Reverend Insanity
823 Advantages Outweigh Disadvantages, Time Assist Luck
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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823 Advantages Outweigh Disadvantages, Time Assist Luck

Time assist luck increased one's luck without expending one's own lifespan, but it had two big disadvantages.

First was the backlash of the remnant souls. Because of the immortal killer move, the remnant souls become extremely fierce, and in the dangerous battle of souls, one could not use any soul path methods and had to rely on their own soul to battle. Thus, even soul path Gu Immortals often suffered severe damage to their soul after the battle of souls.

Second was that time assist luck could only be used once a month, and this related to the amount of time experienced by the immortal body.

What was meant by the time experienced by the immortal body?

Blessed lands and grotto-heavens had different rates of time flow compared to the outside world. For instance, one day in the outside world could be over fifteen days in the blessed land. If the Gu Immortal was in the outside world, the time experienced by their immortal body was one day. If they were in the blessed land, the same time in the outside world experienced by the immortal body would be fifteen days.

The length of a Gu Immortal's lifespan was the total amount of time their immortal body experienced.

Fang Yuan took back time luck Immortal Gu as well as the other mortal Gu, and subconsciously gazed upwards.

"It's a pity that I don't have luck inspection Immortal Gu and cannot inspect the change in my luck. I also can't tell how effective the killer move, time assist luck is. Oh? Right, I can't inspect myself, but I can inspect others." Fang Yuan suddenly thought of a way.

He had luck inspection mortal Gu, although it could not be used to see his own luck, he had connected his luck with Ye Fan, Han Li and Hong Yi.

The series of luck connections made the luck of the four of them the same, like four bowls of water with the same volume.

The water in Fang Yuan's bowl had suddenly increased, this rise would immediately be divided into four portions, one portion would be left in his bowl while the other three portions would flow to the other three people.

Fang Yuan could not inspect his own luck, but he could inspect the other three. After all, these three were still mortals at present!

Southern Border.

In a lush forest on a mountain, Ye Fan was quickly moving along the ground like an ape.

He occasionally jumped over boulders, and at times climbed and grabbed long green vines flying between the tall trees.

He was extremely fast, as if he was truly possessed by an ape.

In fact, fine ape hair grew on his nose, cheeks, arms and other areas.

Ye Fan's eyes were also not white and black, instead they had turned golden. He was staring at a blue speck of light in front of him with a slightly anxious look.

"This blue face Gu is truly slippery, it is so hard to catch. No, I must catch it, it is rank three Gu of transformation path and can change a male Gu Master's appearance. I am currently under an arrest warrant, this Gu worm is even more important to me!"

Suddenly, a strange itch was felt at the bottom of Ye Fan's heart.

Ye Fan glanced quickly at his body and saw his arms were already covered in thick ape hair, his heart sank: "Damn it! I forcibly activated the killer move ape transformation, the longer I maintain this killer move, the more ape hair there will be, and once it goes beyond the limit, I might turn into a half-man and half-ape monster. But if I stop this killer move, my speed will definitely fall and I will only be able to watch this wild blue face Gu leave…"

Right as Ye Fan was in a dilemma, the sky rapidly changed, as dark clouds covered the sky, and soon, bean-sized rain drops started to fall. In a dozen breaths of time, the drops of rain had turned into torrential rain.

The rainstorm obstructed his vision, Ye Fan had completely lost the blue light he had barely been able to chase.

"Damn it, I spent several days and nights, and now all my effort has failed. Sigh, without a Gu worm specially meant to capture wild Gu, it is really difficult to capture them with just bare hands!"

Ye Fan was soon soaked thoroughly, inwardly in great disappointment.

Crackle… Right at this time, a bolt of lightning struck a large tree on the mountain.

The tree fell down, fire burned and soon spread, unable to be extinguished by the rainstorm.

"On this tung oil mountain, there are tung trees everywhere and they are very combustible. I need to quickly leave this place, otherwise it will be too late once there is a wildfire."

Ye Fan quickly left.

After fifteen minutes, he was standing at the base of the mountain looking at the wildfire spreading wildly over the mountain, the rainstorm unable to extinguish it.

He sighed and was about to leave when suddenly a blue light swayed into his vision.

When Ye Fan saw it clearly, his eyes opened wide.

It was that blue face Gu!

But this blue face Gu had dense soot over its body and was clearly heavily injured.

Ye Fan quickly hurried over and grabbed it. Normally, a Gu Master would face stubborn resistance from a Gu worm's will when they refined wild Gu, but as the blue face Gu was too weak, Ye Fan was able to refine it within a few breaths of time.

"I had never imagined I would obtain blue face Gu like this." Ye Fan sighed inwardly at the mysteriousness of fate.

He was fully satisfied with this pleasant surprise and was about to leave, when suddenly his body stiffened like a stone statue.

After the blue face Gu, there were still three wild Gu worms that had escaped the fire and were flying in his direction in heavily injured states…

Western Desert.

On a rocky beach, all sizes of rocks were piled up and spread over the surroundings, forming a natural rock field.

