Reverend Insanity
782 Myriad Self First Style, Giant Hand
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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782 Myriad Self First Style, Giant Hand

Seeing a large number of desolate beasts appearing in their sights, with several ancient desolate beasts among them, the Gu Immortals flying in the sky slowed down, their expressions turning dark.

They were indeed worthy of being Dong Fang Chang Fan's arrangements, meticulously set out and interlinked, he had completely deduced today's situation, even after he died, he created huge problems for these Gu Immortals.

The desolate beasts and ancient desolate beasts that were alerted felt that the Gu Immortals were intruders.

Originally, they were resting in Tai Qiu, peacefully in their respective territories.

Dong Fang Yu Liang and the others' intrusion was like a few butterflies flying into their garden, the beasts were not disturbed.

But the Gu Immortals were like bandits entering their homes, they were alerted and went all out, even working together to protect their territory, Tai Qiu.

To humans, Tai Qiu was one of Northern Plains' ten great fierce areas. But to these desolate beasts and ancient desolate beasts, the ten great fierce areas were their sanctuaries, they were places where humans could not take over.

Seeing so many desolate beasts charging over at once, the Gu Immortals were apprehensive.

Although there was a good number of them, they were not united, instead, they were wary of each other due to the wisdom path inheritance, it was hard to work together sincerely.

They could not battle with the desolate beasts either.

Once they fought, the chaotic battle would cause damage to Tai Qiu, if they destroy the traces left behind by the teleportation Gu formation, the Gu Immortals would have even greater trouble tracking them.

Those who could become Gu Immortals were not fools.

Dong Fang Chang Fan's plot was very obvious, they all understood it clearly in an instant.

"These desolate beasts and even ancient desolate beasts are not the point."

"We cannot spend too much time with these beasts and lose our clues."

"Get past them and find the traces, following the clues to the inheritance ground…"

The Gu Immortals were still flying towards the area where the teleportation Gu formation was, but they had to slow down.

Desolate beasts were a huge problem, but the surrounding Gu Immortals were worse. If it was convenient, these demonic path Gu Immortals would certainly not mind exterminating some of the competitors around them.

Howl! A desolate beast flying at high speed engaged with a female Gu Immortal.

This rank six female Gu Immortal's name was He Ruo, also known as Peacock Flying Immortal, she was skilled in transformation path. She shouted a curse, she felt sullen inside, but she could not blame anyone, she could only blame herself for being unlucky and placed in a bad position.

Seeing that the desolate beast was charging over, she did not fight it, she turned into a blurry green-grey bird, spreading her wings and flying away, towards the crucial location.

The desolate beast was unable to catch up to her, it turned around and targeted another unlucky person.

The green-grey bird flew past the other Gu Immortals, becoming the Gu Immortal closest to the crucial location.

Other Gu Immortals did not watch this without doing anything.

"A mere mortal killer move, you dare to stand out?" Waves were crashing as a rank seven Gu Immortal rode on a huge wave and blocked the green-grey bird.

This Gu Immortal had a strong aura, but he was so thin his bones could be seen, his skin was wrinkled and dry, sticking close to his bones. Veins could be seen on his skin, they were everywhere.

Seeing this person, most of the surrounding Gu Immortals showed a wary expression on their faces.

This was a rank seven Gu Immortal, Pi Shui Han, he was a member of the demonic path and cultivated ice path and water path, he was a famous expert.

Peacock Flying Immortal He Ruo saw that Pi Shui Han was obstructing her, she did not evade him, instead, she snorted lightly and an Immortal Gu aura burst out from her.

He Ruo activated her Immortal Gu, the green-grey bird she had transformed into turned from blurry to clear.

In an instant, the green bird's body expanded by thirty percent, three golden peacock tails grew on her back, her speed rose sharply as she flew past the waves, towards the Gu formation.

Pi Shui Han's actions failed, he laughed instead of getting angry, saying in a mocking tone: "Indeed after attending the Northern Plains auction, you think you have some ability now, hehe."

