Reverend Insanity
702 Accident, Assault of a Mysterious Gu Immortal
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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702 Accident, Assault of a Mysterious Gu Immortal

Fang Yuan's suggestion moved He Feng Yang's heart.

When Fang Yuan launched the ambush and encircled He Feng Yang, he had thought that this operation was going to end in failure. In the best case scenario, he would use expand space Immortal Gu and break out of the encirclement forcefully after sustaining huge injuries.

Even if he consumed a lot of immortal essence during the process of escaping, he could not care about it. After all, comparing immortal essence and his life, the latter was much more important.

After returning to Immortal Crane Sect, He Feng Yang's life would definitely go downhill.

Immortal Crane Sect placed such great expectations on him, and he had even prepared for over a year, but he ended up failing. His rival, Gu Immortal Lei Tan, would definitely seek him out to mock him personally when he hears the news!

Second supreme elder would be utterly disappointed with him, and He Feng Yang might not be able to lift his head for several years after that. This loss could be a lifelong blemish, solely with just this failure, he would be mocked by countless people in the dark forever.

If he could establish the deal with Fang Yuan for guts Gu, to He Feng Yang, that would be many times better than breaking through the encirclement.

He Feng Yang assessed in his heart: "Hu Immortal blessed land has four Gu Immortals and eight desolate beasts, together with the territorial advantage, they are as secure as a fortress! Even though any of the ten great ancient sects have the capability to take this on, that is only speaking of capability. They might not be able to gather so many Gu Immortals here. Even if they could send Gu Immortals to attack Hu Immortal blessed land, a battle between Gu Immortals will expend a great amount of immortal essence and other resources."

"Even if they could get enough manpower and invest a lot into this battle, the other party also has Gu Immortals and can easily destroy Dang Hun mountain. By then, even if Hu Immortal blessed land was obtained, it would all be for nothing."

In the outside world, Great Heavenly Sword Sect had three Gu Immortals, and could attempt to leave one of the ten great ancient sects, Immortal Crane Sect.

This was because to deal with three Gu Immortals, the resources and manpower needed were something Immortal Crane Sect needed to consider. If they failed, not only would they suffer a loss in their reputation, this huge loss might also cause unrest within the sect, and trigger other problems.

Gu Immortals were easy to defeat, but they were hard to kill. Why would anyone who could reach this stage not have any means or trump cards to escape?

If they failed to kill him, they would utterly offend a Gu Immortal. A Gu Immortal that is holding grudges may cause trouble to mortals, with Immortal Crane Sect's huge size and wide range of assets, they would have to salvage the situation everywhere.

Now that Fang Yuan has displayed such a force, Immortal Crane Sect alone could no longer attack forcefully, unless the other sects cooperated with them. But if they cooperated, there would be issues in many aspects, regarding the allocation of benefits.

If He Feng Yang agrees to cooperate with Fang Yuan, they would establish trade for guts Gu, this result was not an utter failure.

That was because Immortal Crane Sect's main objective in taking down Hu Immortal blessed land was for the guts Gu.

Using the smallest price to obtain the biggest benefits, this was the issue that all of the supreme elders in Immortal Crane Sect were concerned about.

Before this, Immortal Crane Sect had already requested for Fang Yuan to initiate the sales of guts Gu.

"If we could establish a trade with the other party, I would not need to force my way out and risk injury, I can save a lot of immortal essence and have a proper justification when I return to the sect." He Feng Yang considered this option.

Fang Yuan observed his expression, even though He Feng Yang was a shrewd man and did not show emotions on his face, he was clearly moved due to how long he was considering this for.

Thus, Fang Yuan continued: "A hundred of my guts Gu will sell for one immortal essence stone in treasure yellow heaven. I will sell a hundred and twenty guts Gu to Immortal Crane Sect for each immortal essence stone. However, in return, I want your Immortal Crane Sect to acknowledge my Hu Immortal blessed land as your sect's subsidiary force. Furthermore, this subsidiary can detach from you at any time."

As long as he had this identity, the other nine great ancient sects would not be able to deal with Fang Yuan without involving Immortal Crane Sect. These were the rules of the righteous path, it was like making Immortal Crane Sect the big boss, while Hu Immortal blessed land was the lackey, you would need to ask the boss before hitting his lackeys.

He Feng Yang smiled insincerely as he spoke: "Fang Yuan, are you thinking of using my sect as your protection? With your force, you can definitely establish your own sect, right?"

"Nobody can set up a sect on Tian Ti mountain. I have no intention to leave this valuable spot." Fang Yuan laughed.

Tian Ti mountain had directly connected to Heavenly Court, even Gu Immortals did not dare to fight on this mountain. If Immortal Crane Sect did not declare Fang Yuan as a sect traitor and hold perfect reason to take him down, they would not dare to attack Hu Immortal blessed land.

"Furthermore, Hu Immortal blessed land becoming Immortal Crane Sect's subsidiary will also account for your sect's reputation, right?" Fang Yuan continued.

He Feng Yang fell into silence again.

A long while later, he sighed out: "This matter is very important, I cannot be in charge of the decision, allow me to return and report to the sect."

Fang Yuan nodded: "It would be best if brother He goes and explains it. But Fairy Cang Yu would need to remain as a guest here for a while longer."

He Feng Yang and Cang Yu made eye contact.

Fairy Cang Yu said: "Lord Feng Yang, go ahead and return, I will wait here."

"I will return quickly." He Feng Yang nodded solemnly at her, before looking deeply at Fang Yuan and his gang.

He wanted to engrave these people into the depths of his heart.

"Land spirit, open the door and let brother He out." Fang Yuan said with a concerned tone.

"Yes, master." Little Hu Immortal quickly replied.

On Tian Ti mountain, a brilliant white gold light formed.

