Reverend Insanity
718 Starshine Fake Eye Gu
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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718 Starshine Fake Eye Gu

The specks of starlight coiled around and fluttered for a while before gathering high up in the air and forming a completely new star hall.

Different from the previous star halls, this star hall was floating in the air, its design was exquisite, giving off a majestic beauty that was far above those star halls on the mountains.

"The eighth star hall has finally appeared. My speculation was indeed correct!" Star Lord Wan Xiang spoke with excitement.

Shi Lei canceled the iron crown eagle transformation and returned to his human form. The injuries on his body were still recovering, the blood flow had yet to stop. He indifferently glanced at the sky with his golden pupils: "No wonder you guessed that this was the grotto-heaven's central control point, looking at its appearance, it is very likely to be that."

He grimaced in pain and sat down, healing the wounds.

His healing was in no way simple, he first used large numbers of Gu worms to eliminate the dao marks of star path, wind path, dark path and other paths that had filled the wounds, only then did he use healing Gu worms which showed visible effects.

Star Lord Wan Xiang waited for a little while and when he saw Shi Lei's injuries were roughly treated, he finally could not endure and urged him: "Your healing is almost done right? Time is limited, Lord Immortal Monkey King. The prerequisite for the eighth star hall to appear is that the other seven star halls should be formed first. Every time the seven star halls appear, they will only exist for fifteen minutes. When the seven star halls disappear, the eighth star hall will also disappear."

"Why are you in a hurry? If you are in such a rush, you can enter it first." Shi Lei opened his eyes and coldly glanced at Star Lord Wan Xiang.

"Lord Shi Lei is jesting, my battle strength has fallen to the depths, I still need to rely on lord to break through the ancient desolate beasts' defenses." Star Lord Wan Xiang chuckled and did not speak any further.

However, his fists that were hidden inside his sleeves were tightly clenched, if not for his strength plummeting and the tribulation coming soon, why would he reveal this treasury on his own initiative? And why would he have to be forced to bottle up his frustration?

He knew Shi Lei's scheme and intentions.

Shi Lei was a battle-addict, unreasonable and unruly, but he was in no way stupid.

Everyone who reached a high position had their own outstanding points. The outstanding and famous Shi Lei did not lack shrewdness.

Shi Lei accepted Star Lord Wan Xiang's invitation to come to Starry Sky grotto-heaven to plunder resources. But he did not put in his full effort, he was interested in breaking through the eighth star hall, but he was not willing to see Star Lord Wan Xiang obtain large numbers of resources to pull through the difficulties and escape his grasp.

If Star Lord Wan Xiang does not obtain a fortune in this trip, he would have to request help from others when undergoing the tribulation. Shi Lei could help him then and also obtain a greater grasp on him.

When that happens, in their future visits to Starry Sky grotto-heaven, Shi Lei could obtain larger benefits which would absolutely not be in an eighty to twenty ratio like in this trip.

Every year, Starry Sky grotto-heaven would reveal a tiny gap which allowed Gu Immortals to enter it. Every time, the Gu Immortals could only stay inside for two days of Central Continent's time.

There were abundant desolate beasts and resources in Starry Sky grotto-heaven, it was clearly a small but steady source of resources. Star Lord Wan Xiang was a prime example of this, he was obviously a lone cultivator, but with each of his visits to Starry Sky grotto-heaven, he was able to strengthen himself to the extent that his peak battle strength did not lose out to the majority of Gu Immortals of the ten great ancient sects. Even when fighting Song Zi Xing, he had even been able to make a good record of himself.

After a while, Shi Lei's injuries healed completely with no traces of injuries anywhere on him.

Because of the previous oath, Shi Lei could not push it too far; he examined his body once then stood up: "Sorry to keep you waiting, we can now go in."

Star Lord Wan Xiang put on a smiling expression and shook his head: "It was me who was overly anxious, I have to ask Immortal Monkey King to not blame me. More preparations quicken the speed of the work, I will still have to rely on your strength a lot more."

Shi Lei bluntly nodded: "Naturally."

He stamped his foot and charged straight into the sky.

Star Lord Wan Xiang followed closely behind.

The two immortals moved towards the eighth star hall in the sky together.

At the same time, Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan also jumped out of a well.

"This is another star hall." Fang Yuan said as he scanned his surroundings.

Hei Lou Lan nodded: "We used many methods to test and we were not wrong, these six wells are passages."

The two gazed behind them.

The center of this star hall also had six wells.

But the colors were slightly different from the previous star hall.

In the previous star hall, the six well waters were of red, brown, yellow, blue, purple and white color. However, the six well waters here emitted the colors of red, brown, yellow, blue, green and white.

Purple was gone and green was added.

Hei Lou Lan and Fang Yuan looked at each other. Both were clever and shrewd, and they both obtained an understanding.

"What do you think of it?" Hei Lou Lan asked.

Fang Yuan grinned, showing his sharp, jagged canines as he replied with his hoarse voice: "If I am not wrong, this Starry Sky grotto-heaven has a special terrain, there are a total of seven spaces. These seven spaces are isolated and independent of each other, outsiders can only enter or exit them through the six wells in the star halls."

Hei Lou Lan nodded and picked up a Gu worm from the ground: "This is the mortal Gu you tossed earlier into the purple well water, it is the best proof. If my speculation is right, there is also another form of proof, that is the sky. When we go out of this star hall, this space's sky should also have six round shadows of stars. The difference should be that there instead of a purple star shadow, there should be a green star shadow."

