Reverend Insanity
767 Immortal Gu Time Luck
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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767 Immortal Gu Time Luck

"What, you want mountain pledge Gu?" Fairy Li Shan stared with wide opened eyes, her expression was furious.

Mountain pledge Immortal Gu was extremely important, it was Fairy Li Shan's source of revenue. The saying goes, ruining a person's wealth is akin to killing their parents, it would mean deep hatred!

Not only this, mountain pledge Immortal Gu was the reason why Fairy Li Shan could make connections everywhere and work with Gu Immortals from the righteous and demonic paths in Northern Plains without much trouble.

Once she lost mountain pledge Gu, Fairy Li Shan's advantage would disappear.

Fang Yuan laughed, waving his hand, "It is a joke, a joke, don't mind it."

Of course he knew of the importance of mountain pledge Immortal Gu, he was only probing her just now, he did not think he would succeed.

Fairy Li Shan gritted her teeth, her tone turning cold: "Fang Yuan, that joke was not funny at all. I have several Immortal Gu here, pick one of them as the compensation. As for the other half, Little Lan will pass it to you when she wakes up."

Fang Yuan was originally thinking about Hei Lou Lan's slavery Immortal Gu. But after seeing Fairy Li Shan's Immortal Gu, his eyes shined as he changed his mind.

"This Immortal Gu is not bad, I will choose it."

Fairy Li Shan saw the Immortal Gu that Fang Yuan picked and she sighed in her mind, filled with a bitter feeling deep inside.

She had just obtained this Immortal Gu, she had not even used it yet and Fang Yuan was already taking it away.

This Gu's name was Time Luck, it was a luck path and time path Immortal Gu, it consumed immortal essence and time to gain a boost in one's luck.

Fairy Li Shan was very reluctant, she tried to explain to him: "Fang Yuan, if you really want to choose this Gu, I have some words for you. I obtained this time luck Immortal Gu as the payment from Qin Bai Sheng. If ordinary Gu Immortals use this Gu, they will need to expend their own lifespan. But you are a zombie, in a half-dead state, you cannot use this Gu. You might as well choose another Gu."

"Oh? So that's it…" Fang Yuan's showed some interest in his gaze.

When Gu Immortals cultivate, they gained no lifespan during the process.

In this world, ordinary people had approximately a hundred years of lifespan. They would die of old age when they exceeded that.

When Gu Masters became immortals, this time limit would not change. Only by using lifespan Gu could they increase their lifespan without leaving behind any backlash. Other than that, there were methods like turning into a zombie, treeman, or the yin-yang life extension method, possession, or to sleep for most of the time to reduce their expenditure, but these were all suboptimal methods that went against nature to extend their lifespan.

Because of this, Gu Immortals treasured their lifespan more than Gu Masters.

When Qin Bai Sheng held this auction, almost all of the heroes and experts in Northern Plains' Gu Immortal world showed up. But even so, no lifespan Gu were sold.

In contrast, in auctions held by mortal Gu Masters, there were lifespan Gu sold occasionally.

This was understandable.

When Gu Masters become immortals, they naturally would understand the difficulty of cultivating, it was not easy to become a Gu Immortal, they would even more treasure this feeling of being above mortal concerns, having such a high status and standard of living. As a result, they treasured their lives, often roaming the five regions. Unless there was a need, they likely would not live inside their grotto-heaven or blessed land.

Because the time flow in the grotto-heaven or blessed land was faster, a Gu Immortal's limited lifespan would be expended even more quickly than if they were in the five regions.

Mortal Gu Masters did not know how precious lifespan was, they would often use some forbidden techniques that expended their lifespan, to raise their battle strength. The higher the rank one reaches, the broader their horizons, the more they treasured their life, and they would try all sorts of ways to extend their lifespan. For example, like First Gen Gu Yue, and Century Boy.

Such situations, in regards to Gu Immortals, were much more severe. This was like the contrast of rich and poor people. Ordinary people were busy trying to earn a living, they disregarded their health. Rich people however, treasured their lives and paid great attention to sustaining their health.

At the end of the day, it was not that rich people were superior to poor people, it was because of their circumstances and statuses that they could act and think differently.

Fairy Li Shan was obviously a Gu Immortal. Time luck Immortal Gu expended immortal essence and lifespan to boost the user's luck. Since she took it, she naturally had a way to make up for this flaw.

Fang Yuan was a shrewd person, he immediately guessed that Fairy Li Shan had such a crucial method.

Fairy Li Shan saw that Fang Yuan was looking at her with shining eyes, she knew that she could not hide it and said helplessly: "I will not hide it from you, I have a method to use time luck Immortal Gu as the core, to form an immortal killer move. It can draw upon another person's lifespan, expending it and amplify one's own luck."

Fang Yuan had suffered at the hands of luck path before, but he had also benefited greatly from luck path, he immediately asked: "I wonder if fairy may sell this immortal killer move to me?"

"Don't even think about it." Fairy Li Shan replied extremely quickly.

Fang Yuan knew this would happen, he was not upset, he laughed instead: "That being the case, I still want this Immortal Gu."

Fairy Li Shan's expression turned cold: "Fang Yuan, are you trying to ruin my plans?"

