at these words: "Consider what? I don't believe that you can keep this up! You are only using one stone nest to refine airsac Gu, the sale of guts Gu will fall by half. This way, your monthly revenue will also shrink greatly. You spend much more money than me each month, I don't believe that you can endure it!"

"Oh? Wait, no!" After a few breaths, Hei Lou Lan's flying speed slowed down: "Even though he is refining less airsac Gu, Fang Yuan has a huge batch in his inventory. He can totally use this batch to keep up with the sale of guts Gu, or even sell multiple times the current amount!"

Hei Lou Lan flew slower and slower, her heart was turning colder: "This is a deep scheme from Fang Yuan, he was aiming this at me! His monthly revenue would not fall, it could even go up. What about me? All of the airsac Gu in the inventory are refined by me, but according to our earlier transaction, I cannot profit from them. Meanwhile, little aunt has a lot of problems to deal with now. Fang Yuan is using this timing and taking advantage of me! Oh, how can I cause more problems to little aunt now? She has already helped me enough!"

Hei Lou Lan's heart felt chilly, she returned to the stone nests, seeing the three majestic buildings, she jolted to awareness!

"Compared to Fang Yuan, I have many flaws, there are many things that I am worse in."

"I have the Great Strength True Martial physique, Fang Yuan is only an immortal zombie, but unknowingly, he has already gone far ahead of me."

"I thought that my scheming and plotting ability was good, but Fang Yuan has fathomless depths, he is much shrewder!"

"I pride myself in having outstanding battle strength, but Fang Yuan's myriad self can fight rank seven!"

"My greatest weakness is that I do not have economic support. Gu Immortal cultivation is not just about fighting, management is the foundation. In this aspect, I am way behind Fang Yuan."

Thinking of this, Hei Lou Lan stretched out her arm and gave herself a few slaps.

"It is time to wake up!" Hei Lou Lan's face was burning from pain, but her eyes were sharp like lightning, her expression was firm as steel: "From a young age, I was nurtured as the successor to the tribe leader. As a mortal Gu Master, I had no lack of resources, I did not have to manage resources, thus I lacked awareness in this aspect. Fang Yuan, I have to thank him for awakening my perception of this. Indeed, the best teacher is often your strongest enemy! I have decided, my first step currently is to become truly independent!"

Hei Lou Lan was truly a capable genius, she realized her own shortcomings and had the courage to acknowledge them, attempting to make changes.

After she gained awareness, she did not approach Fang Yuan anymore. She placed her focus on herself, finding businesses that were suitable for her immortal aperture to develop, those that could gain the most profits.

This way, even if only one stone nest was refining airsac Gu, it was not a problem. Because now, she had much more time to learn and accumulate her foundation, to think about how she could earn a living for herself.

Fang Yuan was extremely busy.

He first took Dang Hun mountain out of Tai Bai Yun Sheng's immortal aperture, and returned it to the center of Hu Immortal blessed land.

Next, he started creating new homes for the dragonfish and air bubble fish.

Even though the poisonous blood was drained out and the surface of the corrupted soil was removed, the remaining soil was still light red in color. If one gripped it hard, blood would flow out of it.

Fang Yuan decided to reorganize the entire place, this was a huge project, first he dug around the original lakes and ponds. Next, he started setting up Gu worms and forming Gu formations at the center of the soil.

From the base of each Gu formation, he purchased large amounts of fertile soils and filled the ground with it.

The new soils were classified into different types.

In the lake that raised dragonfish, Fang Yuan used dragon scale soil. This type of soil was grainy and tough, viewed from afar, it resembled layers of dragon scales. In fact, it was the soil that dragon type desolate beasts, ancient desolate dragons, or even immemorial desolate dragons lived on, it was injected with the aura of dragons.

Dragonfish living in the lake made with dragon scale soil would have greater urge to procreate.

The lake that raised the air bubble fish was made with jade root soil. This soil was icy cold when held, and if it was squeezed tightly, it would turn into jade. Ordinary jade root soil would form qi veins that resembled the blood vessels of humans, they also looked like the roots of ginseng. That was also a reason for its name.

When air bubble fish lived in such an environment, their lifespan would be increased greatly, and they would be much more vigorous.

Because of the soil, the areas that the dragonfish and air bubble fish lived in were called the dragon scale lake and the jade root lake.

These two lakes were in the eastern part of Hu Immortal blessed land, they were the largest and second largest lakes.

Dragon scale lake was the largest, there was a large number of dragonfish inside, there was even a desolate beast dragonfish.

On top of jade root lake, there was a thick layer of clouds, there was star fragment grass growing on the clouds, forming a plain of clouds. Groups of starlight fireflies ate star fragment grass, they danced in the air on the plain, forming the scene of a sky with beautiful specks of starlight.


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