Reverend Insanity
723 Shocking Appearance of Star Constellation Immortal Venerable
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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723 Shocking Appearance of Star Constellation Immortal Venerable

In the sky, the human and dragon were engaging in battle, with loud explosions, the battle was entering its climax.

Star Lord Wan Xiang was at the side, he could not interfere at all.

Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan were hiding in the forest on the ground, they were observing the fighting and awaiting their chance.

The huge dragon roared, zombie energy was bursting from it as the famous expert of Central Continent, Shi Lei, was in a disadvantage.

"This zombie dragon is incredible, when it was alive, it was a wind path azure dragon, after becoming a zombie dragon, not only does it have wind path and dark path dao marks, its speed is even amplified by Immortal Gu." After observing the battle, Hei Lou Lan gradually understood the situation.

"Starry Sky grotto-heaven's owner, Seven Star Child, originally had a wind path Immortal Gu, called wind sprint Immortal Gu. But using this Gu required immortal essence. According to rumors, Seven Star Child had once developed a killer move that could apply the effects of the Immortal Gu on another target for a long period of time. Looking at this now, it seems the rumors were right." Fang Yuan added.

The zombie dragon's defense and movement were boosted by Immortal Gu, it was experienced in battle and its giant dragon body could strike with huge force. Manipulating its tail while flying, it gave off an unrestrained aura.

Most importantly, the zombie energy dragon flames were very powerful, they were on par with the highest tier of mortal killer moves.

Shi Lei continued to shout as he used near ten different battle tactics, but he could not change the situation. Often, when he took back some of the initiative, the zombie dragon would suppress him again.

The zombie dragon had no weakness in attack, defense, or movement, it had an all-around advantage.

Hei Lou Lan's expression turned heavy as she watched, she said solemnly: "Shi Lei's battle strength far surpasses my estimation! If it had been me, facing the attacks of the zombie dragon, I would only last for a moment before getting killed by it. If it was you, Fang Yuan, unless you could use myriad self, you would only hold on for a while longer than me, there is no way of winning."

Fang Yuan did not rebuke her, Hei Lou Lan's assessment was very reasonable.

Although she was a strength path extreme immortal, because of her life experiences, she was not arrogant at all, she was humble and vigilant, she understood her own strength clearly.

The reason why Fang Yuan could last longer than her was because of his flying attainment, as well the movement killer move true solid bat wings.

But even if Fang Yuan's speed surpassed Hei Lou Lan, without the killer move myriad self, he could not pose a threat to the zombie dragon. He could only run away, as icy drill stardust could not cause damage to the zombie dragon, he had no way to win.

Although Hei Lou Lan had strength path Immortal Gu, and half an offensive immortal killer move, her offense surpassed Fang Yuan but her movement speed and defense were her weaknesses. Although she could cause damage to the zombie dragon, it would not take a beating without fighting back, once they fought, Hei Lou Lan would not last as long as Fang Yuan.

Those who were called experts not only had battle strength, they also needed great insight.

Looking at information and knowing if they could do it or not, whether they could win or not. That was the ability to assess a situation and know one's own limits.

Without these abilities, even if one had great strength, they would not go far.

Knowing whom they could offend, know whom they could not afford to offend, knowing when to battle or retreat... retreating was not cowardly, it was treasuring one's own life, awaiting the time where they could soar towards success!

"In this situation, we have no way of succeeding. We should leave the walking meat tree there, I suggest we retreat." Fang Yuan said.

Hei Lou Lan nodded: "That was my intention as well, nobody can predict any accidents in battle. Even if we stay here and take a risk of getting discovered, we cannot do anything anyway, we should withdraw towards a safer location."

The two came to an agreement and retreated stealthily.

Their advantage was that they were in the dark while their enemies were out in the open, they could afford to watch on the sidelines. Right now, the enemies were stronger than them, they had to hold onto this advantage.

After they retreated to a safe distance, Hei Lou Lan suddenly said: "Actually, I have a question — how did they get in?"

Fang Yuan's gaze shone: "I was thinking about this question too. The area near the star hall that we came in from did not have any investigative Gu worms around, that is not the usual behavior of Gu Immortals."

"In this case, we can deduce that they did not come from a star hall. This area is the place where they first arrived in. To enter someone else's blessed land or grotto-heaven, the most usual method is to follow cracks and loopholes, or Gu worms like connecting heaven Gu and hole earth Gu." Hei Lou Lan continued.

"It is unlikely for them to use hole earth Gu or connecting heaven Gu, after all, both sides need to agree for that to work. This Starry Sky grotto-heaven is quite strange, the heavenly spirit has not shown up yet, after being here for so long, we have not faced any obstacles as well. And if Shi Lei's group was able to gain access normally, they would not be fighting so intensely." Fang Yuan said.

"Thus, it is most likely that they used a loophole or crack." Hei Lou Lan laughed.

A dark light shined in Fang Yuan's eyes, he spoke what Hei Lou Lan was thinking but did not say out loud: "They are not like us who have Fixed Immortal Travel, so be it if they have other space path Gu worms. But if they really came in from a loophole, we can use this to ambush them or plot against them, we might have a huge profit from it!"

If Star Lord Wan Xiang and Shi Lei heard this, they would definitely be breaking out in cold sweat.

Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan were demons full of evil ideas, most importantly, they could keenly analyze and would not give up on any minute clues, they even managed to guess Shi Lei's and Star Lord Wan Xiang's method of entering the grotto-heaven.

But just as Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan were about to search for the loophole, the battle in the sky changed.

Shi Lei had been fighting for a long time, suppressed by the zombie dragon the whole time, he was growling in anger.

He quickly moved back as he pulled some distance, his body started shaking.

Immortal battlefield killer move — Rolling Rock Battlefield!

The sky was changing, turning into a grey rock battlefield. The battlefield rapidly expanded, covering the zombie dragon and Shi Lei.

From outside, it looked like a huge grey rock cloud was hanging in the sky, it completely blocked any vision from outside.

Hei Lou Lan's and Fang Yuan's hearts shuddered.

Hei Lou Lan thought: "An amazing method, it actually is an immortal level battlefield killer move, to form such a killer move, he needs to use at least three Immortal Gu, and these Immortal Gu need to be connected in some way."

Fang Yuan was thinking: "Rolling rock battlefield! In my previous life, Vicious Lightning Fiend lost to this move. To think that Shi Lei has already obtained this method at this time."

At the same time, Star Lord Wan Xiang was thinking: "Shi Lei is going to fight the zombie dragon to the end! What should I do? There are no longer any ancient desolate beast guards inside the eighth star hall, the battlefield killer move also isolates the inside and outside of the domain... I, should I explore the eighth star hall first?"

The more Star Lord Wan Xiang thought about it, the more he was moved.

After a dozen breaths of time, he could not control it anymore, he turned into a shooting star and flew into the eighth star hall.



Seeing Star Lord Wan Xiang move so swiftly, Hei Lou Lan and Fang Yuan stopped their current plans.

The two were familiar with people's thought processes, they had keen perception, they immediately guessed the possibility that the star hall's defenses were no longer a threat!

"Let's bet on it."

"Do you dare to bet on it and charge in?"

Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan transmitted at the same time, they flew up and towards the eighth star hall.

The two came to the eighth star hall and found the ravaged battlefield. There were three defenses in the eighth star hall, the first was the astral wind flying heavenly boar, the second was the walking meat tree, and the third was the zombie dragon.

After the three defenses were gone, one could enter the deepest area of the star hall.

The two used their defensive killer moves at the same time, moving together deep into the star hall.

Soon, they found the inner hall.

The inner hall's doors were opened, as Star Lord Wan Xiang was already inside.

Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan did not dare to waste their precious time, they hid their figures and stepped into the inner hall.

At the next moment, they saw Star Lord Wan Xiang.

Star Lord Wan Xiang was in a strange condition, his back was facing Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan as he stood on the spot, shivering as if he was filled with extreme fright.

"Immortal Venerable, please spare me!!" Suddenly, he shouted with a tone filled with fear, he directly knelt on the ground, he was begging for mercy!

Before him was deep darkness.

The lights in the inner hall were not lit, there was no light source, Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan could only see the figure of a huge throne.

"Immortal Venerable?!" Hei Lou Lan and Fang Yuan looked at each other.

"Hmph, acting mysterious." Soon after, Fang Yuan snorted coldly as he walked forward.

Hei Lou Lan followed behind.

At the next moment, their pupils shrunk to pin size as their bodies froze like a rock.

A woman's figure appeared before them.

She was wearing a dark blue robe, her hair was dazzling like the milky way, drooping down. She looked down from above as she pointed at Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan: "You two juniors are simply too daring, you dare to offend Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, quickly kneel down!"

The aura of rank nine was overwhelming, she was the real deal!


Central Continent, Spirit Affinity House, Bai Qing blessed land.

The sunlight pierced the window as it shone on a small building on a mountain.

In the small building, there was a warm and comfortable bed, on it was a woman sitting in a meditating position.

This woman had inborn beauty like that of a flower, she had white skin and a straightly pointed nose with red lips, she wore a phoenix coronet as she appeared elegant and grand, incapable of being profaned. She was Feng Jin Huang.

Because of dream wings Immortal Gu, she had gotten into a strange state where she had not woken up for a very long time, all of the Gu Immortals in Spirit Affinity House could do nothing to help her.

A small sparrow was chirping as it flew onto the window from a tree branch outside.

As if she had heard this, Feng Jin Huang's eyelashes suddenly moved.

Soon after, she opened her eyes, she had woken up.

"Huang Er, my Huang Er, you have finally woken up!!" Almost at the same time, Feng Jin Huang's mother, Fairy Bai Qing, appeared in the building. Looking at Feng Jin Huang who had woken up, she was overjoyed and in tears, she hugged Feng Jin Huang tightly.

"Mother, Huang Er was unfilial, I have worried you." Feng Jin Huang hugged Bai Qing as she consoled her maturely.

"All is fine as long as you are alright, Huang Er, are you injured, do you feel anything wrong?" Fairy Bai Qing was worried, she touched Feng Jin Huang's face and shoulders, checking everywhere.

"It is not a problem mother! This time, I have found the true use of dream wings Immortal Gu. It can bring me into dream realms!" Feng Jin Huang said.

"Dream realms?" Fairy Bai Qing was shocked.

At the next moment, she reacted, her pupils expanded as she showed some uncertain joy, she grabbed Feng Jin Huang's shoulders: "Daughter, are you sure? It really is about dream realms?!"


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