Reverend Insanity
732 Top Tier Mortal Killer Move
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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732 Top Tier Mortal Killer Move

Hu Immortal blessed land, Dang Hun palace.

Fang Yuan was sitting cross-legged on a cushion, looking at a pair of bat wings in front of him with full concentration.

A pair of large bat wings was hovering in front of him, thin and small scales of an eerie blue color with each having the size of a pinkie finger grew on the wings. As light refracted from the scales, it seemed to be giving off starlight.

After Fang Yuan returned from Lang Ya blessed land, he started repairing the star demon bat's wings. After nine days and nine nights of effort, it had reached the current crucial moment.

"Whether I can fix these bat wings or not depends on this." Fang Yuan willed and summoned a mortal Gu from his aperture.

He flicked his finger and threw this crucial mortal Gu in.

The mortal Gu turned into a drop of jade green liquid which created a layer of green light when it shot into the bat wings.

The radiance flowed like water, the green light spread and soon covered the entire pair of bat wings.

In the blink of an eye, the green light dispersed and was replaced by fine hair that covered the whole of the star demon bat wings.

Fang Yuan meticulously observed and probed with his ten fingers in turn, following his movement, the green haired bat wings also made constant turns in the air, letting Fang Yuan observe it from all angles.

Fang Yuan spread open his fingers, the shrunken star demon bat wings also unfolded. When he saw fine hair growing inside the bat wings, he nodded in satisfaction.

"When Shi Lei attacked and killed this star demon bat, he attacked with no restraint, causing the wings to be greatly damaged when I obtained it. Now I have invested my full effort into restoring it, but whether I can restore it or not, even I don't have much confidence."

Fang Yuan heaved a sigh and stood up.

He casually waved his hand, hundreds of Gu worms flew and circled around the green haired bat wings, tightly securing it inside.

Fang Yuan then passed by the bat wings and walked out of this secret room.

He closed the door of the secret room, darkness enshrouded the green haired bat wings inside the secret room.

Fang Yuan stood outside the door and lightly stamped his foot, calling: "Land spirit."

"Master, master, you called for me!" Little Hu Immortal immediately appeared beside Fang Yuan, her eyes shining and her face carrying a joyful expression of being able to see her master.

"I asked you to pay attention to the business in treasure yellow heaven, how is it going?" Fang Yuan walked as he asked.

Little Hu Immortal closely followed behind, replying: "Master had put the desolate beast corpses in treasure yellow heaven for sale, but only one desolate beast corpse was sold over these days."

Immortal Monkey King Shi Lei had already discovered Fang Yuan, thus, Fang Yuan might as well put these desolate beast corpses up for sale openly in treasure yellow heaven.

He had discussed matters with Hei Lou Lan, the two took what they needed first; Fang Yuan took the yellow jade lion and star demon bat wings while Hei Lou Lan took the flying bear corpse. Fang Yuan was put in charge of selling these beast corpses, no matter what the result was, he would have to give forty percent of the earnings to Hei Lou Lan.

Hei Lou Lan was also not afraid he would renege on his words, after all there was the Snowy Mountain Alliance.

Under normal circumstances, these desolate beast corpses would be popular goods that were quite rare, when they were put in treasure yellow heaven, they would be sold within four to six hours and it was very easy to earn immortal essence stones.

However, Fang Yuan did not want immortal essence stones this time.

He arranged a will to express to other Gu Immortals: to buy these beast corpses, they would have to exchange with specific goods.

First of all was a method for immortal zombies to turn back to human, or any information and clues.

Second was the Gu recipe for white lotus giant silkworm Gu, the Gu worm itself, or corresponding information and clues.

Third was the wings of bat desolate beasts.

Fourth was top tier mortal killer moves, the more outstanding they were, the better.

Fifth was bone path Gu worms like Battle Bone Wheel that could be arranged to form the killer move, White Bone Chariot.

Last was wisdom path inheritances or information and clues about them.

These six conditions were arranged in descending order according to Fang Yuan's needs, the ones listed first would be cheaper for the buyers when they purchase the beast corpses.

Fang Yuan's guts Gu business was extremely thriving right now, he did not lack immortal essence stones for the moment, thus he wanted to exchange them with goods.

Because of this, the desolate beast corpses which were popular goods and easy to sell had become this hard to sell. Twelve days had already passed in Hu Immortal blessed land, but they only managed to sell one desolate beast corpse.

"Oh? What did that beast corpse exchange for?" Fang Yuan asked excitedly.

"One whole chestnut yak was exchanged for a pair of bat desolate beast wings and an investigative killer move called hundred li eye." Little Hu Immortal replied.

Mortal killer moves normally would not exceed six immortal essence stones in treasure yellow heaven.

There were also detailed classifications between them.

Mortal killer moves that sold for half an immortal essence stone were classified as bottom tier goods, but they were better than nothing.

Mortal killer moves that were worth one to two immortal essence stones were mediocre, they could provide some help to Gu Immortals if used properly.

For instance, the killer move Fang Yuan looked at before but did not buy, spiral drill star spear, was valued at one immortal essence stone. Star Lord Wan Xiang's spring star rain was sold at one and a half immortal essence stone. The poison breath killer move which Fairy Li Shan gave Fang Yuan could be sold for two immortal essence stones.

Fang Yuan's previous defensive killer move hair armor was worth two immortal essence stones and was at the peak level of common mortal killer moves. Tai Bai Yun Sheng's defensive killer move nine cloud ring could absorb enemy's attacks to a certain degree before counterattacking, it was valued at two and a half immortal essence stones.

