Reverend Insanity
812 Battle of Rank Eights, Huge Commotion
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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812 Battle of Rank Eights, Huge Commotion

Once Old Ancestor Xue Hu was mentioned, Central Continent's immortals went silent.

These people had rank seven cultivation level, they had outstanding battle strength, near the top in their respective sects. But against a rank eight Gu Immortal, they would only lose.

Even though Feng Jiu Ge had the ability to fight rank eight Gu Immortals, he was still rank seven after all.

Meanwhile, Old Ancestor Xue Hu of the demonic path had terrifying battle strength, according to the intelligence that Central Continent collected, it faintly indicated that he could be the strongest rank eight expert in Northern Plains!

Just as the Central Continent Gu Immortals went silent, three demonic path Gu Immortals had concealed their appearances and stealthily entered the trap of the Central Continent Gu Immortals.

They went underground, going to the place where Dong Fang Chang Fan was killed, before revealing themselves.

Of these three Gu Immortals, the one at the lead was tall, giving off a fierce aura. He had a pair of long eyebrows, he had an aquiline nose, his eyes were shining with a sharp light. His ears were not human ears, they looked like wings, shining in golden light.

He was the owner of the fourth peak of Northern Plains' Snowy Mountain blessed land — Li Peng Wang.

On his left was a person shorter than him, but with a more robust and stocky body. He radiated with dominance as he gave off an icy dragon's prestige, it was the owner of the fifth peak, Demon Lord Long Dan, who was in control of ice lake palace.

The final Gu Immortal walked on Li Peng Wang's right side. His eyes were dark, he wore a white robe and had a lean body, he resembled a scholar but was less polished looking than Unfettered Scholar, yet he still had a grand aura. It was the owner of the sixth peak — Gong Zi Mo.

The Central Continent Gu Immortals were laying in ambush, they had outstanding methods, the three demonic path Gu Immortals did not discover them.

Their attentions were focused on what was in front of them.

There was nothing in front of their eyes, but they sensed that they had found a hidden blessed land.

"This is the blessed land that Dong Fang Chang Fan left behind after dying?"

"Begin, the longer we drag things on, the more problems will occur. The blessed land that Qie Shi Min left behind is near this place."w

"Since they are Old Ancestor Xue Hu's orders, we will definitely do our best and take down this blessed land, let's begin!"

The three moved rapidly, because they had made sufficient preparations, after making some arrangements in the outside world, they tore through space and entered the blessed land.

After watching the three of them entered, the Central Continent Gu Immortals continued to use their divine senses to communicate.

"Amazing! Snowy Mountain blessed land's fourth, fifth, and sixth peak owners have all moved out."

"Snowy Mountain's first three peaks have immovable statuses, but the rest of them can compete for a higher position. These three are scheming against each other while moving together, to have them working together like this, only Old Ancestor Xue Hu can control them."

"The immortal zombie did not come after all, but Snowy Mountain blessed land's members came. Should we take them down?"

"No. These three immortals have extraordinary battle strength, they would combine to be higher than people like Unfettered Scholar, at least equivalent to any of us. Although we have more people, we lack coordination. It is easy to defeat the three of them, but it would be hard to kill them, and even harder to capture them."

Old Lord Can Yang agreed with this as he sighed: "That's right, Northern Plains is a place of constant battles, it has the highest battle strength for individuals out of the five regions. Each of their Gu Immortals have rich battle experience, they have many unique methods, and their methods of self-preservation far surpass Central Continent, they are very sly. Earlier in Tai Qiu and Jade Pool blessed land, the number of dead Gu Immortals was very few. But if this was in the other four regions, the casualties would be two to three times as high."

"It is not impossible to capture them, hehe, but we will need Lord Feng Jiu Ge to attack personally." A Gu Immortal said.

In this Northern Plains expedition, Feng Jiu Ge's superior battle strength left a deep impression in the Central Continent Gu Immortals' hearts.

But Feng Jiu Ge said: "We will retreat."

Saying this, without giving the immortals a chance to ask him questions, he left in an extremely secretive manner, not leaving any traces behind.

The immortals looked at each other for a moment, before following his lead quietly.

The group gathered somewhere far away, as the immortals asked Feng Jiu Ge in confusion.

Earlier, the ambush was Feng Jiu Ge's idea. Now that three demonic path Gu Immortals appeared, Feng Jiu Ge was the first to leave.

"We have such a strong united force, are we afraid of just three people?"

"Retreating without fighting, this tarnishes the reputation of our ten great sects of Central Continent!"

"Going to and fro, what is the meaning of it all?"

The Gu Immortals went further and further away from Jade Pool blessed land, as their tones also got more unhappy, but because of Feng Jiu Ge's power, they did not flare up.

Feng Jiu Ge looked around as he said some shocking news: "Fairy Li Shan obtained Miniscule Mountain and had returned to Snowy Mountain blessed land to recuperate. I have already gotten news, a rank eight righteous path Gu Immortal of Northern Plains, Yao Huang, has already traveled to Snowy Mountain blessed land, to ask for Miniscule Mountain from Old Ancestor Xue Hu."

"What? There is such a matter!"

"Are the two rank eights going to fight?"

"Northern Plains is really… rank eight Gu Immortals would always only act as deterrence in Central Continent, but just for Miniscule Mountain, they are really being so active. They are truly battle maniacs. Back then, during the competition for Dang Hun mountain, our ten great ancient sects of Central Continent only sent disciples to compete for it."

The immortals talked among themselves as their expressions changed, they were trying to absorb this shocking news.

