Reverend Insanity
754 Domination Immortal Chu Du
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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754 Domination Immortal Chu Du

The silence did not last for long, the auction hall exploded into a commotion soon afterwards.

The Gu Immortals talked among themselves, as many of the Gu Immortals in the hall directed their gaze towards a single room.

This single room was the place where 'Fairy You Lan' was inside.

Everyone subconsciously wanted to see what expression 'Swordmaster You Lan' had when she made such a shocking decision.

Even the organizer, Qin Bai Sheng, was a bit stunned, he asked: "Exchanging two for one, is that what you mean, Fairy You Lan?"

"That is the case." Feng Jiu Ge made the decision already, he had no more hesitations.

Hearing Feng Jiu Ge's confirmation, the discussions in the hall became softer.

Feng Jiu Ge was a sound path Gu Immortal, why did he have two strength path Immortal Gu in his possession?

In truth, he had many more Immortal Gu than just these two.

Feng Jiu Ge led the ten Gu Immortals into Northern Plains secretly, he had important missions assigned to him. The first was to find the culprit behind the collapse of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, the person who activated Central Continent's arrangements in advance. The second one was to collect as many Immortal Gu as he could. To achieve this target, the Central Continent Gu Immortals prepared many methods.

One of the ways was to exchange Gu, thus they brought along many Immortal Gu from their sects.

After all, Gu worms were hard to snatch. A Gu Master can destroy their own Gu worms in an instant with just a thought. The same applied to Immortal Gu.

The Immortal Gu that they brought over were mostly from unpopular paths, like strength path, qi path, and others.

Intelligence on Northern Plains was always in the grasps of the ten great ancient sects. Qin Bai Sheng had not concealed the matter of him holding the auction, he even promoted it greatly. Thus, Feng Jiu Ge and the others had heard about this even when they were in Central Continent.

It could be said that Feng Jiu Ge's appearance in the auction was not a last minute decision, he had planned for it long ago.

In the current world, strength path was not doing well, it had been weakening, those with enough wealth and ambition would certainly not choose to cultivate in strength path.

Using these Gu worms to exchange for Gu worms of other paths, to the ten sects, this was a form of victory.

Although the Eastern Sea Gu Immortal was a rank eight great expert, when they truly competed, he still lost to Feng Jiu Ge.

After all, Feng Jiu Ge was backed by the ten great ancient sects. Meanwhile, the Eastern Sea Gu Immortal entered Northern Plains secretly and attended this auction, it was his personal matter.

Feng Jiu Ge had the resolution to do a two for one exchange, but he did not.

But he was not resigned.

He made a final effort, bidding: "I will add… a sandalwood sacred elephant egg!"

A small commotion occurred in the hall again.

"A sandalwood sacred elephant is an ancient desolate beast, after it grows to adulthood, it can rival rank seven Gu Immortals."

"The most important thing is to raise it from a young age, establishing a deep relationship, there would be a low chance of betrayal."

"A living ancient desolate beast's value is very high. If managed well, it is like a treasure trove with endless value. The blood of the sacred elephant is a good immortal material, the tusks of the sacred elephant will grow back even if they are removed."

"The Gu Immortal in the first secret room is using another approach. This is quite impressive, an Immortal Gu versus an ancient desolate beast, comparing the two, they each have their advantages and disadvantages, it is hard to decide."

"Immortal Gu are indeed unique, but ancient desolate beasts are useful too. Especially when the seller seems to have interest in refinement path, he might be moved and choose the ancient desolate beast."

The people discussed.

At this point, Feng Jiu Ge and the Eastern Sea Gu Immortal stopped bidding.

The situation was uncertain now.

Feng Jiu Ge was exchanging two for one, he had great resolution and had a better chance. But the Eastern Sea Gu Immortal's offer was similarly enticing, he had a chance of victory too.

As the auction hall turned silent, everyone was waiting for Fang Yuan's decision.

This was an unexpected climactic moment of the auction, how would it end, who would be the winner that obtains worldly wave trace Immortal Gu?

Everyone was waiting in anticipation.

Fang Yuan thought about it before making his decision, informing Qin Bai Sheng secretly.

Qin Bai Sheng nodded, announcing publicly: "The seller has decided, they will sell worldly wave trace Immortal Gu to Fairy You Lan!"

Once he said that, everyone breathed out in relief, starting their discussions.

"It was logical that Fairy You Lan won."

"It was a two for one trade after all."

"If it was me, I would choose the ancient desolate beast. After all, the immortal essence expenditure of using two Immortal Gu is high."

"Which lucky person does this worldly wave trace Immortal Gu belong to? He actually sold it for such a good price, one Immortal Gu in exchange for two!"

"Indeed, if I had not witnessed this personally, I would never believe it."

"Fairy You Lan, or rather, Prince Feng Xian definitely has other objectives. They are not fools, since they are offering such a high price, then the benefits they can gain must also be higher!"

"As long as there is demand, there is a market, and profits can be gained. The greater the demand, the greater the profit."

Not just them, even Fang Yuan was trying to decipher the reason why 'Swordmaster You Lan' was buying worldly wave trace Immortal Gu at such a high price.

"Prince Feng Xian…" The Eastern Sea Gu Immortal muttered this name as his expression turned slightly dark.

As the auction continued, an earth path Immortal Gu appeared next.

But the atmosphere was far beneath that of earlier, most of the Gu Immortals were still thinking about the earlier situation, they were still discussing it.

What was the meaning of affluence and wealth, they had finally seen it clearly.

Even though many people were suspicious, why would Prince Feng Xian, a fire path cultivator, be interested in a water path Immortal Gu?

