Reverend Insanity
722 Zombie Dragon
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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722 Zombie Dragon

Walking meat tree was a legendary plant that was recorded in >.

> Chapter Three, Section Sixteen states:

Ren Zu's third son — Northern Dark Ice Soul was revived by unexpected Gu and was wandering outside. After encountering his sister, Desolate Ancient Moon, he gave her a new meaning in life.

Next, under the guidance of wisdom Gu, the brother and sister came to the blue sea to search for the life gem that could revive their father, Ren Zu.

In the end, Desolate Ancient Moon sensed the mysteries behind life and sacrificed herself, being turned into a damaged life gem.

Northern Dark Ice Soul carried the life gem as he attempted to return to his father, to revive Ren Zu.

But it was extremely difficult for him to enter the door of life and death.

The door of life and death had two routes, one was the road of life, the other was the road of death. No matter which path it was, there would be a lot of suffering Gu.

To overcome the interference of the suffering Gu, to enter deep into the door of life and death, he would need the help of courage Gu.

But because courage Gu had already been taken by Ren Zu and was currently with him, Northern Dark Ice Soul did not have courage and could not enter the door of life and death. He had no methods left and could only wander around and search for a method to resolve this.

He walked past tall mountains, travelled through streams, ran for his life under the assault of wild beasts, and had gone hungry during the intense cold, he had suffered a lot.

Northern Dark Ice Soul was filled with guilt and anxiety.

He was guilty because he was the one who gave Desolate Ancient Moon her meaning in life, but that caused her to sacrifice herself and become the life gem. Northern Dark Ice Soul was the murderer who indirectly caused his sister's death.

He was anxious because even though he had the life gem, he was unable to return to his father's side. He was afraid that if a long time passed, his father's soul might collapse in Luo Po valley, causing Desolate Ancient Moon's sacrifice to be in vain.

He walked and walked, until the purple sky above him faded and became black.

Originally, the immemorial nine heavens, white, red, orange, yellow, green, azure, blue, purple, black, would take turns to loom over the five regions at set intervals.

The sky of the Immemorial Antiquity Era was connected to the ground.

Heaven and earth were connected and whole, people could walk towards the sky from the ground, or walk towards the ground from the sky.

Northern Dark Ice Soul was walking aimlessly, unknowingly, he left the ground and walked towards an area deep within black heaven.

It was complete darkness inside black heaven, but it was not desolate, there were large numbers of life forms there.

Northern Dark Ice Soul was inside the darkness and could not find a way back, he was flustered, scared, and lost.

He could not tell what direction to walk, he tripped many times and fell. Suddenly, he saw a lump of fire ahead of him.

This was the only source of light in the entirety of black heaven.

Northern Dark Ice Soul was overjoyed, he quickly walked towards the fire.

When he got close to the lump of fire, he realized it was a Gu.

Northern Dark Ice Soul was very curious, he asked: "What Gu are you, you can actually give out light in black heaven. Help me, I want to leave black heaven, heading back to the ground, I have very important things to do."

The Gu's voice was very weak, it said to Northern Dark Ice Soul: "My name is fire, who are you?"

Northern Dark Ice Soul said: "I am a human, my name is Northern Dark Ice Soul. Can you help me? With your light, I will be able to see the way, and return to the ground."

The Gu sighed: "So you are a human. I've heard of a famous human before, he is called Verdant Great Sun."

Because Verdant Great Sun had reputation Gu, his name was spread in the entire world, there was almost nobody that did not know him.

Northern Dark Ice Soul was overjoyed: "That's right, Verdant Great Sun is my big brother."

Fire Gu said: "I can help you. But before I help you, you have to help me. I am too hungry, I am going to die of starvation. Go find me some food first."

Northern Dark Ice Soul asked: "Oh, fire Gu, what do you eat? This place is completely dark, how can I find what you need to eat?"

Fire Gu said: "I am the least picky Gu worm in the entire world, I can eat almost anything. I will eat whatever you feed me."

Northern Dark Ice Soul searched around, finding some tree branches and throwing them towards fire Gu.

After fire Gu ate, it started to shine more brightly, it was giving off a warmer light and it also grew from the size of a fist to around the size of a basin.

It was very happy: "Can you bring me more food?"

Northern Dark Ice Soul nodded and looked around, finding a pile of rocks and throwing them at fire Gu.

After eating for some time, fire Gu sighed: "Sigh, I was way too hungry, my teeth are not working well now. The things I could chew before, I can't chew them now. Bring me some stuff that are easy to digest."

Northern Dark Ice Soul thought about it: "How about this, fire Gu, follow me and light the way. Along the way, whatever you feel like eating, I will feed to you, is that alright?"

Fire Gu agreed and condensed into a small lump, letting Northern Dark Ice Soul hold it.

Like this, Northern Dark Ice Soul left on his return journey, along the way, he fed many things to fire Gu.

After a while, fire Gu grew larger.

On this day, Northern Dark Ice Soul was resting, fire Gu was eating branches in front of him while swaying with the wind.

Suddenly, countless footsteps could be heard, Northern Dark Ice Soul looked and saw a huge group of trees shining under the light of the fire, they were running towards him in huge numbers.

Not just trees, there were also countless wild beasts and insect groups.

Northern Dark Ice Soul was extremely scared, he quickly picked up fire Gu and ran.

Behind him, the trees, wild beasts, and insect groups were chasing. Wherever Northern Dark Ice Soul went, they followed.

The pursuers shouted: "Whoever is in front, stop running."

"We do not want to harm you, we just want to escape into the light."

"Dream realms are about to reach us, please help us and let us live under the light of the fire."

