Reverend Insanity
755 Fang Yuan vs Chu Du
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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755 Fang Yuan vs Chu Du

"The tenth secret room bids an intact skeleton of a sky dragon, along with one thousand five hundred grams of fury powder." Qin Bai Sheng stood on the platform and shouted loudly.

Chu Du frowned.

He had just bid a heaven pillar wind, and the Gu Immortal in the tenth secret room immediately marked up the price with no hesitation.

"This is a strong foe." Chu Du sighed inwardly.

In the previous bidding war of Feng Jiu Ge and the Eastern Sea Gu Immortal, the price was settled by exchanging two Immortal Gu for one, from which the tenth secret room had profited greatly. Everyone in the auction knew of this.

Chu Du could not help but feel pressure.

He was also a veteran Gu Immortal with rank seven cultivation and a deep foundation. In his peak period, the immortal essence stones he had on hand to spend greatly surpassed several tens of thousands!

But the situation now was different from the past.

Chu Du recently succeeded in undergoing a tribulation of his immortal aperture, but as a result, his foundation had thinned. Thus, he broke through the heavenly wind qi wall and entered deep within white heaven to explore and replenish resources.

He did make some profits, but he suffered injuries, and to heal these injuries he had to borrow Immortal Gu from others which cost him a lot, overall, he still ended up at a loss.

The immemorial nine heavens had plentiful resources, but were also danger zones. The benefits there were accompanied with risks.

Thus, at this moment, Chu Du was quite short on money available to spend.

"But strength path defensive Immortal Gu are rare. I have been a strength path Gu Immortal for so long, but only today have I come across one. If I don't try my best to obtain it, I might regret it in the future."

Chu Du thought of this, and gritted his teeth as he continued to bid.

However, no matter how much he added, Fang Yuan also kept on adding.

Several rounds later, Chu Du finally could not persist with this and sent a message to Qin Bai Sheng secretly, wanting to communicate with the tenth secret room.

Qin Bai Sheng was surprised, but without any change in expression, he sent the message to Fang Yuan.

With Fang Yuan's permission, Chu Du was able to send a letter to the tenth secret room.

In the letter, Chu Du wrote, if Fang Yuan to retreat from the bidding war, he would owe Fang Yuan a favor and would do a task of equivalent value for Fang Yuan in accordance to the future circumstances. If Fang Yuan did not believe him, they could use an Immortal Gu to create a vow. Not only this, Chu Du also said he would provide Fang Yuan precious information regarding Reckless Savage Demon Venerable's true meaning.

Fang Yuan was surprised and also happy as he read this letter.

There was no doubt Chu Du wrote this letter because he wanted to obtain cauldron strength Immortal Gu, and because of his insufficient financial condition, he wanted to talk things over with Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan certainly would not agree!

He was a strength path Gu Immortal as well, and naturally wanted to obtain this rare cauldron strength Immortal Gu. As for Reckless Savage Demon Venerable's true meaning, Fang Yuan already had a rough understanding of it, he even obtained benefits personally.

"I had originally thought Domination Immortal Chu Du had deep pockets, but who could have thought he would make a fool of himself this quickly. It seems his fortune is at rock bottom. Hehehe." Fang Yuan snickered while making another high bid.

Chu Du gritted his teeth as he proceeded with the bidding, but the items he used to bid were a mish-mash of different goods.

Fang Yuan increased his bid again, adding on rank seven immortal materials, which could act as the main refinement material to refine a rank seven Immortal Gu, their value was very high.

Chu Du sighed but still was not resigned to giving up, as he again added bits and pieces from here and there, bidding many rank six immortal materials. The overall price was similar to Fang Yuan's rank seven immortal materials.

The Gu Immortals in the hall began to notice the clues now.

"Strange, Lord Chu Du seems to be in a strained situation."

"I had vaguely heard that Domination Immortal had undergone a tribulation few months ago, it seems the injuries from the tribulation were quite heavy."

"Chu Du had borrowed healing Immortal Gu from Yao Huang, and reportedly had to pay a considerable price."

