Reverend Insanity
729 Splitting Loo
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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729 Splitting Loo

"Star Lord Wan Xiang? It's him..." Hearing the land spirit introduce himself, Fang Yuan revealed a flash of comprehension on his face.

"Land spirit, do you still remember me?" Fang Yuan smiled lightly: "I had bought star fragment grass and the killer move, spring star rain, from your main body previously."

Star Form Child's gaze flickered, he reassessed Fang Yuan as his expression became more gentle: "So it is you, I have some impression."

"Just the land spirit alone cannot take care of the entire blessed land, I wonder if you would like to seek refuge with one of us?" Fang Yuan asked directly.

Hei Lou Lan stood at the side, showing some nervousness on her face, she stared intently at Star Form Child.

Star Form Child nodded his small head, showing some sadness, saying: "To protect this foundation, I will need the help of others. But I have my conditions."

Although Star Form Child was formed from Star Lord Wan Xiang's lingering obsession, it had assimilated with the blessed land and was the representative of the blessed land's will.

If he did not have the help of other Gu Immortals, the blessed land would experience heavenly tribulations and earthly calamities again and again, until it perishes.

Any life form had an instinct for survival, even land spirits were no exception.

"Please speak." Fang Yuan quickly asked.

Star Form Child frowned, pouting as he said angrily: "The reason my main body died in the eighth star hall was because of Song Zi Xing. He caused a huge injury to my main body, forcing me to expose my secret and explore the grotto-heaven with Immortal Monkey King Shi Lei. If you want to become this blessed land's owner, you will need to bring me Song Zi Xing's head!"

"Song Zi Xing's head?" Hei Lou Lan heard this condition and laughed bitterly.

Even though she was not a person from Central Continent, she had heard of Song Zi Xing's reputation.

Song Zi Xing was a former disciple of Myriad Dragon Dock, after getting the blood sea inheritance, he refused to hand it over and chose to betray them. In order to exterminate him, Myriad Dragon Dock sent eight Gu Immortals in succession.

Five rank six and three rank seven, in the end, four were killed by Song Zi Xing, three were crippled and one was forced to retreat.

Myriad Dragon Dock suffered a huge loss and from then on, they did not dare to attack Song Zi Xing without preparation again.

Song Zi Xing was now roaming around scot-free, he was one of the strongest experts among the demonic path in Central Continent, he had rank seven cultivation and used the blood path which was extremely powerful at fighting.

People in Central Continent publicly recognized that Song Zi Xing's battle strength was about the same as Shi Lei, while being weaker than Feng Jiu Ge. That was because many years ago, Song Zi Xing had encountered Feng Jiu Ge and was forced to retreat after Feng Jiu Ge used three moves to utterly defeat him.

"Alright, I will give it a try." Fang Yuan's expression was unchanged, he agreed.

"You have to hurry, try your best! Star Form blessed land's earthly calamity is coming soon, if I cannot get through it, the blessed land will be destroyed, it will be useless even if you meet the condition then." Star Form Child urged.

Fang Yuan's gaze shined: "If that is the case, I can help you resist the earthly calamity first."

Star Form Child shook his head like it was a rattle: "I will not allow any external Gu Immortal to stay in Star Form blessed land for more than seven minutes. People's hearts are hard to read, only my master can help me to pass tribulation. Not long after, I will use treasure yellow heaven to spread this information, and get more people to deal with that accursed Song Zi Xing!"

Hei Lou Lan's heart sank, but she had a deeply scheming heart, her expression was still very calm.

She thought about her words as she said: "Then you have to be careful, land spirit. People's hearts are hard to read, you might attract greedy wolves that would come and attack your blessed land directly!"

Star Form Child laughed: "Don't worry, I am not stupid, I will not expose this location to them. Only those who meet my condition can enter Star Form blessed land. Leave, and remember not to tell others the location of this blessed land."

The land spirit was sending the guests out, Fang Yuan did not stay forcefully, he bid his farewell and left with Hei Lou Lan using the blessed land's entrance, back to Earth Abyss.

The moment the two of them stepped into Earth Abyss, the door behind them vanished, completely disappearing.

The blessed land was a small world, even though it was placed on the ground and took in earth qi, as long as the entrance was not open, it was very well hidden.

Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan were silent, after getting rid of all their traces, they used Fixed Immortal Travel and returned to Hu Immortal blessed land.

They were in a safe environment now, the first thing they did was to split the loot.

"This journey into Starry Sky grotto-heaven was terrifying but harmless, we made a huge profit. I am regretting it slightly now, if I knew this, I would not have agreed to the forty percent and sixty percent split." Hei Lou Lan sighed as she took the loot out of her immortal aperture.

"Why are there so many desolate beast corpses? This boar looks like an ancient desolate beast. Eh, there is a lion here, it is not dead yet." At once, Little Hu Immortal's attention was attracted to the desolate beasts on the ground.

Blazing divine stallion, flying bear, star demon bat, chestnut yak... a total of seven desolate beast corpses and a yellow jade lion which was barely on the verge of death.

Other than these, there was the astral wind flying heavenly boar, the corpse of an ancient desolate beast. There were also several hundred kilograms of diamond soil dug out from the diamond bear's cave. Finally, there were around ten mysterious trees.

These trees were part of a forest, when they had first entered Starry Sky grotto-heaven, they trapped Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan. The two could not tell the origin of these trees and decided to take a few into her immortal aperture.

Afterwards, a star desolate hound charged over and interrupted their collection process.

The corpse of a desolate beast was worth approximately forty immortal essence stones. Ancient desolate beast corpses were much more expensive, they were ten times the price of desolate beasts corpses, that was four hundred immortal essence stones!