Saying this, he raised both his arms.

Gurgle gurgle, with two loud sounds, the water waves surged up, emerging from nowhere, blocking the green bird like two huge walls.

Meanwhile, Pi Shui Han's speed did not decrease, he rode on the currents and charged towards He Ruo.

He Ruo did not dare to fight with Pi Shui Han, she raised her head and spread her wings, rising into the sky. But no matter how high she flew, the waves grew alongside her.

Pi Shui Han smiled coldly, he rapidly got close to her.

But He Ruo did not want to battle, she put all her efforts into escaping, Pi Shui Han could do nothing to her within a short period of time.

Just as the two were fighting, one figure emerged from another side, like a flash of lightning.

This person was brawny and muscular, his skin was bronze in color, lightning was coiling around his body, his speed was faster than He Ruo. Fang Yuan felt some familiarity upon seeing him saw, he thought over it for a moment and realized that this person was Divine Lord Tian Du.

This immortal cultivated lightning path, he alongside Shi Hou had once coerced an immortal zombie of Zombie Alliance, buying a hundred and fifty kilograms of wilted essence with one immortal essence stone.

Divine Lord Tian Du saw Pi Shui Han and He Ruo chasing and fleeing, he found a chance and activated his movement killer move, gaining a huge boost in speed.

Soon, he surpassed everyone and quickly became the person closest to the Gu formation.

"Hahaha!" Divine Lord Tian Du saw that he was getting closer to the Gu formation and was overjoyed, laughing loudly.

"Divine Lord, hold up." Accompanying a calm and slow voice, one white robed scholar appeared before Tian Du.

"Ah, Unfettered Scholar!" Divine Lord Tian Du saw this person and his expression changed, his speed fell drastically.

He knew that he was not the rank seven Gu Immortal, Unfettered Scholar's match, he shouted quickly: "Shi Hou, quickly lend me a hand."

Shi Hou's eyes twitched, he had no choice but to show up beside Divine Lord Tian Du. He was a muscular man, looking very rugged and brutish, his hair was in a mess and he held a skull in his hands.

Divine Lord Tian Du cried out, pushing with his hands as a lightning dragon was unleashed.

At the same time, Shi Hou activated his mortal killer move, attacking Unfettered Scholar.

The two were not weak in battle strength among rank six Gu Immortals, otherwise, they would not dare to extort a Zombie Alliance member. At this moment, they joined forces and had an impressive attack, it attracted much attention.

"Come then." Unfettered Scholar smiled lightly, he moved his hand as two Immortal Gu flew out.


In an intense explosion, Shi Hou and Divine Lord Tian Du flew back after spitting blood, but Unfettered Scholar stood on the spot, having a calm demeanor.

He was fighting two against one, beating back Shi Hou and Divine Lord Tian Du, the Immortal Gu he used had great power, but they were already placed back inside his immortal aperture, nobody had seen them clearly.

"Let's go!" At this moment, from another direction, Gu Immortal Lu Qing Ming shouted, as the Gu Immortals Su Guang and Han Dong followed after him.

Their advance caused gasps among the crowd.

"It is the Traveling Three Elites!"

"Block them!"

"Be careful, when they join forces, their battle strength can match rank seven."

The three elites gave off bright lights each, it was a dazzling scene, forming an image of a chariot. This was a killer move that could only be unleashed when all three Gu Immortals worked together!

The killer move had great power, the three elites could charge forward fearlessly, nobody could stop them for the moment, they got close to the Gu formation.

There were five publicly well known rank eight Gu Immortals in Northern Plains. There were more rank seven Gu Immortals, but they were not in large numbers. People like Qin Bai Sheng, Fairy Li Shan, and others, they were famous people who had been around for a long time.

In the Gu Immortal world, most Gu Immortals were rank six.

When the three elites joined up, they had rank seven battle strength, this made people wary. Furthermore, they had chosen their specific direction and had no strong foes of rank seven. Whether it was by coincidence or not, the three of them managed to become the ones closest to the Gu formation.