Han Li was breathing heavily as he ran over the broken rocks, his legs hurt badly but he endured it.

"Brat, put down those three nodding stones!" A rank three Gu Master shouted in fury from behind while in fierce pursuit of Han Li.

Han Li ran even faster when he heard the voice.

In his vision, a tall pile of rocks was getting bigger and bigger.

Han Li involuntarily showed a happy expression.

These rocks were extremely large and firm, with gaps of all sorts of sizes in between the rocks, this was a very good hiding place.

The rank three Gu Master who was chasing Han Li, however, was exceptionally anxious.

Han Li was only a young man with a weak and thin physique, he would be able to leave the Gu Master's vision soon if he entered the gaps. The previous intense battle had consumed the primeval essence of the rank three Gu Master, he was not able to even activate rank three movement Gu and had no choice but to chase him by simply running.

"Damn it, do I let him slip away like this? No, I am a grand rank three Gu Master elder, while he is only a mortal, if I let him escape and word of this matter spreads, how am I going to hold my reputation up in the future? Those three nodding stones are materials to refine rank five Gu, they are very valuable! If they were sold…"

The rank three Gu Master was extremely unwilling, he gritted his teeth fiercely and finally used his trump card.

His mind blanked out briefly, as his lifespan decreased by two years in exchange for twenty percent rank three primeval essence.

He used ten percent to activate a movement Gu worm; his speed increased sharply and in several breaths, he was right behind Han Li.

He used the other ten percent primeval essence to punch out a stone fist.

The stone fist could definitely kill Han Li if it struck.

However, a bright light flashed past the Gu Master's eyes as he dispelled this thought. On one hand, he was afraid of shattering the nodding stones with Han Li, and on other hand, he really hated Han Li and wanted to properly torture him to death to vent his anger.

Therefore, this stone fist brushed past Han Li's right leg and crashed into the tall and sturdy rock pile, a series of muffled sounds echoed, dust swirled and shattered rocks splattered everywhere.

Han Li received a heavy injury, his right leg was directly fractured.

However, he had a firm disposition and knew his life was hanging by a thread right now. He screamed before using all his strength to jump forward.

His thin and small body allowed him to land right into a crevice.

The rank three Gu Master was startled, he had used up all his primeval essence and had no more ways now. Was he really going to let this brat escape alive?

But soon, the Gu Master relaxed.

Han Li had jumped into a crevice, but his head had hit a wall and was bleeding, and with the serious fracture of his right leg, he was dizzy and could not even climb up.

"Brat, you really can run! Run, run more!" The rank three Gu Master slowly walked closer to Han Li with a vicious expression.

Han Li was filled with despair, he subconsciously stepped back, but his speed was extremely slow.

The rank three Gu Master thought of countless cruel methods to torture Han Li as he entered the crevice with a sinister smile.


Suddenly, the many large rocks forming the crevice collapsed above the rank three Gu Master.

The rank three Gu Master's sternum broke and his lungs were pierced, he struggled for a while before dying.

Han Li was left stupefied on the spot.

Central Continent.

Universal Life Academy.

The Gu refinement competition had already entered its final round.

Sixteen young Gu Masters were sitting cross-legged on the plaza, and under everyone's gazes, started refining Gu simultaneously.

The Refinement Path Convention of Central Continent was already approaching. Universal Life Academy might only be a small sect, but every sect of Central Continent had a quota for participating in the Refinement Path Convention.

Universal Life Academy only had three places reserved, and one each was given to a disciple, elder and external elder of the sect.

Now, sixteen Gu Master disciples were fighting for the sole reservation.

"This competition will soon reach the crucial moment."

"Right, there is one final barrier in refining red face Gu, which tests the Gu Master's subtle control of their senses, their hands and mind must be coordinated to maintain control over the fire."

"Look, Cao Yu has already reached this barrier. He is intentionally slowing down the speed of Gu refinement to have sufficient time to react."

Spectating disciples discussed and analyzed the situation in soft voices.

After a while, two others entered this final barrier.

"As expected, they are Xie Lan and Lu Wen."

"These two along with Cao Yu are publicly recognized as the three ultimately most talented elite disciples in refinement path of our academy."

"The final winner of this competition should be from among these three!"

"Maybe there is a dark horse?"

"Hehe, this is not possible. Cultivating refinement path requires large amounts of practice and is not a matter of instant success. Even if someone secretly practices, this process would also waste enormous amounts of resources, and the records of buying Gu refinement materials cannot be concealed."

On the raised platform, the academy principal was sitting at the front with six elders beside him, watching the competition to prevent any cheating from occurring.

Time flowed by, there was a fourth young Gu Master, then a fifth and a sixth who stepped into this final crucial step one after the other.

"We can basically confirm it now, the winner will be from among Cao Yu, Xie Lan and Lu Wen."

"As long as they don't make a mistake, they are the top three. Other Gu Masters have also reached the final step, but it is already too late."

While the spectators discussed outside the plaza, the elders were also secretly communicating.


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