Reverend Insanity
692 The hard to deal with Hei tribe father and daughter
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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692 The hard to deal with Hei tribe father and daughter

"Hei Cheng, you, you are actually threatening me! Rub me the wrong way and I will make sure all your dirty deeds are known by the whole world!!" Xue Song Zi was furious.

Hei Cheng sneered: "Go ahead, do it quickly. Truthfully speaking, Su Xian Er was your Snowy Mountain's pawn, intentionally arranged to get close to me and infiltrate Hei tribe's higher level. The so-called Su Xian's Night Elopement is no more than a conspiracy. Not long later, Su tribe was annihilated, did you think it was my Hei tribe that had a hand in it? Hmph! You guys from Snowy Mountain did it to conclude matters for Su Xian Er, clearing away all the traces!"

"What? This, why haven't I heard of it?" Xue Song Zi showed an incredulous look upon hearing this astonishing piece of news.

"What would you know? You are only the owner of the seventh branch peak. The higher levels of Snowy Mountain always has only had three decision makers. I know you don't believe me, but I have conclusive proof." Hei Cheng took out an east window Gu and threw it to Xue Song Zi.

Xue Song Zi took the east window Gu and cast his consciousness into it, a while later, his forehead was filled with cold sweat.

Hei Cheng gazed at the sky and heaved a long sigh, revealing a bleak look: "Back then, I was publicly recognized as a Gu Immortal seed, but it was because I was ignorant at my young age that I fell into the conspiracy. Su Xian's Night Elopement, hehe, Su Xian's Night Elopement is nothing more than a meticulously planned conspiracy for the demonic and righteous paths to infiltrate each other."

"I married Su Xian Er, we had Lou Lan, I truly thought the days would keep on passing by blissfully. However, one day, a Gu Immortal suddenly appeared before me and threw the conclusive evidence to me. And what you are looking at is only a portion of this evidence."

"How can this be? How can this be?" Xue Song Zi mumbled.

This evidence turned everything upside-down.

Even if Hei Cheng used the yin-yang life extension method to scheme against his own wife, this was actually a matter of enmity between righteous and demonic. Hei Cheng's action of taking down his family when justice demanded it would not create reproach but instead be praised and admired.

"You set me up! You set me up!!" Xue Song Zi pointed at Hei Cheng in extreme fury.

He had thought he was the one holding the initiative by having a handle on Hei Cheng, but he had never expected to be instead entrapped by Hei Cheng.

Xue Song Zi naively followed Hei Cheng to hunt Hei Lou Lan and battle Fairy Li Shan, causing his current worrying plight. Hei Lou Lan, Fairy Li Shan as well as central continent's ancient sect force became a shadow that refused to leave Xue Song Zi's mind.

Hei Cheng restrained his feelings and looked at Xue Song Zi: "And now, I have a new piece of evidence. Do you remember when Hei Lou Lan was transcending the tribulation, how did she address Fairy Li Shan? Fairy Li Shan and Su Xian Er are likely to have a blood relation. I have Su Xian Er's blood with me and also Hei Lou Lan's blood, I will have additional conclusive proof when we confront Snowy Mountain in the future."

Xue Song Zi breathed roughly before he was able to forcibly calm down: "Good, Hei Cheng, you are truly outstanding. I had not even extorted you of a few dozens of immortal essence stones but was pulled into this messy business by you, being plunged into your trap. Right, I must acknowledge that even if you take actions against Hei Lou Lan, making every attempt to capture her, it could just be brushed off as a father educating his daughter who hopes she would be aware of her mistakes. As long as you don't use the yin-yang life extension method on Hei Lou Lan, I won't have any real handle on you! But, your scheme can only stop here, you are a lone force while the other has joined hands with a central continent influence. Hehe, Hei Lou Lan has already become a strength path extreme physique immortal, it is now even more difficult for you to capture her."

Hei Cheng sank into silence.

