Reverend Insanity
712 Lion Fur Armor, Transplanting Bat Wings
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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712 Lion Fur Armor, Transplanting Bat Wings

Time flew by quickly and in a blink of an eye, ten days had passed in Hu Immortal blessed land.

Fang Yuan was flying in the air.

"Hair armor." His thoughts shifted, his hair grew wildly and instantly condensed into a malevolent looking pitch black armor full of spikes.

"Icy drill stardust." Fang Yuan pinched at the air with his five fingers, a ball of starlight formed on his hand.

The starlight constantly let out crackling sounds, looking closely inside, one could discover there were countless small specks of icy drills colliding and exploding non-stop.

Fang Yuan slowly pressed this ball of starlight into the hair armor on his chest.

The hair armor lasted for a few breaths before it began to be damaged. A dozen or so breaths later, the surroundings of the damaged area were dyed azure blue, and the blue frost was spreading everywhere.

Twenty breaths later, the hair armor completely shattered, and there was a small hole on Fang Yuan's chest.

This was completely within Fang Yuan's expectations.

He had merged Du Min Jun's inheritance into icy drill stardust, this would sell for four immortal essence stones in treasure yellow heaven. And the defensive killer move hair armor would only be worth around two and a half immortal essence stones.

The starlight on his palm dissipated, Fang Yuan willed and activated hair armor again.

However, the hair armor this time was different, it was a new and improved version, having gone through many days of experimentation.

The hair armor transformed quickly. The useless malevolent spikes were removed. The black iron-like luster before also turned into bronze.

The primary cause for this was Fang Yuan perfectly merging large numbers of golden lion fur Gu into the original foundation of hair armor.

Golden lion fur Gu was a rank five mortal Gu that could let Gu Masters grow golden lion fur, increasing their defense and having an even higher increase in resistance to metal path attacks.

Several breaths later, the original black iron spiked hair armor was gone, and replacing it was a smooth bronze armor which was twice the thickness of the black armor. The helmet had turned into the shape of a lion roaring with an open mouth, revealing Fang Yuan's face inside. The defensive ability had also increased by one hundred and fifty percent. If it was defending against metal path attacks, the defensive power would increase by a whole two hundred percent.

Fang Yuan made a lump of starlight again and pressed it towards his chest area like before.

The stardust drilled endlessly into the hair armor, but after a whole dozen or so breaths had gone by, the starlight was completely used up and merely a crack appear on the hair armor.

"Let's call it lion fur armor." Fang Yuan mumbled to himself before raising his eight arms and letting out eight lumps of starlight.

The starlight flew to the sky and gathered into a large lump.

Fang Yuan laughed heartily, charging into the large lump of stardust with his lion fur armor.

The icy drill stardust constantly produced tiny explosions which impacted against Fang Yuan's lion fur armor from all directions.

Fang Yuan constantly maintained the lion fur armor killer move, rapidly restoring any cracks that appeared. He maintained it till the starlight lump dissipated, and then flew down. There was not even a trace of a crack on the lion fur armor.

"Such recovery ability is about twice that of before. If placed in treasure yellow heaven, this could sell for four and a half immortal essence stones."

Lion fur armor was one of the accomplishments Fang Yuan had made these days.

He returned to Dang Hun palace where Hu Immortal land spirit was maintaining connecting heaven Gu, paying attention to treasure yellow heaven.

"How is the situation?" Fang Yuan asked.

"Master, the other party is still insisting on four immortal essence stones and shows no signs of lowering it." Little Hu Immortal land spirit replied.

Fang Yuan wanted to buy a pair of bat desolate beast wings.

The other party had killed this bat desolate beast and was putting its corpse on sale in treasure yellow heaven. Fang Yuan had asked for price before, but the other party had asked for four immortal essence stones just for this pair of bat wings, and their attitude was firm, not willing to lower it.

Four immortal essence stones was no doubt an expensive price. Back then, when Fang Yuan bought a six headed snake's skeleton, he had only had to pay three immortal essence stones.

According to the normal price, it should be two and a half at most.

Fang Yuan personally activated divine sense Gu and used the identity of Eight Arm Immortal to get in touch with the seller: "I am willing to pay three immortal essence stones to buy this pair of bat wings."

The seller's will, however, refused: "I'm not selling, not selling, the lowest is at least four immortal essence stones."

Fang Yuan snorted: "Sir is too greedy, look at how damaged these desolate beast wings are, they would normally only sell for two and a half immortal essence stones. If not for me wanting to research some new Gu and coincidentally happening to need this material, I would not have even asked."

The seller's will's tone softened and it sighed: "I am also helpless, my losses were too severe when hunting this desolate beast. This desolate beast's blood had already flowed out and my main body also suffered heavy injuries, if I don't sell it for this price, my finances will collapse and it might even lead to a delay in healing my injuries."

"Whether you live or die, is that my problem? Also, why would I believe your one-sided words? Three immortal essence stones, are you selling or not?" Fang Yuan said coldly.

"Not selling."

Fang Yuan immediately withdrew his divine sense.

After a while, he commanded Little Hu Immortal land spirit to inquire about the price and show a stance of being impatient: "How about this, I will take out three immortal essence stones to buy your bat wings. Say it, are you selling or not?"

