Reverend Insanity
703 Plot within plot, a fatal killer move
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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703 Plot within plot, a fatal killer move

On the battlefield, the intense battle continued.

A large group of iron beak flying cranes, each with bodies black as steel, they had increased defense and did not fear death, they charged towards the two mysterious Gu Immortals fiercely.

One of the two mysterious Gu Immortals opened their mouth, as a loud sound came out of it, echoing everywhere.

This was a sound path killer move!

The iron beak flying crane group's formation went into chaos under the effect of the sound, their tight formation became loose and there were many weaknesses exposed.

"Go!" The other mysterious Gu Immortal saw a chance and grabbed the other person's limb, the two of them turning into two lumps of grey white flames, piercing the iron beak flying cranes' formation and moving towards He Feng Yang.

Against an enslavement path Gu Immortal, one should not fight intensely with their beast group, taking down the enslavement Gu Immortal was the proper battle tactic.

He Feng Yang saw that the enemy was approaching, not only was he not anxious, he showed a cold smile: "You fell into my trap."

He took out a five hole jade flute Gu, placing it near his mouth and started playing the flute. He looked like a green clothed young man, but he was actually the lord of myriads of beasts. His sleeves fluttered in the air despite having no wind, his eyes burst out with a lively brilliance.

Enslavement path killer move — Eight Sided Ambush!

Tens of thousands of flying cranes moved with his music, groups of invisible cranes that had hidden their figures exposed themselves, encircling the two mysterious Gu Immortals tightly.

He Feng Yang purposely left behind an empty space in the formation around himself, that was a trap to lead his enemies right into it.

Now that the other party had fallen for it, he did not let them off, as his flute continued to play, three five string zither Gu flew out of his body.

Amidst the music of the flute, the zither played a crisp tune, turning into another enslavement path killer move — Formation Like Water!

Innumerable flying cranes flew outward, while countless flying cranes flew towards the center.

The entire battlefield was like a perfect harmony of churning gears, the scale was massive but orderly, the flying cranes moved fluidly, their formation was changing like the flow of water.

The two mysterious Gu Immortals were within this formation, they saw the array of flying cranes changing their formation smoothly, they felt like beans in a stone grinder, about to be turned into pulp!

He Feng Yang continued to blow the flute, safely at the center of the beast group, standing on the back of the desolate crane, he watched the crane group engage with the two mysterious experts.

He thought in his heart: "Ever since we started fighting, these two have used countless killer moves, ranging from sound path, space path, fire path, wind path, light path, dark path, rule path and more, they were doing this on purpose, they did not want to use their real abilities and expose their identities."

When Gu Masters become immortals, according to the foundation of their bodies, as well as the Gu worm used to create their immortal aperture, they would be classified into Gu Immortals of their respective paths. There were fire path Gu Immortals, wind path Gu Immortals, wisdom path Gu Immortals and many others, forming the immortal bodies of the respective paths.

The immortal body is obtained when a Gu Masters ascends, their body will be modified by the three qi, removing all impurities and elevating the essence of their life itself.

A wind path immortal body will have the dao marks and comprehension of wind, thus when they use wind path Gu worms, the effect would be greater. A fire path immortal body would be cleansed by the Great Dao in relation to fire, it would be closely connected to fire path, and would cause fire path killer moves to be much more powerful than normal.

For example, Fang Yuan, although he was an immortal zombie, he was still a strength path Gu Immortal, his body was the strength path immortal body, thus when he used Gu worms and killer moves of other paths, the effects were only ordinary.

The two mysterious Gu Immortals trying to kill He Feng Yang did not use their real fighting methods, therefore, they were suppressed by him despite outnumbering him two to one.

"Are you two still trying to conceal your identities? If you do not use your true abilities, you might die here." He Feng Yang snickered continuously, his voice filled the battlefield.

The two mysterious Gu Immortals were breathing roughly, the attack of the crane groups were unceasing and furious like a tide, the two of them were tired from dealing with them.

Like what He Feng Yang said, if the two did not start using their real methods, they would truly get killed soon.

The two made eye contact as they nodded, making up their minds.

One of them sighed: "As expected of a reputed righteous sect. The might of the Winged Crane Flying Immortal, I have truly seen it today."

The other said: "However, even if we do not use our real capabilities, we can still kill you. He Feng Yang, take a look around you."

"Oh?" He Feng Yang's gaze quickly swept the surroundings.

Originally, it was a foggy scene, the battlefield was full of crying and anguished screams, but now there was a change.

Within the lumps of thick fog, dark blue soul beasts were formed. In just a few breaths of time, the number of soul beasts increased greatly, they were equally numbered with He Feng Yang's crane group.

"Is this... soul taker battlefield?" He Feng Yang's heart jumped, he said it subconsciously.

"Hehehe, Winged Crane Flying Immortal, you are very knowledgeable." The mysterious Gu Immortals laughed, their voices changing constantly, sounding like male or female at times.

He Feng Yang's expression turned grim.

This soul taker battlefield killer move had a vile reputation, it was very hard to deal with. Living beings who died in this battlefield would have their souls taken and transformed into soul beasts, under the control of the killer move's user.

Most importantly, this battlefield killer move's origin was huge, it was created by one of the ten venerables in history when he was young, Spectral Soul Demon Venerable who had the most murderous nature.

Who were these two mysterious Gu Immortals, they actually had a battlefield killer move, soul taker, that was long lost in history?!

Once the soul beasts appeared, they started fighting with the crane groups.

The battle situation changed.

He Feng Yang quickly manipulated the crane groups, changing formations to defend against the soul beasts. The two mysterious Gu Immortals felt less pressure now, and were able to rush out of the crane groups' encirclement.

