Reverend Insanity
726 Retrea
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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726 Retrea

Seeing that his attack did not destroy this despicable poisonous tumor, Seven Star Child immortal zombie was stunned, he opened his mouth and roared with even more anger, as his right arm pressed towards the rolling rock battlefield.

Following his action, a huge hand made of grand starlight formed and slapped the rolling rock battlefield with great force.

It was another immortal killer move!

After the attack of two immortal killer moves, the rolling rock battlefield cracked opened as a huge opening revealed the scene inside the battlefield, it had not broken apart yet.

Fang Yuan saw this and retracted his gaze, running without rest.

Hei Lou Lan let out a breath of foggy air, her worry was mostly lifted: "Alright, Seven Star Child immortal zombie is fighting Shi Lei now, this is the best situation. Fang Yuan, why are you running?!"

"Saving a person." Fang Yuan's reply was extremely brief and to the point.

Hei Lou Lan was curious: "Save who?"

At this time, Fang Yuan turned around a mountain wall and stepped onto a cliff, he pointed: "Him."

Hei Lou Lan looked and saw that there was a Gu Immortal lying on a cracked rock after a trail of broken trees: "It is that star path Gu Immortal!"

The two came to Star Lord Wan Xiang, and saw that there was a huge hole on his chest. Not only was it completely pierced through, he had lost almost all of his chest, only some flesh by the two sides were holding him together.

Such heavy injuries made even Hei Lou Lan breathe in sharply.

"This is the power of Seven Star Child immortal zombie's stomp." Fang Yuan lowered his body and his eight arms searched Star Lord Wan Xiang's body in turns.

After a while, Fang Yuan sighed in disappointment, thinking: "Although his body's injuries are severe, it can be healed by paying a huge cost. But his soul was sucked into the dream realm, unless Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's dream was broken, this Gu Immortal's soul can only wander inside that dream realm, or transform himself into another dream realm."

Hei Lou Lan was standing at the side, using her investigative Gu to check, she said with some lingering fear: "There is no way to save him, even his soul is entirely missing now, don't tell me it was because of that dream realm? If you did not save me, would I end up in that state as well?"

"What a pity." Fang Yuan muttered, his movements did not stop: "If he was still alive, we could still gain important information from him. In fact, we could use your slavery Immortal Gu to make him become one of us, doing our bidding. We could even plot against Shi Lei, and might have a chance of killing Shi Lei without taking any risks, while also leaving us free from suspicion, obtaining the greatest benefits!"

"Hey, are you listening to my words!" Hei Lou Lan was stomping her feet in anger.

"If you have the time for that, why don't you come and help me seal the immortal aperture in his body." Fang Yuan's words attracted all of Hei Lou Lan's attention.

This was a complete rank six blessed land!

Hei Lou Lan quickly moved ahead and sent out her divine sense, but it could only move around the area outside the immortal aperture, unable to enter.

"He is dead, but he left behind his obsession, the blessed land now has a land spirit." Fang Yuan's eight arms were continuing to move, planting all sorts of Gu worms on Star Lord Wan Xiang's corpse.

Star Lord Wan Xiang's injuries continued to heal.

"I, what can I do to help?" Hei Lou Lan was stunned by the incredible techniques that Fang Yuan was using endlessly right now.

Fang Yuan's brows were tightly locked, he was concentrating: "Sealing the blessed land is a troublesome matter, thankfully the land spirit has just been formed. I did not expect such a situation, I am lacking Gu worms now. You have to observe the battle situation up there, while communicating with treasure yellow heaven to buy these Gu worms. Remember, we cannot have a single one missing!"

Saying so, Fang Yuan transmitted his divine sense.

"I know." Hei Lou Lan obtained a list and her face was serious.

She stood beside Fang Yuan, acting as a guard while using her own immortal aperture to communicate with treasure yellow heaven. Not just that, she even used the moving perspective cup Gu that Fang Yuan lent her to ask for help from Fairy Li Shan.