The seller's will hesitated this time, but still refused in the end: "This pair of wings is the most valuable part of the whole desolate beast corpse. If sir only wants to buy the wings, it won't be easy for me to sell the remaining parts. If you are sincerely thinking of buying, how about you take out five immortal essence stones to buy this whole desolate beast corpse?"

Little Hu Immortal talked with Fang Yuan, and replied: "I only need the wings, what will I do with the other parts? I have wasted enough time already. Three immortal essence stones are already a lot, alright I shall give you three and a half immortal essence stones, this is my final bottom line. If you are still not selling, then forget it."

The seller's will was clearly shaken and it replied with hesitation: "This... let me consider it."

The land spirit hastened him: "My patience has limits, I will give you five breaths of time. Any longer and I might just take back my offer."

Four breaths passed before the seller's will heaved a long sigh. He also knew that although there was a high demand for desolate beast corpses but his price was indeed high. Gu Immortals were shrewd people, there were few that would spend money casually.

"Alright, I will sell..." The seller's will was just replying when a divine sense interrupted him, "Slow down, I want this bat desolate beast's corpse, I will give you five immortal essence stones."

"Eh? Sir is Immortal Monkey King!" This change naturally made the seller very happy.

If he sold the bat wings to Fang Yuan for three and a half immortal essence stones, then trying to sell the remaining parts of the corpse which were extremely damaged for one immortal essence stone would be demanding a very high price.

Now, Immortal Monkey King Shi Lei cut in and was willing to pay five immortal essence stones, the seller was naturally willing to accept this transaction.

"Wait a second, we have already made the deal. Immortal Monkey King, what do you think you are doing by suddenly butting in?" Hu Immortal land spirit refused to accept this.

"What deal?" Shi Lei scoffed, "Who are you kidding? Does business in treasure yellow heaven pay attention to first come, first serve? The item will naturally go to whoever pays the higher price. Since the transaction has not been carried out, there is no deal."

After saying that, Shi Lei then said to the seller: "Hey, this deal will earn you a great profit, why are you not quickly finishing the transaction?"

The seller's will was just about to nod when Hu Immortal land spirit obtained Fang Yuan's instructions and immediately prevented it: "Slow down, I will pay five and a half immortal essence stones."

"Hmph, only adding half an immortal essence stone, aren't you too petty? I will pay seven immortal essence stones." Shi Lei said with a rich and overbearing attitude.

Hu Immortal land spirit's tone immediately became gloomy: "Since it is so, I will pay eight immortal essence stones."

"Eight?" Shi Lei laughed, "Then I will pay nine!"

"Nine and a half." Hu Immortal land spirit immediately quoted.

That seller's will had never expected such a change and was already overjoyed.

Shi Lei was dazed before laughing loudly: "Alright, Hu Immortal, as expected of someone doing the business of guts Gu, you have so much money. I don't want to contend with a junior. Just a mere damaged desolate beast corpse, I hope you can be happy when you take it."

The divine sense left directly after laughing heartily.

"Hu... Lord Hu Immortal... you meant what you said, right?" The seller's will wore a fawning smile as he said while stammering. From the looks of it, he had not lied before, he was indeed a poor rank six Gu Immortal.

"Hmph, business needs to be done with sincerity, would my words be a lie?" Hu Immortal land spirit coldly snorted.

The two finished the transaction.

The seller received nine and a half immortal essence stones while Fang Yuan obtained a bat desolate beast's corpse.

After this transaction, Fang Yuan checked his wealth again; he had one hundred and seventy-two immortal essence stones and seventy-seven beads of green grape immortal essence.

So far, Fang Yuan had already sold the sixth batch of guts Gu. It was an average of one batch per month and every batch gave him forty-eight immortal essence stones in profit.

Over these six months, Fang Yuan had completed one transaction of an Immortal Gu recipe with Lang Ya land spirit, earning over twenty immortal essence stones.

But he had fed the eight desolate beasts earlier and converted large numbers of immortal essence stones into green grape immortal essence. He also consumed green grape immortal essence to reverse refine star path Gu recipes, which ended in failure, and finally, to make a breakthrough using transformation path, he improved on his killer moves.

He had not only improved his defensive killer move hair armor to lion fur armor, but also upgraded light illusion bat wings by a great degree.

But to complete the new light illusion bat wings, he needed to transplant a pair of real bat wings onto his immortal zombie body.

Because of this, Fang Yuan did not hesitate on spending a large amount to buy this bat desolate beast's corpse.

"Immortal Monkey King Shi Lei, making me spend three times the price to buy this bat corpse. I will remember this."

Shi Lei was a higher up of Combat Immortal Sect, which was one of the ten great ancient sects. During his previous life's five regions chaotic war, after Feng Jiu Ge died, he replaced Feng Jiu Ge as the most powerful rank seven in Central Continent. He was an earth path expert but cultivated transformation path as well, having secretly obtained several inheritances of Reckless Savage Demon Venerable.

Fang Yuan thought of raising the price of guts Gu to Combat Immortal Sect, but he dispelled this thought after pondering about it.

For the next half a month, he concentrated on handling the bat desolate beast's corpse.

He carefully cut apart the bat wings and did more than a dozen sessions of meticulous treatment and maintenance.

He then used fire path and strength path Gu worms to constantly temper the bat wings; as a result, the extremely wide bat wings gradually became more condensed and small.

Finally, after Fang Yuan endured intense pain, he finally succeeded in transplanting the bat wings onto his back.


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