Reverend Insanity
797 Flick, Flick, Flick, Subduing a Shark Fin Wolf
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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797 Flick, Flick, Flick, Subduing a Shark Fin Wolf

Hei Lou Lan was even more excited, quickly replying: "Little aunt, rest assured, I am already deep into the pool and am drilling a hole underground!"

In the air, Fairy Li Shan suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood, this was the backlash from the alliance agreement, but she could endure this much.

She casually wiped away the blood and continued to transmit information to Hei Lou Lan secretly: "Alright, I will scout for you from up here, move stealthily and make sure other Gu Immortals don't discover you. Especially Fang Yuan, he is extremely shrewd and calculating, even Pi Shui Han is dancing to his tune. We are in the Snowy Mountain Alliance with him, but its time limit is approaching, you need to make sure to be on guard against him."

"That goes without saying!" Hei Lou Lan quickly replied.

Fang Yuan moved rapidly to above a jade pool, causing gusts of wind that raised waves on the surface of the pool.

Fang Yuan had his previous life's memories and although he did not have investigative Immortal Gu, his mortal investigative methods were ahead by a generation in comparison to the surrounding Gu Immortals. He looked around for a while before immediately ascertaining that there was nothing in this pool apart from water.

"So it is oil water." He frowned slightly as he examined.

Oil water was naturally not regular water, but a resource found in the depths of deep seas. It was a Gu refinement material and was extremely common in Eastern Sea. In Northern Plains and Western Desert, however, it was rather rare.

There were almost no transactions of small amounts of oil water in treasure yellow heaven. It was because the profits were too low and the fee of treasure yellow heaven was too high, making the loss more than the gains.

When oil water transactions appeared in treasure yellow heaven, they were essentially in very large amounts, but even then it was hard to earn significant profits. Also, because the oil water Eastern Sea produced was basically used by their own cultivators, the frequency of such large transactions was extremely low.

Dong Fang tribe was not only storing oil water, but also had an ingenious use for it, this pool's water was extremely deep, connecting to deep underground and extracting traces of earth qi.

Oil water was basically a resource that was produced in deep water and large trenches.

"Dong Fang tribe set up this pool to use oil water to produce more oil water. Once in a while, they will put in clear water and with the continuous mixing of earth qi and oil water, the oil water in the pool would gradually restore to its original concentration." Fang Yuan was very experienced and with just a moment of thinking, he was aware of the operation method of Dong Fang tribe.

Oil water was not easy to extract and required specific Gu worms.

Fang Yuan's slight frown was because of this.

He knew there was a small, specially designated group of Gu Masters who went to the depths of seas to extract oil water. Gu worm recipes that were handed down from generation to generation were arranged in a set to draw and extract this oil water.

These people made a living from this, and their Gu worm set were meant to extract oil water. They did not have high battle strength, but their social status were high and they were welcomed by all the forces of Eastern Sea.

Fang Yuan had been to Eastern Sea in his previous life and had come across an old oil water extraction specialist.

This Gu Master was rather old, and he only had a granddaughter, to whom he wanted Fang Yuan to wed and also adopt her surname. Unfortunately, Fang Yuan refused in the end.

Fang Yuan's eyebrows soon relaxed.

He pointed his index finger at the surface of the pool and lightly bent it; immediately, the pool water rose like a dragon, obediently moving into Fang Yuan's immortal aperture.

There would have been nothing Fang Yuan could do if this was before the auction, but after the auction, he had the strength path Immortal Gu, Pulling Water, its effect was specialized for dealing with water, wasn't this a trivial matter?

"It is just that oil water is precious, but it is not immortal material. Using Immortal Gu Pulling Water to collect it is simply overkill, but I plan to attend Central Continent's Refinement Path Convention and oil water is suitable to be used at earlier stages. Otherwise, I would not have gathered it."

Using Immortal Gu meant spending green grape immortal essence. And the value of green grape immortal essence was much higher than oil water.

If it were not for the Refinement Path Convention, Fang Yuan might have simply ignored it and left.

