Reverend Insanity
785 Phantom Beasts Obstruct The Way, Immortals Are Troubled
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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785 Phantom Beasts Obstruct The Way, Immortals Are Troubled

Bam bam bam!

Intense explosions continued to occur.

In the sky, Gu Immortals were fighting everywhere.

Since they had now found the true inheritance ground, the demonic path Gu Immortals were all practical and straightforward, without much hesitation, someone flew down.

Since Dong Fang Chang Fan chose the corpse of an immemorial ruin bat as his wisdom path inheritance ground, he naturally had his own reasons.

The huge phantom beast army was stirred, like a giant black cloud, they rose from beneath the feet of the demonic path Gu Immortals.

These phantom beasts were all of strange appearances, they attacked fearlessly. They were skilled at dodging, and there were several desolate beast level phantom beasts blocking the demonic path Gu Immortals.

"Phantom beasts are normally rare, they only appear in places with numerous space path dao marks. There are so many here?" Hei Lou Lan was fighting fiercely as she cursed.

She lost self strength Immortal Gu, her battle strength plummeted. Even though she could use strength qi Immortal Gu to replace it, and still summon the giant strength path phantom killer move, she could not show her appearance now, thus, when fighting, she was very restricted.

"Stay calm." Fairy Li Shan consoled: "Phantom beasts have the natural ability to turn into phantoms and avoid attacks. Inspiration for the phantom path of Gu Masters was obtained from phantom beasts by Gu Immortal Xu Wu Xie. As long as an ancient desolate beast level phantom beast doesn't appear, we will be able to enter the corpse of the immemorial ruin bat eventually."

As she said this, a large group of phantom beast birds flew over.

Fang Yuan snorted, keeping them away from the other two as he used myriad self first style, giant hand.

A strength path giant hand appeared, stretching its fingers and grabbing.

The strength path hand had great power, but when it grabbed, it caused little damage. In this thousand phantom beast group, only some dozens had died.

Most of the phantom beasts had turned vague, they became nearly invisible, as they remained in their places.

When Fang Yuan retracted his strength path hand, these phantom beasts appeared again, they became solid and had real bodies, charging towards Fang Yuan and the others again.

Fang Yuan snorted coldly, next to him, Fairy Li Shan waved a hand as a sea of fire spread out.

The fire burned in the air, over the entire surroundings, they formed a large barrier.

The phantom beasts charged into the sea of fire, using the same ability again and avoiding the flames by turning into phantoms, their advancement did not slow down.

But the moment they ran out of the fire, Fang Yuan had been waiting for them, he grasped with his strength path giant hand.


This time, Fang Yuan grabbed onto them.

Hundreds of phantom beasts were turned into meat paste, they lost their lives.

The hand slowly opened up, as flesh and blood rained down from the gaps between his fingers, blood was pouring like a drizzle of rain. This group of phantom beasts had around a thousand in number, with this grasp from Fang Yuan, most of them died, the remaining ones lost their fighting spirit when faced against the imposing Fang Yuan, they scattered and escaped.

Fang Yuan killed this group of phantom beasts so easily, but he was not smug, he had a grim expression: "The ordinary phantom beasts are still fine, they can only turn into phantoms for a short while, we can eradicate them with some cooperation. But the problem lies in the desolate beast level phantom beasts."

Fairy Li Shan and Hei Lou Lan nodded.

They were observing the surroundings and paying attention to the battles elsewhere.

Unfettered Scholar and Pi Shui Han, the two rank seven Gu Immortals were fighting with two desolate level phantom beasts each. Desolate level phantom beasts were truly special, they could turn into phantoms for a long time. Thus, even though they were rank six, they were hard to deal with, Unfettered Scholar and Pi Shui Han could not take them down even though they hurried to do so.

But the two had rich experience, after fighting for a while, they recognized the situation and became less rash, they started to deal with the situation calmly.

