Reverend Insanity
728 Star Form Blessed Land
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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728 Star Form Blessed Land

"We are here." Fang Yuan looked around him and gave a satisfied nod.

"Where is this?" Hei Lou Lan came out of Fang Yuan's immortal aperture.

The two had used Fixed Immortal Travel to escape Starry Sky grotto-heaven and arrive at this place.

Hei Lou Lan looked around her and guessed this was either an underground cavern or inside a hollow mountain. The light was sparse, causing the place to be dark and gloomy, there were jagged rocks and the moisture in the air was very high, however it was quite spacious.

"This place is Earth Abyss." Fang Yuan lightly replied.

"Earth Abyss?" Hei Lou Lan looked at Fang Yuan with an astonished gaze.

She was not unfamiliar with Central Continent, and knew that this Earth Abyss was located in the far west of Central Continent, and was an incomparably large underground world.

Earth Abyss was divided into tens of layers with every layer being at least hundreds of thousands of square kilometers in size. The space was extremely large and the underground world was deep and secluded. There were all sorts of caves and tunnels, some were like labyrinths, some had giant underground lakes while some had flat ground.

Earth Abyss was home to untold number of living organisms, it was full of vitality, the unique ecology was clearly different from the surface.

"Truly a great place, the earth qi is dense in Earth Abyss and will greatly reduce the time for the blessed land to fall."

Hei Lou Lan nodded then changed the subject: "But the main headquarters of Ancient Soul Sect is in Earth Abyss. Ancient Soul Sect is one of the ten great ancient sects, it is like a colossal beast that has held dominance over the far west for thousands of years. They have occupied Earth Abyss and treat it as their own exclusive domain. If you want the blessed land to fall here, it is like planting flowers in another person's backyard, aren't you afraid of being found?"

Fang Yuan laughed: "Don't worry, the depths of Earth Abyss are extremely secluded, Ancient Soul Sect has spent thousands of years but has only explored no more than eighteen layers fully, with some brief explorations up to the twenty-seventh layer. From the twenty-eight to thirty-sixth layers, only Ancient Soul Sect's Gu Immortals roam about occasionally. As long as we plant the blessed land below the fortieth layer, we do not need to be concerned about being discovered even if we make a large commotion."

"Fortieth layer? I remember the exploration of Earth Abyss done by Ancient Soul Sect only found thirty-six layers?" Hei Lou Lan was astonished.

Fang Yuan snickered: "That is because they are incompetent, the depth of Earth Abyss surpasses people's imaginations. How could it stop at thirty-six layers?"

As he said this, he recalled his previous life.

In his previous life, when Fang Yuan was rank five, endless beast tides emerged from Earth Abyss, attacking the surface and bringing disaster to Central Continent.

Ancient Soul Sect suffered the brunt of their attack, suffering such disastrous losses that their foundation was damaged.

After the beast tides charged out of Earth Abyss, they constantly drove out beast groups on Central Continent's surface and gradually formed into an unprecedented, terrifying beast tide that spread over the whole of Central Continent.

In those years, there was great misery and suffering in Central Continent, countless small sects were destroyed like stones in the path of a flood.

The ten great ancient sects organized groups of experts and rushed everywhere to destroy the beast tide.

They spent several years before they were finally able to eradicate the beast tide from the surface. Afterwards, both righteous and demonic path Gu Masters moved together inside Earth Abyss.

Fang Yuan also entered Earth Abyss together with others and killed wild beasts, obtaining resources for his cultivation.

They purged layers after layers, and entered deeper and deeper. After entering the thirty-sixth layer, Gu Masters discovered a new passage.

Further down was an even larger underground world with territories of countless beast groups, desolate beasts and ancient desolate beasts. It was a land filled with dangers everywhere.

Even when Fang Yuan had self-detonated, the exploration of the Earth Abyss had not finished. They had only discovered there were one hundred and seven layers.

Ancient Soul Sect currently occupied thirty-six layers, which was just the portion that was closest to the surface.

Fang Yuan naturally would not speak of these details to Hei Lou Lan, he only said: "Just follow me."

Hei Lou Lan saw Fang Yuan's confident appearance and followed him deeper into Earth Abyss.

The place they had appeared was the eighth layer. And as they moved down, they saw many of Ancient Soul Sect's Gu Masters. These Gu Masters mostly were in groups, some were hunting wild beasts while some were gathering underground moss.

The deeper they went, the fewer the number of Gu Masters they saw while the cultivations of the Gu Masters increased correspondingly.

From rank two Gu Masters at the start to rank three to rank four.

How could these mortals have the ability to detect Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan's traces? Even if they brushed past some Gu Masters in a narrow path, these mortals would not have been able to sense anything.

When they reached the thirtieth layer, they no longer saw mortal Gu Masters. It was a scene of darkness which greatly restricted vision, but fortunately, Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan were Gu Immortals, they had all sorts of investigative Gu.

At the thirty-fifth layer, one of Ancient Soul Sect's rank six Gu Immortals was being chased miserably by an ancient desolate beast and four desolate beasts.

This Gu Immortal had helped Fang Yuan, he and Hei Lou Lan were able to smoothly pass through the desolate beasts' camps and enter the thirty-sixth layer.

Here, Fang Yuan walked to the key area according to his previous life's memory.

After setting up six Gu formations, Fang Yuan pointed below his feet and said to Hei Lou Lan: "My attack power is not enough, it is better if you activate your Immortal Gu and attack this muddy ground."

Hei Lou Lan followed Fang Yuan's instruction, she transformed into a strength path phantom giant and punched heavily at the muddy ground three times.

