Reverend Insanity
760 Essence of the Luck Path True Inheritance
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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760 Essence of the Luck Path True Inheritance

Fang Yuan and Feng Jiu Ge quickly connected and completed the transaction, Qin Bai Sheng had already started the auction of the next Immortal Gu.

Feng Jiu Ge was expressionless as he looked at the delight in water and mountain Immortal Gu in his hands, his gaze flickering slightly.

The strange feeling he had was still lingering around.

"After repeated twists and turns, I finally obtained this Immortal Gu. Even if I had to spend quite a lot, but considering the rewards for the sect's missions, they should be enough to cover for it and even more."

Eat strength Immortal Gu might be precious, but it only has use to strength path Gu Immortals.

"Even though I had to sacrifice vaguely familiar face, it was only a portion of it. Even if I had to give the complete version, the core Immortal Gu are still with me, so I don't have to fear the other side using it."

Feng Jiu Ge thought it over for a while, his expression gradually easing up.

In the main hall, many Gu Immortals were bidding for the Immortal Gu. While Fang Yuan, similar to Feng Jiu Ge, did not have his attention on the platform, but on the goods he obtained.

Feng Jiu Ge had let go of eat strength Immortal Gu of his own accord, thus Fang Yuan was able to easily refine it and store it into his immortal aperture.

This incomplete wisdom path inheritance was slightly more intact than Fang Yuan's malicious thought inheritance. It had the Gu recipes from rank one to rank five of memory thought Gu, and an Immortal Gu recipe for reminiscence Immortal Gu, as well as several mortal killer moves.

"This memory thought Gu is rather suitable for me. I can only recall my previous life's memories roughly, with the help of this Gu, I should be able to recall more clearly. If I can refine the reminiscence Immortal Gu, it would be even better."

Fang Yuan checked them and stored this wisdom path inheritance with satisfaction.

For the time being, he was not planning to try and refine Immortal Gu. There were extremely large costs involved in refining Immortal Gu and the risks were also very high, moreover, Fang Yuan already had many Immortal Gu with him, reminiscence Immortal Gu was not necessary and would only be an additional bonus.

The most urgent matter at hand for Fang Yuan was to get rid of the immortal zombie body and restore his living status.

Even though he obtained eat strength Immortal Gu, which could increase dao marks, it was only a slight offset and could not compare to passing tribulations.

Undergoing tribulation was dangerous but the increase in dao marks from doing so were extremely high. Were it not for this, Hei Lou Lan would not risk her life to pass tribulations.

Fang Yuan carefully inspected vaguely familiar face.

This was an incomplete immortal killer move, his initial estimation was that this was only fifty percent complete.

However, Fang Yuan was already satisfied.

He knew the other party would not take out the complete immortal killer move and sell it wholly to him. Obtaining this much was already good enough.

Especially since the contents within did not conceal the crucial core Immortal Gu.

"The core Immortal Gu are the foundation of the killer move. They are in Spirit Affinity House's possession, although I can't obtain it, I can remodel the killer move."

Fang Yuan's intention was this.

He had attainment in transformation path, and wisdom Gu's help along with the foundation of vaguely familiar face — the entirety of unfamiliar face.

With the addition of fifty percent of vaguely familiar face's contents, he had high confidence.

"The three stages of familiar face are famous methods of Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable, but I can take references from them. We are all humans in the end, if others can do it, why can't I? So there is no need to copy other's thoughts directly." Fang Yuan was optimistic about this.

After a while, Qin Bai Sheng had already auctioned the final few Immortal Gu. Among them, the second last Immortal Gu unfortunately went unsold.

The anticipation of the Gu Immortals were already pouring out of their gazes.

Everyone was aware the next would be the main highlight of the auction — auctioning the essence of the luck path true inheritance!

After secretly getting in contact with Qin Bai Sheng, Fang Yuan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng changed their secret rooms.

Not only them, many Gu Immortals also did the same.

After all, the essence of the luck path true inheritance had enormous value, many Gu Immortals hoped others would not know what Immortal Gu they obtained.

Truthfully, the Gu Immortals were allowed to casually change their secret rooms, and it could be said to be one of the loopholes of the auction rules.

This auction was held in a hurry because of the situation, the loopholes were numerous, nowhere near as watertight as during the time of the five regions chaotic war in Fang Yuan's previous life.

Regarding this point, Qin Bai Sheng was actually aware of it, but he was helpless.

He held this auction to protect himself. If he put in too many rules, he would be offending many forces and many people.

To him, holding the auction was enough. He naturally would not go offend others for this.

"Now it is time for the auction of the first item of the essence of the luck path true inheritance, it is a set of Gu recipes for luck inspection Gu." Qin Bai Sheng had just spoken and already attracted the intense attention of many Gu Immortals.

"Luck inspection Gu!"

As the name implied, it was an investigative Gu worm that could detect luck.

Luck was formless and could not be detected by naked eyes or ordinary methods. It could only be done by using this luck inspection Gu.

It could be said that luck inspection Gu was one of the main foundations of the luck path true inheritance.

This luck inspection Gu was even more useful to those Gu Immortals who had bought some luck path Immortal Gu beforehand, like leave luck Gu, seal luck Gu, transfer luck Gu, break luck Gu and so on.

Qin Bai Sheng intentionally placed this set of Gu recipes for luck inspection Gu towards the end because he had thought it through.

Looking at the restless Gu Immortals, Qin Bai Sheng continued: "This set of luck inspection Gu recipes does not only include the Gu recipes of the mortal Gu from rank one to rank five, it also has a remnant Immortal Gu recipe for rank seven luck inspection Immortal Gu."

