Reverend Insanity
761 Auctioning Ma and Zhao
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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761 Auctioning Ma and Zhao

The intense bidding had finally ended.

In the end, the rank eight Gu Immortal, Five Elements Grandmaster, used a rank seven metal path and a rank six metal path Immortal Gu, along with countless immortal materials to become the eventual winner.

Five Elements Grandmaster's cultivation included the five paths of metal, wood, water, fire, earth. Thus, he had some metal path Immortal Gu as well.

But this time, he was discarding a portion of his prized collection, it was like he was throwing away a meat filled bun for a less tasty plain bread.

Fang Yuan found it regrettable, but he had no way to compete in the bidding. Even if he had Gu Immortal captives, in terms of value, they could not compare to this extremely unique Immortal Gu.

In fact, reverse misfortune Immortal Gu was very suitable with Spring Autumn Cicada.

The weakness of Spring Autumn Cicada was that it gave the user bad luck. But after using this Immortal Gu, not only could this weakness be solved, the user's luck could even be improved, turning into good luck.

Undeniably, the effect of reverse misfortune Immortal Gu was much more convenient than connect luck Immortal Gu.

Unfortunately, Fang Yuan's financial power was at a completely disadvantage compared to people like Five Elements Grandmaster and Yao Huang.

Fang Yuan had only been an immortal for such a short time, from the point he obtained Hu Immortal blessed land, only two years had passed according to the time of the five regions. Looking at Southern Border, the great battles at Yi Tian mountain had not even begun yet!

Honestly speaking, Fang Yuan was able to become an immortal zombie in such a short time, developing himself to this point was already very difficult.

As for Five Elements Grandmaster, Yao Huang, and Feng Jiu Ge, they had already accumulated their wealth for countless years. They had hundreds of thousands of immortal essence stones, in addition to precious immortal materials. The amount of resources their immortal aperture worlds created each year could pile up into a mountain! The resources that they provided could even heavily affect the market in treasure yellow heaven.

These were all powerhouses, be it their battle strength, financial power, connections, or status, Fang Yuan could not compare with them at this moment.

After Reverse Misfortune, it was another rank seven Immortal Gu, called Blessing in Disguise.

This Gu's ability was quite mystical, it targeted the immortal aperture's calamities and tribulations.

After a Gu Immortal undergoes tribulation, the dao marks on their bodies would increase in numbers, causing their cultivation level to progress. This was common knowledge in Gu Immortal cultivation.

Blessing in disguise Immortal Gu targeted this point. After using it, when a Gu Immortal completes a tribulation, the increase in the number of dao marks on them would be twice that of the original amount!

This was a terrifying number.

The reward of one tribulation would be equal to the amount normal people get from two tribulations.

But this Gu had a flaw, it had to be activated before the calamities and tribulations. It could only stop after the calamities and tribulations had ended. Through the effect of this Gu, the calamities and tribulations would have a thirty to forty percent increase in strength, based on their original power.

This weakness dampened the enthusiasm in the Gu Immortals slightly. But they could still not resist the temptation.

Up to forty percent more power in the tribulation in exchange for twice the amount of dao marks, the benefit outweighed the cost.

For those experts confident in surviving a tribulation, this Immortal Gu had much greater attraction to them.

A terrifying auction thus unfolded.

As a metal path Gu Immortal, Qin Bai Sheng naturally requested for a rank seven metal path Immortal Gu as the base bid.

Eventually, Heavenly Lord Bai Zu had sweat on his forehead as he defeated his competitors, obtaining this Gu.

The following auction items caused surges in turn.

Fortuitous encounter Immortal Gu that could allow opportunities to arrive for the Gu Immortal themselves.

Immortal Gu from the five mainstream paths, metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, that were helpful to Gu Immortals.

An Immortal Gu that operated in both luck path and wisdom path — luck deduction Immortal Gu, it could consume one's own luck to make deductions on dangers or opportunities in the future.

Luck suppression Immortal Gu that could suppress the loss of one's own luck from other Immortal Gu.

These Immortal Gu were indeed the essence of the luck path true inheritance, not only were they incredible, they had useful effects that broadened everyone's horizons.

But these Gu fell into the hands of Yao Huang, Feng Jiu Ge, and the other powerhouses.

This was an expected situation.

Fang Yuan wanted to interfere, but he did not have any metal path Immortal Gu.

This was a helpless matter.

The other rank six Gu Immortals and most rank seven Gu Immortals were like Fang Yuan, only able to watch these powerhouses compete for Immortal Gu.

The prices of the auction items created new records, Fang Yuan's records from the two Immortal Gu he sold were already pushed out of the top ten.

"The next item is the final, and most important item in this auction." Qin Bai Sheng introduced it as such.

His way of speaking immediately attracted the attention of the Gu Immortals.

Just as everyone was guessing to themselves what Immortal Gu it was, Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun, who were unconscious, appeared on the stage.

Qin Bai Sheng spoke at an appropriate time: "Please do not be alarmed, I am sure a lot of Gu Immortals have guessed it already. That is right, these two are the crucial people who were protected by the luck path true inheritance previously. This girl is called Zhao Lian Yun, she was very intelligent since a young age, and had experienced the crucial battle in Imperial Court blessed land. Although she was not the true inheritor, she had obtained a lot of benefits inside the luck path true inheritance light lump, she had obtained a portion of the luck path inheritance. As for this young man, he is Ma Hong Yun, the one and only recognized inheritor of the luck path true inheritance! Not only did he experience the battle in Imperial Court blessed land, he even has had the fortune rivalling heaven Immortal Gu used on him."

