Reverend Insanity
734 Two Great Events
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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734 Two Great Events

"To think that more than four hundred years before the end of my previous life, dream realms had already shown up." Fang Yuan held the letter sending green bird Gu in his hand as he sighed in his heart.

At once, he lost the mood to test his killer moves.

In Fang Yuan's previous life, Central Continent was the first to trigger the war, suppressing the other four regions singlehandedly, and expanding rapidly. After that, the four regions collaborated, resisting Central Continent's invasion with much difficulty.

The entire war had gone into a stalemate, and when the four regions joined hands and attempted to attack Central Continent in return, dream realms appeared in all five regions.

In this world, ever since Ren Zu produced the first batch of humans, humans began to dream. Every time they dreamed, they would expand the dream realms, providing strength to them.

After countless days, a vast amount of time and changes, many heroes and geniuses rose up among humans, constantly expanding the dream realms.

The dream realms got bigger and bigger, finally attaining a qualitative change and surfacing to the outside world.

The people soon discovered that even though the environment of a dream realm was extreme and complex, dangerous and strange, it had great benefits. In dream realms, people could obtain the foundations of ancient people, allowing their cultivation realms to surge and improve rapidly.

The rise of their attainment could be in terms of decades, a century, or even centuries of hard work.

Because of dream realms, the attainments of Gu Masters rose rapidly, this led to an increase in their strength, and produced many amazing experts.

Previously, resources were held in the hands of clans and sects, attainment levels were hard to raise, and unless one was an incredible genius, they would not be able to rise up.

After dream realms appeared, their attainment levels rose, like they were standing on the shoulders of former geniuses, Gu Masters could recreate many Gu worms and killer moves, and on this basis, they could develop new Gu, Gu recipes, and new killer moves that were tailored to their abilities.

That was the flourishing of a super level great era.

Many small forces lacking in prominence rose up, countless lone cultivators emerged.

The appearance of dream realms devastated the rigid system and structures. Social order was in upheaval, the immense benefits made the people go wild!

Originally, the four regions were collaborating to resist Central Continent, but before they even began, the plan was halted.

All the different forces, countless Gu Immortals and Gu Masters, they all placed their attentions on dream realms.

In order to compete for all of the surfaced dream realms, the five regions fought against each other, resulting in a thoroughly chaotic war.

In order to explore the dream realm more efficiently, many knowledgeable people, talents and geniuses, produced the necessary Gu worms. Soon, the newly discovered dream path was rapidly formed and developed.

The legendary rank eight wisdom path Gu Immortal — Immortal Yi Yan's 'Prophecy of Three Venerables', was brought up once again.

He predicted that many years later, after three great eras, three venerables would appear, two men and one woman. The first was Spectral Soul Demon Venerable, second was Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable and third was Great Dream Immortal Venerable. As for the problem regarding the space escape Gu, it would be solved by Great Dream Immortal Venerable.

Spectral Soul Demon Venerable and Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable had already shown up, this made everyone believe in the prophecy more deeply.

The two were linked together, forming a common theory — the dream realm was the opportunity to become Great Dream Immortal Venerable, whoever can control the entire dream realm would be able to use the accumulations of past individuals to become a historical figure that transcends sages, a king among immortal kings, a venerable above venerables, Great Dream Immortal Venerable!

"In my previous life, the reason why I could rise up and become the lord of an area was not only because of my fortuitous encounter involving blood path, but also because of the five regions chaotic war. All of the super forces had much lower control over the situation at that time, and because they were focused on exploring dream realms, they could not pay attention to the real world situation, and that gave me the time and freedom to develop and grow. Unfortunately, by the time I had control in the real world, this new area known as dream realms had already been split up by all the huge forces. Even though I could enter dream realms and explore using mortal dream path Gu, I was lagging behind everyone as a beginner. Unless I had a dream path Immortal Gu, that would be the only way to catch up."

Precisely because of this, Fang Yuan gathered Song Zhong and other demonic path Gu Immortals to attack Hu Immortal blessed land, killing Feng Jin Huang. Unfortunately, he did not get her dream wings Immortal Gu.

Lacking an Immortal Gu and only having dream path mortal Gu, this caused Fang Yuan's exploration of dream realms to be without any important discoveries, while he was constantly chased away and suppressed by the large forces.

Fang Yuan had obtained a blood path inheritance in his previous life, he was constantly chased after and had an arrest warrant on him. After building the Blood Wing Demon Sect, he had spent a lot of effort managing his sect, it took away a lot of his time and effort. All in all, he missed the golden era of exploring dream realms.

After rebirth, he had been reflecting upon this. This was a mistake, although mostly due to external pressure forcing him, a small part of it was due to his poor judgment.

Thus, in this life, he remembered this lesson and even though he had a foundation in blood path, he did not dare to cultivate blood path rashly before taking that crucial blood path inheritance.

Blood path Gu Masters were hunted down like rats, not only did the righteous path issue warrants to arrest them, even demonic path members were wary of them. Only during the five regions chaotic war, when law and order broke down, could blood path emerge and prosper at a time when nobody could afford to care about them.

"It turns out that dream realms surfaced more than four hundred years earlier than the end of my previous life. All of the super forces had interactions with them long ago, thus, in about three hundred years, when dream realms surfaced extensively, these forces could enter and expand their influence. They were prepared since long ago, it was not my inability that I lost to them."

