Reverend Insanity
725 Seven Star Child Awakens
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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725 Seven Star Child Awakens

"Not good! A person's dream realm is filled with their desires and emotions. I am currently experiencing joy after hearing Seven Star Child's laughter, it is a signal that I am starting to be infected by the dream's emotions!" Being inside Seven Star Child's dream realm, Fang Yuan knew the situation was terrible.

He had his previous life's experiences, he knew about the dangers of a dream realm, if one was careless, a grand Gu Immortal could lose himself inside a dream realm, dying in the end.

At this moment, Fang Yuan had not fallen too deeply into it, to leave the dream realm, the most effective way was to stimulate himself with severe pain.

But as an immortal zombie, he had no sense of pain. If not for the fact that he had retained the sense of pain in his true solid bat wings earlier, he would have been stuck in Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's dream realm.

The encounter earlier was extremely precarious. Thankfully, Fang Yuan had his previous life's memories and recognized that it was a dream realm, thus he could leave before he sunk further into it.

Fortunately, he had true solid bat wings, and the pain produced from the self-detonation exceeded the power of Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's dream, thus Fang Yuan was pushed out of the rank nine venerable's dream.

But just when Fang Yuan escaped from the tiger's den, he entered the wolf's cave.

Seven Star Child was a rank eight Gu Immortal, he did not have a prominent reputation but his battle strength would have been exemplary. Be it Fang Yuan during his previous life or Fang Yuan currently, he was not Seven Star Child's match.

Fang Yuan had no more pain that he could inflict, he felt helpless at this moment, like he was quietly awaiting death!

"No, there has to be a way, there is another way..." Fang Yuan lips were dry, he was nervously clenching his fists.


Sensing his clenched fists, a brilliant light shined in Fang Yuan's red eyes, he was overjoyed: "There is a chance! Although Seven Star Child is rank eight, he is far inferior to Star Constellation Immortal Venerable. In Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's dream, I could not move at all. But in Seven Star Child's dream, I have not lost all of my movement ability yet."

Thinking of this, Fang Yuan raised one arm with much difficulty.

It felt like a huge mountain was pressing on his hand, such a simple act of raising his arm became extremely difficult.

"Rise, rise up!" Fang Yuan's veins were popping, he stared at this arm as he exerted all of his strength.

After fifteen minutes, he finally raised his hand to an appropriate degree.

With much difficulty, he slowly opened his five fingers, conjuring a lump of starlight in his palm.

There were countless icy shards in the starlight, a continuously soft explosion could be heard from them. The blue starlight shined the entire area blue.

Seeing this starlight lump, Fang Yuan had an intense feeling of joy and satisfaction.

"Oh no, I'm starting to feel the same joyful emotions as him, the deeper I am in this dream realm, the more mobility I lose." Fang Yuan reacted, suppressing his emotions.

As he expected, his mobility had fallen greatly, he could raise his arm earlier, but now he could only move his fingers.

His hand spent a lot of effort to create a lump of starlight, this was his final hope.

"Hidden dream realms cannot be attacked using normal methods. But this piece of dream realm is different, it has already surfaced, since it can interfere with outside forces now, it can also be disrupted and destroyed by those outside forces."

Although this piece of dream realm had Star Constellation Immortal Venerable and Seven Star Child's dreams, it had immense value, it was a huge waste to destroy it, but if Fang Yuan did not do this, he would lose his life.

He had no choice but to do this!

Fang Yuan exerted all of his strength, his five fingers trembled as the icy drill stardust flew out of his palm slowly.

Carrying Fang Yuan's hope, the icy drill stardust slowly hit Seven Star Child's back.

"Hahaha, I succeeded, I fused the seven stars into one. Hahahaha... guh!" Seven Star Child's laughter came to a stop, he turned around but his body was shattering rapidly like a mirror.

Fang Yuan could only see his face clearly, his entire body had collapsed.

"A good chance!" Fang Yuan's entire body relaxed, like the formless mountain pressing on his body had been lifted.

Fang Yuan regained his mobility and immediately retreated. If he did not move, when the dream realm recovers, he would not be able to any longer.

But Seven Star Child's dream was much more fragile that what Fang Yuan had expected.

Not only did Seven Star Child's body shatter, the surrounding clouds and the moon in the sky shattered. In the blink of an eye, this dream realm of Seven Star Child vanished completely.

"How could that be? My icy drill stardust is not strong, all it could do was shatter Seven Star Child's image, he should recover very quickly. Wait, this situation... could it be?!"

A flash of inspiration appeared in Fang Yuan's mind, he thought of a possibility.

As if responding to his thoughts, a sharp growl could be heard from within the eighth star hall, the voice creating strong sound waves: "Who? Who disrupted my sleep!"

At the deep, dark spot of the eighth star area, high up on the throne, there were two blue eyes shining brightly.

Soon after, a body of an immortal zombie resembling a mortal person stood up and stepped out, furiously looking around, fixing his gaze on Star Lord Wan Xiang, Hei Lou Lan and Fang Yuan.

At once, Fang Yuan felt extremely alert!

He moved his entire body and retreated quickly, he did not even have time to turn around, he directly charged out of the star hall.

