Reverend Insanity
742 Earth Trench Black Oil
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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742 Earth Trench Black Oil

The lone cultivator who sold the complete recipe for the Red Fiend Divine Boat was only rank six without any background.

Eventually, the Zombie Alliance decided to send a rank seven immortal zombie and two rank six immortal zombies to search for this person, in order to maintain Zombie Alliance's reputation. Of course, the most important reason was to obtain the complete recipe of the Red Fiend Divine Boat.

But in truth, Zombie Alliance had already gotten most of it, only the few remaining core Immortal Gu recipes and the secret methods on how to coordinate the Gu worms were left.

Flame furnace, Earth Trench, Red Fiend Divine Boat, after these three matters were settled, the atmosphere in the discussion hall was relaxed.

Yin Liu Gong continued, pointing at the table: "Next, we will talk about other matters."

His finger tapped the table, emitting a buzzing noise.

The immortal zombies looked at the formerly empty space, as the image changed again, turning into four huge pillars. On each of the pillars, there were lines of words moving around.

"Are there still any missions that have not been reported by everyone?" Yin Liu Gong said.

Everyone looked around, no one stood up.

Missions could be turned in at any time, they did not need to wait until a meeting.

Gu Ye did not want to do the mission of guarding old earth wood, but the time limit was not up yet, handing in the mission early would cause some of his contribution points to be deducted.

"Very well, now you can put up your own requests." Yin Liu Gong said.

Once he said that, the entire discussion hall became heated. Voices overlapped each other, they were talking about Gu recipes for Gu refinement, collecting certain materials, appraising a certain Gu worm, getting information on certain matters, all sorts of requests were put up, with varying content.

Fang Yuan spoke too, he wanted to ask for a method to get rid of his immortal zombie status, a method that could revive him.

This caused much laughter around him.

"Brother Sha, you have not made an oath yet, you do not have a Zombie Alliance token yet, without contribution points, how can you put up a mission?" Gu Ye reminded him.

"So that's it." Fang Yuan frowned.

"Don't be anxious, after the meeting ends, I will bring you to get your new identity token. This token can record all of the contributions you have done for the alliance. Furthermore, your request is the request of all of us immortal zombies, you do not need to purchase it specially. Look at the few missions at the top." Gu Ye pointed at the ever-changing image.

Fang Yuan's gaze turned around, and he saw that at the top of the mission board, there were several missions. One of them had much larger font than the rest.

"Selling the research results of how to get rid of the zombie status and regain life through generations of work in Zombie Alliance." Fang Yuan read it.

"There are prices stated there, but even the smallest research results need twenty contribution points." Gu Ye was very familiar with this information.

In truth, every immortal zombie was very familiar with the details of this mission.

What was the reason most immortal zombies joined Zombie Alliance?

Was it not to find a method to get rid of their immortal zombie status and revive themselves?

The reason for creating Zombie Alliance was also to research on how to revive immortal zombies.

"Brother Gu, are there any immortal zombies in Zombie Alliance who have revived due to these research findings?" Fang Yuan asked again.

"According to rumors, there seems to be cases of it." Gu Ye said in an uncertain tone.

"Seems to be?" Fang Yuan frowned.

"You have to know, a lot of the research findings here are priced at a thousand contribution points or more to exchange them. After you join the alliance, you have to sign an agreement and will not be allowed to sell these research findings on your own." Gu Ye laughed bitterly as he said.

He saw Fang Yuan frowning even more deeply, stating: "You do not need to worry too much, at least I can guarantee that these findings are not fake. I had exchanged for one of them previously, it had great use. If you can obtain these findings, you will be able to step on the foundation of these predecessors, you will save much effort."

Fang Yuan nodded.

Zombie Alliance was an organization that responded to the mentality of the members. By using the research findings as the bait to keep the members working, almost no immortal zombies could stay away.

Even if the immortal zombie exchanges for many findings, as long as they have not revived, they would still need to work for Zombie Alliance.

The most amazing thing was that Zombie Alliance preserved some hope for the immortal zombies — even if this research finding did not work, maybe the next one could help them to revive?

Fang Yuan did not need to ponder upon it to know that the prices would be extremely high, they had to use an immense amount of contribution points to exchange for most of the research findings.

"But thankfully, the inheritance in Earth Trench was left behind by a great expert immortal zombie. There are research findings inside for the rebirth of immortal zombies as well. In my previous life, because Northern Plains' immortal zombies obtained this, their battle strength surged rapidly. In fact, for a period of time, Northern Plains Zombie Alliance closed themselves away from the rest of the regions, it was even more powerful than the main branch, Eastern Sea Zombie Alliance."

The reason why Fang Yuan entered Northern Plains Zombie Alliance was to obtain that inheritance.

Fang Yuan had little interest in working hard normally and accumulating contribution points slowly in order to exchange for the research findings in Zombie Alliance.

After all, the time and effort expended was too much.

After a while, the discussion hall became silent again.

All the immortal zombies had put up their missions and stated the contribution points for them. Everyone's gazes were fixed on the image in front of them, some were looking around while others were thinking.

Yin Liu Gong continued to direct the meeting: "We will now issue missions. Do it one by one, do not be noisy. First, it will be the mission of feeding the ancient desolate beast half moon qilin in Zombie Alliance."

"I'll do it!"

"I'll take this mission."

"Mm, I want to compete for this mission."

The moment Yin Liu Gong spoke, several immortal zombies responded, fighting for this mission.

Gu Ye explained to Fang Yuan softly: "The half moon qilin is an ancient desolate beast, it is not easy to feed. But its pregnancy period is about to end, it is going to give birth to a half moon qilin soon. These young qilin are born as desolate beasts. As they grow up, they would develop into ancient desolate beast half moon qilin. Many members in Zombie Alliance are trying to take advantage of this. They want to be close to the young qilin to gain an advantage, making it their own, and establish a strong relationship between them before paying the contribution points."

