Reverend Insanity
751 Auction 5
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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751 Auction 5

Qin Bai Sheng stood on the stage and took out several mortal Gu, passing them around the hall.

A few Gu Immortals received these mortal Gu, showing doubt on their faces.

Qin Bai Sheng spoke slowly: "The auction of Immortal Gu is extremely important. The ones that are auctioned first have a greater advantage, they can be exchanged for more varieties of Immortal Gu. Thus, for fairness, this auction will not go according to the listed order, I have specially prepared these mortal Gu, once you activate them, they will point to one of the Immortal Gu up for auction. As for which one, it is completely random, nobody can manipulate them, go ahead and inspect these mortal Gu."

These words attracted quite a pleased response.

The Gu Immortals inspected the mortal Gu in turn as they discussed softly.

"This method is great, I was worried that my Immortal Gu would be auctioned later and be at a disadvantage."

"Qin Bai Sheng is not simple, he considered everything carefully for this auction."

"If he really did something secretly, I cannot complain. My inspections say that there are no problems at all."

These mortal Gu were inspected by the Gu Immortals and were sent to the secret rooms.

Soon, it was Fang Yuan's turn, he personally inspected them and discovered nothing wrong with them.

After the Gu Immortals in the secret rooms inspected the Gu, the mortal Gu went to the single rooms again. The rank eight Gu Immortals were almost all in single rooms. After inspecting, the mortal Gu were passed back to Qin Bai Sheng.

Qin Bai Sheng did not continue the auction, he asked: "Is there anyone else who is still uncertain, would you like to go ahead and inspect it again?"

As expected, there were Gu Immortals who said that they needed to inspect it again.

Among them, some had already inspected the Gu before.

This set of mortal Gu had no problems earlier, but it was passed around. What if someone did something to them while they were passed around?

Gu Immortals were wary and meticulous, thus they wanted to take another look.

After inspecting it again, they found nothing wrong. At this point, the true purpose of this auction was about to begin.

Qin Bai Sheng activated this set of mortal Gu in front of everyone, they shined in a bright light as smoke rose, the smoke gathered in the air and formed into the two words 'conceal luck'.

"It has been chosen, the first Immortal Gu is conceal luck Immortal Gu." Qin Bai Sheng shouted.

"Conceal luck Immortal Gu was originally numbered at the end of the auction, to think that it became the first now." Tai Bai Yun Sheng grabbed the east window Gu as he muttered after checking.

At the same time, many other Gu Immortals were doing the same thing.

The sequence in the east window Gu was not the real order. Their own Immortal Gu could possibly be the next one up for auction. If they happened to be at the end, they could only blame their luck.

This was a fair rule, none of the immortals had any disagreements, even the rank eight Gu Immortal great experts agreed with this.

On the stage, the screen was changing as it turned into the appearance of the conceal luck Immortal Gu.

Qin Bai Sheng introduced when the time was right: "As everyone can see, this Gu looks like a white skinned beetle, it is half the size of a palm and is a rank six luck path Immortal Gu, it can conceal one's own luck. The seller wants a metal path defensive Immortal Gu. Whoever has a metal path defensive Immortal Gu can bid for it. There is no lower limit for this."

"Conceal luck Immortal Gu, concealing one's own luck…"

"Luck path has luck inspection Gu, it can inspect another person's luck. There is also conceal luck Gu, it can hide one's own luck and prevent others from seeing it."

"This conceal luck Immortal Gu is rank six, it can defend from rank six luck inspection Gu. Although the effect is good, its use is too narrow."

In the main hall, Gu Immortals were discussing softly, but no one bid for it.

If luck path was flourishing and widely used, so be it. But since Giant Sun Immortal Venerable created luck path, he had been secretive and hidden it for himself, this caused the number of luck path mortal Gu to be very low.

Especially conceal luck Immortal Gu, it could only have value against someone who had luck inspection Immortal Gu.

This Immortal Gu's use was too narrow, it had little value. Gu Immortals were not stupid, why would they bid randomly?

"Damn it…" The person who had conceal luck Immortal Gu was a female Gu Immortal, she sat in a single room as she bit her lips, she helplessly watched her conceal luck Immortal Gu go without bidding, nobody wanted it.

The first Immortal Gu was not successfully sold, this was out of everyone's expectations, Qin Bai Sheng's face was a little dark as he used the mortal Gu in his hands to start the bidding for the second item.

The image changed, and showed a cicada-like Immortal Gu.

This cicada was not as exquisite as Spring Autumn Cicada, it had a big head and was shining in silver light.

"This is heavenly gong Immortal Gu, a sound path rank six Immortal Gu, to be traded with a transformation path related Immortal Gu." Qin Bai Sheng said.

In the main hall, a Gu Immortal saw this Gu and flew into a rage, shouting: "Heavenly gong Immortal Gu! Hmph, this Gu was mine, but He Lang Zi snatched it. He Lang Zi, come out now!"

"I'll come out, do you think I'm afraid of you?" From a secret room, He Lang Zi walked out with a ruthless smile.

"It is He Lang Zi indeed, a famous loner of the demonic path in Northern Plains!"

"Rumors say that he had obtained an inheritance of Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable, thus he can snatch other people's Immortal Gu."

"This person was raised by a female wolf since he was young, his nature is like that of a wild animal, he is cruel and insidious, and is a loner, being very different from normal people. Old Ancestor Xue Hu had once attempted to recruit him, but he rejected him."

The Gu Immortals discussed enthusiastically.

