Reverend Insanity
743 Harboring Malicious Hear
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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743 Harboring Malicious Hear

"Black oil is valuable in itself, but as it can delay the shrinking of blessed lands, its value is a level higher to immortal zombies." Fang Yuan pondered inwardly, he was also coveting the black oil.

His blessed land was constantly disintegrating and a lot of space inside had already dissipated. Black oil was similarly useful to him.

However, he needed to go through Zombie Alliance to get this black oil.

Northern Plains Zombie Alliance's main headquarters, Dark Flow Giant City, was located above the entrance of Earth Trench and they used much of the alliance's strength to guard this entrance.

Zombie Alliance sent large amounts of black oil out every year, but they had fixed quantities sold for this. There were few goods but the demands were high, it was completely a seller's market like the business of guts Gu, thus Fang Yuan could not meddle in this aspect.

He had allied with Fairy Li Shan and Hei Lou Lan, but their force was too small and could not match with super forces.

"So I need to make my move from inside Zombie Alliance, accepting this task is one way." Fang Yuan engraved the mission of gathering black oil in his mind.

The conference continued. The conference hall had dim lighting, even if most of the over twenty immortal zombies had participated with their wills, it still seemed dark and gloomy.

The whole conference continued for close to a day and a night; Fang Yuan participated in the whole process, roughly understanding the position of Zombie Alliance in Northern Plains.

Roughly speaking, Zombie Alliance's position in Northern Plains was only slightly lower than super forces. But from the missions, one could see the righteous path super forces were clearly in tacit agreement to suppress Zombie Alliance. Zombie Alliance had a much more cooperative relationship with demonic path Gu Immortals, especially with Snowy Mountain blessed land, a demonic path headquarters in Northern Plains.

Zombie Alliance could be considered both a righteous and a demonic force.

This position was related to the higher ups. Zombie Alliance's higher ups were all immortal zombies. There were almost no immortal zombies that did not want to regain their living states. These immortal zombies came from all walks of life with all sorts of identities when they were alive, and after death, they gathered for similar purposes.

As long as it was related to the goal of revival, Zombie Alliance would be interested and do everything possible to get it. This infringed upon many of the righteous path's interests, and many methods that could not be exposed openly in the righteous path, Zombie Alliance also frequently used.

This led to another characteristic of Zombie Alliance, they had a lot of members but they also had a loose structure.

There were over twenty immortal zombie level members in Zombie Alliance, even Snowy Mountain blessed land could not compare to this amount. Even if immortal zombies were weaker than living Gu Immortals, over twenty of them was a great power, and if they were to truly be united, they would have already been a super level force.

However, Zombie Alliance's barrier for entry was low, this could be seen from Fang Yuan's admission to the alliance. The immortal zombies had varying origins and it was very difficult for them to be united.

This was the reason there were many cases of immortal zombies being extorted by Gu Immortals recently.

After the conference ended, Fang Yuan left behind a malicious will in the conference hall. He then followed Gu Ye to another hall, where he received his Zombie Alliance token.

This token not only represented his identity, it also recorded Fang Yuan's contributions to Zombie Alliance.

Besides the token, there was also a set of information path mortal Gu used to transmit information of tasks from Zombie Alliance, information about new members or members leaving the alliance, or important information like the death of the members.

Gu Ye wanted to take his leave, and suggested for Fang Yuan to stroll around Dark Flow Giant City. Now that Fang Yuan had the token, he could freely move around Dark Flow Giant City.

However, Fang Yuan did not let go of him and dragged him around, walking and chatting, probing out some information from him.

Fang Yuan focused on inquiring about the leader of Northern Plains Zombie Alliance.

She was a female immortal zombie called Blazing Heaven Demoness, her cultivation was rank eight and her behavior was tyrannical and rampant. Her battle strength was especially prominent.

Fang Yuan asked how it was prominent and Gu Ye replied one sentence which allowed Fang Yuan to understand — "Her lifespan had not reached its end, but she intentionally turned into an immortal zombie just to break through."

Most immortal zombies were Gu Immortals that were on their last breaths and had no other choice.

Naturally, there was many other methods other than to turn into immortal zombie for Gu Immortals on their last breaths. Like wood path Gu Immortals turning into treemen.

However, these methods often had limitations. For instance, strength path Gu Immortals and fire path Gu Immortals could not turn into treemen.

Turning into an immortal zombie was the most common method which could be done by Gu Immortals of every path.

This Blazing Heaven Demoness was not someone who had no choice but to turn into an immortal zombie, instead she had done it intentionally. It was to make a breakthrough and increase her battle strength.

If one thought just a bit: What was the extent of the increase in battle strength, the extent of the breakthrough, that made Blazing Heaven Demoness not hesitate to turn into an immortal zombie?

Clearly, the extent of this breakthrough was sure to be extremely high and shocking.

"There is a rumor going around Zombie Alliance, it is said that the leader already has a method to revive." In the midst of the conversation, Gu Ye lowered his voice and carefully told Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan smiled.

This rumor was not groundless, since she turned into an immortal zombie of her own accord, who is to say she did not have a method to revive herself.

Fang Yuan was able to extract much useful information from Gu Ye. Combined with the information Fairy Li Shan gave him and his own experiences, Fang Yuan was able to quickly gain a rough idea of Zombie Alliance.

Gu Ye still had the mission of guarding old earth wood, and finally bade farewell to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan also left soon after, before leaving, he climbed high and looked at the giant gully being guarded below Dark Flow Giant City.

The giant gully was like the bloody mouth of a vicious beast, quietly opening up in the dense darkness. This was the entrance of Earth Trench which was strictly guarded by Zombie Alliance; Yin Liu Gong, Dragon Commander Ye Cha and Huang Quan Weng, three rank seven immortal zombies took turns in watching over it.

