Reverend Insanity
803 Band of Demons Repels Righteous Immortals
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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803 Band of Demons Repels Righteous Immortals

Fang Yuan came to help, he worked together with Fairy Li Shan, obstructing Old Lord Can Yang.

Fang Yuan was an immortal zombie, he was not afraid of life chasing fire, but even so, the strength path phantom army in his immortal aperture was taking serious damage from the fire.

After fighting for a while, Fang Yuan felt heartache inwardly.

When he used the strength path giant hands, they did not use much immortal essence. That was because the strength path giant hands were formed using countless group strength Gu along with the strength path phantoms, it was the manifestation of their strength.

In essence, each strength path giant hand was made from tens of thousands of strength path phantoms.

The strength path phantoms were created using his immortal essence a while ago, they were stored in his immortal aperture.

But now the life chasing fire went after their origin, burning the strength path phantoms directly, by now, the strength path phantom army that Fang Yuan had accumulated had been mostly destroyed. If he summoned more now, he would need to expend huge amounts of green grape immortal essence.

"If this goes on, the expenditure is too great, this will not do! Fairy, block him for now, I have a plan!" After fighting for some time, Fang Yuan suddenly transmitted while retreating.

Fairy Li Shan heard this and felt a strong urge to curse at him.

At this point in the battle, he was still thinking about immortal essence expenditure? She had already gone all out regarding that. She did not even dare to think about the amount of immortal essence she had expended.

When they attacked captivating sea, in order to fight against time, she used several immortal killer moves, now that she was fighting with Old Lord Can Yang, her expenditure was even greater.

Fang Yuan was still thinking about immortal essence expenditure now? It was obvious he had obtained the most profits!

Seeing that Fang Yuan was retreating, the demons had varying expressions, they were stirred.

"Why is he flying down again?" Unfettered Scholar asked Fairy Li Shan, he could confirm Fairy Li Shan's true identity already, Fang Yuan did not respond to him at all, it was much more effective to ask Fairy Li Shan.

Fairy Li Shan was inwardly angry, she fought intensely as she replied coldly: "He said the immortal essence expenditure is too great if this goes on, he has a plan to execute."

Still caring about immortal essence? How much did we spend already!

The band of demons were furious, some had bloodshot eyes, some were breathing roughly.

Unfettered Scholar's body was trembling.

In truth, even Fairy Li Shan and others had plundered some resources. In the entire demonic path gang, Unfettered Scholar was the one who put in the most work while obtaining the least. He did not even loot a single resource point!

Dong Fang Chang Fan felt his pressure intensifying, it was a vicious cycle.

Fang Yuan's words angered the band of demons, they were venting their rage on him.

At once, Dong Fang Chang Fan raised Miniscule Mountain to defend himself, he was injured in many areas, he was in a pathetic state, the situation was getting worse.

What Fang Yuan had said earlier was not a lie.

He flew towards a deep pool directly.

In fact, while the two sides fought intensely, they had shifted locations unintentionally. Fang Yuan realized that a deep pool below them was full of Dong Fang tribesmen who were hiding, evidently, this was an assembly point.

"Dong Fang Chang Fan, I want you to see it for yourself, the pitiful death of your tribesmen! Hahaha!"

Fang Yuan's wild laughter was mixed with the slamming of his strength path giant hand.

How could the methods of mortals block an immortal killer move?

The barrier of light that was erected with many layers was instantly destroyed, without even holding on for a second the moment the strength path giant hand made contact with it.

The strength path giant hand slammed down, with a loud bang, the ground collapsed on itself.

Many unlucky mortal Gu Masters were smashed into meat paste.

The mortal Gu Masters at the periphery felt the intense wind caused by the hand, they scattered everywhere and screamed for help, they had no fighting spirit.

The strength path giant hand rose into the air, a large crevice in the shape of a bloody handprint was left on the ground.

"My tribesmen! My kin! I will protect them!!" Dong Fang Chang Fan saw this and lost control again, his voice became high pitched.

Dong Fang Chang Fan saw this and knew a problem was arising, but he could not stop it.

This was Dong Fang Yu Liang's will!

The biggest internal threat!!

The eyes of the demons were shining, they attacked furiously, Dong Fang Yu Liang disregarded them, he flew down urgently to save everyone.

"Damn it! Damn it!" As the danger of death approached, the miniman Gu Immortal surnamed Fang shouted out, he had to manipulate Miniscule Mountain, flying to the top of Dong Fang Yu Liang's head, blocking attacks for him due to the agreement.

Miniscule Mountain shook intensely from the attack of the demons, countless small rocks fell apart and crumbled.

"Dong Fang Chang Fan, you've caused me great harm!" The miniman Gu Immortal shouted in anger and regret.

Fang Yuan saw that this method was effective, he laughed loudly as he intentionally slowed down, chasing and killing the escaping Dong Fang tribesmen as he attracted Dong Fang Yu Liang's attention.

But while Dong Fang Yu Liang was flying in the air, he was suppressed and Dong Fang Chang Fan regained control once more.

Dong Fang Chang Fan realized that although he was injured, his surroundings were clear now, only a few Gu Immortals were right behind after him, there was a high chance he could break past the encirclement and join up with Old Lord Can Yang!

Because Dong Fang Yu Liang had charged out without caring about life or death, Miniscule Mountain paid a huge price and took the damage in his place.

Such a desperate and dangerous act had been out of everyone's expectations, it gave him a chance instead.