Looking at this, it seemed that the price of an ancient desolate beast was unreasonably high.

But the truth was, ancient desolate beasts were hard to kill, not only was their battle strength equivalent to rank seven Gu Immortals, their bodies were covered in dao marks, mortal killer moves were ineffective on them. Even immortal killer moves were not very effective.

Ordinary immortal killer moves used rank six Immortal Gu as the core, when dealing with ancient desolate beasts, it was like using a dagger to stab an elephant. Although it had effect, the injuries had to be accumulated over a long period of time.

Only immortal killer moves formed with rank seven Immortal Gu were an effective method to forcefully deal with ancient desolate beasts.

Therefore, when immortal killer moves were involved, immortal essence would be expended. The cost of killing an ancient desolate beast would be much higher as a result. One often needed to expend several hundred green grape immortal essence beads or tens of red date immortal essence beads.

As a result, the profit that they gained was usually only about a hundred immortal essence stones.

Although the profit of killing ancient desolate beasts was still much higher in terms of efficiency, two factors needed to be considered. First, there was great risk in fighting with ancient desolate beasts. Second, not any Gu Immortal could deal with ancient desolate beasts. Ordinary rank six Gu Immortals would choose to retreat or run away when faced with an ancient desolate beast.

Only rank seven Gu Immortals like Shi Lei, an expert even among rank seven Gu Immortals, had the confidence to kill ancient desolate beasts.

"Seven desolate beast corpses are worth around two hundred and eighty immortal essence stones. The nearly dead yellow jade lion, for now we can count that as around eighty immortal essence stones. The corpse of the astral wind flying heavenly boar is four hundred immortal essence stones. Hundreds of kilograms of diamond soil is around thirty immortal essence stones. These mysterious trees are of an unknown origin, we will exclude them for now. All in all, the profit is seven hundred and ninety immortal essence stones."

Hei Lou Lan calculated, the result made her a little tongue tied.

Almost eight hundred immortal essence stones!

Undoubtedly, this was a huge fortune!!

Hei Lou Lan's breathing became faster.

Ever since she became an immortal, she had been calculating her immortal essence stone expenditure piece by piece. Right now, there were almost eight hundred immortal essence stones right in front of her!

Fang Yuan was in better shape than Hei Lou Lan, using the unlimited inspiration of wisdom Gu, he made many transactions with Lang Ya land spirit and had tens of immortal essence stones on him as liquid currency.

But even so, with eight hundred immortal essence stones in front of him, Fang Yuan sighed in his heart.

Even in his previous life, he had no such experience. In the five hundred years of his previous life, the highest amount of immortal essence stones he had on hand at a point in time was merely sixty or so.

According to the four-to-six ratio, Fang Yuan could get four hundred and seventy-four immortal essence stones.

"This huge profit was because we looted all of this without any battle, thus we expended no immortal essence. We merely picked them up for free." Fang Yuan calmed his mind and said.

"Hehe, that barbarian monkey is probably fuming now. Will he attack Hu Immortal blessed land?" Hei Lou Lan asked with a bit of worry, after all, this was a huge sum.

"No." Fang Yuan shook his head." To us, this is a huge sum, but for a rank seven Gu Immortal like Shi Lei, he has at least several thousand immortal essence stones in his possession!"

Normally speaking, rank six Gu Immortals could have several hundred immortal essence stones on them, while ordinary rank seven Gu Immortals would have thousands.

Strength and wealth were in a reasonable ratio.

Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan were newly advanced Gu Immortals, they had just stepped into the world of Gu Immortals, they were working with a whole new identity, starting from scratch, thus they were extremely poor.

As for Fang Yuan lacking money in his previous life, one reason was because blood path was not good for the development of assets, it excelled in fighting. Secondly, because of the five regions chaotic war, there were many fights and he had high expenditure during that period.

Fang Yuan continued to analyze: "Furthermore, Central Continent's ten great ancient sects are righteous sects, and even compared to super forces in the other regions, they have a long history. These great sects have to abide by order and stability, they care about their face and reputation. Shi Lei will definitely want revenge on us, but he would not do it forcefully. He will use righteous methods to suppress us, after all, we are now a part of Immortal Crane Sect."

Hei Lou Lan nodded, she agreed with Fang Yuan's perspective, she showed some pity on her face: "It is unfortunate that we did not obtain that walking meat tree. It is an ancient desolate plant, a thing of legend, it can be sold for a higher price than the astral wind flying heavenly boar."

Fang Yuan said: "I do not believe so, at that time, compared to the walking meat tree, Star Form blessed land was much more important."

"How will we split Star Form blessed land?" Hei Lou Lan looked at Fang Yuan, her expression turning serious. In front of a huge profit, she was not going to give up on it easily.

These desolate beast and ancient desolate beast corpses were easy to split because their price could be evaluated. But Star Form blessed land could not be easily assessed, immortal essence stones could not express the true value of a blessed land.

A blessed land was like a gold mine, it could produce resources endlessly. After swallowing it, it could even improve a Gu Immortal's cultivation. It could be said that one's blessed land or grotto-heaven was the Gu Immortal's greatest achievement in their cultivation journey.

Fang Yuan thought about it, before saying: "Star Form blessed land is not easy to split, how about this, we will compete for it fairly. Whoever fulfils the land spirit's condition first will obtain Star Form blessed land. The other party has to accept the result without any compensation. Star Form blessed land is the result of our hard work, only the two of us can compete in this contest, we cannot interfere with each other maliciously. Other than us, even if it was Fairy Li Shan or Tai Bai Yun Sheng who want to fight for Star Form blessed land, we will work together and stop them. What do you think?"

Hei Lou Lan's gaze flickered as she nodded: "That will be the best!"


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