Xue Song Zi continued explaining, his thoughts becoming keener: "My situation is worrisome but your days also won't pass by well. You harmed Su Xian Er, Hei Lou Lan's hatred runs extremely deeply, and who is to say central continent's force also won't look to trouble you!"

"Thus, you two are tied together, and you only have a hope of victory if you cooperate with my side." A female voice suddenly interrupted Xue Song Zi and Hei Cheng's conversation.

"Who is this?!" Xue Song Zi was truly startled.

A graceful figure slowly appeared. This was a female Gu Immortal who was wearing purple garments; she was charming and lovely, and her beautiful face showed a light smile.

Xue Song Zi was not someone with poor knowledge and after being dazed for a moment, he reacted: "So it is Fairy Jiang Yu."

He then looked towards Hei Cheng.

All of northern plains' Gu Immortals knew that Fairy Jiang Yu was Hei Cheng's twenty seventh concubine who was similarly a dark path Gu Immortal, and possessed dark limit Immortal Gu, which could conceal inspirations and make it difficult for others to make deductions.

The reason why Hei Lou Lan was able to hold on for so long, and not explode because of the Great Strength True Martial Physique, was because Fairy Jiang Yu had used dark limit Immortal Gu to seal the aura of one of the ten extreme physiques on Hei Lou Lan, preventing its induction within heaven and earth.

However, who would have thought that upon seeing Fairy Jiang Yu, Hei Cheng's attitude would turn extremely cold, he snorted: "As expected, you came."

"Many years ago, when I first brought evidence regarding Su Xian's Night Elopement to you, I had said — I will appear when you need me." Fairy Jiang Yu revealed a mysterious smile, "So what do you think? Like I said before, you won't be able to capture Hei Lou Lan by just yourself, you will instead only create a bigger commotion. You can only cooperate with my side to have hope."

Xue Song Zi looked at Hei Cheng then at Jiang Yu, his gaze traveling back and forth between them.

He was shocked at how Hei Cheng and Jiang Yu were conversing. Fairy Jiang Yu's identity was not ordinary, and seemed to be a representative of a mysterious force. The reason Hei Cheng could know of the deceit that was Su Xian's Night Elopement was because of Fairy Jiang Yu's notice.

Hei Cheng lowered his eyes. Fairy Jiang Yu was able to appear so close to him without being discovered, this caused Hei Cheng's apprehension of Jiang Yu to deepen by a layer.

Fairy Jiang Yu was on the surface a lone cultivator of northern plains, and Hei Cheng's beloved concubine, but in truth was shrouded in a fog of mystery.

Hei Cheng fell into deep thought.

He was not at all afraid of Fang Yuan's myriad self army and actually had some disdain towards it inwardly. Despite not having methods to confront it head-on, Gu Immortal combat paid attention to contests in every aspect. Just based on how the myriad self army was not able to chase down Hei Cheng, its threat had heavily decreased to him.

In the previous battle, if not for Hei Lou Lan's side taking the initiative to retreat, Hei Cheng would have no doubt occupied the upper hand when the strength path phantoms dissipated and could even turn around the situation to a victorious one.

Even Xue Song Zi who had been fleeing in disarray from the myriad self was not worried about fighting Fang Yuan again.

The reason was that myriad self was an immortal killer move, Fang Yuan's immortal essence expenditure was too high, and in spite of this it did not have true killing power. Xue Song Zi could just activate mortal killer moves to resist it. After this was repeated a few times, how much more immortal essence could Fang Yuan, as an immortal zombie, still have? Once his immortal essence was expended, Xue Song Zi could display his might and settle affairs with Fang Yuan.

Hei Cheng's apprehension was towards Fang Yuan's background, to Immortal Crane Sect, and central continent's Gu Immortals.

He also had not expected that his investigation of Fixed Immortal Travel would involve such a colossus. Dong Fang Chang Fan had already deduced that the collapse of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building was due to the workings of central continent's Gu Immortals.

