Reverend Insanity
796 Everyone With Different Intentions, Going After Precious Treasures
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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796 Everyone With Different Intentions, Going After Precious Treasures

Pi Shui Han snorted coldly, he was inwardly extremely angered.

He was a famous expert, Fang Yuan's loud taunting was something that had not happened to him for a very long time.

Pi Shui Han did not want to show a weak demeanor, just as he was about to attack and fight back against Fang Yuan, Fairy Li Shan flew out and exposed her rank seven aura, meanwhile at another side, Hei Lou Lan did not conceal her activation of multiple Immortal Gu.

This was obviously a situation of the three of them fighting him at once.

Pi Shui Han's eyes twitched, he gritted his teeth and stopped his attack.

He had no choice but to stop.

Because right now, there was no one with the strength of Unfettered Scholar around him.

He was alone against many strong foes.

Pi Shui Han could not regain the face he lost, as he fought with the desolate beast, he snorted, saying to Fang Yuan: "Didn't you guys run here too? Don't be too arrogant, do you really think I am a pushover? I am thinking about the big picture, I have greater objectives, I do not want to waste time with a brute like you over small matters. With such huge benefits in front of us, if I waste time in being pestered by you, it would be a huge regret to miss this opportunity."

Although the desolate beast was fierce, Pi Shui Han was much stronger, he could speak as he fought, interacting with Fang Yuan and the others.

In comparison, Qie Shi Min and Half Moon Brutemaster appeared much inferior.

"Hehe." Fairy Li Shan laughed, she stood in the air as she said in a hoarse voice: "He is right, now is indeed not the time to fight among ourselves."

"Why don't we force them back and take Jade Pool blessed land for ourselves?" Fang Yuan growled unhappily on purpose.

Hei Lou Lan coordinated with him, she immediately rebuked: "There is not enough time, do you think we haven't considered this? Since we can come here, others are not fools, there will be others coming here soon. Moreover, Dong Fang Chang Fan is a scheming old fox, why would he not set up defenses around his base camp?"

Fairy Li Shan also said: "We'll handle it like that, how many times have I told you, number seven, you need to control your quick temper."

Fairy Li Shan purposely spoke like she was scolding Fang Yuan, he snorted and acted as if he was obeying orders from her.

These three had already cooperated many times, they had chemistry in coordinating between themselves, with their current performance, there was no flaw.

Pi Shui Han felt even more wary now.

Qie Shi Min and Half Moon Brutemaster looked at each other, thinking that this situation was troublesome.

At the same time, they felt some suspicion and uncertainty: "Where did this mysterious force come from?"

"Such a person is only number seven, and not the leader?"

"Brother Pi, Jade Pool blessed land is so big, it is not something we can take for ourselves alone, why don't we work together for now, time is limited, the longer we drag on, the more unexpected problems could occur." Fairy Li Shan said solemnly.

Pi Shui Han did not want to fight them, he saw a way out that could save some face for him, on the outside he showed a reluctant expression as he spoke: "Fine, you can join in too. But we had an agreement earlier, we cannot fight among ourselves, there are certainly many valuable things so whoever finds them will get to own them. If there is a dispute, you can undergo transactions privately. If that is insufficient, strength will decide the rest!"

Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan looked at each other, seeing the smile in each other's eyes.

What rules were these?

This was no different from saying there were no rules!

Among demonic path Gu Masters, they often lacked trust. Such rules were compatible with the style of the demonic path, there were no restraints at all.

"Of course, earlier, Pi Shui Han, Qie Shi Min and the others probably had more rules than this. There was probably a part about using cultivation level to decide who gets more resources." Fang Yuan muttered in his thoughts.

Pi Shui Han was a rank seven Gu Immortal, he had the greatest battle strength, he naturally had to protect his own interests.

But the situation was different now, Fang Yuan's side was even stronger, Pi Shui Han was at a disadvantage, he would not blindly list out such a condition.

Qie Shi Min and Half Moon Brutemaster were extremely regretful.

Why did they attack so quickly? They did not observe the situation clearly!

The enslavement path Gu Immortal Qie Shi Min saw that they were negotiating, he had to take a risk and say: "Would sir return my three desolate birds?"

Fang Yuan laughed loudly, saying arrogantly: "These birds may look impressive but are worthless, you can have them back."

Saying this, he tossed these three desolate beast birds without a second thought, like they were worth nothing.

Qie Shi Min felt anger inwardly, he was extremely stifled.

These three desolate beast birds were indeed low in battle strength, but they were easy to raise and control.

There was only one beast enslavement Immortal Gu in the world, but there were many ways other than that to control desolate beasts. Wisdom path, water path, fire path, and others, they all could do so.

There were other techniques that Qie Shi Min did not use, once he did, he could raise the desolate beast birds' battle strength by fifty percent.

But Fang Yuan and the others were too ruthless, if they had fought, he might have done that. However, they went directly to Pi Shui Han to find trouble, they did not even give him a second glance.

These two demonic path Gu Immortals did not know the background of Fang Yuan and the others, but they knew Pi Shui Han's power.

Even Pi Shui Han was suppressed, having the disadvantage, why would they dare to attack?

Thus, Qie Shi Min was deterred, he had cowered before even fighting, he did not dare to use his real offensive techniques.

He did not reply to Fang Yuan's taunting, he kept quiet as he endured it, not daring to say a word.

In truth, Fairy Li Shan was a rank seven information path Gu Immortal with ordinary battle strength. After Hei Lou Lan lost Self Strength, she did not have a true immortal killer move, her battle strength fell and was around rank six middle tier.

