Reverend Insanity
814 Clarifying the Situation, New Transaction
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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814 Clarifying the Situation, New Transaction

Old Ancestor Xue Hu fought two enemies by himself, defeating the collaboration of Yao Huang and Heavenly Lord Bai Zu.

This battle shook Northern Plains! Information spread like the wind, the entire Northern Plains Gu Immortal world went into chaos because of it.

Furthermore, because the Central Continent Gu Immortals saw this firsthand, information entered Central Continent, alerting many leaders of the ten great ancient sects of Central Continent, they quickly engraved Old Ancestor Xue Hu's name deeply in their minds.

A few days later.

Central Continent, Hu Immortal blessed land.

Fairy Li Shan and Hei Lou Lan visited, bringing firsthand information with them.

Fang Yuan held this information path mortal Gu as he shut his eyes, it was as if he was in Snowy Mountain blessed land, he was viewing from Fairy Li Shan's perspective.

In the sky, the sight of the three rank eight great experts fighting could be seen.

From start to finish, their moves were grand and majestic, his mind was in a daze as he watched.

Even though the distance was great, and the three were fighting far away in white heaven, but just from the naked eye, one could feel the imposing power of the rank eights.

Among Gu Immortals, the higher the cultivation, the greater the difference. Between rank six and seven, there are some elites that can fight rank sevens occasionally.

Between rank seven and eight, the difference is immense, like the distance between the sky and earth. To fight rank eights with rank seven cultivation level, in the entirety of human history, it was extremely rare!

By rank nine, one's own strength could dominate the world, there are no opponents left, one is invincible, the strongest in heaven and earth! Rank eight Gu Immortals are not a rank nine's match, they would always lose terribly, there had never been an exception.

Looking over this scenery three times, Fang Yuan returned the Gu worm to Fairy Li Shan, his eyes became clear when he opened them.

Fang Yuan had already anticipated Old Ancestor Xue Hu's great power, in his previous life's memories, Central Continent had lost several huge battles because of him, he even killed some rank eights from Central Continent.

This time, by observing the battle personally, Fang Yuan had gained a deeper understanding of Northern Plains' situation.

"Northern Plains' righteous path has two rank eight Gu Immortals, they are Yao Huang and Prince Feng Xian. In terms of reputation, Yao Huang has the highest in the righteous path, while Prince Feng Xian is related to Central Continent, he is the biggest spy that Central Continent has hidden in Northern Plains."

"Eighty-Eight True Yang Building collapsed, Imperial Court blessed land was destroyed, Northern Plains is in turbulence, the arrangements that Giant Sun Immortal Venerable had made painstakingly were destroyed. With the breakdown of established customs and the competition for Immortal Gu, the righteous and demonic paths went into intense battles, new hatred overlapped on old grudges one after another. Even though Qin Bai Sheng held the auction, the immortals are only busy processing their gains currently, after a short while, their conflicts are only going to escalate."

"From Imperial Court blessed land destruction, Northern Plains' righteous path suffered the most, while the demonic path actually had great benefits. All along, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's arrangements had been to establish his goal of a hereditary monarchy. The righteous path of Northern Plains is also the Huang Jin bloodline, they suppress the demonic path and lone cultivators greatly. Now that Eighty-Eight True Yang Building collapsed, the demonic path and lone cultivators have lost a large amount of pressure on them. Be it in my previous life or this current life, Heavenly Lord Bai Zu only created his super force after Imperial Court blessed land was destroyed. He is a rank eight Gu Immortal but he does not have the Huang Jin bloodline, even he is afraid of the combined pressure from all of the Huang Jin bloodline super forces."

"Heavenly Lord Bai Zu wants to establish a righteous force, he needs a good relationship with Yao Huang and the others, while steering clear of the demonic path, he needs to show proof of where he stands. Thus, when Yao Huang demanded Miniscule Mountain, he had to go with him. But he did not expect that Old Ancestor Xue Hu would be so fierce, actually defeating the combination of him and Yao Huang."

"To Old Ancestor Xue Hu, refining the rank eight fortune rivalling heaven Immortal Gu is extremely eye-catching, countless people are coveting it. None of the righteous path forces want him to succeed. Especially after the collapse of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, the righteous forces are even more suspicious and wary of the demonic path, they are afraid of them rising up."

"But Old Ancestor Xue Hu needs a lot of resources to refine fortune rivalling heaven Immortal Gu. He sent his demonic path Gu Immortals all over the place to collect immortal materials, this caused many conflicts to occur, and it would only continue to escalate, creating more animosity and obstacles. Old Ancestor Xue Hu decided to fight just now, his greatest motive was to send a wave of deterrence over the Northern Plains Gu Immortal world, to clear the obstacles for refining fortune rivalling heaven Immortal Gu."

"Northern Plains' situation was originally gloomy with many undercurrents, it was like a volcano ready to explode. Now that Old Ancestor Xue Hu had defeated both Yao Huang and Heavenly Lord Bai Zu at the same time, it would have a huge impact. He simply swept away the obstacles ahead of him, skipping past the point of a large scale battle between the righteous path and demonic path, bringing the demonic path into a position of great strength, pressuring the righteous path. In the following days, the demonic path in Northern Plains' Gu Immortal world will be overbearing, while the righteous path will be lowering their heads. This is the aftermath of this battle, it affected the entire region!"

Fang Yuan was old and wise, he could see the situation clearly.

Rank sixes, although they had surpassed the mortal realm, they are only the bottom tier of Gu Immortals.

Rank sevens are the main pillars of strength.

Rank eights usually did not move rashly, each of their actions, even if unintended, would cause huge repercussions and influence.

For any series of events, each rank eight Gu Immortal was a trendsetter.

