Reverend Insanity
799 Knowing When to Retreat and Advance, A True Champion
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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799 Knowing When to Retreat and Advance, A True Champion

A total of four strength path giant hands hovered in the air.

The two demonic path Gu Immortals involuntarily stepped back, the mental pressure Fang Yuan gave them was too huge.

They were the weaker party, what else could they do?

The extorted demonic path Gu Immortal's expression kept fluctuating before finally turning into one of subservience, as he handed over the regretful spiders he gathered to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan did not linger around after he received them, and quickly left.

The two demonic path Gu Immortals immediately let out breaths of relief.

The extorted Gu Immortal showed an indignant look as he cursed while gazing at the gradually receding figure of Fang Yuan: "Old demon, I hope you die there!"

"Stop shouting, how can you be sure he doesn't have methods to hear us? Be careful of him coming back to find trouble with us." The other demonic path Gu Immortal quickly attempted to stop the extorted Gu Immortal.

The two glanced at each other, both were stupefied for a moment before they suddenly reacted, creating some distance between each other.

The next moment, an intense competition started, the two used all their strength and silently plundered the regretful spiders in the pool.

"Miniscule Mountain, captivating sea…?" Fang Yuan rapidly approached the location in the information.

He had originally not planned to gather regretful spiders, because he lacked methods to gather them.

Regretful spiders were not of great value to him and he had already planned to let them go. Who would have thought that with some extortion, he could not only save time in obtaining a large batch of regretful spiders immediately, but also obtain important information.

Fang Yuan pondered and felt this information was rather reliable.

Miniman was a type of variant human.

Miniscule Mountain was the paradise of minimen, it was their foundation. This was recorded in >.

Minimen usually were the size of a finger, and had thin and transparent wings behind them. They survived on nectar from flowers or sap from vegetation.

Every variant human had a special ability that was stronger than humans. For instance, hairy men were proficient in Gu refinement, rockmen lived underground, skilled in mining, and all sorts of ores grew on their body. snowmen were cold-resistant, inkmen had rich knowledge….

Minimen were proficient in growing plants and trees, in the areas they lived in, vegetation was extremely lush, and flowers bloomed throughout the year.

"More importantly, Miniscule Mountain might be small but it is a genuine mountain and needs large amounts of earth qi to stabilize its mountainous form. It is an extremely huge burden to put such a legendary mountain within one's immortal aperture. Gu Immortals cannot casually take them, moreover this Miniscule Mountain is not the private possession of any Gu Immortal of Dong Fang tribe."

A Gu Immortal's immortal aperture, hidden in their body, had limited amounts of heaven and earth qi. If Miniscule Mountain was placed for a long time in such an immortal aperture, a lot of earth qi would be absorbed to maintain this legendary mountain, causing an imbalance in heaven and earth qi within the immortal aperture.

Thus, Miniscule Mountain was placed in Jade Pool blessed land most of the time.

The reason?

It was because Jade Pool blessed land was placed on the ground outside in Northern Plains. It would constantly absorb the endless heaven and earth qi of the outside world, so there was no need to fear the burden of Miniscule Mountain.

Fang Yuan's Dang Hun mountain was also in a similar situation.

Dang Hun mountain needed to absorb earth qi, otherwise it would collapse. Fortunately, Hu Immortal blessed land was placed on Tian Ti mountain from where it constantly absorbed heaven and earth qi, thus there was no need to fear the consumption of Dang Hun mountain.

If it was placed in Fairy Li Shan or Hei Lou Lan's immortal apertures, if they moved around for a long time, they would not be able to bear the consumption even if they were rank eight Gu Immortals, and would need to place their immortal apertures in the outside world to absorb heaven and earth qi, and stabilize their immortal aperture world.

Next to a seemingly ordinary deep pool.

"Fang Yuan?"

"Why is he here?"

Fairy Li Shan and Hei Lou Lan, who were concealed, detected Fang Yuan's presence.

Both of them had secretly agreed to look for Thatched Hut. Thatched Hut was no longer at its original position, but the two still had a great harvest — at that location, they found a group of underworld eels!

Afterwards, they looked around everywhere and finally found traces of Miniscule Mountain.

However, when they arrived at this place, they were obstructed and thereby in a dilemma. The two were discussing what to do when Fang Yuan appeared in their detection range.

Fairy Li Shan still had some hope as she said to Hei Lou Lan: "Fang Yuan does not have strong investigative methods, our concealment methods are immortal killer moves, as long as we don't show ourselves, he certainly won't be able to detect us. Maybe he is only passing by."

Hei Lou Lan had suffered great losses from Fang Yuan, frowning as she had a bad premonition: "Sigh, we absolutely cannot underestimate this guy."

Sure enough, the next moment, Fang Yuan slowly landed from the air and quickly neared them, his target was the pool they were in.

Fairy Li Shan's expression sank as her wishful thinking did not materialize.

Fang Yuan had arrived at the place provided in the information.

This deep pool in front of him looked extremely ordinary and unremarkable.

But Fang Yuan still had some expectations.

According to that demonic path Gu Immortal's words, this was an illusory land. Inside were illusory peach trees which could add up to be of similar strength to desolate beasts, and could create illusions to protect themselves.

A Gu Immortal could only infer some clues when they walked inside.

Fang Yuan raised his defenses, and was just about to step in when two figures suddenly appeared not far away.

"Fang Yuan, wait a moment." Fairy Li Shan transmitted her voice.

Hei Lou Lan stood silently at the side.

"Oh, it's you two!" Fang Yuan's eyes flashed, as he spoke with a slight smile.