"I would not dare to." Fang Yuan's expression turned solemn, he said with sincerity, explaining: "Even if you did not have this killer move, I would still choose this Immortal Gu. The reason is solely because I obtained an improved mortal Gu recipe of inch of time. Time luck Immortal Gu needs an immortal killer move and time to activate, if I use inch of time, I might be able to replace it as the expenditure and prevent my lifespan from being affected."

"Is that so…" Fairy Li Shan was stunned, she did not know this.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng chuckled, explaining for Fang Yuan: "When we bought this Gu recipe, we did not think that fairy would have time luck Immortal Gu. It seems that we can fortunately coordinate them together."

Regarding this matter, Tai Bai Yun Sheng had the right to speak.

He was a time path Gu Immortal, time luck immortal gu and inch of time were both time path Gu worms, since he had the feeling and predicted that these two Gu worms could coordinate, then that was probably going to work.

Fairy Li Shan's expression relaxed, but her tone was still stiff: "Even in that case, to think of a brand new immortal killer move using time luck Immortal Gu and inch of time as the foundation will be a huge project. Why don't you leave the time luck Immortal Gu with me first, and I will use the immortal killer move to improve your luck, isn't that a better result?"

Fang Yuan laughed heartily, immediately replying: "Precisely because you have the immortal killer move, we thought about the method to use Time Luck and inch of time. We can also lend the time luck Immortal Gu to you, fairy. At that point, you can activate the immortal killer move and improve our luck, that works the same."

Fairy Li Shan's expression froze, she thought: 'Immortal Gu are unique, if time luck Immortal Gu is in your hands, you hold the initiative. Who knows what will happen in the future? The Snowy Mountain Alliance has a time limit, whether we continue it or not is unknown. If we become enemies, would you lend the time luck Immortal Gu to me?'

As Fairy Li Shan thought of this, she understood.

Wasn't her worry exactly what Fang Yuan was concerned about?

If time luck Immortal Gu was in her hands, and she had the immortal killer move, she would hold the initiative. In the future, if the alliance expired, even if she helped Fang Yuan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng improve their luck, wouldn't she be the one deciding on the price?

"Fang Yuan, this lad is tough to deal with." Fairy Li Shan gritted her teeth secretly, regretting her decision to take out time luck Immortal Gu.

Her plan was to use time luck Immortal Gu and this immortal killer move to create a new source of revenue. Improving the luck of other Gu Immortals would definitely be a popular service.

But Hei Lou Lan was stuck in the dream realm, and Fairy Li Shan needed their help. Since she was unwilling to allow both strength path Immortal Gu to fall into Fang Yuan's hands, she was in a passive spot.

Even though Fairy Li Shan had a huge network, Hei Lou Lan's identity could not be exposed, she could only rely on Fang Yuan's help, thus he had her firmly in his grasp.

Fang Yuan saw the chance and extorted her. This was a ruthless blow, he struck at the crucial part and bit off a huge chunk of flesh.

"Forget about it. With Fang Yuan's craftiness, if I did not take out time luck Immortal Gu, he might not want the other Immortal Gu. Even if he wanted both strength path Immortal Gu, what could I do? Can I let Little Lan remain in the dream realm forever? Little sister left behind a familial emotion along with a large amount of green grape immortal essence, they are still in Little Lan's immortal aperture. That was the reason why Little Lan was able to use Immortal Gu when she was a mortal. However, with this dream realm calamity, the familial emotion has instead made it even stronger. With such a close relationship, the dream realm cannot be broken, it is grasping Little Lan tightly and preventing her from escaping. As time passes, her soul might disappear." Fairy Li Shan sighed, Fang Yuan was her only hope now.

She was an astute person, she had her own plans and did not expose Hei Lou Lan's secret of having Su Xian Er's familial emotion.

She did not lie, she just hid it from them.

In the future, even if Fang Yuan could not save Hei Lou Lan, because of the agreement, he had to find a new method.

One could say, no matter the results, Fairy Li Shan had Fang Yuan on their side. At least, when it came to saving Hei Lou Lan, they were in agreement.

Thinking of this, Fairy Li Shan had to let go despite her reluctance, she allowed Fang Yuan to take time luck Immortal Gu.

This transaction ended with both sides fulfilling their own needs.

Fang Yuan used the chance to extort two Immortal Gu, because it happened to suit his new plans, it could be said that he greatly profited. But he had not found out Fairy Li Shan's true bottom line.

In truth, even if Fang Yuan wanted the two strength path Immortal Gu, it was not impossible. But Fairy Li Shan's acting was impeccable, Fang Yuan could not probe her true bottom line.

Meanwhile, Fairy Li Shan paid two Immortal Gu to break free of the dream realm and save their lives. Their lives were naturally more valuable than the Immortal Gu.

Thus, they formed a new agreement and completed this transaction.

Fang Yuan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng immediately returned to Hu Immortal blessed land, trying to refine the various dream path mortal Gu, to form the immortal killer move and save Hei Lou Lan.

Meanwhile, Fairy Li Shan rushed to the first peak of Snowy Mountain.

There, Old Ancestor Xue Hu had already gathered most of the demonic path Gu Immortals, and had urged Fairy Li Shan multiple times already.

Before going, Fairy Li Shan said with a look of concern, urging Fang Yuan: "I am only leaving Little Lan here temporarily, the third peak is not safe, Fang Yuan, I hope you can do your best, the longer this drags on, the more dangerous it gets. If Little Lan is in trouble, you will not be safe either!"


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