"You fools, I gave you a chance but you're letting him escape?" Fang Yuan pointed at the demons and scolded.

Unfettered Scholar and the others were furious and anxious, they had no time to care about Fang Yuan, they shouted:

"Chase him!"

"Don't let him escape!!"

At once, the intense combat had become a battle of pursuit.

Dong Fang Chang Fan was escaping and breaking out of his encirclement, success was in front of him, but the band of demons was doggedly on his tail, they threatened to surround him again.

On another side, Old Lord Can Yang was trying to reach Dong Fang Chang Fan, but Fairy Li Shan remained in his way, blocking his paths.

At once, the two sides were like headless chickens, they were flying around chaotically in the air.

Their flying route was completely messy, but this showed the strong foundations of the Gu Immortals in flying. These Gu Immortals were all at least flying masters!

Mortal Gu Masters did not have the time or effort to learn flying, but Gu Immortals did.

Flying was a very useful method for advancing or retreating, almost all Gu Immortals spent a lot of time on it, having a good grasp of this ability.

"Quick, kill some more Dong Fang Gu Masters, make him lose control!" Unfettered Scholar shouted.

Fang Yuan was on it already, he used the strength path giant hands to grab a few Dong Fang Gu Masters, before squeezing them to death, his methods were ruthless and savage, it had made Dong Fang Chang Fan lose control many times.

But there were limited numbers of Dong Fang Gu Masters, and Dong Fang Chang Fan refused to go down.

At this moment, someone shouted: "Qie Shi Min, Qie Shi Min captured many Dong Fang tribesmen earlier, he wanted to sell them as slaves!"

Qie Shi Min was furious, these were resources that he had spent a lot of time to gather.

"Qie Shi Min!!" Unfettered Scholar shouted while pursuing.

"Make a sacrifice now, we will compensate you double after the battle!" Pi Shui Han said grimly.

Qie Shi Min wanted to reject them, but seeing that Pi Shui Han was oozing with killing intent, he shuddered: "Okay!"

He took out many Dong Fang Gu Masters from his immortal aperture, killing them in front of Dong Fang Chang Fan. This made the remaining wills extremely furious, they came out one by one.

Forget the other Dong Fang Gu Immortals' wills, the most crucial one was Dong Fang Yu Liang's will.

He was still a mortal at rank five, he had a deeper bond with the tribesmen, every time his will took control, it gave Dong Fang Chang Fan, Miniscule Mountain, and Old Lord Can Yang huge problems.

As time continued to pass, Fairy Li Shan could not obstruct Old Lord Can Yang anymore, they successfully joined up.

But the band of demons had gathered a huge advantage already from Dong Fang Chang Fan's loss of control.

Their victory was assured!

Miniscule Mountain was full of cracks, even while it flew in the air, rocks were falling off from it. Old Lord Can Yang had suffered many attacks in order to take care of Dong Fang Chang Fan, his body was heavily injured, even his beard was dyed red from blood.

This was the most dispiriting battle he had ever had.

During the battle, he had asked Dong Fang Chang Fan the final portions of the possession method, but would Dong Fang Chang Fan dare to tell him?

Once he told him, Old Lord Can Yang would flee!

Dong Fang tribe was only cooperating with Immortal Crane Sect, the possession method was the biggest bargaining chip.

"Retreat, we cannot stay here!" Old Lord Can Yang sighed, he transmitted this to Dong Fang Chang Fan.

"As long as we live, there will always be more opportunities in the future…" The miniman Gu Immortal was afraid that Dong Fang Chang Fan would continue fighting, he quickly added this.

Dong Fang Chang Fan smiled bitterly: "Do you think I am someone who cannot understand the situation? We'll retreat!"

He gave Jade Pool blessed land another longing, he was inwardly filled with anger and hatred, but he had made up his mind!

Temporary losses were nothing, a true champion could give things up and retreat.

But right at this moment, Fang Yuan laughed: "Another Dong Fang tribe assembly point, Dong Fang Chang Fan, watch closely, I am going to slaughter them!!"

"Shameless scoundrel, you dare to bully me to this extent!" Dong Fang Chang Fan was furious, he attacked with myriad star fireflies.

Fang Yuan saw the imposing attack and smiled, he did not stay any longer, he evaded the attack.

But this myriad star fireflies attack did not chase after him, it curved and flew down, slamming into the Dong Fang tribe assembly point.

The Dong Fang tribesmen who were hiding inside were all slaughtered in an instant, not a single person was left alive.

"This—!" At once, even the demonic path Gu Immortals were shocked by Dong Fang Chang Fan's ruthlessness.

"Rather than let you threaten me, I would rather destroy this weakness while I am in control of this body. Brave souls of Dong Fang tribe, listen to me, I, Dong Fang Chang Fan, will exact revenge for you. The hatred and grudge of today's events, I will return them a thousand fold to you demonic scoundrels!" Dong Fang Chang Fan's tears flowed down his cheeks, he spoke in deep pain.

Hearing his anguished voice, even the daring and lawless demonic path immortals felt a chill in their hearts.

"If the number one person in wisdom path escapes, and plots against me in the future…" The band of demons were feeling wary, fierce lights emerged in their eyes, they had overflowing killing intent.

At this point, both sides were almost running dry, they had expended a huge amount of resources.

Initially, it was just a battle for benefits, but now, they could not stop anymore, such a deep seated hatred was established, there was no way else to resolve this.

"Go!" Dong Fang Chang Fan suddenly flew into the air, opening Jade Pool blessed land's doors and flying out.


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