Reverend Insanity
748 Auction 2
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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748 Auction 2

In the secret room, Fang Yuan was playing with the Gu worms in his hands.

These mortal Gu were owned by Qin Bai Sheng, but currently they were lended to the secret room's owner, thus Fang Yuan could activate them.

He activated his primeval essence and tried to inject it, as the environment in the secret room changed at once.

"It seems that Qin Bai Sheng really put in some effort. Even though it is a secret room, it is like a small world in here, it is larger than a garden. These mortal Gu can be used to change the environment, it can become a mountainous or river-like area, or even become an ocean or lake, a pavilion or a terrace."

As Fang Yuan continued to use the Gu, the environment in the secret room continued to change. At times, it was a lush mountain and he was at the peak of the mountain in a pavilion. At times, there were huge rivers and he was in a boat docked at the side of the river.

Of course, these changes were just illusions, they were not real. If they were real, such terrain changing abilities would definitely come from Immortal Gu, he would need to spend a lot of immortal essence.

Fang Yuan retrieved the Gu worms and browsed one with his mind.

This east window Gu had many of the auction items listed in it, they were all precious treasures. Fang Yuan was dazed upon seeing the huge catalog.

Some of the auction items had the conditions written in the description, other than using immortal essence stones to bid for them, one could also trade for them using resources.

Evidently, these resources were what the owner of the auction item were looking for.

Fang Yuan swept through the content of the list and focused on the latter portion.

This portion's information listed a variety of Immortal Gu, they had all sorts of effects and were from all kinds of different paths. The information on how to trade these Gu were all written on the back.

Unlike the previous content, Immortal Gu were unique, they could not be bought using immortal essence stones. This rule was practically set in stone, even during the five regions chaotic war it was still in place.

Thus, to buy an Immortal Gu, one needed to use another Immortal Gu as the price.

Fang Yuan's focused his mind and quickly saw that his Immortal Gu were also listed there.

There were four Immortal Gu, Rising Azure Cloud, Worldly Wave Trace, Calamity Beckoning, and Delight in Water and Mountain.

The former two were movement Immortal Gu, one was cloud path and the other was water path, they were incompatible with Fang Yuan's strength path. Although Tai Bai Yun Sheng cultivated cloud path as well, he was a time path Gu Immortal, Rising Azure Cloud was also not suitable for him.

As for calamity beckoning Immortal Gu, it was rank seven, but the effect could be said to be harming oneself, it was practically a luck path suicidal weapon. Even though Fang Yuan had conceived some uses for it, if he could exchange it for other Immortal Gu, that would be more worthwhile.

The final one was delight in water and mountain Immortal Gu, it could produce huge amounts of joyful will. But Fang Yuan was already prepared to mass produce malicious thought Gu, in that case, it could replace the use of joyful will. He might as well put it up for auction and see what Immortal Gu he can get from it. If there is no suitable trade, he could just take it back.

After the four Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan naturally listed the conditions for exchanging them.

What was worth mentioning was that these four Immortal Gu were all put up using Fairy Li Shan's channel, he was not associated with them.

Even though calamity beckoning Immortal Gu was quite troublesome to sell and might even attract trouble, if it could be traded for a useful Immortal Gu, the benefits exceeded the cost.

If he missed this golden opportunity, he might not have an equivalent one for several hundred years, until the five regions chaotic war.

Fang Yuan was a vigilant person, but he was also resolute, when he needed to take risks, he would not cower in fear and doubt.

"Other than these four Immortal Gu, I still have Spring Autumn Cicada, Cleanse Soul, Connect Luck, Woman's Heart, and in a way wisdom Gu." Fang Yuan counted, he needed these remaining five Immortal Gu, he would not put them up at the auction, or even give any chances of exposing them if possible.

Spring Autumn Cicada's actual effect would only be known by the user, even though there was a chance of failure, Fang Yuan obtained a lot of benefit from it and gained much experience, he could not do without it. Even with wisdom Gu in Hu Immortal blessed land, Spring Autumn Cicada was still his biggest trump card.

Fang Yuan had already decided that Spring Autumn Cicada would remain as his vital Gu in his first aperture. In the future, if he had a chance, he would choose time path in undergoing immortal ascension.

Cleanse soul Immortal Gu was the core of the immortal killer move myriad self, although it was hungry and could not be used, he would not sell it.

Connect luck Immortal Gu could make up for Spring Autumn Cicada's weakness, Fang Yuan had already experienced the power of luck path, he would not let go of this Immortal Gu.

Wisdom Gu was out of the question, if he took it out, it would cause a huge commotion and make countless people go after his life.

As for woman's heart Immortal Gu, it was originally something Fang Yuan wanted to get rid of. But due to a coincidence, Fang Yuan deduced the poison spit killer move, this woman's heart Immortal Gu was its core, and was now placed at the right part of Fang Yuan's chest.

It was like a heart, beating continuously. It was small like a baby's fist, it looked purple-black and was surrounded in poisonous energy, it was already connected to Fang Yuan's bloodstream. Every time he breathed, the zombie blood would flow slowly, carrying the poison and circulating in Fang Yuan's body.

From this point, one could see traces of the wisdom path killer move 'harboring malicious heart'.

But the mortal Gu assisting Woman's Heart were like a Gu formation for reverse refinement. Through reverse refinement, they were extracting Woman's Heart's strength.

This was due to Immortal Gu Woman's Heart's special property — refinement and nurturing in one.

