Reverend Insanity
753 Second Immortal Gu!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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753 Second Immortal Gu!

"Oh? Interesting." Seeing the list of immortal materials given by Fang Yuan, Feng Jiu Ge's gaze shined as he restored his calm.

The Eastern Sea Gu Immortal's expression was like it had never changed, he sat on the chair with a disposition of being in control, he asked Murong Jin Xiao beside him: "How many refinement path grandmasters are there in Northern Plains?"

On the list, most of them were refinement path immortal materials, the varieties were huge, and the types of materials were chaotic, one could become dizzy from looking at it. Fang Yuan could take it out in an instant, he had evidently prepared it long ago.

Only refinement path Gu Immortals would bother to prepare such a list, to try and gain something from the auction.

Murong Jin Xiao replied without thinking: "There are four major refinement path grandmasters in Northern Plains. The greatest one is Yao tribe's rank eight Gu Immortal, Yao Huang, rumors say that his refinement path attainment has exceeded grandmaster and perhaps even quasi-great grandmaster level. The second is a Gu Immortal of my Murong tribe, Murong Xue Xiang, she had once refined a snow path Immortal Gu successfully. The third is the second leader of Snowy Mountain, Lady Wan Shou, she has refined Gu for many demonic path Gu Immortals. The fourth is a lone cultivator, she is called Lady Miao Li, she is skilled at refining enslavement path Gu worms."

The Eastern Sea rank eight Gu Immortal heard this and nodded, not saying anything further.

"The Gu Immortal in the tenth secret room is not simple."

"By asking for so many Gu refinement materials, even if this is an exorbitant amount, one can see his ambition and unique characteristics!"

In the main hall, after the Gu Immortals regained their senses, they realized this.

"Right now, this situation has become interesting. Both buyers are quite the characters, they have ample purchasing power. The seller is not to be underestimated either, he has a mysterious background, he is simply unfathomable." Qin Bai Sheng watched with anticipation as he thought about this.

He was the organizer of this auction, he knew that the rank eight Gu Immortal in the first secret room came from Eastern Sea.

The Eastern Sea Gu Immortal, even if he was rank eight, had to restrain himself in Northern Plains. Especially in a place like the auction, outsiders were likely to get targeted.

Thus, the Eastern Sea Gu Immortal and Murong Jin Xiao chose to hide their identities, choosing this secret room.

Since they wanted to join the auction, they had to interact with Qin Bai Sheng, who helped them to hide their identities and gave them the first secret room, this was a form of respect.

"Immortal zombie Sha Huang, he might look ordinary but he may possibly have a rank eight monster backing him up. And this rank eight great expert is skilled in refining Gu. I'm afraid Fairy Li Shan knows this as well. Otherwise, why would he, a mere rank six immortal zombie, be so close to the third leader of Snowy Mountain?"

Qin Bai Sheng was making a guess.

In a way, he was correct.

Because it was Lang Ya land spirit who was behind Fang Yuan, in the past, Long Hair Ancestor was certainly a rank eight Gu Immortal.

"In that case, I will add in a hundred and fifty pieces of thunder sound leaves." After a bit of silence, Feng Jiu Ge was the first to speak.

In the hall, gasping noises could be heard.

Thunder sound leaves were not common, they did not exist in the outside world, they could only be created from strong lightning tribulations. It was the essence formed from thunder and lightning.

But thunder sound leaves were very rare, they were hard to obtain.

This was because ordinary Gu Immortal already found it hard to undergo their immortal aperture tribulations, they would not have the ability to pick the thunder sound leaves during their tribulations.

Even if they had the ability, they needed a specific method to pick the thunder sound leaves.

Thus, even in treasure yellow heaven, thunder sound leaves were very rare. But now, Feng Jiu Ge was offering a hundred and fifty of them.

"Hehehe." The Eastern Sea Gu Immortal laughed: "Is Prince Feng Xian so petty? This list clearly states that the seller wants two hundred and eighty thunder sound leaves."

After pausing for a while, the Eastern Sea Gu Immortal shouted: "I have three hundred and sixty heaven flying jades!"

"Heaven flying jade, this is a type of jade that can allow a person to fly in azure heaven, of the immemorial nine heavens."

"This jade has some mystical senses, it is like a bird or beast, it can avoid capture on its own."

"Who is the person in the first secret room? He offered three hundred and sixty heaven flying jades at once, it directly fulfills the amount on the list."

In the hall, murmurs could be heard again.

Actually, the Eastern Sea Gu Immortal was also feeling heartache. He had once had an opportunity and entered a large azure heaven fragment world for exploration, obtaining more than four hundred heaven flying jades in the process, while getting injured.

Right now, to compete for worldly wave trace Immortal Gu, he offered the majority of them, to deal a huge blow towards his contender.

In the single room, Feng Jiu Ge snorted, his expression turned solemn.

The other party's actions made him realize, they were just like him, they were determined to get worldly wave trace Immortal Gu.

Offering three hundred and sixty heaven flying jades at once, this showed their immense wealth, they were a powerful foe!

But who was Feng Jiu Ge?

He was the person publicly recognized to have the highest battle strength in Central Continent's ten great ancient sects. Even though he was rank seven, he could withstand rank eight Gu Immortals, with Spirit Affinity House backing him, and the many years of accumulation, his foundation was immensely abundant.

If there were any rank six or seven Gu Immortals in this auction who could contest with rank eight great experts, then Feng Jiu Ge would definitely be number one amongst them!

Adding more!