Boom boom boom...

High in the sky, Seven Star Child immortal zombie continued to attack endlessly, his immortal killer moves were unleashed as if they did not cost any immortal essence at all, he used them one after another.

The rolling rock battlefield could not take the pressure and was finally broken.

The battlefield broke apart, and the zombie dragon fell from the sky helplessly, like a dead snake with lots of injuries.

Shi Lei, who caused its injuries, was not in a good state either, he was covered in wounds, especially the one on his chest, it extended from his shoulder to his waist, the wound was so deep his bones could be seen.

Shi Lei was panting heavily, his face was pale. There was still a trace of grey white zombie fire burning on his body. In order to defeat the zombie dragon, he had paid a huge price and suffered heavy injuries.

But the more injured he was, the greater his fighting intent.

Seeing Seven Star Child immortal zombie, who was stronger than the zombie dragon, this Gu Immortal from Combat Immortal Sect laughed loudly, he did not have any fear, instead, his fighting intent was blazing like a forest fire.

"Intruder, die." Seven Star Child immortal zombie shouted, expressionlessly pointing a finger at Shi Lei.

Immortal killer move — One Star Finger!

At the same time, Shi Lei snickered, flipping his palm.

Immortal killer move — Shocking Rock Break!

The two killer moves were attacking methods that had short activation time but great offensive power. Seven Star Child immortal zombie's fingertip burst out with starlight, in the blink of an eye, it tore through space and pierced Shi Lei's chest.

Meanwhile, a huge mountain rock pressed down on Seven Star Child immortal zombie, with a loud bang, Seven Star Child immortal zombie was sent crashing to the ground, buried under a small hill.

Shi Lei's blood was spewing out in a line, from the front and back of his chest. His body shook in the air for a while, he almost fell but he managed to continue floating.

Shi Lei was stunned, the attack earlier was too fast, if he did not move his body in time, his heart would have been destroyed.

At the area of his wound, there were countless star path dao marks, as they were near his heart, blood was flowing out unceasingly. Ordinary mortal Gu could not help, even mortal healing killer moves could not do anything, but Shi Lei had his own healing Immortal Gu.

After the treatment of the Immortal Gu, Shi Lei's injuries healed rapidly, the blood stopped spewing out, it flowed down his chest like a stream.

Right after he finished treating his injuries, the rock that was suppressing Seven Star Child immortal zombie broke apart, a huge starlight hand pressed hard and broke the rock into pieces, sending the shards flying.


Seven Star Child immortal zombie shouted loudly, his body was covered in a multi-colored star cloak.

With a loud bang, he flew up, only leaving behind an illusory figure on the spot. The intense force caused the ground below the immortal zombie to crack, caving in to form a crater.

Shi Lei's pupils shrunk, he was shocked by Seven Star Child's burst of speed.

Shi Lei had just summoned his defensive Immortal Gu when Seven Star Child immortal zombie crashed towards him with a loud bang.

The Immortal Gu's defense was nearly broken, Shi Lei spat out a mouthful of blood with his vision spinning, he was sent flying into the sky from the impact.

"Oh no, this is a movement immortal killer move!" Shi Lei could feel the wind brushing against his ears, he tried hard to open his eyes.


Hearing something with his ears, Shi Lei turned around with much difficulty, only to see Seven Star Child immortal zombie covered in a robe of starlight, piercing the clouds and appearing before him.

Seven Star Child immortal zombie flew alongside Shi Lei, towards the sky.

At that moment, the immortal zombie opened his left palm, aiming it at Shi Lei's head.

Immortal killer move — Star Billow Pillar!


The huge light pillar pierced the cloud layer from a high altitude, penetrating a mountain peak and causing a large area to collapse and fall apart, resulting in much dust and smoke.

A body descended from the sky like a broken sack.

It was Shi Lei.