In contrast, Lu Qing Ming's side was in a dangerous situation.

One desolate level phantom beast turned phantom, its speed rose quickly as it charged towards Gu Immortal Han Dong, who was beside Lu Qing Ming.

Han Dong was caught off guard, he was inside the phantom beast's body.

After turning phantom, Han Dong could not touch the phantom beast, but the phantom beast also could not touch Han Dong.

But at the next moment, the phantom beast became solid.

Han Dong was inside the phantom beast's body, once this happened, he entered the phantom beast's stomach.

The phantom beast growled proudly, it flew away and left with Han Dong, leaving Lu Qing Ming and Su Guang behind.

Lu Qing Ming, Han Dong, and Su Guang were the Traveling Three Elites, when they joined forces, they could match a rank seven Gu Immortal. But they were cooperating when doing that, they were not as powerful individually.

Once Han Dong was gone, the remaining two Gu Immortals' battle strength fell drastically, they were no longer as imposing as before.

The two were anxious, they chased and attempted to save Han Dong.

The phantom beast that engulfed Han Dong flew down rapidly, it endured Lu Qing Ming and Su Guang's attacks without turning phantom again.

Han Dong was attacking it from within its stomach as well, this phantom beast was attacked from both inside and outside, along the way, it was clearly troubled, it was spitting blood.

"Why is this phantom beast so stubborn? Earlier when we fought, they would all turn phantom the moment any attacks got close. Quickly turn phantom now!" Su Guang shouted anxiously.

Lu Qing Ming's face was grim: "Can you still not tell? There is a mastermind behind this. Dong Fang Chang Fan, I underestimated you…"

In a hall within the ruins, Dong Fang Chang Fan's star will watched the sky with his hands behind his back.

His body was shining in starlight, his thick and condensed body was shrinking rapidly, becoming more dispersed.

This was the ability of the number one wisdom path immortal in Northern Plains.

Even though he had died, the methods he left behind could still be used, controlling this phantom beast army, to fight for precious time for his inheritor.

"Quick, faster! Just a bit faster!" Behind him, Dong Fang Yu Liang was full of sweat as he squeezed out all of his potential, trying to finish this Gu formation.

This Gu formation was the final test.

After he passed it, he would obtain Dong Fang Chang Fan's Immortal Gu, the core essence of the wisdom path inheritance!

In the air, seeing that the desolate level phantom beast was bringing Han Dong back to its home, Su Guang, who could not catch up, showed a look of despair: "To think that Dong Fang Chang Fan had such incredible enslavement path methods, he really concealed them deeply. Brother Han Dong will be in deep trouble if he can't escape, what shall we do?!"

"Enslavement path, wisdom path, and soul path are all very similar, they almost have the same origins, that is not strange." Lu Qing Ming's eyes shined with a determined light: "But Dong Fang Chang Fan, we feared you when you were alive, avoiding you and your deductions. Now that you are dead, you are still causing trouble for us, but do you think such methods are enough to take us down, you are looking down on the talents of this world!"

Saying so, his body shook as his arms spread open, resembling a bird spreading its wings.

At the next moment, his arms swung in front of his chest, without bending at all, as his hands clapped in front of him.

With a loud, crisp sound, an intense wind blew from the force of his clap.

The wind danced in the air, forming tens of thousands of wind blades in the air!

The wind blades spun around each other, forming a ball shaped mass resembling dark green vines, they intertwined together as they were sent attacking at the desolate level phantom beast.

"It's here! Brother Lu's immortal killer move — Entangled Wind!" Su Guang's expression lightened.

He knew the power of this immortal killer move, if used on the phantom beast, it would definitely suffer a huge blow, Han Dong would be saved.

Furthermore, this move, entangled wind, was strong and incredible, it was a famed move of Lu Qing Ming, it could be manipulated at will, the wind blades could gather and separate with just his thoughts.