He Lang Zi crossed his arms as he walked towards the main hall, sitting in front of the shouting Gu Immortal.

The Gu Immortals around him quickly moved away, choosing other seats.

"You, you!" The shouting Gu Immortal pointed at He Lang Zi as his face turned red, he was trembling from anger.

"Me what?" He Lang Zi licked his lips, he had a cruel and mocking gaze: "Old man Xiong Yuan, you are a sound path Gu Immortal, if you do not bid now, when will you?"

"Transformation path Immortal Gu, I have one here, it is called demon ferret skin. After using it, one's skin can turn into the skin of the heart demon ferret." Unfettered Scholar's voice came from a single room.

A heart demon ferret was a desolate beast, there were normally wisdom path Gu worms in its body. The demon ferret skin could provide resistance against wisdom path attacking methods.

After Unfettered Scholar killed a heart demon ferret, he used it to refine this Gu. But he already had methods to defend against wisdom path, thus this Gu was redundant to him, therefore he took it out.

"Demon ferret skin… if one can gather demon ferret bone, demon ferret blood, and other related Immortal Gu, one can unleash the immortal killer move, heart demon ferret transformation." He Lang Zi's gaze shined as he thought.

Transformation path was different from other paths, their killer moves were easy to form. As long as one gathered a set of Immortal Gu, they could form an immortal killer move.

Thus, there was much to consider when trading for transformation path Immortal Gu compared to other paths.

He Lang Zi had three immortal wolf transformation killer moves, it could allow him to transform into three different desolate wolves, they had great battle strength. If he transformed into the heart demon ferret, even though it was similar to the form of a wolf, what He Lang Zi wanted was to develop his fighting ability in water.

Thus, He Lang Zi slightly shook his head, not speaking.

Qin Bai Sheng had been observing silently, he said: "Any other Gu Immortals want to bid?"

"I have a moon demon bat claw Immortal Gu, it can transform your hands into the bat claws of a moon demon bat." Feng Jiu Ge said loudly.

"This is Fairy You Lan who is representing Prince Feng Xian."

"Isn't Fairy You Lan a sword path Gu Immortal, why does she want the sound path heavenly gong Immortal Gu?"

"She is representing the rank eight great expert, Prince Feng Xian, this bid is likely to be Prince Feng Xian's intention."

The Gu Immortals started guessing.

Nobody knew that the so-called Swordmaster You Lan was actually Feng Jiu Ge. He was a sound path Gu Immortal, thus he desired the heavenly gong Immortal Gu.

He Lang Zi did not speak, he shook his head.

Moon demon bat claw Immortal Gu could bring about a future possibility — immortal killer move, moon demon bat transformation.

But He Lang Zi was not good at aerial combat, he even hated the sky. This was because he had lived in a wolf's den in his youth, he learned to move on all fours from his wolf mother, and was skilled in using his teeth to bite objects.

Most wolves were land based creatures, they could not fly.

Qin Bai Sheng obtained a transmission, afterwards he said: "The Gu Immortal in the first secret room has bid a grand smoke sea turtle shell Immortal Gu, together with verified information regarding Ascending Heaven Plain."

He Lang Zi's gaze shined, he raised his head. Grand smoke sea turtle was a desolate beast of the sea, it suited his needs. But this turtle was skilled in using illusions to conceal itself, it did not have high speed or strong defenses, this was quite different from He Lang Zi's battle style.

"Ascending Heaven Plain, what is that?" He Lang Zi asked. Although he had high battle strength, he was a loner and did not trust any human Gu Immortals, thus he was lacking in information.

"Hmph, a frog in a well!" Gu Immortal Xiong Yuan laughed as he refused to give up any chance of mocking He Lang Zi.

"Ascending Heaven Plain is a place, anyone who passes it, even if it is a mortal, can enter the immemorial nine heavens. In the legends, Northern Dark Ice Soul, who was able to enter black heaven, went through Ascending Heaven Plain to reach it." Qin Bai Sheng explained patiently.

"So that's it." He Lang Zi was moved.

He was a rank seven lone cultivator, he needed to fight for every piece of resources personally. But Northern Plains had limited resources, and the super forces were holding onto them.

Meanwhile, the immemorial nine heavens had the heavenly wind qi wall, only very strong Gu Immortals could force their way in and explore the nine heavens.

Even though in the immemorial nine heavens, only white and black heaven were left intact, while the other heavens were utterly broken, or even completely destroyed, be it the intact heavens or the nine heavens fragment worlds, they had abundant resources.

"My battle strength is enough to break through the heavenly wind qi wall, but I cannot fly. If I can get the information regarding the Ascending Heaven Plain…" He Lang Zi was increasingly moved.

As he thought about it, two more Gu Immortals took out their transformation path Immortal Gu and entered the bidding.

One was the shouting Gu Immortal who wanted to tear He Lang Zi into pieces, Gu Immortal Xiong Yuan.

A total of five Gu Immortals bid for one Immortal Gu.

They continued to increase their bids, or added in immortal essence stones, even providing rare resources, lost Gu recipes, or a large group of beasts.

Eventually, He Lang Zi chose the offer of the first secret room, obtaining grand smoke sea turtle shell Immortal Gu, as well as a large group of water wolves.

The two sides made the transaction in public. Because the Gu Immortal in the secret room could not show up, Qin Bai Sheng was the middleman for this.

After He Lang Zi got the intelligence about Ascending Heaven Plain, he looked at it in anticipation, but when he saw it, he stared with furious eyes as he started to shout in anger.


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