He had endured the attack of the star billow pillar for fifteen breaths, but he was still alive and had some battle strength left. His entire head was charred black, his facial features were all blurry, like the melted wax of a candle.


Shi Lei opened his eyes, his golden pupils bursting out with an unprecedented ruthless light.

His heart was filled with rage, he finally used his greatest trump card.

Earth path, transformation path — dual immortal killer move — Rock Mountain Immortal Monkey King Transformation!

Seven Star Child immortal zombie charged over, but was repelled by a burst of golden light. When the giant pillar of golden light vanished, a sixteen meter tall giant monkey appeared.

The monkey had golden fur, like it was clad in golden armor. The muscles on its body were bulging like huge rocks. Its golden pupils were emitting an emotionless dominance, as the reflection of Seven Star Child immortal zombie could be seen in its eyes.

There were a pair of huge hands with red fingernails that were sharp as swords, when his fingers were extended, his hands looked like two fearsome claws.

Opening its mouth, fangs grew, in a moment, fangs were protruding out of its mouth, it was as if a demonic god had descended into the mortal world.

On one end, it was the huge Immortal Monkey King, on the other end there was the awakened immortal zombie clad in a starry cloak, the two were at a standstill, neither of them attacked yet.

Hei Lou Lan watched with her heart shaking, she knew that the moment the two of them attacked, it would be an overwhelming battle, she could not help but urge Fang Yuan: "Quick, the situation is becoming more troublesome."

"Okay, okay. But without Immortal Gu, we can only last for seven minutes. Once the time is up, the immortal aperture will have to land on the ground and take root." Fang Yuan was extremely busy, he felt dizzy as his eight arms stopped moving in that complex manner.

He heaved a deep sigh, looking at the sky, seeing the fearsome Immortal Monkey King, as well as the Seven Star Child immortal zombie who was surrounded by shiny starlight.

Immortal Monkey King moved his golden pupils, using his peripheral vision to look at Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan.

Fang Yuan's concealment method could not deceive Shi Lei in his current state.

Fang Yuan's pupils shrunk: "He found us. Quick, hide the corpse!"

Hei Lou Lan's expression was solemn, she quickly dragged Star Lord Wan Xiang's leg and tossed him into her immortal aperture.

At this time, Seven Star Child immortal zombie howled towards the sky.

His voice pierced heaven and earth, beams of starlight pillars shot down from the sky.

From the pillars, desolate beasts came out, diamond bear, flying sword rat, star desolate hound, golden pangolin...

After Seven Star Child immortal zombie started thinking again, he finally used the advantage of the grotto-heaven, he released the desolate beasts inside the seven spaces and displayed an overpowering position!

Seeing this, Fang Yuan said nothing more, activating Fixed Immortal Travel.

Immortal Monkey King's expression changed.

Hei Lou Lan entered Fang Yuan's immortal aperture, in just a few breaths of time, the two of them vanished.

"Fixed Immortal Travel, immortal zombie... Fang Yuan!" Three phrases appeared in Immortal Monkey King's mind, but Seven Star Child immortal zombie charged over again. Shi Lei was bold but he was not stupid enough to continue fighting.

He flew down, towards the walking meat tree, and placed the two segments of the tree into his immortal aperture.


A trace of starlight tore through the sky, piercing Immortal Monkey King's huge body. It was Seven Star Child's immortal killer move, one star finger!

After Shi Lei was hit, his body merely shook slightly, he continued to fly towards the flying heavenly boar corpse.

He had the intention to retreat already, he wanted to get his loot before leaving.

He endured Seven Star Child immortal zombie's attacks as he flew towards the astral wind flying heavenly boar corpse, stretching out his arm to grab it, but he got nothing instead!

"What?!" Shi Lei was shocked, seeing the broken mortal Gu on his arm, he understood at once and flew into a rage, it had to be that Fang Yuan!


At the next moment, a star billow pillar hit Immortal Monkey King directly on the back, causing him to fall onto the ground.


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