Right now, Fang Yuan was standing in the air with his hands clasped behind his back, the oil water constantly moving towards his immortal aperture.

He slightly leaned to the side and looked in Hei Lou Lan's direction.

There was no news from Hei Lou Lan's end, as if she had gone to another pool.

A dark gaze flashed past Fang Yuan's eyes; he had some guesses about Fairy Li Shan and Hei Lou Lan's secret plans, but was not worried.

With the advantage of rebirth, how could he not know of Thatched Hut and Miniscule Mountain? In truth, he probably knew of them even more clearly than Fairy Li Shan.

In the five regions chaotic war during Fang Yuan's previous life, all sorts of Immortal Gu Houses were brought into fights, creating many large scale battles.

Immortal killer moves could be easily targeted and subdued, but Immortal Gu Houses combined defense and offense, even if they had different specialties, they fundamentally did not have shortcomings on other aspects.

In particular, the more Gu Immortals an Immortal Gu House stored, the stronger their might. It was almost like an unstoppable fortress in the battlefield.

"Thatched Hut would not be Thatched Hut if it could be easily found." Fang Yuan stored all of the oil water before flying towards another pool.

After storing several resources like oil water, Fang Yuan finally came across a pool where a beast group, that made his eyes brighten, was dwelling.

Sensing Fang Yuan's mighty presence encroaching upon their territory, wolf howls resounded, several tens of thousands of shark fin wolves rushed out. The wolves formed a large wave, glaring fiercely at Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan had used shark fin wolves when he had disguised himself as Wolf King Chang Shan Yin.

They were extremely useful.

They had the size of an elephant and could live in both land and water, and were one of the few wolf species that could fight underwater.

They had powerful defense, their bodies were covered with smooth crocodile-like armor, while there were sharp, deep blue fins on the sides. On their backs, there was a row of shark-like fins, which formed a line extending from the wolf's head to its tail.

They were not fast and were often used by Fang Yuan as shields in his wolf formations.

Naturally, these mortal beasts were not of much interest to Fang Yuan currently.

Fang Yuan's burning gaze was on the leader of the wolf group.

This was an enormous shark fin wolf that was over ten meters tall. With a smooth and graceful build, its physique was a perfect combination of strength and beauty.

This shark fin wolf was crouched low, with its dense sharp canines exposed. Its lantern sized eyes were fixed upon Fang Yuan, as if it was going to pounce at him the very next moment.

Fang Yuan laughed heartily, having an intention to subdue it.

He did not have beast enslavement Immortal Gu, but he could somewhat control this level of desolate beast with other methods.

There was only one beast enslavement Immortal Gu, which was in Lang Ya blessed land. This Gu showed instantaneous effect when enslaving a desolate beast. The desolate beast could be controlled in accordance with one's thoughts; this allowed a supreme showcase of enslavement path.

Fang Yuan did not have beast enslavement Immortal Gu, and naturally other enslavement path Gu Immortals also did not have it. However, the use of Gu depended on the Gu Immortal's creativity, there were all sorts of methods and killer moves that could substitute for beast enslavement Immortal Gu.

For instance, flying bear phantom Gu was a unique method of phantom path in enslaving a desolate beast. Water path, fire path, light path and other paths also had their own respective methods. Otherwise, how could Dong Fang Chang Fan control so many phantom beasts in the battle at Tai Qiu?

Every path was independent of each other, but yet interlinked with each other. Taking references, interacting and competing with other paths created the current Gu Master structure that had all sorts of styles.

Even without the enslavement methods, a desolate beast could be raised from youth to nurture emotional connection and intimacy, and could be made to protect oneself or attack enemies. Immortal Crane Sect's He Feng Yang and the nine palace crane, Little Nine, were a classic example of man and beast developing a close relationship.

Naturally, these methods absolutely could not compare to the effect of beast enslavement Immortal Gu.

Enslavement path was able to be classified as a path, so its enslavement methods were definitely superior to that of other paths.