This Gu needed the hearts of women to feed it, after it is full, the more it is fed, the stronger the poison. Right now, Fang Yuan was using a reverse refinement process to draw out that poison.

Man is the spirit of all living beings.

Although Woman's Heart is a consumable Immortal Gu, and would be expended in one use normally, through his own method, and combining it with other Gu worms, it could be used repeatedly by extracting its power slowly and continuously.

"Poison spit is only an incomplete immortal move, it needs to be improved later. With wisdom Gu, it should not be a problem." Fang Yuan gathered his thoughts as he put down the east window Gu, he willed and the view in front of him became clear, Fang Yuan could see the auction hall.

The auction was split into the main hall, single rooms, and secret rooms.

Fang Yuan could not see the latter two, he could only see the main hall.

Right now, on the seats in the main hall were more than twenty Gu Immortals, they were talking openly without fear of eavesdroppers.

"Old Lu, it has been a while, I trust that you have been well."

"Oh, Qing Xuan Zi, you have gone through the second heavenly tribulation already, right."

"I am ashamed, my foundation is too weak, I was scared and have placed my blessed land in the outside world of Northern Plains these recent years. After spending a lot of resources and borrowing a time path Immortal Gu, I have slowed the flow of time in my blessed land, right now, I still have one heavenly tribulation cultivation."

"The earthly calamities are hard to survive, the heavenly tribulations are even harder obstacles. You are very stable and careful, not taking huge risks, this is a very safe method."

"Shi You Yan, you are here too?"

"Your words are too funny! If you, Wu Rong, can come, why can't I?"

"Hmph! The grudge of you snatching my Gu back then, I will take revenge. Just you wait."

"Hehehe, I know this Immortal Gu is suitable for your use, but I am going to auction it, let's see if you have the ability to bid for it!"

Some Gu Immortals were catching up on old times, some were building relationships, but there were others with great animosity, they were like barrels of gunpowder.

At this moment, a white robed old man walked into the main hall.

"Haha, there are quite a number of people." The white robed old man was Yuan tribe's first supreme elder, he looked around and laughed heartily.

His laughter soon attracted the attention of the people in the hall, as talks became softer.

Fang Yuan directed his gaze as well, this first supreme elder of Yuan tribe was a rank seven Gu Immortal, the leader of the super force, Yuan tribe, of Northern Plains, he had exemplary battle strength and financial power, he was a strong contender in this auction.

Qin Bai Sheng was standing at the entrance inviting guests inside, he went up and paid his respects: "It is truly my Bai Sheng blessed land's great fortune that Lord Yuan is here to grace our auction with his presence."

"Don't call me lord, call me by my name, Yuan Rang Zun!" Yuan tribe's first supreme elder saw Qin Bai Sheng and his eyes shined, he patted Qin Bai Sheng's back with much enthusiasm.

Long ago, he had fought with Qin Bai Sheng, the latter's strength had gained his acknowledgment.

"But, I had some gains after practicing my spear skills recently, is there any time we can spar once again?" Yuan Rang Zun's changed the topic and he showed his true nature as a martial arts fanatic.

"Senior Yuan's dao mark spear arts are still vivid in my memories. I wonder if senior Yuan would like to sit in the main hall, or get a single room or a secret room?" Qin Bai Sheng laughed, he did not reply to the invitation.

"Give me a single room." Yuan Rang Zun knew that now was not the time for this, he thought about it and gave his response.

Just as Yuan Rang Zun stepped into his single room, a handsome scholar walked into the auction with a female Gu Immortal following behind him.

"Unfettered Scholar came too?" The gazes of the Gu Immortals in the main hall were attracted again.

"I had heard that Unfettered Scholar has great luck with women, having two Gu Immortal attendants, named Tian Xiang and Hong Xiu. I wonder who came with him?" Many male Gu Immortals turned around to look at the female Gu Immortal.

"She wears a red dress that looks like fire, it should be Fairy Hong Xiu. If it was Fairy Tian Xiang, who was born with a certain fragrance, the main hall would have already been filled with fragrance if she was here." A certain Gu Immortal who knew a lot about them said with much enthusiasm.

Fang Yuan's mind rapidly went through the information.

This Unfettered Scholar was a lone cultivator, he had quite a few obstacles in life. His ancestors were not from Northern Plains, he came from a clan in Central Continent that had gone downhill.

Central Continent was full of sects, it was tough for clans to survive. If they could, they would cross the regional walls and live in the other four regions.

Alone in another region, Unfettered Scholar's clan was ostracized and lost a lot of their strength, they were barely surviving in Northern Plains, their situation was turning worse. After several generations, they had finally mixed into Northern Plains, but at that time, they were on their deathbed, like a dying old man.

By Unfettered Scholar's generation, the clan had already been thoroughly destroyed. Unfettered Scholar brought along his two attendants and they escaped for their lives, living a tough life. In their most difficult moments, even though they were in danger of dying, Unfettered Scholar had never abandoned his two attendants, eventually, he obtained an opportunity and became a Gu Immortal.

After becoming an immortal, he spent a lot of money and effort to make his attendants immortals as well. This was quite a story in Northern Plains' Gu Immortal world.

Be it Yuan Rang Zun, Unfettered Scholar, or the other Gu Immortals, they each had their own exciting stories, they were the main characters of their own legendary tales.

Gu Masters who were able to become immortals naturally were exemplary characters. Before this auction had even begun, before all of the Gu Immortals had entered, brilliant heroes and geniuses had already appeared like shining stars in the sky.


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