Reverend Insanity
772 Silence and Sigh
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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772 Silence and Sigh


Amidst an intense explosion, He Lang Zi was like a pile of mush as he collapsed in the huge pit.

He tried to get up, but it was like there was a huge formless mountain pressing down on his body, the immense weight prevented him from moving at all.

He Lang Zi's eyes were blood red, his expression was distorted, he growled unceasingly.

Qin Bai Sheng's arms were lowered, he looked at the pit expressionlessly, at the struggling He Lang Zi.

"One move, just one move, he completely immobilized He Lang Zi!" Xue Song Zi's eyes were full of shock.

Hei Cheng squinted, he hid the intense shock in his mind as he thought: "What immortal killer move is this? Once he used it, He Lang Zi was unable to use a single killer move! He Lang Zi was completely immobilized, but his body is unharmed, this should be a soul path killer move…"

As for Fairy Jiang Yu, she showed no sign of surprise.

Meanwhile, the mysterious black robed Gu Immortal's face was covered by his hood, his expression could not be seen.

"If, if you have the guts, let me use my killer moves! Sneak attacking me from the start, how strong can you be? I refuse to accept this!" He Lang Zi almost cracked his teeth, he was sprawled in the pit as he looked at Qin Bai Sheng, speaking with much difficulty and anger.

Qin Bai Sheng snorted in disdain, he looked down at He Lang Zi as he smiled slightly: "Striking first gives you the advantage, does a demonic path Gu Immortal like you not know that? It seems that I overestimated you, in a real battle, who would care if you accept it or not? As long as the enemy is defeated, that is true ability!"

As he said this, Qin Bai Sheng paused, his expression turned cold: "Right now, you are meat on the chopping block, you are at my mercy. You are to accept this whether you like it or not. I will give you three breaths of time, submit to me, or I will kill you right here."

He Lang Zi did not hesitate: "I submit!"

Qin Bai Sheng laughed, releasing the restraint.

He Lang Zi felt the pressure lifting, he laughed fiendishly as he used his immortal killer move.

At once, a piercing bright light shone out. The light came as quickly as it faded, soon after, a huge and menacing wolf appeared.

The huge wolf opened its mouth, pouncing on Qin Bai Sheng.

Qin Bai Sheng stood at the edge of the pit, his size was a huge contrast to the huge wolf.

Before the huge wolf reached him, a strong burst of wind blew, causing several of the Gu Immortals' robes to flutter in the wind.

He Lang Zi turned into a huge wolf, he attacked with rage, he had an imposing aura. Xue Song Zi and Hei Cheng retreated, afraid of getting caught up in it.

Qin Bai Sheng was very close to him, seeing the huge wolf approaching, he did not move, he showed a cold smile on his face, evidently, He Lang Zi's attack was not out of his expectations.


Another loud bang entered everyone's ears.

The huge wolf cried out, falling from the sky, its four paws were on the ground, a huge force was pressing down on the wolf's body.

He Lang Zi was now just like earlier, completely immobilized again.

In his huge wolf eyes, he showed unbelieving shock, he looked at Qin Bai Sheng as he shouted: "This move again! What is this move called?"

"It is not a big deal to tell you." Qin Bai Sheng laughed: "This immortal killer move is called soul suppression. It uses the foundation of my soul to suppress your soul. Even though your body is strong, this move directly targets your soul. Without any immortal transformations that can resist soul path techniques, whatever beast you turn into cannot defeat me. He Lang Zi, I give you one final chance now, submit to me… or die."

Facing Qin Bai Sheng's immense power, He Lang Zi turned silent.

Hei Cheng and Xue Song Zi looked at each other, they sensed this series of events was anything but reassuring.

"Sha Huang…" Feng Jiu Ge looked at Dragon Commander Ye Cha and the others who were leaving, his mouth muttering unendingly.

"The information we obtained this time has no practical use." Around Feng Jiu Ge, the Central Continent Gu Immortals were mumbling in unhappiness.

"No, we obtained a lot of information." Feng Jiu Ge chuckled: "Firstly, this immortal zombie, Sha Huang, was able to enter the Zombie Alliance, it proves that he is a Northern Plains Gu Immortal. Even if he is not born here, he definitely ascended into an immortal here. Since he disguised himself, that means that his true identity cannot be known to others. Finally, he has a huge force or some great expert backing him up. This force might be the one which caused the collapse of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building!"

"Lord Jiu Ge makes much sense." Towards Feng Jiu Ge's deduction, the other three immortals nodded in agreement.

"What should our actions be next?"

Feng Jiu Ge thought for a while before saying: "We will meet up with Old Oracle's group and tell the new information to them, allowing them to do further deductions."

Snowy Mountain blessed land, first peak.

"What? Soft jade sand hasn't been fully collected yet?" Old Ancestor Xue Hu looked at the list as he questioned unhappily.

The person he was questioning was the owner of the fourth peak of Snowy Mountain, Li Peng Wang.

Li Peng Wang, who had a fierce reputation and rebellious nature, lowered his head, saying politely: "Old Ancestor, please appease your anger, I met with a group of sky chief beasts, I had to stop my collection. If I go to white heaven again, I will definitely succeed."

