Reverend Insanity
765 Qin Bai Sheng vs Feng Jiu Ge
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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765 Qin Bai Sheng vs Feng Jiu Ge

"Dream realm?" Tai Bai Yun Sheng heard Fang Yuan's words and his gaze flickered, he showed a grim expression.

Earlier, when Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan collaborated to explore Starry Sky grotto-heaven, he had met with danger in a dream realm of Star Constellation Immortal Venerable. Fang Yuan had explained this matter briefly to Tai Bai Yun Sheng.

Thus, when Tai Bai Yun Sheng heard the term dream realm, he knew the severity of the situation.

He sighed: "No wonder Fairy Li Shan and Hei Lou Lan did not attend the auction, they were trapped in a dream realm. I had been guessing earlier if Hei Lou Lan's tribulation was causing them trouble."

Fang Yuan nodded: "Old Bai, you guessed correctly. Most likely, the tribulation caused them to be stuck in a dream realm, unable to free themselves."

"When Gu Immortals undergo tribulation, there can be dream realm calamities?" Tai Bai Yun Sheng asked in suspicion.

Fang Yuan sighed: "Not in the past, but now that dream realms have manifested, such calamities and tribulations have appeared gradually."

Especially in the five hundred years of his previous life, towards the second half of the five regions chaotic war, dream realms manifested on a large scale, showing up in all corners of the five regions. The phenomenon of dream realms becoming tribulations also became more frequent, countless Gu Immortals were harmed in the process.

"What do we do now? According to the Snowy Mountain Alliance, we cannot abandon them." Tai Bai Yun Sheng was helpless, he asked Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was silent, his eyes were shining with a murky light.

At this moment, Hei Lou Lan and Fairy Li Shan had little to no defenses, it was not hard to kill them now.

But because of the alliance agreement, Fang Yuan could not attack them, he even had to save them.

"The Snowy Mountain Alliance was made using mountain pledge Gu, if I want to break it, I will need to destroy Snowy Mountain. Unfortunately, I do not have enough strength now, it will be hard to do so. Even if I could destroy it, Tai Bai Yun Sheng is too kind, he might be an obstacle if I try to attack them." Fang Yuan felt some regret.

This indeed was a golden opportunity.

By killing Hei Lou Lan, he would obtain strength qi Immortal Gu, self strength Immortal Gu, flying bear strength Gu, and slavery Immortal Gu. The first three were strength path Immortal Gu, while the last one was enslavement path. They all suited Fang Yuan very well.

Especially self strength Immortal Gu, if he obtained it, he could use it as the core and elevate the power of the immortal killer move myriad self by several levels!

As for Fairy Li Shan's mountain pledge Gu, with it, Fang Yuan would have the same advantage as Fairy Li Shan. Helping other Gu Immortals make agreements, this was an extremely popular service, the benefits could surpass the guts Gu trade.

That was because using mountain pledge Gu to make agreements for others not only was highly profitable, he could also establish connections.

Fairy Li Shan was able to mingle in both the righteous and demonic paths, a lot of that was due to this Immortal Gu.

Mountain pledge Gu was not an attack type Immortal Gu, it could not provide defense or movement abilities to the Gu Immortal. But whoever held it will gain a huge advantage.

It was only an assistance type Immortal Gu, but Gu Immortals were not only concerned about fighting and killing.

Gu Immortals placed emphasis cultivation, management were their biggest priority.

Realistically, fighting was just a small portion of a Gu Immortal's life. Only with the five regions chaotic war would fighting become the general focus.

Just as Fang Yuan was pondering, Snowy Mountain blessed land shook.

A rank eight Gu Immortal's immense aura emanated and filled the surroundings.

"We welcome Old Ancestor's arrival." Soon, several demonic path Gu Immortals spoke from their respective mountain peaks.

"It is Old Ancestor Xue Hu! He has his own grotto-heaven, he almost never comes here, why is he here now?" Tai Bai Yun Sheng's expression changed.

The moment he said that, he heard Old Ancestor Xue Hu's voice, resonating through the blessed land: "All of you, come to the main hall and see me now, I have an important matter to discuss with everyone."

"As you command, Old Ancestor." The demonic path Gu Immortals shouted in unison.

Figures of Gu Immortals rapidly flew out from the mountain peaks.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng's expression paled, he said: "Oh no, Fairy Li Shan is still in a dream! If she does not appear or say anything, Old Ancestor Xue Hu will definitely get suspicious and come here to check. We can escape with Fixed Immortal Travel, and Fairy Li Shan would not be attacked. But Hei Lou Lan is the problem, she is not a member of Snowy Mountain and is a key character who has experienced the True Yang Building incident. Once she is captured and has her soul searched, we are all doomed!"

Bam bam bam!

While an intense explosion sounded out, a pathetic figure was fleeing rapidly.

Behind him, there was a huge wolf sprinting out of the smoke, opening its bloodthirsty mouth and speaking a human language: "Chanyu Zhong Er, where are you trying to escape to?"

The pathetic figure was Chanyu Zhong Er, he continued to escape as he yelled with a panicked expression: "He Lang Zi, Hei Cheng, don't go too far, otherwise, I will drag you guys down with me! Immemorial flame axe!"

His body shuddered, his put his palms together as he turned around, exerting a chopping motion with them.

Immediately, fire rose as they gathered to form an axe in midair, attacking the huge wolf.

Before the attack even landed, the scorching flames already burned some of the wolf's fur.

The huge fiery axe caused the surrounding sky to glow red, it was powerful and carried an aura of destruction with it, as if it could rampage to kill innumerable beings.

This was an immortal killer move, it had incredible offensive power.