Central continent's Gu Immortals could destroy even Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's arrangements. Let alone with the insignificant Hei Cheng?

Like Hei Cheng, Xue Song Zi also had similar worries.

They were both scared by Fang Yuan's 'background', if they knew Immortal Crane Sect was thinking of every possible means to deal with Fang Yuan, they absolutely would not be this nervous.

"Looking at the present situation, it seems we can only have the chance of success by collaborating with your side. But before cooperating, as a fundamental part of good faith, shouldn't you tell me which force you are representing?" Hei Cheng asked Fairy Jiang Yu after pondering for a while.

Fairy Jiang Yu thought for a moment, she knew Hei Cheng was an uncompromising person; if she lied or refused, he would probably just turn around and abruptly leave.

She decided to tell the truth: "Well, there is no harm in telling you. The force I represent is spread throughout the five regions and its name is Shadow Sect."

Hei Cheng and Xue Song Zi glanced at each other.

Central continent, Hu Immortal blessed land.

"Twenty-eight green grape immortal essence and half an immortal essence stone." Fang Yuan calculated the wealth he had remaining.

After going through the battle during Hei Lou Lan's tribulation, Fang Yuan's hard earned and accumulated funds immediately returned to their original state.

Before the battle, Fang Yuan had ninety-one beads of green grape immortal essence, but he had activated the killer move myriad self close to fifty times, to form an army of nearly five hundred thousand strength path phantoms.

During the battle, Fang Yuan repeatedly used delight in water and mountain Immortal Gu, Worldly Wave Trace and other Immortal Gu, consuming over a dozen beads of green grape immortal essence.

Thus, the remaining green grape immortal essence did not even total thirty beads.

"I still owe Fairy Li Shan fifteen immortal essence stones and fifteen immortal essence stones to Lang Ya land spirit as well. I can delay the payment to Fairy Li Shan as long as necessary. But I need to return the immortal essence stones I owe to Lang Ya land spirit as soon as possible; if it is delayed, the interest will only get higher."

Fang Yuan's relationship with Lang Ya land spirit was still only ordinary.

When Lang Ya land spirit lent immortal essence stones to Fang Yuan, although he did not demand an exorbitant price, but he still, as per convention, took a ten percent interest.

That is to say, Fang Yuan would have to return at least sixteen and a half immortal essence stones to Lang Ya land spirit. If a month passed, another one and half immortal essence stone would have to be added.

Two months was three immortal essence stones and so on.

Even if a month did not pass, he would still have to pay one and half immortal essence stones, this was the minimum interest.

How could outsiders lend money for no reason and without any benefits?

The alliance between Fang Yuan, Fairy Li Shan and the others had an agreement. When one side helps other, the price they paid would be doubly compensated.

This agreement had been implemented in Fang Yuan's first battle with Hei Cheng.

However, this time, Fang Yuan did not just pay a price, he also obtained enormous benefits.

His strength path realm advanced to grandmaster level, he raised transformation path from practically nothing to master level, while his flying attainment advanced to quasi-grandmaster level.

Adding in small family qi Gu and the fifteen immortal essence stones exempted from the debt, these benefits had far surpassed the price Fang Yuan had paid, thus Fairy Li Shan did not compensate.

"Thinking back now, Hei Lou Lan might have intentionally set this situation up, attempting to use the Demon Venerable's realm's true meaning to make me work myself to the bone." Now that Fang Yuan recalled the situation, he felt he had fallen in Hei Lou Lan's scheme.

If not for the Demon Venerable's true meaning, Fang Yuan absolutely would not have spent so much green grape immortal essence and formed such a large strength path phantom army. If the situation was not good, Fang Yuan could have even retreated. After all, the alliance agreement had no clause that said one had to fight till death.

The Snowy Mountain Alliance was quite lenient.

Fang Yuan had vaguely felt this during the battle. But this was an upright plot, even if Fang Yuan discovered Hei Lou Lan's attempt, he would have still dived right in, because the benefits were just that great!


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