Reverend Insanity
741 Immortal Zombie Discussion
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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741 Immortal Zombie Discussion

Speaking of the door of the discussion hall, it had quite the origin, it was created by the founder of Northern Plains Zombie Alliance.

This predecessor's name was already lost in history, but his methods were simply divine.

The door was filled with all sorts of dao marks, some people had guessed that consumable Immortal Gu were used on it.

Only immortal zombies in Northern Plains could be acknowledged by the door, and would be able to push it open. If it was not someone who ascended to a Gu Immortal in Northern Plains, their immortal aperture world would have the heaven and earth qi of other regions. Once their hand is placed on it, they would be repelled. If one was a Northern Plains Gu Immortal, but not an immortal zombie, this door would heavier than a mountain, they would not be able to push it at all.

Although Fang Yuan was not born in Northern Plains, after reaching Northern Plains, he had adapted to the environment and had ascended to an immortal in Northern Plains, thus this door did not hinder him at all.

Dark Flow Giant City had expanded many times throughout history, but this door had been preserved intentionally.

The members of Northern Plains Zombie Alliance were very confident in this door. When they heard Huang Quan Weng's words, their gazes towards Fang Yuan became milder.

Yin Liu Gong nodded: "Huang Quan Weng is right, you two, take a seat, you are just in time for the meeting. In addition, give Gu Ye some credit, he recommended a new member, according to the rules, he should be given three hundred contribution points."

Fang Yuan knew that recommending a new member had benefits, but after hearing this, he immediately turned his gaze towards Gu Ye beside him.

Gu Ye felt ashamed when he was stared at, like he had taken major advantage.

He pulled Fang Yuan's arm: "Come, brother Sha, sit beside me."

Everyone saw this and felt a deeper impression of Fang Yuan's ignorance.

In the discussion hall, the immortal zombies sat nearly in a circular manner.

Only the direction that led to the discussion hall's door was left empty, forming a path for them to walk in and out, the other directions were filled with seats.

These seats were not in one row, from high to low, there were three rows.

The lowest row was for rank six immortal zombies, there were the most number of people on this row.

The center row was for rank seven immortal zombies, only a few were present.

The highest row was empty, it was for rank eight immortal zombies.

Gu Ye dragged Fang Yuan with much enthusiasm towards his seat. His seat was not empty, there was a will there, the appearance of the will greatly resembled Gu Ye.

Gu Ye waved his hand and the will entered his mind, he immediately asked Fang Yuan to sit down.

"The meeting is not always attended in person, if we are busy, we will use a will to participate instead of our main bodies. Brother Sha, do you have wisdom path Gu worms? If you do not, I will give you one." Gu Ye said in a low voice.

"Of course I do." Fang Yuan replied. He expressed ignorance in relation to Zombie Alliance, but he did not want everyone to think that he was a complete newbie.

The effect of wisdom path Gu worms was common knowledge among Gu Immortals, he had to know them.

Fang Yuan answered as he sat to the left of Gu Ye.

The two seats beside Gu Ye were empty.

There were so many seats, most of the immortal zombies were seated far from each other. Although there were more than twenty of them, most were wills, only a small number attended in person.

Seeing that Fang Yuan and Gu Ye had sat down, Yin Liu Gong coughed: "Alright, now we will start the meeting. First, we will talk about the important affairs."

Saying this, he pointed at the table.

An image was shown, a spherical figure rose up from the center, turning into a volcano.

This volcano was quite strange, it was short like a gourd. It shook intensely, spewing lava out at times. Above the volcano, thick smoke was rumbling, almost forming a dark cloud and blocking out the sunlight.

"The flame furnace has erupted, I'm sure everyone knows this. This is a troublesome affair, we have to settle this by suppressing it as soon as possible. The longer it is dragged out, the harder it is to deal with. Our initial assessment is, if anyone can successfully suppress the flame furnace, they will get a thousand Zombie Alliance contribution points." Yin Liu Gong said.

The immortal zombie began to converse with each other softly.

Gu Ye introduced for Fang Yuan: "This flame furnace is a great place for Gu refinement, it is especially good for refining fire path Gu worms. In the history of Zombie Alliance, there was once a refinement path immortal zombie who refined Immortal Gu in the flame furnace. But for the last few hundred years, we have not seen any refinement path grandmaster in Zombie Alliance. The flame furnace was left forgotten, at most the leader only used it several times, because it was unused, it was also not maintained, thus it is erupting more regularly."

Fang Yuan nodded.

Gu Ye continued: "The flame furnace is extremely hot, especially the inner core area, it is like a sea of fire. Often when the issues happen, fire path immortal zombies would go. But the fire path immortal zombie has to have some refinement path background. They have to preserve or even fix the Gu formation that was set up, otherwise, forceful suppression would destroy it, they might as well not do anything. If the mission fails, not only would they earn nothing, they might even lose out."

Fang Yuan mentally understood this clearly.

They had to be of fire path cultivation and have refinement path attainment, this resulted in very few eligible people. No wonder those in the hall only discussed it for a while before keeping quiet, turning their gaze towards a certain will in the hall.

Yin Liu Gong broke the silence, he looked at the will, saying: "In the past, leader went to suppress it personally, but now that leader is in Eastern Sea, within our Zombie Alliance, you are the most suitable person, Craftsman Huo De. Huo De, what do you think?"