At this point of time, Fang Yuan was still a mortal during his previous life, desperately living at the bottom level of Gu Masters, restrained by his memories and experiences on Earth. Only after a long time did he break free of the limitations and shackles of such a mentality.

Sometimes, the advantage of being a transmigrator can also be a disadvantage.

This caused his information to deviate from what was happening in reality.

For example, like Starry Sky grotto-heaven.

Star Constellation immortal zombie was Seven Star Child immortal zombie. What Fang Yuan knew in his previous life was that this Star Constellation immortal zombie was a lucky person who had gained the most benefits inside the fragment worlds of Starry Sky grotto-heaven. But the truth was, he was the owner of Starry Sky grotto-heaven.

The reason why he called himself Star Constellation immortal zombie was most likely because of Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's dream realm surfacing inside his grotto-heaven. This resulted in Seven Star Child obtaining some of Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's accumulation.

"This matter regarding Seven Star Child is what originally happened. But Feng Jin Huang understanding the true usage of dream wings Immortal Gu was much earlier than in my previous life. Was this the effect of me snatching Hu Immortal blessed land from her?" Fang Yuan thought.

"After Feng Jin Huang learned about the true effect of dream wings Immortal Gu, Spirit Affinity House was sure to be alerted. And this in turn would affect the other nine great ancient sects as well. And from the other nine sects, the entirety of Central Continent would be affected. There is no wall in this world that can block all winds, in this way, the speed at which the people in this world learn about dream realms would be greatly pushed forward by me."

Thinking of this, Fang Yuan felt a strong sense of urgency.

Dream realms were an entirely new field, they were dangerous and complex, even though there was only one type of resource in them, they were extremely profitable. Fang Yuan would not commit the same mistake from his previous life twice.

"However, in the current situation, dream realms would not surface on a large scale. Dream realms that have surfaced can be explored using dream path mortal Gu. Those dream realms that have not surfaced can only be explored by using dream path Immortal Gu."

Fang Yuan was extremely aware of the value of dream path Immortal Gu.

But currently, with Fairy Bai Qing and Feng Jiu Ge around, even though dream wings Immortal Gu was in the hands of Feng Jin Huang, a mortal, nobody dared to target her.

Dream Travel was in the hands of the Northern Plains Gu Immortal, Lady Poison Scorpion, she lay dormant in Zi Du blessed land, and was the first Gu Immortal who used Dream Travel to explore dream realms, in the future, she used the identity of a lone cultivator to become the third overlord of dream realms. Lady Poison Scorpion was a rank seven Gu Immortal, her battle strength was even greater than Hei Cheng, and the defense of her blessed land was like an iron fortress. It was not easy to target her either.

As for the other dream path Immortal Gu, they were either not created yet or had not appeared yet, their origins were unknown.

Fang Yuan thought about it for a while, he used his primeval essence and wiped away the details on the letter sending green bird Gu, using his thoughts to fill it with words of his own.

He agreed to Feng Jin Huang's challenge, to have a competition during the Refinement Path Convention.

"Feng Jin Huang has dream wings Immortal Gu, she has confidence in herself. But my refinement path attainment has advanced from master level to quasi-grandmaster level, why would I be afraid of this junior?"

Fang Yuan snorted in his heart.

Deducing Immortal Gu recipes for Lang Ya land spirit was an opportunity, it allowed his refinement path realm to reach a breakthrough recently.

"Refinement Path Convention, it concerns the Infallible inheritance, such a grand event, even if Feng Jin Huang did not challenge me, I would have gone there to get a share of the rewards. However, joining the Refinement Path Convention will need me to prepare my own Gu refinement materials. If I want to have any gains, I will need to start collecting materials now.

Fang Yuan had the experience of participating in the Refinement Path Convention from his previous life.

To get a good ranking, he would need to prepare a huge amount of materials, worth at least five hundred immortal essence stones. A clever wife cannot cook without rice, even the best Gu recipe could not proceed without the relevant materials.

"Other than this, I have to attend the huge auction that Qin Bai Sheng is organizing with Fairy Li Shan as well." According to the newest information, this auction would have a segment for exchanging Immortal Gu.

Immortal Gu could not be bought, commonly speaking, they could only be exchanged.

When Gu Immortals obtain Immortal Gu, they might not suit their own path. At this time, they would undergo exchange with other Gu Immortals, to get an Immortal Gu that was suited for themselves, to display greater effect when used.

Just like Fang Yuan's worldly wave trace Immortal Gu, this was a water path Immortal Gu, the effect was much weaker when Fang Yuan used it as compared to a water path Gu Immortal.

This was because worldly wave trace Immortal Gu had the law of water path, meanwhile, Fang Yuan was a strength path Gu Immortal, his body was filled with strength path dao marks, strength path and water path interfered with each other, reducing the normal capability of this Immortal Gu.

During the five regions chaotic war in Fang Yuan's previous life, because battles were common, these Gu exchange sessions became much more frequent as well. But now was still a long time away from the war.

This grand auction in Northern Plains would probably be the only large scale Immortal Gu exchanging opportunity for the next two hundred years. Fang Yuan naturally had to make use of it.

Other than that, he was also very interested in the luck path inheritance.

"Auction and Refinement Path Convention, both of them need huge amounts of immortal essence stones. I have only two hundred immortal essence stones on me now, I can barely join in either of the grand events. It seems I can only rely on Lang Ya land spirit's idea of selling blessed lands of Gu Immortals."


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