Reverend Insanity
774 Unravel Dream Succeeds
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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774 Unravel Dream Succeeds

Dream realms were dangerous.

In dream realms, every time one got injured, their soul would suffer great damage.

If their soul injuries were severe, they would feel sluggish, they would feel irritation within themselves, their emotions would be drawn out more easily, thus sinking deeper into the dream and be unable to free themselves.

Seeing that the Hei tribe Gu Master was attacking, Su tribe's two Gu Masters' hearts sank.

The Hei tribe Gu Master had strong fighting strength, even with them joining forces, they could only fight with him evenly. As the medicine hall elder, Fang Yuan's strength was not high. The two Su tribe Gu Masters could only hope that Fang Yuan could last long enough until they could reinforce him.

But the Hei tribe Gu Master had been plotting this for a while, even if he had to risk an injury, he wanted to kill the healing Gu Master, he certainly had a strong offensive method left.

"Quickly dodge it!"

"Persevere for a few breaths, we are coming!"

The Hei tribe Gu Master quickly shortened the distance between him and Fang Yuan, but Fang Yuan remained unmoved, causing the two Su tribe Gu Masters to feel anxious.

Fang Yuan was not scared at all, he laughed coldly.

He dared to enter Hei Lou Lan's dream realm not because he was rash, but because he had prepared his trump card.

This trump card was the immortal killer move — Unravel Dream!

"Unravel." Fang Yuan stretched out his right hand, his palm facing the Hei tribe Gu Master.

At the same time, his eyes flashed with a green-purple light.

Hei tribe Gu Master's eyes shined with intense despair, amidst his anger and shock, his body faded and his speed became slower, when he was a few steps away from Fang Yuan, he vanished into thin air.

"What, what method is this?" The two Su tribe Gu Masters behind him were staring with shocked expressions.

"A killer move that I thought of, it is nothing important." Fang Yuan lowered his right arm, making a random excuse.

"Nothing important!" One of the two Gu Masters stared with wide opened eyes, Fang Yuan seemed like a desolate beast in his eyes.

"Killing him in one move, had we known this, why would we fight to the death?" Another Gu Master sighed, he had a complex tone, it was a joyful yet begrudged tone.

"Alright, let's move quickly, go and reinforce the others. The most important matter now is to kill Hei Cheng." Fang Yuan reminded.

Su tribe's two Gu Masters nodded, now was not the time to talk about Fang Yuan's killer move, the three quickly moved and went to the deeper parts of the grassland.

Fang Yuan followed the two Gu Masters of Su tribe, sprinting as the scene changed again.

The night was dark, the sky had no moon, only several stars were shining.

Fang Yuan and Su tribe leader, all four people, charged towards the direction of Hei Cheng.

"I see him, after flipping over that mountain, we can reach Hei Cheng." In their rush, an elder used his investigative Gu worm as he spoke.

"I said long ago, he was hit by my tracking Gu, no matter where he does, he will not be able to run away." Battle hall elder said proudly.

"Academy elder died in battle, we must take revenge for her."

"Since it is a battle, there will be wins, losses, life and death. Academy elder sacrificed herself for us, she will definitely be praised. On the other hand, Su Xian Er betrayed our tribe, helping that Hei Cheng lad escape, this is an unforgivable crime!"

Saying this, Su tribe leader's expression was dark: "Even though Su Xian Er is my goddaughter, in the name of justice, I cannot be selfish. When we capture her, we will punish her according to the tribe rules!"

Hearing this, the other elders let out a sigh of relief, they said: "Tribe leader is wise."

"Wise? Hehehe." A cold laugh came from the mound behind everyone.

"Who is it?" Everyone stopped in their tracks.

A figure slowly appeared on the mound.

Su tribe leader and the others' hearts sank, it was an enemy. With just this hiding ability, it was incredible, if they did not show up intentionally, with just their investigative methods, they would not discover them.

The question was, did they use a Gu worm or a killer move?

"To think that there was still an expert like you protecting Hei Cheng!" Su tribe leader tried to stall for time, as several elders moved out, ascending up the mound in an encircling formation.

The mysterious Gu Master looked around, but did not move, remaining at the same spot.

Suddenly, the battle on the mound erupted.

Two other mysterious Gu Masters ambushed Su tribe's Gu Masters, striking ruthlessly and viciously. In one move, they heavily injured one, while lightly injuring the other.

The Su tribe Gu Master who was heavily injured retreated quickly, while the lightly injured one was still fighting partway up the mound.

"There was a helper!" Su tribe leader's heart jumped when he saw this, having a bad feeling in his heart.

The three Gu Masters who suddenly appeared were experts, they had above average battle strength. They probably made many arrangements when they ambushed at this location, it would be difficult to break through their obstruction and catch up to Hei Cheng!

"Hei Lou Lan!" Fang Yuan, as the healing Gu Master, was behind Su tribe leader, his eyes shined when he saw the Gu Master partway up the mound.

The appearance of Hei Lou Lan's body was the one she had when she was Hei tribe leader, she had broad shoulders and a thick waist, she was rough and fierce.

At this moment, she was fighting with the lightly injured Su tribe leader, they were engaged in fierce battle, her great battle strength was beating the opponent back.

She was not like Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was an outsider in this dream realm. There was no identity allocated to him in the dream originally, thus, when he entered the dream, he needed to take the place of another character.