In the light, a bright red door appeared, it was over thirty meters tall, and there was a rainbow colored plaque. Pink clouds gathered as the aurora condensed into a flight of stairs of light.

He Feng Yang came out of the door, when he left, it was through the proper exit of the blessed land.

This action quickly attracted the attention of the Gu Immortals of the other nine great sects.

They started to converse.

"He's out!"

"So fast? Don't tell me there was no resistance at all?"

"When He Feng Yang entered, he used the expand space Immortal Gu, but when he came out, it was through the main entrance. This is proof that he succeeded."

"Something's wrong, look at his face, there is no joy of victory, he looks more calm and composed instead."

Even though they were suspicious, none of them asked him directly.

This was a hidden contest between the ten great sects, a direct confrontation was damaging to their reputations.

He Feng Yang could not care about their feelings, he only wanted to return to Fei He mountain, to report this matter.

He flew quickly, traveling far from Tian Ti mountain in a moment's time.

He Feng Yang's brows were locked, he was indignant and suspicious: "Where did Fang Yuan's force come from? Other than Fang Yuan, the other three immortals all covered their faces with masks, and used Gu worms to block investigative methods, they evidently do not want to expose their identities. Why is that?"

"Don't tell me they are Gu Immortals from the other nine sects? They did not want our sect to obtain Dang Hun mountain, thus they secretly colluded with Fang Yuan beforehand?"

The moment he thought of this, He Feng Yang rejected this possibility.

Paper could not cover up a fire, secrets were temporary and would be outed, the nine great sects would not do such a thing, it was against the demeanor of one of the great sects.

"Then, are they Gu Immortals gathered from Central Continent's smaller sects?" He Feng Yang thought.

Central Continent had countless sects, other than the ten great ancient sects, there were large sized sects, middle sized sects, small sized sects, and mini sects. There were untold numbers of sects, within them, there naturally were some Gu Immortals.

If it had been them, then these Gu Immortal would all have foundations in Central Continent, to prevent their home sect from being suppressed or troubled by the ancient sects, they would not want to reveal their identities, that made sense.

"That's right, Fang Yuan has the fixed immortal travel Immortal Gu! These people might not be Central Continent Gu Immortals, they might be from other regions. The stronger the Gu Immortal, the harder it is to get past the regional walls. Every once in a while, they have to let out their aperture in the region that they became an immortal to recollect and gather heaven and earth qi to stabilize the blessed land. But with Fixed Immortal Travel, the other party can settle these problems easily!"

He Feng Yang's thoughts moved swiftly, he quickly guessed Fang Yuan and the other Gu Immortals' identities. But he had too little evidence, he could not confirm it.

"All in all, Hu Immortal blessed land is very mysterious and dangerous, before we find out their secrets, we cannot strike easily. This time, I suffered a huge loss, the root of the problem was that the enemy was in the dark while I was out in the open, we suffered from a lack of intel!"

He Feng Yang concluded his experience from this incident, but he suddenly stopped in the air.

"Who is this? You dare to ambush me here!" He Feng Yang quickly became alert, shouting.

"Hmm, you are very vigilant." A voice came from somewhere, it was high and low pitched at times, with a hoarse male voice that turned into a crisp female voice. Someone had evidently modified their voice with Gu worms.

Two figures appeared, one in front and one behind, they blocked He Feng Yang's paths.

What changed next was the sky. The bright, shiny and clear sky with no clouds turned dark and eerie, fog became thick as vengeful souls flew all over the place.

This was a battlefield killer move!

This was a battlefield environment created to amplify the effects of certain Gu worms.

This was not something ordinary Gu Immortals could have.

"I am Immortal Crane Sect's He Feng Yang, both of you are concealing your appearances and acting so secretive, what is your intention?" He Feng Yang shouted.

The two Gu Immortals before him were masked in a layer of dark light, their appearances could not be seen.

"So what if you are from Immortal Crane Sect?" The mysterious Gu Immortal in front of him laughed coldly.

The Gu Immortal behind him said directly: "We will kill you regardless!"

Just as they said that, the Gu Immortal struck.

Five fingers spread open and thousands of grey white threads appeared from the palm.

The threads got close to He Feng Yang, as his heart jumped, this was obviously a mortal killer move designed to trap people. Once he was entangled by these threads, it would be difficult to escape.

He Feng Yang quickly summoned the crane group.

Within his immortal aperture, there were large numbers of flying cranes, he brought them with him everywhere and he never lacked any troops.

The crane groups were huge in numbers, there were iron beak flying cranes, fire pellet cranes, tailwind cranes, cloud mist cranes, stellar light cranes, and illusion lightning cranes all mixed together in perfect harmony, forming a tight formation.

A desolate beast nine palace crane flew out, crying out and causing the surrounding fog to disperse.

He Feng Yang stepped onto the nine palace crane's back, his hair was fluttering as his gaze was like lightning, the anger within him had awakened: "Do you really think I am an easy target? Today, you will taste the fury of the Winged Crane Flying Immortal!"

As the threads flew to him, the iron beak flying crane group flew out and blocked them with their bodies.

The other mysterious Gu Immortal puffed up his cheeks and blew out huge flames. These flames were pale green, and in this battlefield, their power was amplified, causing many cranes to fall from the sky after getting burnt.

He Feng Yang was not to be outdone, he activated his enslavement path killer move.

Immediately, a group of illusion lightning cranes flew out, shooting lightning bolts that gathered and formed into a pillar, piercing the battlefield. Another group of fire pellet cranes flew out, their bodies covered in flames, burning their enemies.

Two groups of flying cranes charged towards the two mysterious Gu Immortals like a pair of giant fists.

Boom boom boom...

With an intense explosion, the two sides engaged in intense battle!


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