"Hmm, is there not any luck inspection Immortal Gu?" Heavenly Lord Bai Zu asked.

Qin Bai Sheng smiled: "There is indeed a luck inspection Immortal Gu which is rank six and is with me, but I don't want to sell it. But I can guarantee that apart from this Immortal Gu, everything related to luck inspection Gu is being auctioned off."

Because of the previous agreement, Qin Bai Sheng's words were convincing.

"Not selling luck inspection Immortal Gu?" Immediately, a Gu Immortal in the main hall frowned and showed his dissatisfaction openly.

Qin Bai Sheng snorted as he gave the speaker a deadly stare: "This is merely a rank six luck inspection Immortal Gu, I am confident of having the ability to protect it. Guo Rong, do you have an opinion? If you buy this Immortal Gu, can you keep it safe?"

Gu Immortal Guo Rong's expression changed, and he kept quiet.

He was only a rank six Gu Immortal while Qin Bai Sheng was a rank seven expert, the two could not be mentioned to be at the same level.

Guo Rong looked around, and broke into cold sweat, inwardly cursing his mistake! He wanted to borrow everyone's power to force Qin Bai Sheng. But the other Gu Immortals were just observing like spectators.

Qin Bai Sheng was indeed forced into holding the auction, but he still had the ability to keep a rank six luck inspection Immortal Gu safe.

His strength allowed him to do so.

After this small interlude, Qin Bai Sheng listed the requirements for trade: "Because this does not involve Immortal Gu, you can use any resource to trade for it. Be it immortal essence stones or the immortal materials in the list."

Saying so, he took out a list.

There were a dozen or so immortal materials mentioned on the list, and the requirements for their quantities was not high like the shocking list that Fang Yuan brought out earlier.

Qin Bai Sheng did not specialize in Gu refinement, Gu refinement consumed extremely large amounts of resources, very few lone cultivators would go down this path, unless they had extremely high talent.

Fang Yuan guessed that these immortal materials were very likely to be food for Immortal Gu.

The auction began with an extremely intense atmosphere.

Because it did not involve Immortal Gu, the threshold for the bidding was low and for a while, most of the Gu Immortals made bids one after the other.

In the main hall, the sounds of the bids being called out rose and fell, the speed of the bids being called out could be said to be at the peak since the auction began.

The price quickly soared in the intense atmosphere.

Qin Bai Sheng looked at all this with a smile on his face. Since he held this auction, he naturally made arrangements that were more profitable to himself.

Fang Yuan also made bids a few times but was quickly surpassed by others.

"I have one luck inspection Gu, unfortunately, mortal Gu are not effective against Immortals. This set of mortal Gu recipes has no benefits to me. Qin Bai Sheng has admitted he has the luck inspection Immortal Gu. So, even if I obtain the rank seven remnant recipe and perfect it, Immortal Gu are unique, I won't be able to refine the rank seven luck inspection Immortal Gu." Fang Yuan sensibly chose to stop bidding.

He was merely one of those who retreated.

The intense bidding soon eliminated a large group of people.

Finally, only some experts like Yao Huang, the Eastern Sea rank eight Gu Immortal, Feng Jiu Ge and Yuan Rang Zun were left.

These people all had a common point — they were all members of large forces.

To them, mortal luck inspection Gu were much more attractive than the rank seven remnant recipe.

Mortal luck inspection Gu could be used to observe the luck of mortals. With them, these forces would have a completely new standard of detecting talents.

For a long time, the Gu Master world had used aptitude as the standard for inspection.

Besides the aptitude, there were also individual talents, disposition and fortuitous encounters.

Talents consisted of battle talent, comprehension, refinement talent and so on, it would gradually be revealed as one continued to cultivate.

Disposition could be observed through interaction.

Only fortuitous encounters were hard to measure. Many times, Gu Masters with poor aptitude and talents would soar to the sky, or have an unexpected rise due to fortuitous encounters. This was a common event. Especially in this world, where Gu Masters left behind their inheritances.

If these forces had this Gu, there was no doubt they could make a more comprehensive inspection of talents and raise more geniuses.

The individual lone cultivators retreated from the bidding war. But to large forces, the luck inspection Gu had extremely strong attraction, and each of them made fierce bids without conceding.

Finally, this mortal Gu recipe had reached a high price, and leaders of several forces were almost going to exchange with Immortal Gu.

It was then that Yao Huang said: "I will guarantee on my name, if I purchase it first, I will put this Gu recipe for sale in the open transaction later."

Yao Huang was one of the five great rank eights of Northern Plains with extremely high reputation. He was also a leader of the righteous path, and with his assurance, everyone retreated. Qin Bai Sheng felt very dissatisfied with this, but showed a smile on the surface, not daring to offend Yao Huang.

"Next, is the second item. A rank seven Immortal Gu of luck path called Reverse Misfortune! As the name implies, this Gu can change a person's bad luck to good luck!" Qin Bai Sheng introduced loudly.

This Immortal Gu was similar to Calamity Beckoning Gu. Both were of luck path and both were rank seven, but comparing the responses, they were as distinct as heaven and earth.

Many rank seven Gu Immortals as well as rank eight great experts made their bids.

This Immortal Gu was extremely practical and there was no need to use luck inspection Gu with it. It was indeed worthy of being an essence of the luck path true inheritance.

A fierce competition resulted for Reverse Misfortune, the intense competition was no inferior to a bloodbath in a battlefield.

Because the starting bid for Reverse Misfortune was a metal path rank seven Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan could only watch from the sidelines.

Finally, the price kept on soaring till it surpassed the high price records of Worldly Wave Trace and Delight in Water and Mountain, and took the first position.


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