But Hei Lou Lan was the owner of the dream, as the dream owner, she was part of the dream realm's creation. As for her appearance, this was how Hei Lou Lan saw herself in the depths of her heart.

"Hei Lou Lan, it's me, Fang Yuan!" Fang Yuan did not hesitate, he shouted and went past Su tribe leader, running towards Hei Lou Lan.

"Medicine hall elder!" Su tribe leader shouted in shock.

Fang Yuan did not care about him, he rapidly ascended the mound.

"Scoundrel, so you are an imposter. No wonder you had such a strong killer move!" A Su tribe Gu Master who was in the second scene with Fang Yuan exposed his identity.

"Fang Yuan?" Hei Lou Lan heard this name and her expression was dazed, but ruthless light shined in her eyes soon afterwards: "All of you, scram!"

Saying this, she waved her hand and shot a dark vortex killer move at Fang Yuan.

At the same time, the other two mysterious Gu Masters also charged at Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan snorted coldly, saying: "Unravel dream!"

Green-purple light shined in his body, be it the dark vortex or the two Gu Masters, they vanished into thin air within a few breaths of time.

"What killer move is this?!" Seeing this, all of the remaining Gu Masters stared with wide opened eyes.

Hei Lou Lan's gaze shined, she was very wary of Fang Yuan.

She suddenly retreated, leaving this small mound.

"Hei Lou Lan!" Fang Yuan shouted helplessly, chasing after her.

Hei Lou Lan was the dream owner, since she was dreaming now, unravel dream could not affect her.

"Chase! We must kill Hei Cheng!!" Su tribe leader and the others gritted their teeth, they had no other way now, they had to follow.

Hei Cheng seemed to be injured, he was moving slowly not far away. Beside him, Su Xian Er was holding onto him, limping forward at a slow speed.

Fang Yuan saw this and his heart jumped — this seemed like a trap!

Hei Lou Lan quickly met up with Hei Cheng and Su Xian Er.

"Strong warrior, please leave with young master, I will hold them off." Su Xian Er did not recognize Hei Lou Lan, she shouted anxiously.

"You are a mere mortal woman, you have no Gu Master cultivation, how can you block these Gu Masters? Now that you have betrayed your tribe, you are dead meat!" Hei Lou Lan had a complex expression when she looked at Su Xian Er.

"It is too late, strong warrior, quickly leave!" As Fang Yuan got closer, Su Xian Er shouted as she turned back.

Hei Lou Lan sighed, she stretched out her palm and slammed at Hei Cheng's head.

With a loud smash, Hei Cheng's head broke apart like a watermelon, the brain matter flew everywhere.

Seeing this, everyone was shocked.

Hei Lou Lan raised her head, shouting: "Hei Cheng, I finally killed you with my own hands! Nobody can stop me from taking your life! Hahahaha!"

"Oh no!" Hearing Hei Lou Lan's shout, Fang Yuan's heart sank.

At once, the dream realm's scene changed.

In the hall, among the toasting of wine cups, Su tribe leader and Hei Cheng were drinking together, it was a lively atmosphere.

Su tribe leader raised his cup, laughing loudly: "Young master Hei Cheng, a toast to you."

Hei Cheng was sitting at the front of the left row, he raised his cup with both hands: "Thank you, Su tribe leader."

"This is a recurring dream, the three scenes are looping non-stop." Fang Yuan looked around, and inspected himself again.

He found that he was no longer that medicine hall elder, he was a rank two metal path Gu Master guard. He was standing at the door of the hall, guarding the door.

"As expected, from rank three to rank two peak stage, my strength fell." Fang Yuan's was bitter inside: "This is bad, Hei Lou Lan has sunk into the dream, she had no reaction even after hearing my name. The more dream realm cycles that occur, the deeper we will sink into the dream. This dream had already pulled out Hei Lou Lan's killing intent and hatred towards her father. The more Hei Lou Lan wants to take revenge, the deeper she will sink into the dream realm. How can I wake her up?"

For a while, even Fang Yuan had no idea.

Seven days and seven nights later, in Snowy Mountain blessed land time.

Hei Lou Lan, who was lying on the bed, opened her eyes with a shift in her aura. Her lost gaze became clearer, looking at the eight armed immortal beside her bed, she understood in her heart: "So it was a dream realm, I was saved by Fang Yuan."

Fang Yuan opened his eyes forcefully, his aura was weak and his soul had suffered a huge blow, his mind was extremely drained.

After dozens of rounds in Hei Lou Lan's dream realm, using the killer move unravel dream, he accumulated experience and failed repeatedly. After many attempts, Fang Yuan killed Hei Cheng before Hei Lou Lan could, ruining her goal.

But the dream realm did not dissipate, Hei Lou Lan's hatred was not resolved, the dream realm changed again.

Only until the seventeenth change, Fang Yuan roused Hei Lou Lan's consciousness, and she realized she was dreaming.

When Hei Lou Lan understood this, Fang Yuan gained the initiative.

After eight more rounds, the two finally overcame the difficulties, breaking the dream realm and escaping.

"I am going back now, as for the compensation, Fairy Li Shan will explain it to you." Fang Yuan's soul was heavily injured, he did not dare to stay for long, even when he used Fixed Immortal Travel, it was with much difficulty.

"Compensation?" Hei Lou Lan was about to thank him, but when she heard these words, an ominous feeling rose in her heart.


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