But the mind of a rank eight great expert was hard to decipher, it was not something an outsider could guess so easily.

A mainstream path Immortal Gu was rapidly sold after several rounds of bidding, the quick deal gave people a relatively boring feeling.

Towards this, Qin Bai Sheng was helpless, he could only smile bitterly.

After the climax, it would be the downturn. After all, Feng Jiu Ge and the Eastern Sea Gu Immortal's bids were too imposing, it weakened a lot of the Gu Immortals' desires to bid.

Fang Yuan sat in a secret room, playing with the two strength path Immortal Gu as he paid attention to the auction.

Transactions involving Immortal Gu were done on the spot.

Fang Yuan looked through those immortal materials, he checked that there was no issue with the quantity.

Through Feng Jiu Ge's cooperation, the two strength path Immortal Gu were completely refined by Fang Yuan, they were now his.

At the same time, worldly wave trace Immortal Gu was in Feng Jiu Ge's hands.

"This is worldly wave trace Immortal Gu… after so many years, it is finally back in Spirit Affinity House's hands." Feng Jiu Ge sighed softly, he felt some emotions.

As Immortal Gu were auctioned off one by one, as time passed, the atmosphere of the auction hall became heated once again.

"Next is the thirty-fourth auction item, strength path Immortal Gu — Cauldron Strength, this is a rare strength path defensive Immortal Gu. Once activated, it can create a strength cauldron, protecting oneself. The seller wants a wisdom path Immortal Gu." Qin Bai Sheng said.

Most of the Gu Immortals in the hall had little interest.

Strength path was declining, few people cultivated it, thus its demand in the market was small.

Just as the owner of cauldron strength Immortal Gu was anxious, a hoarse and unique voice came from a single room: "Wisdom path Immortal Gu Loving Affection."

"This voice, it's Domination Immortal Chu Du!" Immediately, someone in the hall shouted.

"That's right, it should be him, his voice is hoarse like this."

"To think that Domination Immortal came."

"What is so strange about it, Lord Chu Du is a famous strength path expert, why would Qin Bai Sheng not invite him?"

"Domination Immortal Chu Du…" In a single room, Feng Jiu Ge drank his tea as his eyes shined.

Before he came to Northern Plains, he had obtained some information. The information regarding Domination Immortal Chu Du was rich and had a lot of details, Feng Jiu Ge placed great emphasis on him.

Chu Du was a rare strength path Gu Immortal, not only did he have great battle strength, he even had overflowing talent, creating a side branch of strength path personally.

Strength path was a huge path, it had once flourished. Right now, strength path was split into beast strength phantom branch, atmospheric heaven and earth branch, as well as human strength jun strength branch.

The beast strength phantom branch included bull strength, tiger strength and others, the strength path Immortal Gu, iron crown eagle strength Gu, that Fang Yuan had obtained some time ago was in this branch.

Atmospheric heaven and earth branch was the strength of nature, like wind strength, water strength, fire strength and others. Or for example, Pulling Mountain and Pulling Water that Fang Yuan obtained from selling worldly wave trace Immortal Gu, both belonged to this branch.

Human strength jun strength branch referred to the jin strength Gu, strength of ten jin Gu, jun strength Gu, strength of ten jun Gu, strength of hundred jun Gu and others.

This small branch was created solely by Chu Du, he brought strength path onto another track and revitalized this dying path using his own methods.

Right now, the human strength jun strength branch was already the mainstream strength path cultivation in Northern Plains. All the Gu Masters in Northern Plains had a strength path foundation, they had all used jin strength Gu, strength of ten jin Gu, jun strength Gu, strength of ten jun Gu and others.

One could say that Domination Immortal Chu Du had singlehandedly turned around the situation of strength path, affecting all of the Gu cultivator paths in the world.

Feng Jiu Ge naturally had to pay a lot of attention to such a person, in fact, it was particularly great emphasis.

"Northern Plains is constantly engaged in battles, it is also a place where heroes emerge. If there is a chance, I have to meet this Domination Immortal." Feng Jiu Ge's mouth curled into an excited smile.

Meeting all of the heroes in this world, that was the ambition of a true man!

At this time, a voice echoed: " Delight in water and mountain Immortal Gu, and five thousand kilograms of cloud soil."


Feng Jiu Ge spat out the tea in his mouth, his eyes stared widely as he lost his calm.

"Delight in water and mountain Immortal Gu!" He shouted: "Damn it, my worry came true."

Immortal Gu could be placed up for auction, they could naturally be used to trade for other Immortal Gu as well. If not for this, all of the registered Immortal Gu would be held up and not available for trade, this would greatly affect the auction's success.

Feng Jiu Ge understood this rule, and thus he was worried about it.

Whatever you worried about was bound to happen.

Fang Yuan wanted strength path Immortal Gu, he had been paying attention to this strength path Immortal Gu since long ago. Right now, he offered delight in water and mountain Immortal Gu, this was part of his original plan.

"One heaven pillar wind." Facing Fang Yuan's competition, Domination Immortal Chu Du raised his offer.

Heaven pillar wind was quite special, it originated from green heaven. It was like a tall pillar, extremely tall and long. When it blows, it will not cause movement, only blowing on the spot, from outside, it resembled a giant pillar that extended into the sky.

One heaven pillar wind had high value, it did not lose to Feng Jiu Ge's earlier bid of a hundred and fifty thunder sound leaves.

"Domination Immortal Chu Du…" Fang Yuan muttered, immediately understanding: "It seems that you are my biggest competitor this time!"


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