Northern Dark Ice Soul was breathing roughly, he could not run any further, seeing that he was about to be caught, fire Gu said: "Oh human, don't be afraid, these pursuers are my food, let me help you. Just toss me there."

Northern Dark Ice Soul was forced by the circumstances, he could only listen to fire Gu and toss it towards them.

What fire Gu first encountered were a huge group of trees.

These trees were walking meat trees. The branches were made of meat, they resembled the tentacles of octopuses.

Fire Gu burned all of these trees, turning the trunks into ashes, and branches into cooked meat. The smell of fragrant meat attracted Northern Dark Ice Soul and he picked up one to eat, exclaiming that it was delicious.


Hei Lou Lan stared with eyes wide open, looking at the broken tree trunk as well the tentacle-like branches, speaking in disbelief: "This is a walking meat tree?"

"Absolutely." Fang Yuan nodded, his gaze was heated as well: "Right now, only black heaven and white heaven are left from the immemorial nine heavens, walking meat tree is a life form from black heaven, it is much easier to obtain than other immemorial life forms in the other heavens, after all, black heaven is still around. Seven Star Child is a rank eight Gu Immortal, he has the ability to explore black heaven, this walking meat tree was most likely something he obtained from his explorations."

"This walking meat tree has an amazing aura, it has rank seven battle strength at least! Even more amazingly, it is a rare strength path plant." Hei Lou Lan licked her lips, saying excitedly.

Fang Yuan was also overjoyed.

Walking meat tree was a strength path plant, the branches, trunks and leaves were all excellent materials to refine strength path Gu worms. Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan were strength path Gu Immortals, they had great use for it.

But when the two were going to sneak over and take the walking meat tree, there was a huge, thunderous explosion in the sky.

This was an unprecedentedly large explosion, it shook the sky as a formless sound wave spread out intensely.

The eighth star hall shook harshly, it also broke apart as large amounts of starlight dispersed, it was in a half ruined state.


The roar of a dragon could be heard, not any softer than the explosion earlier.

Next, Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan saw Shi Lei and Star Lord Wan Xiang fly out of the star hall.

A huge dragon flew out of the star hall.

This dragon was hundreds of meters long, it was eerie and ominous, the dragon horn on its head was like silver, the dragon's eyes were half open, and the scales were like grey rocks. There were eight dragon claws that were fearsome and powerful, pale white zombie energy was coiling around its body like a mist.

"Is this... a zombie dragon?" Hei Lou Lan exposed the identity of this dragon.

Zombie dragon was not an immemorial life form.

After fate Gu was broken by Red Lotus Demon Venerable, souls in the world were no longer sucked directly into the door of life and death, thus zombies were born.

A zombie dragon was formed after a giant dragon died, if its soul did not leave the body, it would undergo a transformation and become a zombie dragon.

"This zombie dragon has eight claws, it should have been an immemorial desolate beast when it was alive, having rank eight battle strength. Now that it is dead, becoming a zombie dragon, it has battle strength at the peak of rank seven, no wonder Shi Lei was forced out of the star hall." Fang Yuan analyzed.

In the air, the zombie dragon was growling as its body twisted, flying towards Shi Lei.

The dragon opened its mouth and shot out a stream of pale white zombie fire.

Dragon fire was a primary form of attack of the giant dragon, that was a natural ability for them, like the horns of a bull, the paws of a bear, or the stinger of a bee.

Wariness shone in Shi Lei's eyes, he did not dare to receive the attack head on. He continued to fly to the left, after dodging the zombie fire, a huge dragon tail entered his vision.

Shi Lei opened his eyes wide as he placed both arms in front of him, defending his chest.

He could not dodge it!

In Fang Yuan, Star Lord Wan Xiang and Hei Lou Lan's vision, they saw that the zombie dragon had elegantly moved in the air, turning its huge body and swinging its tail, directly crashing it into Shi Lei who had dodged the zombie fire.

With a loud bang, Shi Lei was sent fly harshly like a cannonball.

He crashed onto a point partway up a mountain, entering deep into the mountain rocks. The entire mountain was shaking as rocks fell from above, they quickly covered him up completely.

Star Lord Wan Xiang sucked in a breath of cold air, he retreated hurriedly. The zombie dragon was so powerful, this was the first time he had seen Immortal Monkey King Shi Lei in such a pathetic state.

But soon, he heard Shi Lei shouting under the pile of rocks: "Worm, you have truly angered me, have a taste of my immortal killer move. Shocking rock break!"

The sky burst open as a small hill was aimed towards the zombie dragon.

Hei Lou Lan's eyelids were twitching: "This immortal killer move's activation is so fast?"

Normally, the stronger the immortal killer move, the more time is needed to activate it. But Shi Lei's shocking rock break defied common logic, not only was it strong, it could be used very quickly.

Even the zombie dragon could not dodge it.

But the zombie dragon did not want to dodge it, seeing the small hill that was approaching it, a hint of disdain flashed across the dragon's eyes.

With a loud bang, the zombie dragon raised its head and rammed into the small hill.

Shi Lei's immortal killer move had no effect.

"Good, such an opponent is what I like!" Shi Lei was shocked and excited, he shot up into the sky and crashed into the zombie dragon.

The human and dragon engaged in the sky, winds were blowing and clouds were in turbulence, heaven and earth were changing colors.

Fang Yuan's pupils shrunk: "This zombie dragon is not simple, it seems that defensive immortal Gu worms had been used on its body before."

"Then what do we do now?" Hei Lou Lan was very troubled: "Under their watchful eyes, there is no way we can get the walking meat tree."


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