Fang Yuan and the wolf were locked in a stand-off for a while, the desolate beast shark fin wolf was still restraining itself, not daring to recklessly move because it could sense a threat from the aura Fang Yuan gave off.

Since that was the case, Fang Yuan took the initiative to attack. Two strength path giant hands pressed down upon the shark fin wolf from the left and right.

The desolate beast shark fin wolf howled before taking a slight step back, a layer of glass-like watery armor immediately appeared on its body.

The next moment, it fiercely jumped above Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan could detect a foul odor assailing his nostrils from the wolf's opened mouth.

Following the odor were countless water bullets that were rapidly being shot out of the shark fin wolf's mouth.

Fang Yuan did not dodge or evade, as he sent out another two strength path giant hands at the shark fin wolf.

The storm of water bullets smashed at the strength path giant hands, but only served to slightly slow them. These water bullets could not even be considered mortal killer moves, naturally they would not be able to compare to an immortal killer move.

At the same time, the previous two strength path giant hands rose up and grabbed the two rear legs of the shark fin wolf before dragging it down.

The pitiful shark fin wolf had just jumped to the air but was dragged down before it could reach Fang Yuan.

Boom. The desolate beast shark fin wolf crashed hard at the ground, and some unlucky ordinary shark fin wolves that could not dodge in time were turned to meat paste by their leader.

The desolate beast shark fin wolf roared in anger and struggled to get up, to pounce at Fang Yuan again, but the next moment, it saw a strength path giant hand getting closer.

The strength path giant hand was powerful, and before it even reached the shark fin wolf, the latter felt difficulty breathing as its heart trembled.

The shark fin wolf wanted to dodge, but its rear legs were firmly grasped by two strength path giant hands. It twisted and turned its body but still could not evade, the strength path giant hand fiercely slammed at its face.

The shark fin wolf howled miserably, its head was slammed to the ground so forcefully that it formed a large crater.

Only after a few long moments, it was able to barely raise its head from the crater.

However, the attack had caused its sight to become blurry, tears and snot flowing down its face.

It shook its head, still not giving up on resisting, but the second strength path giant hand slammed it at this moment.

The shark fin wolf howled miserably again as another large crater formed on the ground. It felt extreme grief and indignation, the enemy was powerful and also shameless, not giving it any time to react.

Fang Yuan sent out another strength path giant hand, a total of five flew around, pressing and beating the desolate beast shark fin wolf to the ground, a cloud of dust rose and the ground cracked.

The wolf group beside the desolate beast shark fin wolf darted around everywhere, howling miserably and shooting out water bullets, but the quantity was so large that the bullets collided against each other partway and destroyed each other. Fang Yuan's build was not big and the number of water bullets that landed on him were very few, they were like light drizzle that could be neglected.

"What sound is this?" Not far away, Half Moon Brutemaster gazed over at the commotion.

His pupils shrunk when he saw how Fang Yuan was mauling the desolate beast shark fin wolf.

He already knew Fang Yuan had rank seven battle strength, but when he personally saw Fang Yuan leisurely beating up a desolate beast, his heart could not help but tremble intensely.

There was simply no suspense, as the desolate beast shark fin wolf did not even have the energy to retaliate.

If Fang Yuan only had rank six battle strength, maybe it could struggle for some time. But with battle strength of a realm higher, the desolate beast shark fin wolf could only take the beating passively.

Especially given that the desolate beasts raised in this blessed land carried no Immortal Gu.

Any Immortal Gu would be taken away by Gu Immortals. Immortal Gu were so precious, how could they let a desolate beast have it?

However, even though the shark fin wolf was beaten until it could not even raise its head, its attitude was still stubborn.

Fang Yuan snorted, deciding to increase the force.

With a shift of his mind, four strength path giant hands separately grabbed the shark fin wolf's front legs and hind legs, then lifted it into the air.

The desolate beast shark fin wolf had been beaten into a horrid sight, its whole body was spread out in an ungainly way, while its four limbs were constantly emitting sounds of fractures from the ruthless grasps of the four strength path giant hands.

