Reverend Insanity
809 Arranging Three Treasures, Earthly Calamity Descends Soon
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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809 Arranging Three Treasures, Earthly Calamity Descends Soon

Fang Yuan did not conceal the joy on his face.

"Making a Gu formation turn phantom is something that Dong Fang Chang Fan himself deduced and polished from some ancient texts. His phantom path attainment should be at master level. He was able to remodel the immemorial ruin bat's corpse into a corpse mountain, which means his space path attainment was also at master level. He truly was not a simple character!"

Fang Yuan was especially interested in the method of controlling the phantom beast army.

Several desolate level phantom beasts, although they might only be at rank six, but relying on their ability to turn into phantom, they could pester a rank seven Gu Immortal.

Fang Yuan could not help but think that if he had a group of phantom beasts, his battle strength was sure to rise by a large degree.

After careful consideration, he discovered the method of controlling the phantom beast army did not have a wide range of applications.

The main condition was to remodel the immemorial ruin bat's corpse into a corpse mountain. Afterwards, with the corpse mountain as the base, it needed to use the immemorial ruin bat's power to control this phantom beast army.

Fang Yuan coldly snorted: "This is Dong Fang Chang Fan's attempt at trying to harm me again! He knows I can uproot mountains, thus he wanted to use the ruin bat corpse mountain to lure me to take a risk. The ruin bat corpse mountain was mostly destroyed by the heavenly tribulation and earthly calamity, with its aura gone, it would no longer deter beasts, that area should already be filled with many desolate and ancient desolate beasts feasting on the ruin bat's corpse. It would be a stupid move to use Pulling Mountain to snatch food from these desolate and ancient desolate beasts!"

Fang Yuan rested for a while before soul searching Dong Fang Chang Fan for the third time.

Dong Fang Chang Fan was filled with fury and hatred for Fang Yuan, it was this man that made all his schemes turn into nothing, destroying his grand plan of dominance and turning all his efforts into naught, as if they were a dream.

Despite his foresight and wisdom, he had fallen so far that he had nothing to rely on now. The disparity between the two sides was too big. These two attempts he made were actually very crude, aiming at using the greed in human nature and luring Fang Yuan to make a mistake.

Compared to the arrangements he made while alive, it was a difference like that of heaven and earth.

However, Dong Fang Chang Fan only had his soul remaining, it was understandable that his abilities had dropped greatly.

Fang Yuan was not tricked and after resting appropriately, his third soul search finally yielded him the thing he wanted the most — Dong Fang Chang Fan's wisdom path inheritance.

What Fang Yuan had not imagined was that Dong Fang Chang Fan's wisdom path inheritance was actually somewhat connected to Star Constellation Immortal Venerable.

Naturally, it was not an inheritance left behind by Star Constellation Immortal Venerable herself.

If it was left behind by an Immortal Venerable, Dong Fang Chang Fan would not have fallen into such a state.

Originally, this inheritance was left behind in ancient times by a rank eight star path Gu Immortal of Heavenly Court. He was adept in exploring secrets, and after obtaining some secrets of Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, he tried to analyze her abilities, thus creating this imitation.

This Gu Immortal was a star path Gu Immortal, but his creation was of wisdom path. This wisdom path inheritance used star thought Gu as its foundation, and was related very close to star path, as it entered into wisdom path via star path. Even the refinement of star thought Gu used starlight Gu as the main material.

The more Fang Yuan comprehended, the greater his joy, as he felt this journey was truly worth it!

This wisdom path inheritance did not have any specific strong points, other than being particularly good in making deductions.

Dong Fang Chang Fan relied on this to deduce the phantom formation, methods of controlling the phantom beast army and so on.

"This wisdom path inheritance is so comprehensive that I have an urge to switch to wisdom path." Fang Yuan sighed.

This harvest was truly extremely bountiful.

A complete inheritance, regardless of which path, covered all aspects like attack, defense, healing, movement, investigation and others.

All of these aspects might not be too outstanding, but there was no shortcomings either, and would not be easily countered by others.

Since Fang Yuan's rebirth, his cultivation in strength path was formed together from bits and pieces, or was modified by himself, and was not an inheritance of a predecessor.

This wisdom path inheritance's true value was the same as the blood path true inheritance Fang Yuan obtained in his previous life.

In Fang Yuan's previous life, it was because of this blood path true inheritance that he had a platform to make his rise.

One can well imagine the value of this wisdom path inheritance from this.

Blood Sea Ancestor was not even a rank eight Gu Immortal and also had divided his true inheritances into seven parts, thus this wisdom path inheritance Fang Yuan obtained was even more valuable.

"A pity that I obtained this inheritance a bit late. I am already walking on strength path, even though I still have the first aperture, it died after I turned into an immortal zombie and cannot be cultivated."

However, Fang Yuan reconsidered.

If he had truly cultivated this wisdom path inheritance earlier, he might not have necessarily created the immortal killer move myriad self.

The future prospects in strength provided by the immortal killer move myriad self was certainly greater than the future prospects in strength provided by this wisdom path inheritance.

"It is also because I cultivate strength path, that I could kill Dong Fang Chang Fan and seize this wisdom path inheritance. How could there be effect without cause?"

Fang Yuan shook his head, clearing up his disorganized thoughts.