But facing such a powerful attack, He Lang Zi's gaze shined with disdain and mockery.


The huge wolf vanished, evading the immemorial flame axe and blocking Chanyu Zhong Er's escape route.

"No matter how fierce the attack, what good is it if you cannot hit?" Fairy Jiang Yu appeared, floating in the air. She had taken action just now, teleporting He Lang Zi away using an immortal movement killer move

"Damn!" Chanyu Zhong Er gritted his teeth, his heart sank as his angry and helpless face showed a hint of despair.

"You are distracted." Suddenly, a black robed Gu Immortal appeared behind him.

Chanyu Zhong Er was shocked, quickly retreating as he created some distance.

The mysterious Gu Immortal remained on the spot, stretching out his right arm while his palm was aimed at Chanyu Zhong Er: "This distance is enough, now, have a taste of my soul suction Immortal Gu's power."

Chanyu Zhong Er's movements froze, his body turned stiff as his soul shook, it was like there was a huge force trying to pull his soul out of his body.

"Oh no!" Chanyu Zhong Er was shocked, ordinary defensive measures could not defend against such soul path methods.

He tried to stabilize his soul, momentarily going into a deadlock with the mysterious black robed Gu Immortal.

"Quickly assist me." The black robed Gu Immortal said.

The moment he said that, Hei Cheng and Xue Song Zi flew towards him, placing their arms on his shoulders. By surreptitiously using some Gu worms, all three of their souls worked together and formed an even greater force.

Soul suction Immortal Gu was used in this way, it was like drawing in a river, disregarding all other aspects, it was a direct contest between souls.

At this moment, the black robed Gu Immortal, Hei Cheng, Xue Song Zi collaborated, they had a huge advantage against Chanyu Zhong Er.

"I am unresigned! I am full of hatred, ah, let me go…" Chanyu Zhong Er was unable to resist them, his soul was pulled out eventually.

Without his soul to control it, his body fell downwards from the air rapidly, like a puppet with its strings cut.

But soon after, Fairy Jiang Yu caught it.

She searched it and laughed: "As expected, this fire path Immortal Gu is in Chanyu Zhong Er's blessed land."

"So your real motive was my fire path Immortal Gu! What do you guys actually want?!" Chanyu Zhong Er's soul was held by the black robe Gu Immortal, he continued to shout furiously.

"No, we did not lie to you. The sandalwood sacred elephant egg was also our target. But compared to the Immortal Gu, it is like the icing on the cake." Fairy Jiang Yu smiled.

Their scheme had succeeded, her mood was great, but just as she was about to continue speaking, her expression changed.

Not only her, at the same time, even the black robed Gu Immortal's hands shook.

He was wearing a black robe, his head was covered by a huge hood, his face was shrouded in darkness, he said with a hoarse voice: "Qin Bai Sheng was ambushed, hmph! So this Swordmaster You Lan is an imposter, a Gu Immortal from Central Continent."

"Qin Bai Sheng cannot be lost, quickly go and save him!" Fairy Jiang Yu said anxiously, soaring away without any hesitation or pause.

The black robed Gu Immortal and He Lang Zi followed suit.

Only Hei Cheng and Xue Song Zi were left.

"Lord Hei Cheng, do we follow?" Xue Song Zi was hesitant.

Hei Cheng looked at the black robed Gu Immortal and felt a lot of wariness. Not long ago, this person had appeared, showcasing many different methods, he had great power and had an extraordinary relation to Fairy Jiang Yu!

Xue Song Zi was hesitant, but was he, Hei Cheng, any different?

"It seems that this black robed Gu Immortal is also a member of Shadow Sect. He Lang Zi might be the same as us, being a collaborator. Shadow Sect, and Central Continent's Gu Immortals…" Hei Cheng's gaze flickered, his body flew up in pursuit of Fairy Jiang Yu and the others.

Xue Song Zi snorted coldly, he quickly followed them.

"Huff huff huff…" Qin Bai Sheng breathed roughly, there were dozens of wounds on him, some were bleeding, some were so deep one could see bones, some of his skin had turned black, emitting a foul odor.

"As expected of a famous expert of Northern Plains, we attacked together and ambushed you, but you still managed to heavily injure three of us." Feng Jiu Ge crossed his arms as he watched, praising with a gaze of admiration.

"Northern Plains Gu Immortals truly have excellent battle strength. Your methods and ours seem to have little discrepancy, yet you managed to make such great battle results."

"Qin Bai Sheng, you are an outstanding person, give up and surrender."

"Our words earlier were truthful. As long as you tell us some people's identities, we will let you leave."

There were Central Continent Gu Immortals all around Qin Bai Sheng.

They opened their mouths as they urged him.

Among them, Fairy Ling Mei and Fairy Ao Xue of Heaven's Envy Manor, as well as a young-looking Gu Immortal, Old Oracle from Ancient Soul Sect, were quite heavily injured.

"You want me to surrender?" Qin Bai Sheng raised his eyebrows, spitting out a mouthful of bloody saliva: "Bah! Outsiders from another region infiltrating us in Northern Plains. Intruders! I'm tell you, we of Northern Plains are not cowards! Come at me if you have the guts, don't worry, before I die, I will certainly drag one of you down with me!"

Feng Jiu Ge sighed helplessly: "In that case, the rest of you can stand down, I will handle it myself."

Qin Bai Sheng's gaze was heavy as he stared at Feng Jiu Ge.

He did not know who Feng Jiu Ge was, but he knew that he was the leader, during the battle earlier, he did not participate, he stood aloof.

"I will only use one move, if you can take it, I will let you leave." Feng Jiu Ge flew towards Qin Bai Sheng slowly, his expression was calm as he spoke lightly.


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