Mud and stones spattered, but could not splash out of the Gu formations. Thunderous sounds echoed, but outside the Gu formations, it was a scene of tranquil silence.

The muddy ground was not completely smashed and only formed a crater that reached seventy to eighty feet.

"Continue, quickly!" Fang Yuan urged before jumping inside.

Hei Lou Lan took a deep breath and jumped inside, punching rapidly.

Under these continuous bombardments, the giant crater deepened further and after thousands of feet, it finally broke open completely, forming a hole.

Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan entered this hole to the thirty-seventh layer.

Hei Lou Lan was covered with sweat. She raised her head and saw that the hole was rapidly being restored under the effect of the Gu formations.

"That was the thinnest area in the thirty-sixth layer. Even so, it was nearly ten thousand feet thick."' Fang Yuan explained.

"How did you discover this place?" Hei Lou Lan was filled with doubts.

Fang Yuan snickered. Due to the Snowy Mountain Alliance, he could not lie but could choose to not speak.

Hei Lou Lan saw Fang Yuan's silence and snorted, but did not pursue it.

The thirty-seventh layer was filled with much more danger. After all, this place was completely in its raw state, Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan could be said to be among the first outsiders to explore it.

When the two finally reached the fortieth layer, the seal on Star Lord Wan Xiang finally reached its time limit.

"Your estimate was really accurate." Hei Lou Lan placed Star Lord Wan Xiang's corpse on the ground and gazed at Fang Yuan deeply.

At Fang Yuan's will, hundreds of mortal Gu flew out from Star Lord Wan Xiang's body like a swarm of locusts, they buzzed as they flew into Fang Yuan's immortal aperture.

Without the layer of suppression, Star Lord Wan Xiang's body gradually let out bright starlight.

The starlight became brighter and brighter, at the same time, the ground started to tremor.

Several breaths later, vast amounts of earth qi emerged like layers of dust accumulating on the ground.

The starlight stabilized, the piercing radiance was comparable to the sun during a summer afternoon.

A formless suction force suddenly erupted which started to absorb the surrounding earth qi. Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan had already retreated far away from the starlight.

"What is going on?"

"It is an earthquake, another earthquake!"

"Leave, the earthquake this time is quite strong, if we don't leave now we might be buried alive."

The Gu Masters in Earth Abyss scurried off like rats, shouting in panic as they ran as fast as they could out of Earth Abyss.

They did not feel this was strange.

The structure of Earth Abyss was not stable and there would occasionally be earthquakes or collapse of places within. It was because of this as well that Ancient Soul Sect did not spend a lot of energy to carry out explorations, even though they were in control of this place.

Large amounts of stones fell down from above, even more dangerous were those sharp stalactites that could pierce through rank three defensive Gu if they struck.

In fact, not only the Gu Masters, the numerous living beings in Earth Abyss were also in misery. Many were crushed to death by the falling stones, while others were buried alive.

To place the blessed land, Fang Yuan had brought about the death of at least a hundred thousand or more lives.

After five minutes of time, the starlight slowly stopped absorbing earth qi, and formed a large square door. The large door was completely constructed from starlight and was hovering in the air. There was a plaque on top of the door where four words were written - Star Form Blessed Land.

Hei Lou Lan let out a breath of cloudy air: "We finally succeeded, it seems our luck is not bad. The commotion was huge, but it did not lead to an attack from the wild beasts in this place."

"Let's go." Fang Yuan took the lead and opened the starry entrance.

Hei Lou Lan followed closely behind. The two entered Star Form blessed land.

It was as if it was late at night in here, the sky was pitch black and filled with stars.

The dazzling starlight shone on the ground of the blessed land, the visibility was high and it was not dark.

The whole of Star Form blessed land's terrain was like a giant basin. In the center were upwards sloping grounds while at the edge of the blessed land were continuous mountain ranges, as if forming a circular wall.

"So much star fragment grass!" Fang Yuan looked at the ground, the grass underneath him here actually entirely consisted of star fragment grass.

Star fragment grass clearly required to be planted on cloud soil, but this star fragment grass was directly planted on the black muddy ground, yet their growth was in a much better state than the ones Fang Yuan planted in Hu Immortal blessed land.

Fang Yuan sighed with praise: "This is the benefit of having a star path blessed land, growing the related plants is not only easier, but also guarantees harvest."

Hei Lou Lan's gaze was, however, attracted to the spinefin star dragonfish that were leisurely flying in the night sky.

She could only see three spinefin star dragonfish.

These giant dragon fish were about the size of a whale, but had the shape of a carp. There were bones protruding out of their backs that extended outwards.

Their scales were blue in color, their eyes were as large as carts, with some starry radiance in them.

However, under the keen observation of Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan, they quickly discovered some traces of battle. Not far away, large patches of plotted grass were in flames with black smoke rising up. The three spinefin star dragonfish had injuries on their body. At the far end of their sight, those continuous mountain ranges also showed unnatural holes, like cheese that was nibbled at by rats.

"It seems that this Gu Immortal had been in a fierce battle." Fang Yuan said.

"Right, if not for my main body being heavily injured by Song Zi Xing, suffering hidden injuries to both the physical body and soul, how could my grand main body, Star Lord Wan Xiang, perish inside the eighth star hall?" A boy suddenly appeared before Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan.

His appearance was as if he was carved from jade. He was wearing pinkish blue clothes wrapped around his chest and stomach, his small arms and legs were tender white like lotus roots. He was hovering in the air, his small cheeks puffing in anger.


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