The size of the soul beasts was the same as the crane group, but they could not defeat the cranes, often, ten soul beasts were sacrificed to kill one crane.

But He Feng Yang became increasingly alert in his heart, after the soul beasts were shredded into fragments, these fragments could form into new soul beasts in this soul taker battlefield.

Meanwhile, when a flying crane dies, its soul would be taken by the battlefield, forming a soul beast, becoming part of the enemy's troops. No matter how high He Feng Yang's cultivation was, he could not battle with zero casualties. Once he suffered losses, over a long period, the soul beasts would have the upper hand.

As this dragged on, He Feng Yang's advantage would dwindle, the crane groups would slowly be taken down by the soul beasts.

"He Feng Yang, just so you know, we expressed weakness earlier on purpose, to delay for time. Now that the soul taker battlefield has grown to a sizable amount, your enslavement path advantage is gone."

"Winged Crane Flying Immortal, today, you will perish here."

The two mysterious Gu Immortal worked together.

Wind path killer move — Tornado Dragon Whip!

With a wind whip that was hundreds of meters long, one of the Gu Immortals swung, killing countless flying cranes.

Poison path killer move — Killer Bee Stab!

Thousands of needles rained down like a torrential storm, the poison on them were very potent, any flying crane that was hit directly died on the spot, their flesh disintegrating.

The two mysterious Gu Immortals had finally showed their true abilities, one was a wind path Gu Immortal, while the other was a poison path Gu Immortal.

Large numbers of cranes were exterminated, their souls were extracted by the battlefield, forming new batches of soul beasts.

"Oh no, the enemy came prepared, they planned for this long ago, I cannot stay here." He Feng Yang saw this and wanted to retreat.

Only a fool would want to stay in the soul taker battlefield and fight it out with the enemy.

"This soul taker battlefield is filled with fog, it is easy to lose one's direction, it is hard to escape from. But right now, I have expand space Immortal Gu with me, it should not be hard to escape from here."

He Feng Yang thought about this and used his divine sense to communicate with a will in his immortal aperture.

This will was in the form of a burly man, when He Feng Yang left Fei He mountain earlier, it had entered his immortal aperture and had been observing the outside situation using his Gu worms.

All of He Feng Yang's experience this time, since he left Fei He mountain, in Hu Immortal blessed land, when he was encircled by Fang Yuan and the others, and after he left Hu Immortal blessed land and was trapped in the soul taker battlefield, attacked by two mysterious Gu Immortals. The will saw it all clearly.

He Feng Yang requested: "Lord Tiger Demon, please use your immortal killer move once again to break out of the battlefield and escape this place."

This will belonged to Immortal Crane Sect's third supreme elder, Lord Tiger Demon's anger will.

He sat in the air, opening his eyes emotionlessly: "You need to know that every time I use force intrusion, my main body will need to expend two red date immortal essence beads."

He Feng Yang quickly said: "Junior understand, I will make the appropriate compensation when we return."

Tiger Demon's anger will nodded, not speaking any further. He grabbed with his hand, tossing two red date immortal essence to the expand space Immortal Gu, at the same time, many mortal Gu rose up as well.

After a while of preparing, He Feng Yang opened his palm, taking out expand space Immortal Gu from his immortal aperture.

The Immortal Gu was covered in a yellow light, He Feng Yang patted it lightly.

The yellow light left his hands, breaking apart the soul taker battlefield and creating a hole.

He Feng Yang was overjoyed, he put back expand space Immortal Gu and the nine palace crane below his feet cried out, flapping its wings and bringing him out of soul taker battlefield.

Outside the battlefield, it was clear skies with no clouds.

"Oh no! He actually had expand space Immortal Gu, he's escaping!"

"He Feng Yang, don't run if you have the guts, let us battle for three hundred rounds!"

The shouts of the two Gu Immortals behind him had a tone of anxiety and panic.

He Feng Yang laughed heartily, his heart was filled with pride: "Even soul taker battlefield cannot contain me. No matter who you are, ambushing and attempting to kill me, I will remember this. Don't think I will not find out just because you hid your identity, you used your own killer moves. When I return to the sect, I will investigate, I will definitely find out who you really are! Eh? Oh no!"

Suddenly, He Feng Yang sensed something amiss, his expression changed.

He had always been a vigilant person and had great self control, how could his emotions become so overjoyed the moment he left the soul taker battlefield, like he had just won a battle?

This time, he failed to take back Hu Immortal blessed land, he had let down Lord Tiger Demon's nurturing and expectations, he should feel downcast instead.

"Oh no!" An intense warning of danger rose in his heart, He Feng Yang turned around, only to see a Gu Immortal as tiny as a little boy, his body covered in a dark light. He was holding a dagger shaped Gu worm, he was right behind He Feng Yang, less than a foot away.

A third Gu Immortal!

There was a third Gu Immortal in ambush!

This was their true killer move, a plot within a plot! While He Feng Yang's mind relaxed the moment he left the soul taker battlefield, the fatal strike was launched at him!

He Feng Yang was furious and shocked, his eyes were blood red and he was extremely angry, he did not retreat, instead, he had the urge to fight to the death with the enemy.

"Quickly dodge! The enemy is an emotion path Gu Immortal, they can interfere with your judgment by influencing your emotions!" Within his immortal aperture, Tiger Demon's anger will was shouting.

"Hehehe, it is too late." The third Gu Immortal raised their dagger, stabbing at He Feng Yang.

The dagger shaped Gu worm burst out with an intense Immortal Gu aura.

He Feng Yang was horror stricken and full of grievances.

The enemy had an attack type Immortal Gu?!

He only had an expand space Immortal Gu, it could not help him. The defensive mortal killer moves he had could not block this attack type Immortal Gu!


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