Reverend Insanity
733 Recognizing one“s own ordinariness
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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733 Recognizing one“s own ordinariness

With the previous refinement experience, this second attempt was much easier for Fang Yuan when refining the desolate beast bat wings.

After over half a month in Hu Immortal blessed land, he transplanted this pair of desolate beast bat wings onto his back. In accordance with his usual practice, Fang Yuan still chose to retain the sense of pain in the bat wings.

On this day, Fang Yuan was testing his killer moves on the top of Dang Hun mountain.

Hundred li eye.

He activated the killer move; his bright red pupils suddenly enlarged. He could see the grassland or debris within a hundred li of his surroundings with extreme clarity, like they were in front of him. Outside of a hundred li, his sight became blurry but was still much clearer than seeing with the naked eye.

After four hundred li, his line of sight reached the limit. it was all blurry and he could only distinguish some color and shadows.

"Hundred li eye is the base for thousand li eye, the latter is an immortal killer move and requires corresponding Immortal Gu to be used." Fang Yuan nodded in satisfaction, this killer move was valued six immortal essence stones and it indeed had outstanding effect.

It was just that the vision could not see through stealth or bypass obstacles, if any obstacles blocked the sight, the thing behind the obstacle could not be seen. This was the downside of hundred li eye.

Fang Yuan remembered both the merits and demerits, as he lightly flapped the wings on his back and flew to the sky.

He continued to maintain hundred li eye while flying, looking at the sky and ground with clear vision.

Lion fur armor.

He willed and activated the defensive killer move.

Soon, his body was covered in a layer of bronze armor with a helmet resembling a lion's head. Even his wings were covered with a layer of thick plate, greatly raising its defense.

But the speed, however, became slower.

"Lion fur armor and true solid bat wings cannot perfectly complement each other. Once I activate lion fur armor, true solid bat wings will have its speed reduced. If I don't use it, my speed might be fast but my defense will be lacking." Fang Yuan frowned.

This problem surpassed the range of his capabilities.

To create a movement killer move like lion fur armor, he had to balance the dao marks of three paths and it was the limit of his master attainment realm in transformation path.

Adding true solid bat wings on top of that was too difficult for Fang Yuan.

If he had grandmaster attainment in transformation path, there was a possibility. But reaching grandmaster realm required large amounts of time and accumulation. This time was not only tens of years but could be a hundred years or even several hundreds of years.

Fang Yuan's highest attainment realms currently were blood path and strength path.

Blood path grandmaster realm was achieved by Fang Yuan in his previous life after two to three hundred years of deep accumulation, it could be seen how difficult it was to raise one's realm and accumulate their foundation.

His strength path attainment was also at grandmaster realm, and besides a small part of the accumulation being from his previous life, most was from obtaining Reckless Savage Demon Venerable's true meaning infusion. Otherwise, he would have required two or three hundred years of accumulation to reach grandmaster realm.

At the Gu Immortal level, one had the strength to search and obtain lifespan Gu or other methods to prolong lifespan. Ordinary mortals had lifespans of one hundred years. But as long as a Gu Immortal put some effort, they could live several hundreds of years or even a thousand years.

The long lifespans and time involved made the significance of 'accumulation' even more heavy.

Why were Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan not able to beat Immortal Monkey King Shi Lei?

It was because after Shi Lei became a Gu Immortal, he relied on Combat Immortal Sect and had accumulated all sorts of experiences and insights for close to three hundred years! Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan had only recently advanced to Gu Immortal, how could they compare to Shi Lei's three hundred years of accumulation?

It was normal for them to not be able to defeat him!

If so, why did Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan have battle strength at the upper tier of rank six Gu Immortals when they advanced only recently?

Fang Yuan relied on the gains found in Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, while Hei Lou Lan relied on her mother's inheritance as well as the help of her aunt, Fairy Li Shan.

In other words, they had borrowed help from the accumulation of their predecessors!

"If I want my battle strength to improve drastically, just relying on myself to advance step by step would no doubt be a very long and inefficient process. In my previous life, when I walked on the blood path, I spent over two hundred years before I was able to comprehend a dozen or so mortal killer moves and create hundreds of new blood path Gu. I naturally need to learn from this lesson."

"In this world, heroes emerge in large numbers and geniuses are everywhere. Stars and peaks have been shining constantly in the long history of time. If someone wants to stick out and move forward bravely, they can only take advantage of their predecessors' inheritances and accumulations, absorbing their essences. All rivers flow into the sea, by being able to gather the different specialties together, only then can one rise above the group and become a ruler of people, achieving supreme feats."

Fang Yuan's gaze flickered as he flew around, sighing deeply in his heart.

People often believed they were extraordinary when they were young, feeling they were the main characters of the stage. After they undergo some experiences, they would then realize and accept: many other people had talent not inferior to themselves.

The saying goes: No matter how excellent you are, there is always someone more excellent than you.

A person's lifespan was limited in the end, like a lone boat. Meanwhile, the mysteries and profound meanings of heaven and earth were equivalent to a vast, limitless body of water.

Since ancient times, those who were in some sense able to reach the peak of heaven and earth numbered no more than ten. But even they could not reach the peak of all fields. Thus, even Giant Sun Immortal Venerable and Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable had to request for the help of Long Hair Ancestor in the Gu refinement aspect.

There was a record in > —

Ren Zu started walking on the road of life, the surroundings were pure darkness and under his feet was dirty mud.