Mortal killer moves worth three immortal essence stones were middle tier, they were reliable methods.

For instance, Western Desert Gu Immortal Plump Lady's killer move, burial dragon sand coffin, was valued at three immortal essence stones.

Mortal killer moves worth four to five immortal essence stones had outstanding might and could not be looked down upon. They were considered as powerful methods that could often change the situation to a certain extent when they were used.

Fang Yuan's icy drill stardust had mixed in Dou Min Jun's inheritance which raised its value to four immortal essence stones. The lion fur armor which was an improved form of hair armor was valued at four and a half immortal essence stones.

And mortal killer moves that were worth six immortal essence stones were classified as top tier, few could be bought in the market. Fang Yuan's reinvented movement killer move, true solid bat wings, would have the effect of this tier if three pairs of bat wings were used.

Killer moves were one of the four main factors that influenced a Gu Immortal's battle strength.

When Fang Yuan possessed icy drill stardust, hair armor and light illusion bat wings, his battle strength had already reached the upper tier of rank six Gu Immortals. In his previous life, before Fang Yuan self-detonated, he possessed more than a dozen mortal killer moves, most of them were top tier level killer moves worth six immortal essence stones. His battle strength had been at the peak of rank six.

However, when one reached rank seven, it was a different scene. The immortal killer moves that consumed green grape immortal essence became common methods. And those immortal killer moves that consumed red date immortal essence became uncommonly used, hidden trump cards.

Most Gu Immortals did not have Immortal Gu, this was referring to rank six Gu Immortals. Gu Immortals that could cultivate to rank seven were even fewer in numbers, they were the elites of elites, experts among experts of rank six who would have experienced innumerable tribulations and calamities, had excellent aptitude, temperament and accumulation. There was no way to justify them not having Immortal Gu.

With Immortal Gu, there would be immortal killer moves.

Immortal killer moves were evolved from using mortal killer moves as a foundation. Like Hei Lou Lan who was trying to modify her strength path killer move to an immortal killer move.

Often one Immortal Gu can form different immortal killer moves according to the differences in mortal Gu. Thus, many Gu Immortals would have offensive killer moves even if they did not have offensive Immortal Gu. For instance, Fang Yuan's myriad self was an offensive killer move, but its core was cleanse soul Immortal Gu which was a support Immortal Gu that helped Gu Immortals in soul path cultivation.

"Hundred li eye..." After hearing Little Hu Immortal's reply, Fang Yuan nodded and commented, "This mortal killer move is valued at six immortal essence stones, it allows the Gu Immortal to observe the scenery within one hundred li as clearly as the lines on one's palm. Good, I was lacking this kind of investigative killer move. But of course, the greatest satisfaction in this transaction is that I obtained another pair of desolate beast bat wings."

He then asked: "Did any important things happen in the blessed land these recent days?"

Little Hu Immortal shook her head and reported that everything was normal.

Such tranquil days were very rare to Fang Yuan after his rebirth.

However, Fang Yuan did not dare to slack even a little. Ever since he saw the external manifestation of a dream realm in his trip to Starry Sky grotto-heaven, he felt a sense of urgency and could vaguely tell that the waves of the new era were coming.

Over the next few days, Fang Yuan began to handle the newly obtained pair of bat wings.

At the same time, he also arranged the old hairy men in the blessed land to refine Gu. The airsac Gu which could store guts Gu were naturally the main focus of the hairy men. Besides this, Fang Yuan divided the refinement procedures of group strength Gu and small family qi Gu, he then separately taught the old hairy men and let them go through similar practice.

These two Gu recipes could not be compared to others, they were ancient Gu recipes, their materials were rare and not easy to find in the present age.

Thus, Fang Yuan first used other similar materials and Gu worms to raise the hairy men's proficiency. When their proficiency reached the level Fang Yuan was satisfied with, only then would he truly let them refine these two Gu.

Fang Yuan's doctrine was to not raise idlers. Since he had already purchased the hairy men, he would try to squeeze every last bit of their worth.

After three days in Hu Immortal blessed land, there was still no activity in treasure yellow heaven.

Fang Yuan had taken care of a small part of the newly obtained bat wings. But the wings of the star demon bat was still being incubated.

Fang Yuan opened the door of the secret room and entered, standing in front of the green haired bat wings.

Right now, the green hair on the bat wings had already grown to be extremely thick and lush.

"Success or failure shall be determined at this moment." Fang Yuan used mortal Gu and with a snapping sound, a spark immediately was sent flying out.

The spark flew to the green haired bat wings, a soft sound echoed, the spark set the green hair aflame, forming a green fire.

The fire appeared quickly and disappeared just as quickly.

In a blink of an eye, the green hair on the bat wings floating in the air was already burnt off, revealing a pair of black bat wings. There were no small blue scales on the bat wings, instead they were replaced by a layer of thick ash.

Fang Yuan showed a trace of disappointment: "Failure."

He softly let out a breath of cloudy air, the weak breath touched the bat wings, this pair of bat wings fell down on the ground like charcoal and broke into pieces.

The bat wings were filled with heavy injuries. Shi Lei had destroyed the star demon bat's wings first to kill it. The wings had thus suffered serious damage, the star demon bat could no longer display its advantage in flying, and was finally killed by Shi Lei.

"Fortunately, I have another pair of bat wings." Fang Yuan quickly got over the disappointment, and soon he was busy in the refining process.


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