Feng Jiu Ge did not hesitate, he continued: "I'll add ten thousand pieces of star pupils."

Star pupils, a rare material of the immemorial nine heavens, not able to be found in the five regions.

It was an immortal material that originated from blue heaven.

In blue heaven, stars flew around in carefree fashion, raining down endless stardust. Among these uncountable stardust fragments, some were eight-sided, some were five-sided, seven-sided, sixteen-sided…

There were also stardust fragments with no edges, they were round. These edgeless fragments were like round jewels, the starlight gathered into the shape of an iris, thus, they were known as star pupils.

Feng Jiu Ge's offer was shocking to the Gu Immortals.

"When this list first appeared, I had thought that there would not be a buyer so foolish as to pay such a huge price for an Immortal Gu. I was wrong!"

"The list only needs eight thousand edgeless stardust fragments, but Swordmaster You Lan is offering ten thousand! This is evidently a counterattack against the competitor."

"Too wealthy, they are too wealthy. Is this the accumulation of a rank eight?"

"Compared to these people, I am like a pauper. Such a feeling is really not good."

The Eastern Sea Gu Immortal heard Feng Jiu Ge's offer and his breathing stopped for a moment. Honestly speaking, he did not expect that he would attract a fiercer counterattack, an even stronger backlash.

"Although there are a lot of star pupils, I must remind the seller. Star pupils, after all, vary in quality, a fragmented star pupil and an intact star pupil have very different value." The Eastern Sea Gu Immortal said.

Fang Yuan heard this and thought about it, the voice from the first secret room was correct, this was true.

But on Lang Ya land spirit's immortal material list, he did not mention this.

The reason was, Lang Ya land spirit did not expect such a situation to occur. He thought: It was hard enough to collect star pupils. It was good if they could find any, the quality was not an issue, that was a secondary concern.

"You've said so much, but can you actually make a new offer. If not, I have a lot more here." Feng Jiu Ge smiled coldly, he continued his attack, mentioning region sand, sun salt, star galaxy wind, plain fire, and three other immortal materials, although the amount did not fill up the list, the variety was enough to be shocking.

A Gu Immortal immediately sighed: "Fairy You Lan is cold and arrogant, she is going all in. Before the opponent made an offer, she raised it once again."

A Gu Immortal beside him analyzed: "This is a bidding tactic. In my opinion, the mysterious Gu Immortal in the first secret room is a formidable person as well, he will not give up easily."

Feng Jiu Ge's offer gave the Eastern Sea Gu Immortal in the first secret room a reminder.

"That's right, the seller can take out such a list, they definitely cultivate refinement path. Refining Gu requires a large variety of materials, a large quantity of one material is not enough. The other party is making such an offer to attract them, I need to change my tactics as well." The Eastern Sea Gu Immortal thought about it before shouting again.

He competed with Feng Jiu Ge, offering huge amounts of immortal materials, this made the Gu Immortals present listen with dazed expressions, like they were dreaming.

After a few rounds, be it Feng Jiu Ge or the Eastern Sea Gu Immortal, they started breathing roughly.

In the secret room, Gu Immortal Murong Jin Xiao, who was at the side, could not say anything further.

"These two lunatics." In a single room, the rank eight Gu Immortal, Five Elements Grandmaster, shook his head, sighing helplessly.

He cultivation included metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, he needed Gu worms from all the five paths. He wanted to participate in the water path Immortal Gu Worldly Wave Trace's auction, but looking at this competition, his desire dwindled.

Fang Yuan was quite surprised.

If he added Feng Jiu Ge and the Eastern Sea Gu Immortal's bids together, then half of the materials listed would be collected already!

Of course, Fang Yuan could only choose one of them. There cannot be two victors in this bid.

Fang Yuan was not overly happy, his gaze was shining uncertainly.

The other parties were not idiots, they were going after worldly wave trace Immortal Gu so fiercely, that proved that for them, they could derive much greater benefits from this Immortal Gu.

"I'll offer five kilograms of drunk immortal qi!" At one side, the Eastern Sea Gu Immortal had made another offer.

The auction hall started whirring, as if a small explosion had happened.

"What is drunk immortal qi?"

"It is also an immortal material, but its use is quite obscure. It can make even Gu Immortals drunk, it can only be created in a special environment."

"This drunk immortal qi is usually sold in traces. Even in treasure yellow heaven, condensed drunk immortal qi that are in liquid form are sold in grams. Since when are they sold in kilograms?"

The Eastern Sea Gu Immortal was really wealthy, with this heavy blow, even Feng Jiu Ge's expression became solemn.

Feng Jiu Ge knew the value of this drunk immortal qi, five kilograms of it was simply extraordinary!

Feng Jiu Ge was hesitant, if he made an offer again, he would need to provide value equivalent to five kilograms of drunk immortal qi.

He calmed down and thought about it, asking himself: "For solely worldly wave trace Immortal Gu, is such a price worth it or not?"

Of course it was worth it!

Rebuilding Water Pavilion had been a wish of Spirit Affinity House for ages. Although Spirit Affinity House had the complete recipe of Water Pavilion, they could refine only the mortal Gu, the Immortal Gu were unique.

For Water Pavilion, Spirit Affinity House had put up detailed missions, recovering each of the core Immortal Gu would have an immense reward!

"In that case, so be it!" Feng Jiu Ge thought about it rapidly, after making up his mind, he took out another Immortal Gu while gritting his teeth.

"This is the strength path Immortal Gu, Pulling Water." He reported.

The entire hall became silent.


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