Reverend Insanity
783 One Real Among a Hundred Fakes
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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783 One Real Among a Hundred Fakes

Once Fang Yuan's giant hand was unleashed, the effect was shocking, countless Gu Immortals looked over with surprised gazes.

In truth, such a method of accumulating quantity and unleashing it all at once was a very common way of designing killer moves.

Like the very common fire pellet Gu, it can summon one fireball. How could one increase its strength? Normal people would think like this: By accumulating fireballs, during battle, they would unleash it all at once.

This way, by raising quantity, the power of their move will increase.

This was the most common and simply train of thought.

But most things were easy to plan, yet the execution was not easy at all.

If they formed the fireball beforehand, how could they store it? Even if they stored many fireballs, how can they shoot these fireballs at the same time? Even if they fire it, how can they ensure that the aim is accurate, and that the fireballs are not shot in random directions?

Only after resolving all of these questions would the Gu Master truly own what was known as — a killer move.

That was why the nurture, use, and refinement of Gu worms were deep fields. Especially in terms of using Gu, one needed creativity. Even if killer moves were created, because people were all different, each killer move would naturally have their own strengths and weaknesses.

When Fang Yuan conceived the immortal killer move myriad self, it could be said that he had broken traditional confinements and fused enslavement path and strength path, making a great and rare achievement.

He had a strength path foundation originally, and when he underwent immortal ascension using his second aperture, he queried heaven and earth, gaining a deeper foundation.

Next, he made a huge sacrifice, taking a near death risk, eventually using the rank nine wisdom Gu, gaining unlimited inspiration and creating the immortal killer move myriad self.

Throughout the process, Fang Yuan played the most crucial role. But his environment, wisdom Gu, immortal ascension, destruction of Imperial Court blessed land, they were all unique stimuli.

The immortal killer move, myriad self, which successfully fused enslavement path and strength path, due to the nature of its design, had surpassed most immortal killer moves!

With this starting point, if Fang Yuan explored it in the future and developed it, he might be able to create a completely new path.

Thus, even though the killer move, myriad self, was still in its initial stages, its potential was shocking.

Enslavement path was the pinnacle of attrition battling, commanding an army and using the tactic of cannon fodder to drown the enemies in sheer numbers.

Strength path created an individual champion, by adding great strength to oneself, one can kill whoever stands in their path, if they rage, the battlefield would be bathed in blood, in this aspect, a single person was a huge force!

The two extremes fused into one, creating the killer move, myriad self.

Fang Yuan could use his own strength to create innumerable strength path phantoms that he could manipulate at will. When he battled with Hei Cheng, the strength path phantom army forced back Hei Cheng and Xue Song Zi, there was nothing they could do.

In the killer move myriad self, this was the manifestation of strength path supporting enslavement path.

Right now, was the opposite, it was enslavement path supporting strength path.

What caused this crucial effect was group strength Gu. This ancient Gu worm was sent into the light lump for the killer move at the end, transferring the strength path army's strength, and adding it all to Fang Yuan's own body.

There was also one key point, that was self strength Immortal Gu.

If it was cleanse soul Immortal Gu, he would not be able to summon the giant hand.

The so-called giant hand was only a giant strength path phantom's hand.

Hei Lou Lan had once controlled self strength Immortal Gu, her killer move's strongest transformation was a giant strength path phantom.

Fang Yuan used the immortal killer move, unravel dream, and saved Hei Lou Lan, obtaining her strength path true meaning afterwards. This true meaning became the final catalyst to create the giant hand.

With all these causes, the move 'giant hand' was formed.

Self strength Immortal Gu was indeed the best suited core for the immortal killer move myriad self. With it, myriad self developed a step further, it could finally interchange between the main and support roles for either path.

Fang Yuan used this move instead of unleashing the strength path phantom army in his immortal aperture, he had his reasons.

These strength path phantoms had his appearance, now that he was the culprit of a huge crime, he needed to hide his traces.

Especially after the auction, his identity was exposed to a degree, and he had not deduced the killer move, vaguely familiar face, yet.

Giant hand was the move most suitable for Fang Yuan currently — it had incredible power and would not expose his identity.

The huge fist continued to punch at Zhuo Zhan.

Zhuo Zhan was breaking out in cold sweat, he retreated more quickly as he created some distance from the giant hand.

Swoosh, the Immortal Gu Thunder Shuttle, which was immobilized, broke free from the giant hand, flying towards its owner, Divine Lord Tian Du.

Fang Yuan was not surprised.

The design of the giant hand was indeed influenced by the formless hands.

But the two were very different.

Giant hand was a strength path killer move, but formless hand was the essence of theft path. Formless hand could capture Immortal Gu, but giant hand could only immobilize them for a short period of time, that already could be considered very good.

After attacking once, Fang Yuan stopped his offense, in a few breaths of time, the giant hand vanished into thin air.

During the entire process of the attack, his right arm was making cracking noises. Even with his immortal zombie body, it was hard for him to sustain the attack.

Now that he stopped the move, his strong arm drooped down weakly. The tendons and muscles under his skin were almost all torn. His bones were full of cracks, and his arteries burst, mushing together with his muscles.

Giant hand extracted strength from all of the strength path phantoms, gathering it into Fang Yuan.

Because the strength was too great, and Fang Yuan was like the foundation holding it together.

"This time, I activated giant hand using twenty thousand strength path phantoms. But the giant hand's power can only be at this level temporarily. Even though it has room for improvement, my body had reached its limits."

Fang Yuan sighed to himself mentally.

His arm was slowly drooping down, but concealed by his wide black robe.