Fang Yuan was using hundred li eye to observe this clearly.

He knew that following deep into this entrance, the gully would expand by tens of times and even hundreds of times. Earth Trench was extremely grand, with such large space that it would not be a problem to contain innumerable Dark Flow Giant Cities. It was also extremely deep and dark, Zombie Alliance still had not explored its true depths.

"One day, I will explore deep inside and take the inheritance, adding it to my foundation for a much brighter future. But now is not the time." Fang Yuan inwardly said.

Even if he had not transformed into an immortal zombie, he would have tried all sorts of methods to get this inheritance.

Fang Yuan retracted his gaze, his body rapidly rose higher and left Dark Flow Giant City like a large bird.

After flying a huge distance, Fang Yuan finally left the darkness covering Dark Flow Giant City and saw the bright sunlight again.

He changed his direction and flew high up in the sky before he finally confirmed there were no pursuers. Only then did he land down in an inconspicuous forest, arranged mortal Gu and activated Fixed Immortal Travel.

Jade green light flashed and he disappeared from the spot.

The mortal Gu left behind moved about, removing as many traces of the Immortal Gu aura as possible.

Fang Yuan returned to Hu Immortal blessed land. While waiting for news from Fairy Li Shan's end, he started researching the wisdom path killer move — Harboring Malicious Heart.

This mortal killer move was not meant for attacking. Instead, it used wisdom path methods to transform a Gu Immortal's heart, causing the heart to be filled with wisdom path dao marks inside and out, turning into a 'malicious heart'.

If it succeeded, not only could it use one's blood essence to automatically create large numbers of malicious wills, it could also reduce the amount of malicious wills consumed by a large extent when Fang Yuan used them to ponder.

Unfortunately, this mortal killer move might be good but it fit a normal Gu Immortal. Fang Yuan was a strength path immortal zombie, his heart was already filled with strength path dao marks and he was not a wisdom path Gu Immortal. The crucial point was his physical body was already dead, and was unable to nourish malicious will with his blood essence, even transforming his heart into a malicious heart was an enormous barrier.

Although Fang Yuan could not use the killer move harboring malicious heart, he was able to gain much inspiration from its workings. In particular, the inner contents of the killer move had several similarities to a killer move Fang Yuan obtained previously.

This killer move was poison breath, which he obtained from Fairy Li Shan.

Poison breath killer move could let poisonous breath be emitted each time one breathed, and as it accumulated, it could injure enemies. And harboring malicious heart could let every heartbeat transform blood essence into malicious will. There were indeed similarities between the two.

"I am not a poison path Gu Immortal, and I am lacking in a wisdom path foundation, but since there is a common point, I might as well use wisdom Gu to test it."

Northern Plains, Feng Xian grotto-heaven.

In the guest hall, the rank eight Gu Immortal, Prince Feng Xian, was sitting upright, while Fairy Li Shan and Qin Bai Sheng bowed, requesting to leave.

"Go. I have many Immortal Gu that do not suit my path and need to be exchanged in the auction. You both are holding a good event for Northern Plains, preventing many fights and massacres, very good." Prince Feng Xian allowed them to leave, his tone full of encouragement.

"Lord Prince being unable to be present at the auction is truly a matter of regret for all of Northern Plains' Gu Immortals." Fairy Li Shan flattered.

Prince Feng Xian shook his head: "There is nothing to be done about it. I was mediating the heaven and earth qi in my immortal aperture when I was forced to come out because of the Immortal Gu. Now, it is the crucial time to manage my immortal aperture world, I cannot go out. But when the time comes, I will send someone to represent me. You Lan, send them off."

Two attendants were standing beside Prince Feng Xian, these two were actually rank six female Gu Immortals.

One was cool and refined like ice and snow, the other was delicate and beautiful, like a yellow flower in a lush valley.

At Prince Feng Xian's command, that cool and aloof female Gu Immortal stood up and first bowed to Prince Feng Xian, before saying to Qin Bai Sheng and Fairy Li Shan: "Guests, please follow."

"We have troubled Swordmaster You Lan." Qin Bai Sheng and Fairy Li Shan did not dare to be conceited, and quickly replied.

This Swordmaster You Lan was famous in Northern Plains. She cultivated sword path, and though her cultivation was only at rank six, her battle strength was very strong and moreover, she had grandmaster attainment in sword path.

Swordmaster You Lan led the two in silence. The three walked along a long corridor and through several doors before they finally stepped out of the entrance of the grotto-heaven and returned to the world of Northern Plains.

"Swordmaster You Lan, please stay, you don't need to send us off any longer." Qin Bai Sheng politely said. His cultivation level and battle strength were higher than Swordmaster You Lan, but the latter had one of the few rank eight Gu Immortals of Northern Plains behind her, he naturally would not be arrogant.

Swordmaster You Lan nodded and closed the entrance of the grotto-heaven.

Once the entrance was closed, there was no strangeness in the sky and there was no difference between the sky and the surroundings.

Fairy Li Shan let out a breath of cloudy air: "We have paid visit to five rank eight powers and also came to an agreement with all of them using mountain pledge Gu, and have successfully invited them. Now, the situation is set, the auction is a certain event."

"It is all thanks to fairy's mountain pledge Gu." Qin Bai Sheng with a smiling expression.

Saying this, he took out an Immortal Gu and handed it to Fairy Li Shan.

"As per the agreement, this is the remuneration to fairy." Qin Bai Sheng said with sincerity and gratitude.

Fairy Li Shan was moved, the auction had yet to start, but Qin Bai Sheng already gave the remuneration to her in advance. Even though Fairy Li Shan had seen a lot and had done dealings with all sorts of Gu Immortals, right now, she could not help but inwardly praise Qin Bai Sheng's social conduct.


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