At this moment, Feng Jiu Ge smiled lightly, he said: "That strength path immortal zombie is very vigilant. The three demonic path immortals of Snowy Mountain blessed land might be pawns to probe us, or might be the force behind him attempting to probe us. If we go after this bait, it would then be falling into a trap. We should head to Snowy Mountain blessed land and see if there is a chance to enter it and capture Fairy Li Shan instead."

The immortals were all speechless.

Snowy Mountain blessed land, the strongest base of Northern Plains' demonic path, it would be on a similar level compared to one of the main bases of the ten great ancient sects of Central Continent.

Feng Jiu Ge's boldness was overwhelming, he was actually targeting Snowy Mountain!

Snowy Mountain blessed land, first peak.

Old Ancestor Xue Hu was seated on a large chair, he was holding a small mountain in his hand as he rotated it while observing it closely.

This small mountain was full of cracks, it was a terrible sight. Corpses were all over the mountain, they were of minimen, blood flowed everywhere, the survivors were weeping in anguish, it was a scene of misery.

This was none other than Miniscule Mountain.

Fairy Li Shan chased after Miniscule Mountain and fought against the miniman Gu Immortal, they attracted other Gu Immortals who attacked, from both the righteous and demonic paths.

After a chaotic battle, the miniman Gu Immortal was almost dead, he traveled with Miniscule Mountain and moved randomly, in the end, it was captured by Hei Lou Lan who was at the periphery of the battlefield.

Hei Lou Lan killed the miniman Gu Immortal and defended this treasure with Fairy Li Shan, they fought their way out and went through immense danger to return to Snowy Mountain blessed land.

This caused Miniscule Mountain to be in its current state of near destruction, the miniman tribe on the mountain also faced heavy casualties.

"This is Miniscule Mountain?" At this time, a female immortal walked out from behind.

She was called Lady Wan Shou, the wife of Old Ancestor Xue Hu, she had rank seven cultivation level, and was one of the four most famous refinement path Gu Immortals in Northern Plains.

Once she appeared, her gaze was affixed to Miniscule Mountain, she was very interested in this legendary mountain.

"My wife, did you have any gains this time?" Old Ancestor Xue Hu turned around, asking warmly as he passed Miniscule Mountain over to her.

Lady Wan Shou nodded: "I have already understood all the procedures to refine fortune rivalling heaven Gu, but to familiarize myself with those steps, I still have some way to go."

As she said that, she received Miniscule Mountain and observed it closely.

On Miniscule Mountain, because the miniman Gu Immortal had died, there was no leader left, the surviving minimen were shivering in fear as they squeezed together.


"So scary, so scary…"

"Don't eat me, I have too little meat, you won't be satisfied."

Lady Wan Shou was beautiful and elegant, she had dazzling eyes, but in the eyes of the minimen, she was like a huge monster, she looked terrifying.

Lady Wan Shou looked at it for a while before moving her gaze away from Miniscule Mountain, she smiled lightly: "Sister Li Shan is very lucky. She was a wood path Gu Immortal who also cultivated earth path. Afterwards, because she obtained mountain pledge Immortal Gu, she changed it into her core Immortal Gu and became an information path Gu Immortal without a solid foundation. In fact, her blessed land was still a wood path blessed land, it managed flowers and grass. Now that she has the miniman to help her, it would be a huge advantage for her. Sister Li Shan is a member of Snowy Mountain blessed land, now that Miniscule Mountain is in our hands, it proves that our luck is growing, we are becoming more prosperous."

"My wife, that is not correct." Old Ancestor Xue Hu shook his head: "It's the opposite, this shows that our luck is declining. I want to refine fortune rivalling heaven Gu, I need to use Ma Hong Yun as the main refinement material. Thus, Fortune Rivalling Heaven is targeting me, causing me to encounter obstacles. Look at this Miniscule Mountain, it is on the verge of collapsing, to fix it, I will need to pay a huge price. These are the gains of our third leader, it naturally cannot be given up, she will definitely expend a huge amount of resources on it. This will indirectly affect my plan to collect immortal materials. A man's wealth is his own ruin by stirring another's greed, right now, she obtained Miniscule Mountain but it created a commotion and attracted enmity. A huge problem has arisen, the righteous path is taking action. Look, this is Yao Huang's letter."

Yao Huang's letter?

Lady Wan Shou was shocked, she quickly looked through the contents.

In the letter, Yao Huang said: Miniscule Mountain was in Jade Pool blessed land, it is the possession of Dong Fang tribe. Now that Dong Fang tribe is exterminated, the world has been shaken. As people with the same bloodline, as descendants of Giant Sun Immortal Venerable, Yao Huang was requesting on behalf of all the righteous path forces, to negotiate with Old Ancestor Xue Hu and return Miniscule Mountain to the righteous path.

In the letter, Yao Huang was very courteous, but Lady Wan Shou knew that this was the righteous path's demeanor — they were always like this, even if they had huge hatred or grudges, they would act politely on the surface and keep a gentlemanly tone in their speech.

Lady Wan Shou could feel Yao Huang's overbearing attitude from the letter, she looked at Old Ancestor Xue Hu worriedly: "Husband, you only have ten or so years until the next myriad tribulation, you cannot fight easily! If anything happens during the fight and you hurt your origin core, your will lose your foundation and even if you succeed in refining fortune rivalling heaven Gu, the losses will be greater than the gains. By the time your myriad tribulation arrives, if these losses cause you to fail…"

Old Ancestor Xue Hu laughed heartily: "My wife, you are still the same. Yao Huang's letter is one of my trials, but it is also a chance, I have to make use of it and face it head on."

Old Ancestor Xue Hu said that as he paused, his expression changed as he said resolutely: "Oh? He is here, it is great that he's here!"


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