"It turns out that Seven Star Child had not died, but transformed into an immortal zombie! No wonder the heavenly spirit did not appear. Hei Lou Lan, I can only help you to this extent." Fang Yuan gritted his teeth, before leaving, he fired icy drill stardust towards Hei Lou Lan.

"Worms, you court death!" Seven Star Child first went to Star Lord Wan Xiang.

He raised his leg and harshly stepped on Star Lord Wan Xiang's back.


With a loud boom, he created a hole in the eighth star hall, Star Lord Wan Xiang's chest was almost entirely smashed. His injured body was like a shooting star, flying down and crashing into the forest.

Seven Star Child immortal zombie took large strides towards Hei Lou Lan.

But Hei Lou Lan was attacked by the icy drill stardust, under the intense feeling of pain and cold, she narrowly woke up from Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's dream realm.

Seven Star Child immortal zombie snickered sinisterly, when he got to around fifty to sixty steps from Hei Lou Lan, he pushed with his left arm.

Hei Lou Lan had yet to react before her entire body moved back subconsciously, at the same time she raised her arms to block.

At the next moment, a huge starlight pillar shot out of Seven Star Child immortal zombie's hand silently.

Immortal killer move — Star Billow Pillar!

The defense Hei Lou Lan created was thoroughly destroyed in the blink of an eye by the starlight pillar.

Luckily, Hei Lou Lan had obtained a crucial moment to rest, she quickly changed her direction.

Star billow pillar was a straight line attack, Hei Lou Lan narrowly escaped death and avoided the range of the pillar, retreating quickly.

Seven Star Child immortal zombie halted for a moment, before twisting his left arm and adjusting the direction of the pillar.

Hei Lou Lan dodged left and right, she narrowly avoided star billow pillar many times. Even if she was hit by the light pillar, it was not for more than three breaths of time.

After dozens of breaths, the huge starlight pillar in Seven Star Child's hand vanished, and Hei Lou Lan successfully escaped from the eighth star hall, rapidly descending towards the forest.

When Hei Lou Lan got to Fang Yuan's side, she could not believe that she actually escaped successfully, keeping her life!

She did not have strong defensive methods, even with the recovery speed of being a strength path extreme immortal, she could not stay in the light pillar for four breaths of time. During the process of her retreat, she was dancing on the edge of death, if there was an accident and she stayed in it for four breaths, she would have died.

Fang Yuan grabbed her arm and ran towards the deeper parts of the forest: "Quickly go! Seven Star Child immortal zombie had been trapped in that dream realm for too long, his condition is abnormal and there are few thoughts in his mind, his cognition is slow and he cannot think normally now."

Hei Lou Lan was dragged by Fang Yuan, they concealed their figures and stealthily moved past trees after trees, running frantically in the forest.

She was still confused even now, she asked rapidly: "Dream realm! The Star Constellation Immortal Venerable that I saw earlier was also part of a dream realm? What is a dream realm?"

Suddenly, Hei Lou Lan's voice came to a stop, seeing the icy drill stardust marks on her body, she shouted in anger: "Fang Yuan! You actually attacked me?"

"Shut up! I was saving you, without this icy drill stardust, would you be able to escape from Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's dream realm? If you could not react in time, you would have been killed by Seven Star Child immortal zombie's immortal killer move already!" Fang Yuan did not turn around, he replied in an displeased tone.

Hei Lou Lan was stunned, but she accepted his explanation.

Fierce and ambitious people were usually easily suspicious, Hei Lou Lan did not believe Fang Yuan, what she believed was the Snowy Mountain Alliance that they had.

The alliance stated that allies were not to harm or attack each other. When one side was in danger, the other party must attempt to save them to the best of their ability.

If Fang Yuan's icy drill stardust was an attack trying to harm Hei Lou Lan, he would have died from the oath already.

Seeing that he was rapidly running, and causing pain to her arm, Hei Lou Lan understood and broke free from Fang Yuan's grasp: "I can move myself!"

Pausing for a while, Hei Lou Lan followed behind Fang Yuan as she asked: "I will remember this favor of saving my life. The compensation that I give you should certainly satisfy you! However, what is that dream realm? As a strength path extreme immortal, I actually sunk into that dream realm with no way of resisting? Dream realm, dream realm... is it that dream realm in >? Is it connected to Great Dream Immortal Venerable? Also, why are you running so rapidly? We have Fixed Immortal Travel."

"Shut up!" Fang Yuan shouted, running at his full speed.

His true solid bat wings were already gone, his speed was much slower now.

"Worms that invade my territory deserve death!" At this point, Seven Star Child immortal zombie's furious voice could be heard.

Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan ran as they looked up, seeing that Seven Star Child immortal zombie had already flown out of the eighth star hall, his attention was on the rolling rock battlefield that was in the air.

This was unavoidable, after all, the rolling rock battlefield was high in the air, it was massive and was like a huge poisonous tumor attached to the Starry Sky grotto-heaven, it attracted too much hostility.

Seven Star Child immortal zombie thought about it for a while, he stretched out his left arm and burst out with another star billow pillar.

An immortal level star path killer move, it crashed onto the rolling rock battlefield. The rolling rock battlefield shook intensely, but it did not break.

The star billow pillar was certainly an immortal killer move, but rolling rock battlefield was also an immortal killer move. In fact, it was a killer move formed by using three Immortal Gu that were related to each other!


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