The Gu Immortals quietly spoke to one another while sighing.

Chu Du was feeling anxious, but there was someone else who was more anxious - Feng Jiu Ge.

"This Domination Immortal also cannot handle the situation!" Feng Jiu Ge felt disappointment. He had been hoping Chu Du could pressure the tenth secret room with his might and overwhelm them to achieve victory.

But despite Chu Du's reputation, currently his poor financial capacity was making a scene that Feng Jiu Ge could not bear to continue witnessing, he had no choice but to think of a way to stop Fang Yuan from winning.

"Worldly Wave Trace and Delight in Water and Mountain, these two Immortal Gu both belong to the Gu Immortal in the tenth secret room. This person is mysterious and seems to have a major origin, it is even possible that they are the main culprit of the Imperial Court case. I know them, but they don't know about me, the enemy is in the open while I am in the dark right now. It won't be appropriate if I directly buy Delight in Water and Mountain from him or her. Not to mention the chance of inadvertently alerting them, if they infer some clues and decide to not sell the Immortal Gu, that would be anything but good."

Feng Jiu Ge kept on thinking.

He also had a strategic mind, he had both brains and brawn. If not for this, Spirit Affinity House would not entrust him with such an important task and send him as the leader of the group infiltrating Northern Plains.

"If I directly interfere and participate in the bidding, that would be inappropriate as well! I am under the identity of Swordmaster You Lan, but I have already bought Worldly Wave Trace, if I openly buy Delight in Water and Mountain again, in the case that the person in the tenth secret room knows of the secret of Water Pavilion, the possibility of exposing myself increases greatly."

Feng Jiu Ge had secretly infiltrated into Northern Plains and also disguised his identity, even if he was very powerful, he would be fighting in foreign territory, so he had some misgivings.

"The most troublesome thing is even if someone outbids others in this auction, if the seller does not choose them, it would still be a failure. Even if I interfere and suppress others, there won't be much significance."

Moreover, there was another point as well, even if Feng Jiu Ge succeeded in the bidding and bought cauldron strength Immortal Gu, what would he use it for?

He did not want a strength path Immortal Gu, instead, he wanted to sell strength path Immortal Gu in exchange for other, more suitable Immortal Gu.

Feng Jiu Ge's mouth dried, he took a sip of tea while having a regretful feeling in his heart: "If I was not alone and had someone to help me, it would be much simpler to deal with this problem."

However, on one hand, his move, vaguely familiar face, was an immortal killer move and it could not be easily passed on to others. On the other hand, he also could not use the Gu Immortals at Prince Feng Xian's side. The logic here was simple: If, by any chance, Feng Jiu Ge's identity was exposed, Prince Feng Xian would not be greatly implicated.

Prince Feng Xian could proclaim he knew nothing of it, and keep on lurking undercover.

With these thoughts in mind, Feng Jiu Ge made the decision and quietly got in contact with Domination Immortal Chu Du.

The Gu Immortals in single rooms and the main hall could directly contact each other, unlike the secret rooms, where Chu Du could only contact Fang Yuan with Qin Bai Sheng as the middle man. As long as either party within a secret room did not want to make contact, there could be no way to send a message.

Chu Du felt strange as he received Swordmaster You Lan's letter. He was fairly close to Yao Huang, but he had only met Prince Feng Xian once.

In the letter, Feng Jiu Ge said he was willing to fund Chu Du to help him win cauldron strength Immortal Gu. However, he made a request, saying that he hoped Chu Du could sell the immortal material, true heaven silver.

"It seems that there is some value for the injuries I had in the exploration of white heaven. I obtained three hundred kilograms of true heaven silver, which is extremely rare even in treasure yellow heaven! With Swordmaster You Lan's help, I can still compete!" Chu Du naturally was somewhat doubtful of Feng Jiu Ge's true intentions. But he was feeling urgency in obtaining cauldron strength Immortal Gu.

Chu Du immediately replied to Feng Jiu Ge, thanking the other party for the help and also stating that after this event, he would give detailed information on the exact location of true heaven silver.