The remaining strength path giant hand started to rain slaps on the shark fin wolf's cheeks.

Crack crack crack!

The wolf's large head swung to the left and right from the repeated slaps of the hand.

The wolf group below howled more miserably and loudly. Most of the wolf group had already collapsed while some at the periphery were already starting to flee.

"This is truly hanging it up and beating to a pulp!" Cold sweat was already seeping out of Half Moon Brutemaster's shiny forehead at this sight.

Fang Yuan's viciousness and strength terrified him.

The desolate beast shark fin wolf was almost pounded into a slurry, even the sounds of its wails changed. However, it still opened its eyes with difficulty, and its gaze still carried extreme stubbornness and bone-deep hatred.

Wolves were beasts that deeply bore grudges.

"Still not submitting?" Fang Yuan also felt somewhat of a headache, submitting to the strong was a wild beast's survival instinct. According to conventional reasoning, the desolate beast shark fin wolf should have already submitted in front of such a massive difference in strength.

Fang Yuan carefully observed and made a discovery.

"So this shark fin wolf has gone into heat and this time period is when its alpha male characteristics are at its strongest, no wonder it is stubborn."

He suddenly had an eccentric idea.

Under Fang Yuan's control, the strength path giant hand changed again.

The middle finger of the giant hand bent and touched the thumb.

From afar, Half Moon Brutemaster looked on as this strength path giant hand slowly moved down to between the shark fin wolf's two rear legs.

Suddenly, the thumb slightly relaxed and the middle finger flicked.

It very accurately struck this male wolf's penis!

"Awoooo—!" The desolate beast shark fin wolf shook fiercely, like it had been electrocuted. Its eyes seemed to be opened until almost falling out, as it howled to the sky, its voice filled with boundless pain.

Flick flick flick!

"Wooo, woooo, awoooo——!" The shark fin wolf howled in an increasingly loud voice.

Half Moon Brutemaster watched this with his mouth and eyes wide open.

"Thi..thi..this…" He stammered, unable to say a word.

He understood Fang Yuan was trying to force the desolate beast shark fin wolf to submit, but this method was simply unheard of!

In that instant, Fang Yuan's image underwent a huge change in Half Moon Brutemaster's mind.

Fang Yuan's entire body was clothed in a black robe, with his appearance hidden. But outsiders could naturally try to make guesses on his appearance.

Half Moon Brutemaster had imagined Fang Yuan to have a fierce and cruel appearance, with a burly and thickly built body, his protruding eyes shooting out a fierce gaze that seemed to want to find people to devour.

Now, however, this figure underwent a transformation.

The image of a robust warrior was no more, the burly build had turned into one with broad shoulders and a thin waist, the gaze was sinister, the teeth were dense and sharp, and there was a trace of perversion.

The desolate beast shark fin wolf's mental defenses were finally broken, and it fully submitted.

The strength path giant hands loosened their grasp, and it collapsed to the ground, motionless. Its enormous, aesthetically beautiful body was now bent like a large shrimp, its two front claws were grabbing between its two rear legs as it whimpered weakly, like a weak little flower that could be in dire straits from slight wind and rain.

Fang Yuan mumbled while chuckling: "This is a good method."

He then turned to look at the distant Half Moon Brutemaster.

He had naturally already discovered the latter's stealthy glances.

Half Moon Brutemaster could not see Fang Yuan's true appearance, but he felt Fang Yuan's gaze was firm, like a giant snake that was coiling around his body. The dark, cold and slippery snake scales tightly held on to his warm body.

Half Moon Brutemaster shivered as he felt an ominous chill emerging from the depths of his heart. In particular, the region between his legs seemed to feel a bit more cold.

"This person is exceedingly savage and absolutely not someone I can deal with. I have to avoid him when I see him in the future! Sigh, the world is difficult, life is not easy." Half Moon Brutemaster swallowed his saliva and rapidly flew away, going as far as to resemble someone fleeing.


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