This red will thought about it before saying: "My cultivation level is too low, it is very hard to suppress the flame furnace. But if everyone agrees, I will not reject it. Except that a thousand contribution points is simply too low."

Yin Liu Gong nodded: "A thousand contribution points is only an initial estimation, in that case, we will raise it to one thousand and two hundred, are you willing to accept that?"

"I am willing." Huo De's will said.

"Good, now, onto the second matter." Yin Liu Gong did not drag on, he changed the topic: "A yaksha octopus has appeared in Earth Trench, it is wrecking havoc. It is seriously affecting our extraction of the black oil. A while ago, Doctor Yin Xuan and Landlord Lei Yu were injured by this ancient desolate beast, if you can chase this beast away, you will get a thousand contribution points. If you can kill this beast, you will be given two thousand contribution points."

Fang Yuan heard this and his heart jumped.

The treasure that he wanted to take was deep within Earth Trench, and was guarded by a group of yaksha octopuses.

This treasure was the reason why he joined Northern Plains Zombie Alliance now.

In the circular area, the image of the volcano changed, it became an octopus monster, roaming around in Earth Trench. Large numbers of tentacles were moving around, causing waves in the thick black oil.

Seeing this, the discussion hall became much quieter.

It was not easy to deal with an ancient desolate beast.

Not only did ancient desolate beasts have rank seven Gu Immortal battle strength, the immortal zombie themselves were inferior to ordinary Gu Immortals, they had much to worry about. An intense battle carried great risks. If they could not gain something, they would return with a huge loss. Even if they won, they would need to weigh it with their condition before battling.

Winning the battle, but losing out in terms of profits, they might as well not fight.

All of the immortal zombies here were astute.

Seeing no answers, Yin Liu Gong turned his head towards Dragon Commander Ye Cha beside him: "Dragon Commander, this yaksha octopus is compatible with your business, why don't you take on this task?"

But Dragon Commander Ye Cha shook his head, rejecting on the spot: "I'll not hide it from you, I received Qin Bai Sheng's invitation and have planned to attend the auction. There are some items in the auction that I have been searching for years. Now is a crucial time, I cannot take the risk. But I am willing to hand out an additional six hundred contribution points to this mission."

Once he said that, many of the rank six immortal zombies' eyes flashed.

Killing this yaksha octopus was not easy for rank six immortal zombies. But to force it to retreat, it would not be difficult for several rank six immortal zombies teaming up.

But this mission only awarded a thousand contribution points earlier, when split among them, it was too little. Now that Dragon Commander Ye Cha took out six hundred contribution points on his own, some people were moved.

Battling with an ancient desolate beast was risky undoubtedly, but as long as the benefits were enough, risks were not an obstacle.

Immediately, three groups of people stated that they could accept this mission. The first two groups were alliances of rank six immortal zombies. The third was a single rank seven immortal zombie.

After some negotiations, this mission was taken by the rank seven immortal zombie.

Seeing that this troublesome mission was taken by someone, Yin Liu Gong sighed in relief mentally: "Next is the last mission, it involves the Red Fiend Divine Boat."

"Red Fiend Divine Boat?" Fang Yuan's gaze shined, he quickly thought of that glorious and huge flying boat that charged freely in the battlefield during the five regions chaotic war.

Gu Ye beside him explained softly: "You just joined Zombie Alliance, it is normal that you do not know. Red Fiend Divine Boat is a famous Immortal Gu House in history, it is very powerful. Earlier, a Northern Plains lone cultivator coincidentally obtained the entire recipe for the Red Fiend Divine Boat, but because he did not have the ability to refine it, he tried selling it everywhere. Leader tried to buy this boat's recipe, paying a huge price and buying about half of this recipe."

Fang Yuan thought: This Northern Plains Zombie Alliance leader had quite the ambition.

Immortal Gu Houses were more complete than immortal killer moves, they were the symbol of super forces.

Basically, every super force owned an Immortal Gu House.

Northern Plains Zombie Alliance's leader wanted to obtain an Immortal Gu House, that was obviously an intention to elevate this branch to the level of a super force.

"We encountered some problems." Yin Liu Gong said in a low tone: "The Gu Immortal who sold the Divine Boat's recipe broke the agreement and did not want to deal with us anymore. He wants to sell the Red Fiend Divine Boat's recipe and the core Immortal Gu's recipe in the auction for a good price. How will Zombie Alliance deal with this problem?"

The immortal zombies started discussing again.

"The auction again! These recent days, I have been extorted many times, all because of this auction." An immortal zombie was full of grievance, but it was not Gu Ye.

"This Gu Immortal has quite the guts, merely a lone cultivator but actually breaking the agreement with our Zombie Alliance."

"Kill him, we have to kill him, otherwise if news spread, all of our Zombie Alliance's face will be lost!"

"Although Zombie Alliance is weaker than a super force, lone cultivators have no place to bully us."

The immortal zombies shouted, most wanted to battle.

Fang Yuan nodded secretly, although immortal zombies had much to worry about, when huge benefits were involved, they would still dare to fight it out. But he did not favor Zombie Alliance's chances, because in his previous life, the force who controlled the Red Fiend Divine Boat was not them.


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