Reverend Insanity
715 Diamond Soil
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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715 Diamond Soil

Three star desolate hounds chased, as Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan retreated along the way.

It was not that they could not defeat the three desolate beasts, but they would have to engage in fierce combat and expend a lot of effort to defeat them.

As Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan were inside an unfamiliar environment like Starry Sky grotto-heaven, they would not want to fight with their full strength randomly, especially not against these desolate beasts which they had met by chance, only a fool would do such a thing.

Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan were experienced schemers, this trip of exploring Starry Sky grotto-heaven needed to be handled with caution, they had to preserve their battle strength to deal with unexpected situations.

Especially when the heavenly spirit of Starry Sky grotto-heaven had not shown itself yet.

The heavenly spirit controlled all aspects of the grotto-heaven, when Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan entered, they would have been detected already.

Fang Yuan led the way, flapping his wings continuously, he was extremely fast. He did not dare to fly at high altitude, he only flew near the ground.

Hei Lou Lan was much slower than Fang Yuan, she was behind him as she deeply looked at his wings, thinking and comparing in her heart: "Fang Yuan's current speed is not outstanding, I can reach it. But he can move and maneuver so agilely and precisely, he can swerve around the branches of the trees so freely."

After nearly ten li of flying, the three star desolate hounds behind them stopped and gave up on Hei Lou Lan and Fang Yuan, no longer chasing them.

The two stopped at a tall tree and took a small rest to recover.

Fang Yuan stood on the crown of the tree, trying to decipher their direction, the surrounding mountains were not far from each other, yet they were independent and distinct.

Some mountain peaks had green pines growing on them. Some had only shrubs. Some had no trees and only had weeds and wild flowers — all these were man made arrangements, nature would not have made things so organized.

Fang Yuan could tell.

The owner of Starry Sky grotto-heaven, Seven Star Child, had categorized these mountain peaks into independent areas to nurture different vegetation. This way, he could raise the productivity of specialized products.

"It seems that the owner of this grotto-heaven had spent quite some effort on managing it." Hei Lou Lan walked over, standing beside Fang Yuan and observing the area.

Fang Yuan instead frowned.

This landscape was simply too different from the one in his memories. Did that mean that hundreds of years later, there would be a huge change to Starry Sky grotto-heaven's terrain, causing it to be completely different after it broke apart and collapsed?

This way, Fang Yuan's previous life's memories could not give him any precious help.

Hei Lou Lan directed her gaze towards the small bat wings on Fang Yuan's back, asking with great interest: "Your killer move is not bad, where did you buy it?"

According to the Snowy Mountain Alliance, Fang Yuan could not lie to Hei Lou Lan, but he could choose to not talk about it.

However, true solid bat wings was an ordinary technique of Fang Yuan's, he did not need to hide it.

He answered plainly: "This killer move is based on an improvement of my previous killer move, suited for my immortal zombie body. If you want to use it, you will need to transplant a pair of bat wings onto your back."

Hei Lou Lan heard this and frowned, though not because she was concerned over destroying her image, she pursued strength: "The body of a desolate beast is also an immortal body. Just like the bodies of us Gu Immortals, their bodies contain dao marks and are closer to certain laws. Your pair of bat wings should not have the dao marks of strength path, they are closer to wind path. Transplanting them casually like this, are you not afraid that there would be a conflict between strength path and wind path, resulting in your strength path killer moves weakening?"

Fang Yuan chuckled: "You know about how Reckless Savage Demon Venerable can transform into all sorts of fierce beasts, right?"

"Of course. Reckless Savage Demon Venerable created transformation path, he was the progenitor of transformation path." Hei Lou Lan answered.

"The essence of transformation path is to transform one's own body into a fierce beast or plant, and obtain their strength and abilities at the same time. A transformation path Gu Master can become a wind path bird, fire path tiger, or water path fish, using just one path to project countless paths. Why do their dao marks not interfere with one another?" Fang Yuan asked.

Transformation path Gu Masters who solely transform their bodies had not truly ventured into transformation path.

A truly successful transformation was not only changing one's appearance, but also gaining the beast's respective dao marks.

Gu Immortals who become desolate beasts not only have the strength, defense, and speed of the desolate beast itself, they can even amplify the effect of Gu worms in their respective paths.

"That is because, every time they transform, they will turn into a single fierce beast, they would only have one type of dao mark on their bodies, it is unlike you who has two types of dao marks mixing together, like a Gu Master trying to cultivate two paths. Furthermore, after they transform, they will use their relevant Gu worms to cleanse their bodies, removing all of their current dao marks, before they can transform into a fierce beast which has another dao mark." Hei Lou Lan said.

Fang Yuan laughed arrogantly: "No, that is because they are not good enough yet, their methods are lacking. Reckless Savage Demon Venerable was not like this, he ate immemorial desolate beasts and formed desolate beast totems on his body, encompassing countless dao marks in his body, allowing him to transform at will. When you were undergoing your tribulation, I obtained the true meaning infusions of the Demon Venerable, I have already become a transformation path master."

Hei Lou Lan was truly shocked: "That is to say, you obtained pointers from Reckless Savage Demon Venerable, you have a method to balance different dao marks?"

Fang Yuan nodded, but shook his head soon after: "I am only at master realm, I can only balance three different dao marks. I am also limited by physical transplantation and other restrictions, true solid bat wings can only have up to three pairs of wings, that is the greatest display of my current transformation path master realm attainment."

Hei Lou Lan heard Fang Yuan's words and gained much interest in true solid bat wings: "Sell this movement killer move to me, I will purchase it at a high price!"