They were extremely fast, Pi Shui Han, Unfettered Scholar and the others could not stop them, they could only watch as the three elites landed on the Gu formation that was set up earlier.

However, a change occurred right at this moment!

The figures of the three elites vanished, while a huge bat desolate beast flapped its wings and flew away.

"This is a ruin bat!"

"Ruin bat is a space path desolate beast, there were actually concealment type Gu on this beast, the three elites were engulfed by it."

"Hahaha, although they are not in mortal danger, they lost precious time and the valuable opportunity."

Some Gu Immortals were shocked, some were taking pleasure from their misfortune.

Ruin bat was not an exception, at this moment, the desolate beasts in Tai Qiu had surrounded the Gu Immortals, ready for a huge battle.

The peach wolf, which was pink, cute and had a tiny body, moved extremely quickly like light, the white hoof ink horse was stalwart like a mountain, the blood tongue tree had bloody and long tongues. And also, the qi path ancient desolate beast, primeval return peacock, that could absorb the primeval energy of a huge surrounding area, three desolate beast coiling mountain goats, and a lawless antelope that could give even a rank seven Gu Immortal a headache.

The scene became chaotic at once, desolate beasts and Gu Immortals fought in intense battles, while the Gu Immortals were wary of each other. But no matter how chaotic it was, the Gu Immortals were protecting one crucial location, they tried to preserve all traces of the teleportation Gu formation.

"Follow me." With Fairy Li Shan at the lead, Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan were in the chaotic battle, fighting carefully and moving around agilely, they stealthily had gotten close to the Gu formation.


A bull shaped desolate beast blocked Fang Yuan and the other's path.

"You dare rob me?!" Gu Immortal Zhuo Zhan carried a huge hammer and wore a red bronze suit of armor, he rode on a fat boar as he charged towards Fang Yuan and the others.

At the same time, Divine Lord Tian Du, who was far away laughed coldly, an Immortal Gu flew out, turning into lightning as it shot over, it was known as Thunder Shuttle.

Hei Lou Lan and Fairy Li Shan were about to strike, when Fang Yuan stopped them: "Please don't worry, let me use my method."

As he said this, countless Gu worms flew up in his immortal aperture.

Rank four all-out effort Gu, bitter strength Gu, borrow strength Gu, self-reliance Gu, refine essence spirit Gu, earth strength Gu, water strength Gu, wind strength Gu, lightning strength Gu, fire strength Gu, lurking soul coat Gu, breath concealment Gu…

Countless mortal Gu flew up like butterflies, circling around one spot.

An Immortal Gu was proudly at the center, it was the strength path Immortal Gu — Self Strength!

From the mesmerizing flying, the mortal Gu created traces of light in the air. Self strength Immortal Gu burst out with a blinding light, connecting all of the traces of light into one, forming a light lump resembling a small sun.

The light shined on the ground in the immortal aperture.

On the ground, there were hundreds of thousands of Fang Yuan's strength path phantoms standing and waiting silently!

Before coming here, Fang Yuan made his preparations, he summon his strength path phantom army prior to this trip.

"Immortal killer move, Myriad Self — First Style — Giant Hand!" Fang Yuan mentally called out.

Tens of thousands of phantoms of Fang Yuan stretched out their right hands, raising them up high, palms facing the huge light lump in the sky.

Around the light lump, there were a hundred group strength Gu entering it.

At the same time, Fang Yuan in the outside world stretched out his right hand.


A strength path giant hand appeared out of nowhere.

The air within dozens of meters around him was pulled.

The giant hand pushed, the bull shaped desolate beast was pushed away and into the air.

The giant hand gripped, thunder shuttle Immortal Gu was trapped inside.

The giant hand closed into a fist, it punched at Gu Immortal Zhuo Zhan.

Zhuo Zhan was stunned, his eyes were wide open and staring, after shouting in shock, he escaped in panic!


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