"Mm, go ahead and prepare. I am not targeting you, but this is the first round of immortal material collection, and you already had such a problem. How will you prove yourself and remain as the fourth peak's owner? I raised you to this spot personally, with this poor performance, what will the other peak heads think of me?" Old Ancestor Xue Hu said a few more sentences before waving his sleeves, asking Li Peng Wang who was apologizing to leave.

"Li Peng Wang had bad luck, he was attacked by a sky chief beast group. He was heavily injured, but he still brought back a portion of the soft jade sand, it was already not easy." After Li Peng Wang left, a female immortal walked out from the hall behind.

In the entirety of Snowy Mountain blessed land, only this female immortal could speak to Old Ancestor Xue Hu with such a tone.

Old Ancestor Xue Hu looked over at the female immortal, his expression became more gentle: "Wife, you do not know the crucial information in this, thus you think I am overly harsh on the peak heads. I searched Ma Hong Yun's soul, I know all of this lad's history. Fortune rivalling heaven Gu's power is truly fearsome. Do you think Li Peng Wang's encounter was coincidental? That is not the case. Not just him, the other peak heads also faced difficulty when collecting the materials. All this is due to Fortune Rivalling Heaven affecting us secretly. Any acts that would harm its owner would cause a backlash from Fortune Rivalling Heaven, suppressing our luck."

"There is such a thing?" The female immortal, Lady Wan Shou, asked.

"According to the theory of luck, us Gu Immortals have extraordinary luck that protects us. But Fortune Rivalling Heaven is the emperor of luck, thus, we are still affected by it. The longer this drags on, the more uncertainties would occur. In the end, not only would the Gu refinement fail, we might even attract a huge disaster." Old Ancestor Xue Hu explained slowly.

As the owner of the second peak, Lady Wan Shou understood now, she thought about it before frowning: "If that is the case, wouldn't it be a huge obstacle when I refine Gu?"

Lady Wan Shou was one of the four most famous refinement path Gu Immortals in Northern Plains, according to Old Ancestor Xue Hu's plan, she was supposed to use Ma Hong Yun as the main material and refine fortune rivalling heaven Gu at the end.

Old Ancestor Xue Hu nodded: "That is why this time, not only do we need to prepare several sets of Gu refinement immortal materials, we also need to use other luck path Immortal Gu to protect our luck. Thankfully, Ma Hong Yun is the main material, we saved a lot of immortal materials compared to refining Fortune Rivalling Heaven from scratch."

"Even so, we prepared way too many immortal materials, we are almost going to exceed Snowy Mountain's capability. This refinement is way too important, we almost used up all of our life savings." Lady Wan Shou frowned as she said.

Old Ancestor Xue Hu laughed, holding her waist, he consoled: "Wife, you're afraid that the refinement will fail?"

Lady Wan Shou nodded, looking at her husband: "Even a refinement path great grandmaster could fail, let alone me?"

"Hahaha, just go ahead and refine it, wife, whether it succeeds or fails, I will accept the result without any hatred or anger. I have already used up all of my potential to reach this level, I have no confidence in my future calamities and tribulations. Fortune rivalling heaven Gu is my hope of breaking this situation, oh, hopefully, it will succeed in time." Old Ancestor Xue Hu said as he sighed.

"Fang Yuan, go and carry that box of goods." The caravan steward pointed at a box, shouting loudly.

"Yes." Fang Yuan replied, climbing onto a black skin fat beetle as he moved that wooden box from the very top.

"This lad actually has strength path cultivation, I totally missed it." Seeing Fang Yuan completing his mission easily, the caravan steward's eyes shined with a cold light: "No, I already promised second young master, I cannot fail!"

Thinking so, the caravan steward raised his whip and lashed at Fang Yuan's back.

With a loud cracking sound.

Fang Yuan's shirt was torn open, a deep whip scar was imprinted on Fang Yuan's back.

The intense pain assaulted his heart, Fang Yuan fell on the ground and shivered as blood quickly oozed out of his wound.

In his previous life, in the caravan, because he rejected a certain young master's recruitment, he was heavily suppressed and humiliated, the memories were surfacing again.

A sense of rage rose deep within Fang Yuan, but he quickly suppressed it.

"Why are you wasting time, move quickly!" The caravan steward was simply finding trouble with him, he scolded Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan had rank three cultivation level, but he did not use it.

After all, with enough power, he would have killing intent, that was the dream realm's trap, luring him to attack so that his rage could be drawn out.

After enduring for a day, facing difficulties from the steward, Fang Yuan went into the tent and refined his dream path mortal Gu.

"Five scenes had passed in this dream realm, I am going to succeed." Fang Yuan looked at the Gu worm that was forming, feeling pleased.

But during the night, just as he was refining the Gu, a group of beasts charged into the caravan's camp, even with Fang Yuan's defensive methods, he could not defend himself from the assault of the beast group, he ended in failure.

Fang Yuan opened his eyes, leaving the dream realm, he was still in Dang Hun palace.

Checking his immortal aperture, he found a message from Fairy Li Shan.

It explained her current circumstances, Old Ancestor Xue Hu had ordered all of the peak heads to collect immortal materials. Fairy Li Shan had left Snowy Mountain blessed land and it was not safe to leave Hei Lou Lan alone. Thus, Fairy Li Shan urged Fang Yuan to hurry up, and she also told him about the situation in Northern Plains Zombie Alliance, someone was investigating Sha Huang's identity.

"They have investigated to this extent already?" In the dim room, Fang Yuan frowned and sighed faintly.


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