Regardless, this wisdom path inheritance came at an opportune time and was extremely suitable for Fang Yuan.

Why was that?

There was only one reason, that was — rank nine wisdom Gu.

Hu Immortal blessed land was holding wisdom Gu. Fang Yuan would get unlimited inspiration under the light of wisdom, deducing many immortal Gu recipes, immortal killer moves and so on.

But this had one large disadvantage, the thoughts in his mind were consumed extremely quickly!

Previously, when he had delight in water and mountain Immortal Gu, he had to spend precious green grape immortal essence for large amounts of joyful will to support this consumption. He sold delight in water and mountain Immortal Gu in the auction and although he earned good profits, malicious thought Gu and memory thought Gu both could not bear the intense consumption.

Even though Fang Yuan created a stone nest particularly for large numbers of hairy men to refine Gu with almost no rest, having them supplied with the greatest speed, it still could not match a session of consumption under the light of wisdom.

This was the largest obstacle restricting Fang Yuan from making deductions.

But it was alright now. With this wisdom path inheritance, Fang Yuan could use a smaller price and have higher efficiency in deducing all kinds of things.

"Land spirit, where are you?" Fang Yuan lightly tapped his foot.

"Master, I am here." Little Hu Immortal appeared in front of Fang Yuan, instantly.

Her small face was flushed red, tender and plump. Her snow white furry tail was wagging happily at Fang Yuan's summon.

Fang Yuan spoke: "Immediately stop the second stone nest's refinement of malicious thought Gu and change it to refining star thought Gu. This is the Gu recipe, go make the arrangement."

"Understood, master."

"Have you already made appropriate arrangements for the resources I brought?" Fang Yuan asked.

The moment he returned to Hu Immortal blessed land, he had taken out all the resources from his immortal aperture and had them arranged in Hu Immortal blessed land, the concrete work was handed to Little Hu Immortal.

His immortal aperture was filled with death energy. It was okay for temporarily storing these resources, but if they were stored for a long time, they would be pervaded by death energy, which could cause the value of most of the resources to drop by a large extent.

"Everything has been arranged, master. The air bubble fish group has been placed in the east of the blessed land, together with the previous air bubble fish. There are a lot of air bubble fish and the starlight firefly Gu are above them, in the future, the production of starlight firefly Gu will definitely increase greatly!"

"As for that group of close to a million dragonfish, they are temporarily placed in other small lakes. After some time, we can send rockmen to dig a large lake and put the dragonfish group together, their reproduction will increase even more this way."

"For literature carps, I specially dug a small pool to store them away from plain sight."

"Other than those that died, there are over a thousand living eerie fire dragon pythons which have already been joined together with the few we had before. They have occupied a large territory in the southern part of the blessed land."

"Oh, there is also oil water and some other common resources which have been temporarily placed in Dang Hun palace's storage rooms. The regretful spider group has been placed in the northern part of the blessed land, which has a long and narrow terrain. I spent a great deal of effort to make the proper arrangements."

Little Hu Immortal eagerly raised her head, with an expression that said she wanted to be praised for her work.

Fang Yuan smiled, and praised: "Ah, our Little Hu Immortal is the most capable."

Little Hu Immortal smiled, her large and round eyes curved into a crescent moon-like shape, and her snow-white tail rapidly wagged. For a moment, she was carried away with happiness, lightly hopping to Fang Yuan's foot and hugging his thick calf.

She pressed her tender face on Fang Yuan's calf, before raising her head and looking at Fang Yuan with her large watery eyes, her face flushed red with excitement as she spoke adoringly: "Master, you are amazing, you brought so many good things this time. We can earn a lot, Hu Immortal blessed land has never been so wealthy!"

Fang Yuan laughed heartily and picked Little Hu Immortal like picking a kitten, and placed her on his broad shoulder: "Don't worry, good times are still ahead."

Little Hu Immortal nodded multiple times, having complete faith in Fang Yuan's ability. But with somewhat of a worried tone, she reminded: "Master, master, I have something to report, that desolate beast shark fin wolf you brought just now is not in such a good state. It is always hiding inside the pool and doesn't hunt actively, and it even starts sobbing sometimes."

Fang Yuan coughed, and said in an indifferent tone: "Don't worry, this is because it suffered quite a big setback. I have experience in raising wolf groups, it will gradually recover with time."

"Master, there is still another matter I need to remind you of. You should not forget that the blessed land's earthly calamity will arrive soon." Little Hu Immortal said.

Fang Yuan slightly frowned: "You can relax, I have always been keeping it in mind, how can I dare to forget such a thing?"

The time difference between Hu Immortal blessed land and the outside world was five to one. Earthly calamities happened once every ten years, in the outside world of Central Continent and Northern Plains, over a year had already passed.

Two years in the outside world was ten years in Hu Immortal blessed land.

The previous earthly calamity was the desolate beast swamp crab, which carried the Immortal Gu, Gruel Mud. What would this earthly calamity be?

"Last time, I was only a mortal Gu Master. Now, I am already a rank six Gu Immortal with many Immortal Gu, immortal killer moves, and allies, as well as the newly obtained wisdom path inheritance. I have great assurance in passing the earthly calamity." Fang Yuan was not worried, he had many trump cards and resources, a vast difference from when he faced the previous earthly calamity, thus he was confident.


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