Once he said that, the commotion was like a huge wave.

Countless heated gazes were tightly fixed on Ma Hong Yun.

"Did I hear wrongly? It is really fortune rivalling heaven Immortal Gu?"

"Fortune Rivalling Heaven! This is the trump card Gu of Giant Sun Immortal Venerable. Although it was not recorded in history, there were many rumors that praised this Immortal Gu endlessly!"

"But this fortune rivalling heaven Immortal Gu seems to be a consumable Gu, it can only be used once."

"Since it is the rank eight Fortune Rivalling Heaven, could brother Qin use the rank six luck inspection Immortal Gu to check it?" In the main hall, a Gu Immortal suddenly questioned.

Qin Bai Sheng smiled as he replied: "According to the information that I obtained in the true inheritance, unless it is the rank eight luck inspection Immortal Gu, one cannot see the true appearance of Fortune Rivalling Heaven. Luck inspection Immortal Gu below rank eight can only see a portion of it. And that is only because the other party did not use any concealment method. Honestly speaking, I have already used the rank six luck inspection Immortal Gu to find out some traces of Fortune Rivalling Heaven. As for why I am so certain that Fortune Rivalling Heaven was used on Ma Hong Yun, that is because I have searched their souls."

"If you buy one of them and conduct soul searching, you will be able to see what happened inside Imperial Court blessed land. By then, you will know that my words are true. At the same time, these two inherited a huge portion of the luck path true inheritance. During the process of soul searching, you will be able to learn what they had learned in the inheritance."

Saying this, Qin Bai Sheng paused and said in an enticing tone: "I have bad news to share with everyone first. The luck path true inheritance is undoubtedly incomplete, the details do not contain the Immortal Gu recipe of fortune rivalling heaven Immortal Gu. But there is good news, in the inheritance details, there is a method to take back Fortune Rivalling Heaven. It is possible to reverse refine the used fortune rivalling heaven Immortal Gu and obtain the original Immortal Gu. Of course, during the process of refinement, the main material would be this young man, Ma Hong Yun."

Hearing these words, most of the Gu Immortals had eyes shining like they were going to burst out in fire, some even gulped, as everyone was filled with anticipation and desire!

Qin Bai Sheng's lips curled, he showed a confident smile: "I feel that these two youngsters can best represent the essence of the luck path true inheritance. I will not be setting a base price for them, because they are not Immortal Gu. You can bid for one of them, or both of them at the same time. We will start now!"

"No base price? I will offer three hundred immortal essence stones!" One person shouted within the hall of enthusiastic Gu Immortals.

"Thirty thousand immortal essence stones." Feng Jiu Ge said coldly, multiplying the bid by a hundred times!

But this price could not stop the enthusiasm of the other experts, it could only deny most of the bottom tier Gu Immortals.

Yao Huang, the Eastern Sea Gu Immortal, Five Elements Grandmaster, Old Ancestor Xue Hu, and Heavenly Lord Bai Zu, they were still bidding, and the representatives of the super forces were not showing weakness either.

The price skyrocketed at an extremely fast pace!

Fang Yuan sighed to himself.

His financial power was like an ant compared to these giants. Unless he put all of his Gu Immortal captives on the line, he could not contest with them.

But Fang Yuan would not do this.

He was already on the strength path, and was planning to go into time path, he was not going to develop his luck path attainment. And he was also the main culprit of the Imperial Court blessed land incident, he had experienced more of that series of events than Ma and Zhao, he knew most of the inner details.

Regarding the information of the luck path true inheritance as well as the reverse refinement of fortune rivalling heaven Immortal Gu, they were very tempting indeed.

But fortune rivalling heaven Immortal Gu was rank eight, Fang Yuan was only rank six, how could he refine it? His finances would definitely be unable to support it. Furthermore, even if he succeeded, he did not have the ability to keep it.

The bidding of Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun lasted for much of the hour.

Eventually, two unthinkable prices stood at the top two spots, at the record highest prices in this auction.

The second spot was Feng Jiu Ge, he had bought Zhao Lian Yun.

The one who obtained Ma Hong Yun was the rank eight great expert Old Ancestor Xue Hu. The leader of Snowy Mountain blessed land, the number one person in the demonic path, had shown his incredible wealth at the end of the auction.

Before this, he had always concealed himself, barely buying anything. Towards the end, he dealt a heavy blow and swept his enemies away.

Many Gu Immortals, especially the representatives from the super forces who had the Huang Jin bloodline, had no choice but to watch as Ma Hong Yun fell into the hands of the demonic path.

Yao Huang sighed, he had bought many things already and expended a large amount of wealth, at the final moment, he lost to Old Ancestor Xue Hu.

"But thankfully, Zhao Lian Yun is still in the hands of our Northern Plains' righteous path." The Gu Immortals that had the Huang Jin bloodline consoled themselves.

What they did not know was, Swordmaster You Lan, who was representing Prince Feng Xian, was an imposter called Feng Jiu Ge.

Speaking of which, this was really ironic.

During his life, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable had kept the luck path true inheritance as a deep secret, setting up layers of protection and thinking of passing the complete version down to his descendants. In the end, the luck path true inheritance became incomplete and was split up by everyone, circulating into the entire world. The most important inheritors were even held in the hands of people who were not part of the Huang Jin bloodline.


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