Ren Zu asked self Gu: "Where is this?"

Self Gu replied: "This is the ordinary marsh in the lowest level of ordinary abyss."

Ren Zu knew of ordinary abyss, his eldest son Verdant Great Sun had once been trapped inside.

Ren Zu could not help but become excited: "Since this is the bottom of ordinary abyss, does that mean I have already left the door of life and death and returned to the living world? Does that mean I am now reborn?"

"In a way, that is true." Self Gu said.

"But how is this possible? I have not passed Luo Po valley and have not charged through the reverse flow river." Ren Zu said in an incredulous tone.

Self Gu said: "Oh human, you should know that you are talking about the path fate Gu traveled. And this path you have walked on is a completely new path, a path created by you. Where this path goes is all decided by your own intentions. Like I said before, as long as you want to walk, there will be a road for you to step on."

Ren Zu suddenly came to a realization: "So it was like this."

He then felt doubtful: "Then how did I walk to this place?"

Self Gu: "Humans are born ordinary. Although they are the spirit of all living beings, they do not have the claws of a tiger nor the ability to absorb nutrients from the earth like plants, and also cannot transform like clouds and rain. You came to the ordinary marsh, what's strange about it? It is not only you, look at the mud under your feet carefully, you will see traces of many other footprints."

Ren Zu lowered his head close to the ground before he was able to see clearly; like self Gu said, ordinary marsh was filled with all kinds of marks. Claws prints of wild beasts, root imprints of vegetation, traces of water flowing and also traces of stones rolling past.

"How can there be so many marks?" Ren Zu asked curiously.

Self Gu replied: "This is ordinary abyss, all living beings will enter here due to various reasons. All living beings are ordinary. But the absolute majority of them will be trapped in ordinary abyss for all their lives. Only a small portion can leave ordinary abyss through their own efforts."

"I do not want to be trapped here for my entire life. There is nothing here, it is completely dark and the air stinks, I want to leave this place." Ren Zu frowned.

Self Gu laughed loudly: "If you think that being ordinary is an abyss, then it is an abyss. But if you think that being ordinary is heaven, then it shall be heaven. Since you do not want to stay here, then leave, use your two legs to walk out of the ordinary marsh step by step and become extraordinary."

Ren Zu took the first step.

Suddenly, his body bent, his front leg was deeply embedded into the marsh.

It was not easy to walk in the marsh, one step was deep, another was shallow. The path which looked almost uniform had some parts that were rather solid, while some were very loose.

Ren Zu walked several steps when his eyes suddenly brightened as he thought of a trick.

He purposely chose to walk on the spots which had the claw marks, since these spots could hold the marks, its soil texture was also much more solid.

Thus, Ren Zu was able to walk very smoothly almost like he was running when compared to his previous speed.

He said with a burst of emotion: "So it turns out that in ordinary marsh, walking in the footsteps of predecessors is much faster than finding the way on your own."


After testing true solid bat wings and lion fur armor, Fang Yuan descended onto a slope.

Unfamiliar face.

Fang Yuan activated this newly obtained mortal killer move.

Almost all the Gu worms required for this killer move were essentially purchased from treasure yellow heaven by Hu Immortal land spirit, while the last remaining portions were refined by the hairy men.

Under the effect of the killer move, Fang Yuan's bat wings retracted, his eight rough and thick arms also changed to two. His sharp teeth were greatly shortened while his scarlet red eyes also turned lighter.

Finally, Fang Yuan's six meter tall body shrunk back to a normal person's height with great changes to his appearance.

It was only that his immortal zombie body was still an immortal zombie body, it could not be hidden.

Despite this, Fang Yuan could not help but praise: "Wonderful! This is only a mortal killer move but it is able to change my immortal body to this extent. Indeed worthy of being an invention of Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable."

Fang Yuan could imagine that if he was still a mortal, he could completely transform to any appearance, even changing to a woman perfectly.

He now had an immortal body, his body was filled with strength path dao marks. And as a mortal killer move, it was definitely not easy to alter his appearance to this extent.

The main thing was that this transformation was not an illusion but a real transformation of his physical body, even involving subtle transformation of his aura.

In short, even if Fang Yuan stood in front of Tai Bai Yun Sheng right now, the latter would not be able to recognize this immortal zombie was his own junior brother within a short period of time.

"Master, your appearance became much better looking. Ah, this letter just came in." Right at this time, the land spirit, Little Hu Immortal, appeared while holding a letter Gu which she handed to Fang Yuan.

"Hmm? Letter sending green bird Gu... Spirit Affinity House finally responded?" Fang Yuan's gaze flashed as he took the letter Gu and sent in his consciousness.

In a short while, he retracted his consciousness, a pondering expression flashed across his face: "Feng Jin Huang actually wants me to participate in the Refinement Path Convention to compete in refinement path? I remember she had no interest in refinement path in her early years and her accumulation in this field could be said to be like a blank sheet of paper right now. So why does she have so much confidence to compete with me in Gu refinement? Could it be that she had already discovered the true use of dream wings Immortal Gu?"

Fang Yuan's heart sank.

"Dream Wings, dream path..." Fang Yuan's eyes turned cloudy as he recalled the details of his previous life.

In his previous life, why did he gang up with a group of demonic path Gu Immortals to think of all sorts of ways to attack Hu Immortal blessed land? It was to kill Feng Jin Huang and seize dream wings Immortal Gu!


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