With Feng Jiu Ge's help, Chu Du gained confidence and made a bid again.

Changes occur in matters within the world, producing mysterious and interesting results. In Fang Yuan's previous life, Chu Du died in battle and the killer had been Feng Jiu Ge. Now, because of Fang Yuan, these two people joined hands by a stroke of fate!

The collaboration between the two was mutually beneficial.

To Chu Du, he needed cauldron strength Immortal Gu, and Feng Jiu Ge's help was opportune assistance.

To Feng Jiu Ge, the financial aid he provided Chu Du with would be returned to him in the future. He could pay a low price to obstruct Fang Yuan's target.

The bidding price continued to increase higher and higher.

Chu Du seemed to have been revitalized, having increased confidence as he made bids with no hesitation.

Fang Yuan was surprised at this. After using up the immortal materials from Lang Ya blessed land, he had no choice but to start bidding with the immortal materials he had obtained earlier.

Feng Jiu Ge could not help but feel vexed.

These immortal materials had been his previously. He had not thought that after taking them out, they would be used against him so quickly.

However, Feng Jiu Ge had no choice but to continue, while also calculating the situation.

"It seems the situation of worldly wave trace Immortal Gu is going to be repeated!"

"Domination Immortal Chu Du seems to be bent on getting this strength Immortal Gu!"

"The tenth secret room has been requesting strength path Immortal Gu since the beginning, and is now competing with Chu Du, with neither side having the slightest intent to retreat. It seems there is going to be another surge in the auction."

The Gu Immortals discussed with one another in the main hall.

Fang Yuan finally could not keep being seated, he left his seat and paced around in the secret room.

"Chu Du clearly had no hope and thus sent the letter, but how, in that case, did he get such a boost in his wealth? Could it be that he was pretending to be weak? Impossible! There would need to be a hole in his brain for him to use such a clumsy plan. That means, someone is helping him."

Fang Yuan frowned, he had a hunch, but he could not precisely grasp it.

Who was this person helping Chu Du?

Why was this person helping him?

On the surface, it was a competition between two people, but Fang Yuan felt that there was someone meddling in the dark.

Fang Yuan tapped at his immortal zombie head, as he sat down on his seat again and started to use the wills in his mind to help him in thinking.

While he thought, he continued bidding.

After two more bids, he suddenly opened his eyes.

A sharp light flashed in his eyes, the thinking just now had given him some results, as he formed some conjectures.

"I must have this cauldron strength Immortal Gu!" Fang Yuan suddenly shouted, making an empty show of power, "Whatever the seller wants, speak, I will do my best to satisfy it."

"The same goes for me, whatever the seller wants, please speak." Chu Du was silent for a moment before he followed suit, showing no weakness.

The hall was in a commotion.

"The person in the tenth secret room is not simple, directly challenging Chu Du."

"Sure enough, it has started again, the second climactic moment of the auction."

"The auction of Worldly Wave Trace was also like this. Now, let's see what the seller wants."

The seller did not think for long, immediately speaking of a new requirement — a wisdom path inheritance.

Chu Du gave a bitter smile when he heard this request, where would he find a wisdom path inheritance.

Wisdom path has been around for a long time, but it had always been passed down from generation to generation in a single line, and was extremely mysterious and rare. The seller saw the heated bidding war and got greedy, making such an excessive request.

Feng Jiu Ge also gave a bitter smile, he had many Immortal Gu with him, but the seller's request of a wisdom path inheritance caused things to be awkward for him.

Wisdom path was rare, even among the ten great ancient sects, only a few wisdom path inheritances were possessed by them.

Fang Yuan had asked for a wisdom path inheritance in treasure yellow heaven for a high price, but this had not been fulfilled! Finally, when fortune arrived for him, he only received an incomplete inheritance, that was also because the other party had an urgent need for the ancient desolate beast corpse.

There were many wisdom path Gu worms, but wisdom path inheritances were rare.

For a while, Fang Yuan and Chu Du went silent.


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