Fang Yuan shook his head, rejecting her.

He had modified this killer move after much effort, it was his unique method, how could he give it to someone else?

Unless he no longer needed it in the future, then he would consider selling the simplified version.

Hei Lou Lan was slightly disappointed that Fang Yuan rejected her, but she was not surprised. If their roles were swapped, she would have rejected him as well.

Fang Yuan did not lack immortal essence stones currently.

"I finally understand why you want to kill star demon bats now. What does your information say? A star demon bat is nearby?" Hei Lou Lan asked.

Fang Yuan nodded: "From my information, it is close by. But the terrain here is slightly different, let's look around first."

He had surveyed for a long time, but he could not confirm the location.

The place in his memory was a rotten swamp with poisonous air. But here, there were mountains independent of each other, how could there be a rotten swamp?

Two hours later.

Two figures were attacking a desolate beast.

This desolate beast's body was transparent, like it was made of diamond, its figure resembled a bear, but it was as large as a mammoth, it was a diamond bear that was rarely seen in the five regions.

It was Hei Lou Lan and Fang Yuan fighting the diamond bear.

"Take this." Fang Yuan flew in the air, his eight arms were moving around as they sent out lumps of starlight specks.

The diamond bear stood up, waving its paws and smashing the starlight completely.

Hei Lou Lan transformed into the strength path phantom giant again, she raised her leg and kicked at the diamond bear's belly.

The diamond bear growled, as its diamond-like body shined, Hei Lou Lan's giant strength path phantom's right leg broke.

"This diamond bear's body contains wild Gu worms that counter my strength path giant!" Hei Lou Lan was shocked, retreating immediately.

Killer moves were not invincible, they had weaknesses and could be countered.

But the diamond bear did not want to let Hei Lou Lan go, it pounced in her direction.

Fang Yuan saw this and immediately rushed over, the starlight lumps in his hands were shot out more quickly, like the pelting of raindrops.

At once, the diamond bear was unable to raise its head from the attacks.

"Here's a big one, enjoy it." Fang Yuan raised four of his arms up, summoning a huge icy drill stardust lump that he threw it down.

With a loud explosion, the entire diamond bear was covered by the icy drill stardust.

The diamond bear was assaulted by the stardust, it growled in pain, it had become greatly angered.


At the next moment, it charged out of the starlight lump, flying into the sky.

"This bear could fly?" Fang Yuan was the closest to it, caught off guard, he was hit by the diamond bear's raised paws.


At the next moment, Fang Yuan was like a cannonball, he flew out, crashing into dozens of large trees before stopping.

His zombie blood was pouring out, with two of the arms used to block the bear paw having been cut off, and three were fractured.

Fang Yuan's mouth twitched, accidents were bound to happen when fighting desolate beasts.

Desolate beasts were not like Gu Immortals, they did not have much intelligence, but as for which wild Gu they had in their bodies, one could not tell upon first contact.

Like earlier, the diamond bear actually dispelled Hei Lou Lan's strength path phantom and flew into the air, causing heavy injuries to Fang Yuan.

Only after suffering some injuries did Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan learn that the diamond bear had very powerful Gu worms on it, not only were there Gu worms that countered the strength path phantom, it even had flying Gu that could raise such a heavy body into the air.

"Retreat!" Fang Yuan shouted to Hei Lou Lan.

Hei Lou Lan had the intention to retreat already, she stopped her killer move and escaped with Fang Yuan.

The diamond bear did not chase after them, it picked up Fang Yuan's two arms and placed them into its mouth, chewing.

Crack, crack...

The diamond bear's teeth were sharp, they easily broke Fang Yuan's immortal zombie arms. It continued to chew, turning the arms into minced meat.

The green zombie blood flowed out from the space between the diamond bear's teeth, and an intense stench spread out.

The diamond bear swallowed the zombie meat with a weird expression, but it immediately opened its mouth and vomited the food that it had just eaten.

What a terrible taste!

The diamond bear had a constipated expression as it looked at Fang Yuan's remaining arm with disgust, slamming it into a mountain rock before moving back to its cave that was at the mountain peak grumpily.

A moment later, Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan sneakily returned.

Fang Yuan picked up the amputated arm, after verifying it, he placed it at a wound on his body.

He used healing Gu worms, and with the recovery ability of the immortal zombie, the amputated arm quickly connected to his wound.

As for the remaining arm, it was chewed up by the diamond bear, Fang Yuan could not use it, he sighed and had to regenerate it himself.

The immortal zombie body was not a mortal body, to regrow limbs, six to eight hours were needed. This was not simply a regrowth of body parts, the relevant strength path dao marks had to be replenished.

Hei Lou Lan looked at the cave entrance at the highest point of the mountain: "In that cave, there are at least fifteen kilograms of diamond soil left."

Diamond soil was formed from the feces of the diamond bear, it was filled with rich nutrients, and was one of the soils that could be sold for a high price in treasure yellow heaven.

Not long ago, Fang Yuan had come to this mountain peak with Hei Lou Lan. While Fang Yuan attracted the bear out of the cave, Hei Lou Lan sneaked in and took hundreds of kilograms of diamond soil, they were worth at least thirty immortal essence stones.

Fang Yuan shook his head: "Fifteen kilograms of diamond soil is not worth the risk. The first time was fine, but if we try a second time, with even more animosity, the diamond bear might not let us off. The diamond bear is sturdy and tough, we will need to pay a huge price to kill it. My goal is the star demon bat, since it is not in this direction, let's try another direction."


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