In a short time, using the recovery ability of the immortal zombie body, his arm completely recovered.

Even so, giant hand's power was too shocking, Zhuo Zhan was covered in cold sweat as he retreated a great distance, his gaze towards Fang Yuan carried immense fear.

The surrounding Gu Immortals subconsciously created some distance from Fang Yuan.

Hei Lou Lan and Fairy Li Shan's faces were hidden under their black hoods, they both showed complex and surprised expressions.

The power of giant hand had made them inwardly apprehensive and alert.

But currently, Fang Yuan was their ally, they were on the same side, the two felt glad.

These two emotions mixed together, it was a strange feeling, their states of mind were complex.

Especially Hei Lou Lan, after sensing that giant hand had a hint of her own killer move's design, she felt a slight sense of dejection.

Far away, Unfettered Scholar pushed Divine Lord Tian Du back as he grabbed at thunder shuttle Immortal Gu.

Divine Lord Tian Du was anxious, he used his method and successfully took back thunder shuttle Immortal Gu.

Unfettered Scholar did not achieve his goal, he was not upset, he smiled serenely as he turned his gaze towards Fang Yuan: "An impressive immortal killer move."

Deep within his gaze, there was a solemn feeling.

"This is truly battle strength reaching rank seven!" Lu Qing Ming and the others killed the ruin bat and returned to the outskirts of Tai Qiu, seeing this, they had wary expressions.

"Who is this?" Pi Shui Han was guessing. This was the first time giant hand was used, it was obviously not a well known immortal killer move.

"This is a strength path immortal killer move, is the person Domination Immortal Chu Du?" Many Gu Immortals could not help but guess.

A strength path Gu Immortal with such battle strength, there was only one well known in Northern Plains.

But soon, everyone shook their heads, with Chu Du's demeanor, he would not conceal his identity like this.

After Divine Lord Tian Du took back thunder shuttle Immortal Gu, he looked around.

He did not want to fight Unfettered Scholar anymore. Now, even Fang Yuan was a tough opponent, and the Traveling Three Elites were back as well.

He knew that with his strength, he could not take advantage of the situation, his expression turned ugly.

Even though there was much going on, this all happened in a short period of time.

After Fang Yuan used giant hand, he had retracted his hand and his arm drooped by his side, under everyone's gaze, he went back to beside Fairy Li Shan and Hei Lou Lan.

He purposely kept his head low, not making any noise, it was like he did something insignificant.

Fairy Li Shan was in front, he was walking behind her, together with Hei Lou Lan.

Seeing this, everyone was shocked and suspicious.

Fang Yuan and the others were dressed in black robes, they wore the same clothes and were very mysterious. Seeing Fang Yuan's attitude, everyone guessed — Hei Lou Lan, who was beside him, could have the same battle strength as him. As for the one walking in front, Fairy Li Shan, who was acting like the leader, might have even greater strength than Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was very familiar with people's minds, this small action by him was much more terrifying to other Gu Immortals compared to his giant hand!

Even though the other immortals knew that he might be bluffing, but as Fang Yuan and the others landed on the ground and reached the Gu formation, as they were searching for clues to capture Dong Fang Yu Liang, nobody stopped them.

Everyone acknowledged the strength of Fang Yuan's group.

Of course, the bigger reason was that the wisdom path inheritance was nowhere to be seen. The immortals were shrewd people, they did not want to truly fight now. They fought earlier with probing as their intention, they did not use their real trump cards, or any all out attacks.

Fang Yuan and the others were searching for clues together.

A few breaths' later, they all gasped.

"What a teleportation Gu formation!" Fairy Li Shan's voice was very hoarse.

"Truly worthy of Dong Fang Chang Fan, he purposely left behind a Gu formation and misled us…" Hei Lou Lan said.

"The clues here can help point out the correct direction, but to find Dong Fang Yu Liang, we need to rely on luck." Fang Yuan continued.

"What do you mean?" A Gu Immortal did not understand, he asked loudly.

Fang Yuan and the others did not answer, they rose into the sky suddenly. They left Tai Qiu, moving in three different directions and rapidly vanishing from everyone's eyes.

A moment later, Unfettered Scholar landed as well.

He inspected it and realized Fang Yuan and the other's words were not lies.

As it turned out, Dong Fang Chang Fan did something to the Gu formation. He did not make arrangements to destroy the Gu formation, since this formation could only teleport mortal Gu Masters, it could not transport immortals.

If he destroyed the Gu formation, there would be Gu Immortal experts who could capture all sorts of clues and traces, following them and finding Dong Fang Yu Liang. After all, Dong Fang Chang Fan was skilled at plotting and deductions, he was not an expert in teleportation Gu formations.

Thus, he intentionally left behind many trails, while concealing the real route within them, making it hard for people to decipher what was real amongst the fake.

This way, the Gu Immortals would have to split up to find him, even if someone found Dong Fang Yu Liang, his pressure would be much lower.

Earlier, Fang Yuan and the others chose the three most probable directions.

Unfettered Scholar thought over it before choosing a fourth direction, rapidly leaving Tai Qiu.

After he left, the immortals landed one by one, getting their own clues and leaving in the directions they chose.

In the end, only Dong Fang tribe's Gu Immortals were left.

"These Gu Immortals are so crafty, no one destroyed the teleportation Gu formation."

"Even if they destroyed it, clues would still remain. These demonic path Gu Immortals have survived until today, they are not people who would do such strenuous and unrewarding tasks."

"That's right, they are hoping that even if they went the wrong direction, someone would find the real route. By then, if there is any commotion, they would rush over immediately."

"Alright, let's go down and see what clues there are."


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