Reverend Insanity
720 Picking them up one by one, a windfall of a great fortune
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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720 Picking them up one by one, a windfall of a great fortune

After Hei Lou Lan ascended to an immortal, she was taught by Fairy Li Shan, guided step by step, she was instructed in almost all aspects.

Thus, in terms of investigative methods, Hei Lou Lan was not inferior to ordinary Gu Immortals.

"But Fang Yuan's foundation is so deep, he is evidently miles ahead of most Gu Immortals now. Although I have several Immortal Gu, can I be like Fang Yuan and create new Gu independently, to modify and perfect my own killer moves?"

Hei Lou Lan shook her head internally.

Her strength path killer move was given to her by her mother.

To refine new Gu, one had to create new Gu recipes. This process not only required resources and ample foundation in that path, one also needed inspiration and luck!

Hei Lou Lan was indeed a Gu Immortal, but she was too young, she was not a refinement path master, and not even skilled in refinement path. Foundation could only be attained after a long period of trial and error, of exploring and accumulating experiences slowly.

At this point, Fang Yuan walked back, he hummed: "Summing up all of the clues, I mostly know the other party's identities already."


"One is a rank six star path Gu Immortal, he has not made a move yet and is more mysterious. The other is an earth path Gu Immortal who cultivates transformation path as well, he has a powerful aura and using Gu worms, I caught a trace of his voice, this is likely Shi Lei from Combat Immortal Sect in Central Continent." Fang Yuan said.

"That Immortal Monkey King?" Hei Lou Lan and Fang Yuan had shared most of their information, she naturally knew who Shi Lei was.

She started to frown, finding it a little troublesome.

Shi Lei was a rank seven Gu Immortal, he had outstanding battle strength. Even though Hei Lou Lan had several strength path Immortal Gu, Shi Lei had earth path Immortal Gu and had even created his own unique immortal killer moves long ago. In addition, he even cultivated transformation path, his battle talent was exceedingly rare.

Hei Lou Lan had Immortal Gu Self Strength, using it to activate her former mortal killer move, forming a giant strength path phantom, that could barely be considered an immortal killer move.

Up to this point, Hei Lou Lan had been attempting to improve and modify it, but her progress was slow.

"Fang Yuan, if you use the myriad self killer move, and cooperate with me, we might be able to resist the Immortal Monkey King. But in that case, we will not be able to deal with the mysterious star path Gu Immortal." Hei Lou Lan muttered.

Fang Yuan laughed bitterly: "I have not told you yet, but because the core Immortal Gu is starving, myriad self cannot be used anymore. All I can use are mortal killer moves."

Hei Lou Lan looked at Fang Yuan deeply, squinting: "In other words, we should avoid fighting with the other party directly."

Roar roar roar—!

High in the air, there was loud growling noises.

Fang Yuan raised his head and looked: "There are bound to be injuries when two sides fight, we should just go with the flow and observe the situation now. Although our battle strength is lower than them, if we find the chance, it is not necessarily the case that we can't have them killed. In the worst case, I still have Fixed Immortal Travel, we can definitely resist them while we find the time to activate Fixed Immortal Travel."

Hei Lou Lan nodded in agreement, Fang Yuan's words were very similar to her own thoughts.

The two decided to devour the loot in front of them first.

The vanishing shadow leopard corpse was quite a fortune. Even though there were large numbers of investigative Gu around, they could not stop the old demon Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan had methods that were ahead by half of an era, he made his moves, sealing or deceiving the investigative Gu. A moment later, they obtained the vanishing shadow leopard's corpse without alerting Star Lord Wan Xiang.

"This vanishing shadow leopard's fur can be used to make many defensive Gu. The bones can be made into shadow attachment Gu, shadow tracing Gu and others, the eyes are top tier materials for making dark vision Gu and dark fog Gu. It is a pity its blood had already been lost completely. Otherwise, it would be even more valuable." Hei Lou Lan placed the vanishing shadow leopard corpse into her immortal aperture, her eyes shining with a joyful light.

"The other party seems to be letting it bleed on purpose, it seems that the star hall in the air is truly an important place. They even ignored the desolate beast corpse for now." Fang Yuan showed an interested expression as he pondered.

His immortal aperture was filled with death energy, it was not good for keeping corpses fresh, thus he placed the vanishing shadow leopard in Hei Lou Lan's hands.

The two were fearless and unscrupulous people.

Even if the other party was strong, they dared to continue plotting against them.

Next, they followed their original plan and secretly advanced, trying to get close to the eighth star hall in the air.

But along the way, they quickly made a new discovery.

"The number of investigative Gu ahead have increased, does that mean..." Hei Lou Lan's gaze shone with anticipation.

After a while, the two avoided all of the investigative Gu, passing a mountain ridge and into a valley.

In the valley, there was a desolate beast corpse, resembling a small hill.

It was like a colt, it had a huge, bright red body with thick legs, dark as steel, its body was strong, muscular and bulky.

Its mane and tail were vibrant and golden in color.

Blood was dripping from the holes all over its body. The blood was scalding hot, and the heat spread to the surrounding trees and plants, causing them to wilt.

Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan gradually got closer, feeling a heat that was like a blisteringly hot summer day.

"This is the desolate beast blazing divine stallion, it has many fire path wild Gu on it and can walk on fire. Its blood is extremely hot and is a top tier material in refining fire path Gu worms, it is very rare even in treasure yellow heaven."

Hei Lou Lan's heart bled as she looked at the horse blood flowing out.

The two worked for a while, getting their hands on the blazing divine stallion, while Star Lord Wan Xiang still had absolutely no idea.

After leaving this valley, the two moved stealthily, but Fang Yuan slowed his footsteps.

"Our destination is up ahead. But towards the left, there are large numbers of investigative Gu, should we go take a look?" Fang Yuan looked at Hei Lou Lan, transmitting.

"Of course." Hei Lou Lan's reply was very curt.

The two came to the area that was filled with investigative Gu, they found a desolate beast corpse as expected.

This was a yellow jade lion.

Its body was like an elephant, lying on the ground with its eyes mostly closed, only opened by a slit. Large amounts of yellow blood flowed along the wound on its stomach, pouring out.

Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan stealthily moved closer, but this yellow jade lion's body shook, it tried to open its eyes as its bloody mouth opened slightly, emitting a barely discernible growl, as if it wanted to continue battling.

"This yellow jade lion truly has a courageous nature. To be able to hurt the yellow jade lion to this extent, this Shi Lei's transformation path battle strength is greater than I thought." Hei Lou Lan praised.

Fang Yuan was overjoyed.

He quickly made his move, after deceiving many of the surrounding investigative methods, he stole the yellow jade lion.

He patted with his hand, as large numbers of healing Gu flew out of his aperture, landing on the yellow jade lion, rapidly stabilizing its injuries and keeping it alive.

"You intend to save it?" Hei Lou Lan was slightly surprised.

Fang Yuan nodded: "Saving it is a hundred times easier than capturing another desolate beast alive, why shouldn't we? You can keep this desolate beast in your immortal aperture for now, be careful and keep it safe, this will be part of my share."

This way, as long as things progressed well, the mission that Fang Yuan agreed upon with Lang Ya land spirit would be completed.

Hei Lou Lan placed the yellow jade lion into her immortal aperture, her gaze was shining as she seemed to have made up her mind, saying: "The three desolate beasts we had encountered had their blood drained for some reason. Very likely, Shi Lei's group is trying to complete some procedure. Maybe this was the reason why the star hall in the sky appeared. After all, when we first appeared in this place, the sky was still empty. How many desolate beast corpses do you think are around here now?"

Fang Yuan laughed upon hearing this: "Even if you did not mention this, I was going to talk about it. Indeed, looking at this situation, there are definitely many desolate beast corpses around. One desolate beast corpse can be sold for around forty immortal essence stones optimally. It is truly an effortless profit for us to pick up these desolate beast corpses. The benefits are huge, yet we are paying zero costs. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, moreover, we might not have the opportunity again. We should secure these profits first, that is the safest measure."

The two had the same plot in mind, they changed their tactics and started scouring for desolate beast corpses.

They could not use investigative Gu openly, but the clues were very obvious.

Star Lord Wan Xiang's original plan was to keep these desolate beast corpses around first, and deal with them after taking down the eighth star hall.

The aura of these desolate beasts was still around, with that to induce fear, he was not afraid of wild beasts devouring them.

Shi Lei was in charge of fighting, while Star Lord Wan Xiang was in charge of setting up investigative Gu worms. Naturally, he would place more investigative Gu around the corpses of the desolate beasts.

But he would never have guessed that putting all of these investigative Gu together was the biggest clue in itself, they were guides for Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan to find the corpses.

"This is the chestnut yak, its meat tastes like chestnut, it can be eaten raw. It has a mild nature and is a somewhat unusual desolate beast. Mm, let's keep it, keep it." Hei Lou Lan was laughing happily.

"Oh, there is a golden pangolin. It is a pity its armor is tattered, otherwise, it could be sold for a higher price." Fang Yuan said with some disappointment.

"Flying bear, there is a flying bear corpse. Great, excellent, I want this corpse!" Hei Lou Lan was overjoyed.

"Hmm? Star demon bat! I knew this rotten poisonous swamp was very familiar. It is a pity that the bat wings are in bad shape, it would greatly affect my movement speed if I transplant it like this. I wonder if I can fix it first." Fang Yuan also stole the corpse of the star demon bat.

He felt some regret, but he quickly got over it.

After all, he did not battle the bat himself, why would Shi Lei care about his plans. Obtaining the corpse without any cost, this was already a huge gain.

He had not felt such good luck in a long time.

The two obtained nearly ten desolate beast corpses, it was a windfall. After the two searched around and ensured that there was no lingering desolate beast corpses, they hurried towards the bottom of the eighth star hall.

But when they arrived, a figure like a small hill crashed onto the ground.

With a loud bang, it landed and caused the mountain rocks to shatter, dust and smoke was rising.

"This is the ancient desolate beast, astral wind flying heavenly boar!"

"It is dead! This is the corpse of an ancient desolate beast."

Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan made eye contact, after communicating through transmission, they were evidently moved!


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