His tone carried a touch of ridicule; as an ally, they had not informed him of such a huge clue, clearly they had thought of hogging the benefits for themselves.

In the end, he came across them unintentionally.

Hei Lou Lan was a formidable person and spoke with no awkwardness or embarrassment: "Fang Yuan, you came at the right time, we were just worrying over how to break into this place."

Fairy Li Shan was a veteran Gu Immortal and was also unabashed, continuing: "Right. This place is called captivating sea and is a restricted region of Jade Pool blessed land. It mainly consists of a forest of illusory peach trees, there are many peach trees, and the illusion is extremely powerful. Under the trees are a sea of grasses and flowers. The large patches of groundmat grass are like endless green carpets. The sea of colorful flowers gives off a deep fragrance, and tens of thousands of poisonous purple heart flowers are close to blooming."

"Hmm?" Fang Yuan's gaze slightly focused.

That demonic path Gu Immortal had malicious intentions, he had only said that there were illusory peach trees but did not mention their numbers. As for groundmat grass, and purple poisonous heart flowers, he did not even bring them up.

Groundmat grass was ordinary, but with such numbers, there was bound to be groundmat grass Gu. This wood path Gu only had one effect which was to instantly send living beings into sleep.

Poisonous purple heart flowers often created a poison heart Gu. This Gu was formless and colorless, and gave a wisp of fragrance that could make one feel drunk, but corroded their heart.

However, these were only minor inconveniences as far as Fang Yuan was concerned.

Fang Yuan did not cultivate poison path and also did not have strength path methods that could defend against poison, but he had an immortal zombie body, which was extremely resistant to poison. He also had a poison path Immortal Gu, Woman's Heart.

Fairy Li Shan saw Fang Yuan was listening carefully but completely indifferent, and continued: "The things I have mentioned might be in high numbers, but they are only small problems to us Gu Immortals. In fact, a group of peach wolves dwell in the illusory peach tree forest, with numbers close to thirty. Moreover, this captivating sea is actually a Gu formation and in the depths of it lies Miniscule Mountain. Miniscule Mountain has Gu Immortals guarding it, their auras are uncertain and the numbers are also not clear."

Fang Yuan's expression changed.

Peach wolves were a desolate beast, comparable to rank six Gu Immortals. A group of peach wolves was like a group of Gu Immortals in strength.

Miniscule Mountain was the home of minimen, the Gu Immortals in it were probably miniman Gu Immortals, and regardless of how many there were, even one would be troublesome to deal with.

Desolate beasts had low wisdom, but variant human Gu Immortals had wisdom that could reach a similar level to human Gu Immortals.

Having wisdom and lacking it were two completely different levels of threats.

Fang Yuan suddenly realized why these two were hiding at the periphery.

He sized the two up again, and with his experience, he immediately discovered signs of bitter fights on Fairy Li Shan and Hei Lou Lan's bodies, although they had tried to treat them as much as possible.

"Fairy Li Shan is a wood path Gu Immortal, there is no doubt that Miniscule Mountain and minimen are extremely attractive to her. In an environment like captivating sea, Fairy Li Shan's battle strength should surpass her normal state. They broke through to the depths of the sea of flowers, but were still forced back. Captivating sea's defense greatly surpasses what were my most hopeful estimations."

Fang Yuan did not speak but his shrewd mind was thinking rapidly and inferring many facts from their behaviors.

"Fang Yuan, if you move alone, your gains will be extremely low. We took advantage of the other party's carelessness and quietly sneaked in through the gaps in the peach wolf group. Now that Miniscule Mountain has been alerted, the defenses are sure to be tight. As long as we cooperate sincerely, we might be able to swallow this juicy meat." Hei Lou Lan persuaded.

Fairy Li Shan also added: "Fang Yuan, I know you have the strength path Immortal Gu, Pulling Mountain. We can cooperate, but I must have Miniscule Mountain, you don't need to worry, though, I will be sure to give you a satisfying reward."

Fang Yuan did not immediately reply, instead lowering his head to think it over.

Several breaths of time later, he slowly shook his head and broke the silence, smiling bitterly: "Under this juicy meat is a very hard bone. Miniscule Mountain is excellent, but time is limited, I don't want to spend it all here. I advise you two to dispel unrealistic thoughts, there are still many resources outside which are much easier to take, why make an unnecessary risk?"

"What? Fang Yuan, you are actually thinking of backing out?" Fairy Li Shan could not believe her ears.

Hei Lou Lan frowned, persuading: "Fang Yuan, we have discovered Miniscule Mountain, it could be said to be a rare chance. If you miss this opportunity, you might regret it later on."

Fang Yuan's stance was firm: "The defense is tight, the key thing is that there are Gu Immortals guarding it, as well as a group of peach wolves. Even if all the demonic path Gu Immortals in this blessed land gather together, it would take time to break through this place. Would Dong Fang Chang Fan give us this time? Even if Dong Fang Chang Fan is hindered, what about the other demonic path Gu Immortals?"

Fairy Li Shan took a step forward: "Fang Yuan, I admit that what you say is reasonable, but this is Miniscule Mountain we are talking of, its value might even be higher than the rest of Jade Pool blessed land!"

"Hahaha, fairy, you don't need to persuade me. I will take my leave!" Fang Yuan laughed loudly before flying away directly.

The two fairies still did not dare to believe what they were seeing and were even hesitating: "Fang Yuan should not be messing around and deceiving us in order to wait for an opportune moment to meddle in and get benefits cheaply, right?"

"That's not possible. We have formed the Snowy Mountain Alliance, he has to either remain silent or speak the truth."

For a moment, as they gazed at Fang Yuan's figure receding into the horizon, the two women had strange expressions.


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