"Rank six and rank seven can only follow the main flow of events. When can I also become such an important character? A person who can dictate the flow?" Fang Yuan could not help but think of this.

"Alright, Fang Yuan, we are here this time to bring what you needed to complete the transaction. Now, I am passing it all to you." Fairy Li Shan spoke.

She brought Fang Yuan a group of white lotus giant silkworm Gu and a large number of star thought Gu.

As it turned out, Snowy Mountain blessed land knew about the location of Dong Fang Chang Fan's blessed land after he died because Fang Yuan provided them the details.

Dong Fang Chang Fan had undergone possession and been restored to life, since he had just become an immortal, no matter how high grade his immortal aperture was, there would be few resources inside. After Dong Fang Chang Fan died, the blessed land was formed as a whole entity. In terms of defense, it was far superior to a public blessed land.

If a land spirit was formed, it might be filled with hatred towards Fang Yuan, or have an obsession of taking revenge on Fang Yuan. In addition, considering the force that was investigating Fang Yuan's background, he did not want to risk his own life just for cleanse soul Immortal Gu.

Thus, through Fairy Li Shan, he borrowed Snowy Mountain's forces to achieve his goals.

The value of a blessed land was immense, Fairy Li Shan and Fang Yuan had an agreement, Fang Yuan would provide the information and tell her the location of the blessed land, basically giving this blessed land to Fairy Li Shan. In return, he wanted the white lotus giant silkworm Gu inside, as well as the ordinary star thought mortal Gu.

As for the Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan had already learned from Dong Fang Chang Fan's soul that they had all self-detonated.

Fang Yuan obtained the white lotus giant silkworm Gu and controlled his joy. After seeing the huge amount of star thought Gu, over fifty thousand of them, he could not conceal the joy inside him any longer, it showed in his eyes.

These fifty thousand star thought Gu simply came at such an appropriate time!

It was truly timely assistance.

Fairy Li Shan observed his expression and coughed, saying: "Congratulations Fang Yuan, right now, you gained the most from Dong Fang tribe's destruction. After all, you obtained Dong Fang Chang Fan's soul, this is not just a complete wisdom path inheritance. Dong Fang Chang Fan's secrets in managing blessed lands have immense value. Moreover, you had obtained many resources inside Jade Pool blessed land as well!"

As Fairy Li Shan said this, she did not conceal her envy.

Because the Snowy Mountain Alliance was not over yet, members of the alliance had to speak the truth, Fang Yuan did not conceal anything of the matter of obtaining Dong Fang Chang Fan's soul.

He could not hide it anyway.

There were many traces and clues left that could deduce the truth, Fang Yuan decided to simply inform Fairy Li Shan and Hei Lou Lan without hiding anything.

At this moment, he said: "Fairy, you obtained Miniscule Mountain, that is an item recorded inside >, its value is not inferior to what I obtained."

"You do not need to speak such flattery, you have Dang Hun mountain, you do not need Miniscule Mountain. Hehe, we all know inside ourselves that you are the biggest winner of this. Moreover, about Miniscule Mountain…" Fairy Li Shan smiled bitterly: "I am here to ask you a favor, I am here to ask for help."

Fang Yuan's expression turned solemn: "I am listening."

It turned out that Fairy Li Shan and Dong Fang tribe had made an agreement, as allies, they could not attack each other. But to fight for Miniscule Mountain, Fairy Li Shan went back on this agreement during the process.

Although Fairy Li Shan only went into information path a while after becoming a Gu Immortal, she had made preparations in case she had no choice but to go against the agreement, she had asked someone to use a time path immortal killer move on her.

The effect of this time path killer move was to allow Fairy Li Shan to break the alliance agreement, the backlash and damage from it would be stalled for a period of time before activating.

Miniscule Mountain's miniman tribe were only allies with Dong Fang Chang Fan, they did not belong to Dong Fang tribe. Despite this, the backlash of breaking the agreement was still very severe, Fairy Li Shan was originally heavily injured, she was not confident of enduring this backlash.

Thus, Hei Lou Lan thought of a good idea for Fairy Li Shan.

Initially, Fairy Li Shan and Dong Fang Chang Fan made the agreement using mountain pledge Gu, they had used Miniscule Mountain for it.

If Miniscule Mountain was destroyed, the agreement would fail, there would be no backlash.

But if Miniscule Mountain was destroyed, Hei Lou Lan and Fairy Li Shan's risk would have been for nothing, that was not an acceptable solution.

Hei Lou Lan's idea was: After Miniscule Mountain was destroyed, when the time path killer move's effect wears off, after the backlash is over, they would ask Tai Bai Yun Sheng to use Landscape as Before to heal the mountain.

By then, Miniscule Mountain would be back to its original state, even though Fairy Li Shan still would have the agreement with Dong Fang tribe, as long as she did not break it again, it would be fine.

Fairy Li Shan would be able to avoid the backlash of the agreement while fixing Miniscule Mountain. As to why they had to ask Fang Yuan, that was because Fairy Li Shan and Hei Lou Lan knew that between Fang Yuan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng, Fang Yuan was the leader.

Fang Yuan smiled, he agreed: "This is a great idea, I am willing to help. As for the payment, we can discuss it in detail."

Fairy Li Shan saw Fang Yuan's smile and her heart sank, she thought: "Here it comes."

She knew how ruthless Fang Yuan was, she was definitely going to suffer a huge loss here, she smiled bitterly as she nodded.

Hei Lou Lan who was beside her seemed prepared, she spoke now: "Fang Yuan, if I am not wrong, your Hu Immortal blessed land is about to undergo its earthly calamity, right? How about this, I will stay here to defend Hu Immortal blessed land and resist the calamity. It can be the payment for asking Tai Bai Yun Sheng to heal Miniscule Mountain, how about that?"


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