Fang Yuan agreed with Hei Lou Lan's speculation.

Normal grotto-heavens and blessed lands would have integrated spaces. But Starry Sky grotto-heaven was special, it was actually divided into seven spaces, and every space had an independent sky, earth and ecology.

In his previous life, what Fang Yuan explored was only the fragment world of Starry Sky grotto-heaven and he did not know of this layer of mystery.

He and Hei Lou Lan finished discussing and they walked out of the door of the hall, gazing at the sky.

They saw six round star shadows like six full moons floating in the air, Hei Lou Lan clapped her hands and gave a bright smile: "Just like I guessed."

"Wait, someone is here!" Fang Yuan's pupils shrunk as he looked at the moving objects in the distance and happened to see Shi Lei and Star Lord Wan Xiang rapidly flying. Following the direction they were flying towards, Fang Yuan discovered the eighth star hall.

"This star hall seems to be of a higher standard, it is hovering in the air and is being coveted by others, it is very likely that it is the central control point of Starry Sky grotto-heaven." Hei Lou Lan guessed, her gaze stuck on the eighth star hall.

"There are actually others who are one step ahead of us!" Fang Yuan mumbled. He was shocked internally, according to his previous estimation, Starry Sky grotto-heaven was a place with no one but the heavenly spirit existing in it.

If not for this, Starry Sky grotto-heaven should not have fallen in his previous life.

However, the current situation was that he saw no signs of the heavenly spirit and instead saw two Gu Immortals.

As for the Gu Immortals' appearances and identities, the distance between them was very far so Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan were not able to see clearly.

However, the two felt that these neither of these two Gu Immortals were the owners of this grotto-heaven. If one of them was the owner of this grotto-heaven, they would have already sensed Hei Lou Lan and Fang Yuan, and would have acted by now.

"What's strange about it? You could obtain the secret intelligence about Starry Sky grotto-heaven from some source, does that mean other Gu Immortals cannot?" Hei Lou Lan was able to accept this fact much more easily than Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan laughed bitterly in his heart.

He had concealed from Hei Lou Lan that the so-called information source was, in fact, his own self.

However, it seemed that the truth and his preconceptions were vastly different.

The first possible cause for this situation would be Fang Yuan's rebirth constantly influencing the various events in the world, causing a butterfly effect. The second possible reason was there was a lot of details behind the scenes regarding the fall of Starry Sky grotto-heaven in his previous life, it was just that he did not know about them and now in this life, he ran across one of the inside stories.

Fang Yuan's thoughts ebbed and flowed, inclining towards the second cause.

At this moment, sounds of fighting came from the eighth star hall.

"Looks like these two Gu Immortals are of similar status to us, they are also outsiders. But, they are a step ahead of us." Hei Lou Lan's gaze flickered.

Fang Yuan did not reply, he just snickered, his laughter was cold.

Hei Lou Lan also silently grinned.

These two were formidable characters and were also schemers. Right now, the enemy was in the open while they were in the dark and both felt they had a had huge advantage, they could even be said to be the oriole in the saying 'the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind'.

Immediately, Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan activated large numbers of mortal Gu to hide their bodies and restrain their auras, as well as using many kinds of investigative methods to scout.

The two quietly closed the star hall's door, got rid of all their traces and slowly moved outside.

After a while, Fang Yuan who was walking in front suddenly stopped and warned Hei Lou Lan: "Slow down, there is a rank five investigative Gu ahead."

Hei Lou Lan carefully probed, and saw an eye-like small Gu worm quietly hovering in the air. Its eyes were slowly moving around, constantly scanning its surroundings.

The two were not surprised.

With just one look, one could see this Gu worm was not a wild Gu and was clearly left behind by the two Gu Immortals from before.

This was expected.

Previously, when Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan had explored the space relating to the green star shadow, they had also left behind similar investigative Gu to keep watch on their paths.

After becoming a Gu Immortal, one no longer lacked mortal Gu.

These mortal Gu could let the Gu Immortal constantly scan their surroundings, mark the area, warn them and many other uses.

Hei Lou Lan was young, she had just advanced into a Gu Immortal, thus was not able to recognize this Gu's details, giving a suggestion of caution: "Let's detour."

Fang Yuan smiled: "No need. This Gu is starshine fake eye Gu, it has a long range sensing ability, Gu Immortals can observe the situation of the surroundings through it. Its scope is five li, it cannot detect stealth, and not only does using this Gu constantly consume primeval essence, it also burdens the soul. We can use methods to be invisible and boldly go past it."

At the same time, Fang Yuan added in his mind: 'This Gu worm is often used together with true sight Gu which can then detect stealth and invisibility. But that is the situation during the five regions chaotic war, the true sight Gu is still being held by some small sect right now and has not been wantonly spread."

Hei Lou Lan glanced at Fang Yuan, still not feeling relieved: "Are you sure you are not wrong? Gu Immortals research new Gu all the time, maybe this Gu worm is a newly researched Gu that can see through invisibility?"

Fang Yuan snickered: "You think I only looked at it with my eyes and did not use other Gu worms to check it? Don't worry, eight or nine out of ten Gu Immortals are flying masters, but having even two to three refinement path masters out of ten would be pretty good. Refinement path is considerably harder to advance compared to other paths."


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