"So that is it." Fang Yuan understood, so this was the reason. No wonder so many people were fighting over the mission, after all, the half moon qilin would grow into an ancient desolate beast after maturing, it had battle strength equivalent to rank seven Gu Immortals.

Even Fang Yuan was slightly moved.

But he was only moved, he had just arrived and had a secret motive. Blindly contesting now would attract unnecessary animosity and attention, it was not good for him.

Regarding the half moon qilin's feeding, everyone fought over it intensely. Eventually, Yin Liu Gong lowered the contribution points of this mission to three hundred, before some people gave up and the sole winner emerged.

Feeding the half moon qilin was not an easy task. Sometimes, when the qilin has a bad temper, ordinary rank six immortal zombies could not handle it, they might even get injured.

Most importantly, when the qilin is pregnant, it would feel great pain, it would damage the surroundings to divert its attention. This was a dangerous process, just three hundred contribution points made many immortal zombies back out.

And even if the half moon qilin was born, the immortal zombie feeding it would only be the first to establish a relationship. This was only a head start, when they truly competed for it later, they would still need to bid a high price.

After the mission of feeding the half moon qilin, was a mission to gather ruyi fungus.

"Ruyi fungus' collection area is between Zombie Alliance and Liu tribe. Every year, when the ruyi fungus ripes, the two forces would split them. But because Liu tribe's power is bigger, they would take advantage of us. The difficulty of this mission is on that point, an immortal zombie with high cultivation level is needed to hold the ground, but they cannot be too overbearing." Gu Ye explained.

With Gu Ye beside him, it was much more convenient for Fang Yuan.

This mission was also quite popular, it fell into the hands of Granny Yuan.

This immortal zombie old lady not only had rank seven cultivation level, she was also closely related to Liu tribe. With her presence, Liu tribe would not go overboard.

"Next is a request from the super force Yao tribe, they want us to provide another immortal zombie for Yao Huang to do research, to improve his healing Immortal Gu. The remuneration for this request is quite a sum." Yin Liu Gong said.

Seeing this mission, most of the immortal zombies showed an indescribable expression on their faces.

Letting someone else do research on them, it was quite hurtful to one's pride, they would lose face. But on the other hand, the researcher was Yao Huang, one of the five great rank eight Gu Immortals in Northern Plains. Furthermore, the reward for this mission was truly profitable.

Everyone looked around, they did not speak.

Yin Liu Gong expected this scene, he smiled lightly as he looked at Fang Yuan: "I wonder if Sha Huang is interested in this mission?"

Fang Yuan immediately shook his head, giving a forced smile: "I have no interest."

He had too many secrets on him, simply the two apertures alone could not be easily exposed.

Yin Liu Gong nodded, no longer urging him. But his intention, other than to probe Fang Yuan's personality and foundation, was to induce some of the other immortal zombies to make a move.

As he expected, soon, several immortal zombies spoke up, wanting to accept this mission.

These few people competed, but their voices were not loud, they spoke softly with expressionless faces, after all, being used as research material was very damaging to one's reputation.

Gu Ye was beside Fang Yuan, explaining this to him.

Fang Yuan knew the situation of these immortal zombies, they were those bottom-tier immortal zombies, because they were stuck between reputation and benefits, they chose the latter.

The following missions were of all different aspects, there was a huge number of different missions.

There was a mission requesting the super force Yuan tribe to return an Immortal Gu, back then, Zombie Alliance's leader had loaned an Immortal Gu to Yuan tribe. Before the leader went to Eastern Sea, she instructed them to urge Yuan tribe to return the Immortal Gu.

But Yuan tribe had long exceeded the loan period, yet they refused to return it. Zombie Alliance would send members there every year to request for it, but they had always ended in failure. Not only did Yuan tribe find excuses for themselves, they even chased away Zombie Alliance members using force when the situation escalated.

Initially, no immortal zombie wanted to take this mission, Yin Liu Gong had to raise the contribution points and it was finally accepted by someone.

There were also requests for purchasing glass soil and diamond soil, missions to capture beast groups or collect souls. The final mission was related to Fang Yuan, it came from Fairy Li Shan who was looking for souls everywhere for the production of guts Gu, she even went to Zombie Alliance.

The most popular mission was to enter deep into Earth Trench and collect black oil.

Black oil was extremely helpful to immortal zombies. Spreading the black oil in the dead aperture could slow the speed of the disintegration of the blessed land. In the outside world, or to other Gu Immortals, it was a very useful Gu refinement material that was widely used, it had a huge market.

Black oil from Earth Trench was the most important trading item in Zombie Alliance, it was akin to the sale of guts Gu for Fang Yuan.

But the scale of the black oil trade was much larger than the guts Gu trade.

Every time immortal zombies went deep into the Earth Trench to extract black oil, other than handing up the amount required by the mission, they would keep the rest for themselves. Thus, the profit of this mission was publicly recognized as among the best for immortal zombies.

As a result, almost everyone fought for this mission.

Fang Yuan wanted to compete for it as well, if he could enter Earth Trench through this and secretly take that inheritance, it would be ideal.

But it was a pity that he had just arrived, he did not have the Zombie Alliance token yet, it was not wise or realistic to fight for it blindly. Furthermore, this mission had a time limit too, Fang Yuan was busy with the auction and Refinement Path Convention, he did not have time to deal with this mission.

Eventually, this mission was taken by three immortal zombies.

In winning the three spots on this mission, not only would these three victors not have any contribution points as rewards, they even had to pay several hundred contribution points to Zombie Alliance.

From this, one could see how profitable the extraction of black oil was.


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