That was why, even if the phantom beast turned phantom the moment it was hit, causing entangled wind to hit Han Dong, Lu Qing Ming could still separate entangled wind in time using his own strength.

Once entangled wind was split up, even though the attack range would increase, its power would reduce, Han Dong would survive it.

But just when he was about to succeed, a vine dragon flew over, targeting the entangled wind.

"Unfettered Scholar, don't even think about it!" Su Guang saw this and stared with a furious expression, he hurriedly used his killer move to block the vine dragon.

A water lotus appeared below the entangled wind all of a sudden.

This was the action of the rank seven Gu Immortal, Pi Shui Han, who freed himself for a moment.

Lu Qing Ming snorted coldly as the entangled wind split up, a small portion of it could not dodge and entered the water lotus. But most of the wind blades dodged the water lotus and gathered together again, forming a smaller entangled wind, and charging towards the desolate level phantom beast.

But right at this moment, a strength path giant hand came out of the clouds and grabbed the entangled wind.

With a loud bang, the strength path giant hand and the entangle wind both dissipated.

The desolate level phantom beast found an opening and landed on the palace below. With a ripple in space, it vanished.

"Ah!" Success had been just around the corner, Su Guang growled loudly in anger, turning towards Fang Yuan with a furious expression: "I will kill you!"

Fang Yuan snickered coldly, he waved his finger at Su Guang.

Su Guang was about to attack, but Lu Qing Ming flew over and stopped him in time.

"Stay calm, Su Guang!" Lu Qing Ming's eyes were blood red: "We will definitely take revenge for this later, but now, the urgent matter is to save Han Dong."

Thinking of Han Dong, Su Guang controlled his anger and clenched his fist, veins could be seen on his forehead: "Brother Lu is right, only after finding Han Dong, we would have rank seven battle strength by combining our strength!"

Before this, only the two of them were left. Finding trouble with a rank seven battle strength expert like Fang Yuan was just asking for humiliation.

The two talked at a low volume for a while, before turning around and attacking the palace below.

The palace was unmoving from start to end, it was only a mirage. As space rippled again, three new desolate level phantom beasts flew out, blocking Su Guang and Lu Qing Ming.

But this time, Su Guang and Lu Qing Ming wanted to save someone, they went all out and stopped preserving their strength, the three desolate level phantom beasts were pushed back.

Pi Shui Han saw this and laughed coldly, this was the result he wanted to see.

Demonic path Gu Immortals were wary of each other, until the last moment, nobody would go all out. With Lu Qing Ming and Su Guang leading the way, everything would be much easier.

"Most importantly, they lost their rank seven battle strength. I have one less true competitor now." At another side, Unfettered Scholar smiled, as he dealt with the desolate level phantom beast, he looked at Pi Shui Han and Fang Yuan.

Especially when he saw that Fang Yuan and the others were still standing in a spot without a desolate level phantom beast fighting them, a solemn gaze flashed across his eyes.

"These three are having it easy, this is not a good thing." Unfettered Scholar moved as he thought, luring the desolate level phantom beast towards Fang Yuan and the others.

Fang Yuan had already been paying attention to the surroundings, seeing this, his gaze was cold.

He retreated as he stretched out both hands.

Two giant hands flew out, charging towards Unfettered Scholar without any restraints.

At the same time, a third giant hand appeared behind him, protecting him from his surroundings.

"He can actually use three hands at once?" Unfettered Scholar's movements paused, the wariness in his mind intensified.

Just as they were all harrying and plotting against each other, an elderly Gu Immortal appeared silently behind Dong Fang Yu Liang, who was in the large hall.

His eyes were shining with divine brilliance, his gaze swept across Dong Fang Chang Fan's star will, as well as Dong Fang Yu Liang who was working hard, he stared at the walls of the hall and the huge Gu formation on the ground.

"Good formation, good formation. Even I, Old Lord Can Yang, am seeing this for the first time in my life." He praised continuously.


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