If Fang Yuan and Pi Shui Han fought, as time passed, he would inevitably fall into a disadvantage.

Comparing their collective strengths, Fang Yuan's side was weaker.

But in war, destroying the enemy's plan was the best tactic. The second best way was to destroy their connections, then the best after that was attacking their troops, and finally, attacking their cities. Fang Yuan and the others used the best tactic, they won before even fighting.

Although the power levels in different worlds were somewhat different, or they could even be very different, but regarding such philosophy, it could be applied everywhere.

Whichever world it was, the logic of ruining the enemy's plans was an astute move.

Only an imbecile would want to fight and kill all day.

Anyone who had slight knowledge of politics would know that war was only a method, it was an extension of political strife. And the core of politics was the economy.

Economy meant profits, in other words, all fighting was done for the sake of profits.

To Fang Yuan, coldness, arrogance, humility, conceit, all of these were masks, they were tools for him to obtain profits.

The two sides came to an agreement and decided to collaborate. The desolate beasts in Jade Pool blessed land were originally at a disadvantage, with no commander. Now that there were new members to the group of demonic path Gu Immortals, the beasts quickly lost. Some died, some got injured, and some escaped.

"Hahaha, let's charge in." Fang Yuan purposely laughed wildly, taking the lead as he flew into a deep part of Jade Pool blessed land.

From a bird's eye view in the air, the blessed land's huge landmass had pools of all sizes that could be seen all over the place.

There were deep pools and small lakes connected with each other, in untold numbers. They were like the stars in the night sky, indescribably beautiful.

The terrain of the blessed land was somewhat chaotically ordered, it was organized in accordance to being centered upon each jade pool, spreading out in a circular fashion. There were some grasslands, some green trees that formed shade for the pools. There were some pools in mountains, and there were some in swamps.

"This is a good blessed land!" Fang Yuan could not help but praise.

Soon after, Hei Lou Lan arrived behind him, she did not speak but her eyes were shining.

Fairy Li Shan also arrived soon afterwards, she smiled as she introduced: "Each of the jade pools here are unique, they have different types of waters and nurture countless species of creatures, or Gu worm groups. Some were used to create a specific environment, to store all their resources. Dong Fang Chang Fan had his own unique concept of management, when he was around, he brought in resources from Eastern Sea, growing them in Jade Pool blessed land until they bore fruit, which he then sold to Northern Plains Gu Immortals. Be it righteous path or demonic path, they were all popular goods. Even in treasure yellow heaven, Dong Fang tribe's fish groups and aquatic plants were famous. Even though they could not match Eastern Sea's super forces in this aspect, it was quite a unique specialty."

Hearing this, Hei Lou Lan understood, she was ready to move: "This means that in each of these pools, there is a stockpile of resources."

"Hahaha, there are so many crystal marrow aquatic plants, it is suitable for my blessed land, I can save a huge amount of expenses now!" Not far away, a demonic path Gu Immortal had already taken over a pool as he laughed loudly.

"We have to split up, if we stay together, others might be suspicious." Fang Yuan transmitted.

"Alright, let's act separately, we can gain more that way. But keep in touch and take care of each other, not only are we dealing with Pi Shui Han and the others, there might also be Dong Fang Chang Fan's traps. I will go first!" Hei Lou Lan changed her direction and flew away from Fang Yuan and Fairy Li Shan, she flew towards a deep pool below.

"This child…" Fairy Li Shan looked at Hei Lou Lan's figure as she sighed, saying to Fang Yuan: "I had previously agreed to not attack Dong Fang tribe. I cannot touch these resources, but I can skirt around the restrictions. I will investigate this place, if I find a precious resource, I will inform you two."

"Alright." Fang Yuan replied curtly.

He suddenly looked towards a deep pool, it was shining brightly, like there was a layer of oil on top. The surface area of the pool's top layer was also larger than the other pools.

"I am going too!" Fang Yuan moved and flew down at lightning speed.

Fairy Li Shan flew towards the sky, hiding into the clouds.

Far away, Pi Shui Han saw that the three of them had split up, a dark light flashed in his eyes as he snorted coldly, turning towards a jade pool.

Fairy Li Shan flew into the clouds so that she could use hole earth Gu, she transmitted only to Hei Lou Lan secretly: "Quick! There are two great treasures in Jade Pool blessed land, one is Thatched Hut, the other is Miniscule Mountain. The former is a rank six Immortal Gu House, it can both attack and defend, specializing in storage. The latter is a legendary place recorded >, one of the variant humans, the miniman race lives in it. No matter which one we obtain, it will be of huge help to our cultivation in the future."

Hei Lou Lan immediately responded: "I have also heard of these two treasures. But little aunt, how did you confirm that these two are in Jade Pool blessed land?"

Fairy Li Shan smiled as she replied: "I have cooperated with Dong Fang tribe so many times, I know some matters about their internal affairs. Thatched Hut stores most of Dong Fang tribe's public wealth, even Dong Fang Chang Fan cannot take them for his personal use inappropriately. As for Miniscule Mountain, despite being small, it is a real mountain, it needs to take in earth qi to stabilize its form, it cannot be brought out easily. Furthermore, Dong Fang Chang Fan had the agreement with the righteous path forces created using it, with Miniscule Mountain guarding this place, that would form the greatest restraints on the alliance!"

"Of course, these two treasures could have been moved away secretly, but the possibility of that is small. Regardless, we have to give it a try. There are countless jade pools, Thatched Hut might still be at its former location, follow my instructions and go there stealthily."


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