Reverend Insanity
691 Quartet Sparrow Battle Tactic
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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691 Quartet Sparrow Battle Tactic

Hei tribe, Iron Eagle blessed land.

This was Hei tribe's base camp, the blessed land was huge and extensive, it was small at the bottom and large at the top.

Because of Hei tribe's first generation ancestor's unique specialties, Iron Eagle blessed land had little land, but the higher up in the air one went, the larger the space.

A sky that greatly exceeded that of ordinary blessed lands had countless circular wooden eagle nests floating in it.

These eagle nests were like small hills, innumerable iron eagles rested in them. The cries of eagles resounded endlessly, when a group of eagles flew, vast numbers of them traveled in formation, it was a spectacular view.

At the highest part of this blessed land, there was a garden.

The garden's artificial mountain had a pavilion on it.

In the pavilion, four supreme elders of Hei tribe were sitting around a square stone table, they had differing expressions.

First supreme elder had a solemn expression, second supreme elder was shutting his eyes and resting, third supreme elder was thinking with a troubled expression, fourth supreme elder's face was full of sweat.

The atmosphere was heavy, it was like the calm before the storm.

"My dear lord third elder, how long are you going to continue thinking?" Fourth supreme elder urged with an impatient tone.

"Rush, rush, rush, you only know how to rush me, don't you know this is a crucial moment? At this point, if I make the wrong move, my dozens of years of hard work would go down the drain!" Third supreme elder yapped away, his emotions becoming even more agitated.

He looked at first supreme elder in front of him, before looking at second supreme elder to the left, both of them had unchanging expressions, third supreme elder could not discern anything from their faces and the pressure in his heart intensified.

Right at this time, a figure slowly rose from below, quickly approaching this pavilion.

Hei tribe's second supreme elder opened a slit in each of his eyes, saying slowly: "Oh, Hei Cheng is back."

Hei Cheng entered the pavilion and paid respects to the four supreme elders.

These four supreme elders had deeper foundations than him in both status and cultivation. But with regards to battle strength, it was unknown until they fought seriously.

But within the tribe, Gu Immortal would spar at most, how could they fight seriously?

Furthermore, in righteous path forces, other than central continent's sect system, the other four regions looked at bloodline and seniority within their clans and tribes, even if Hei Cheng had higher battle strength, he would still need to respect them as a junior when he sees these four supreme elders.

"First elder, this is Dark Prison, I am returning it now." Hei Cheng took out the rank six Immortal Gu House and returned it to first supreme elder after paying respects to them.

First supreme elder took the Immortal Gu House Dark Prison, exclaiming: "You did not use Dark Prison, it seems your operation was very successful?"

Saying this, first supreme elder's gaze was still fixed on the stone table, he was only asking Hei Cheng casually.

Hei Cheng laughed: "It was very fortunate, this time the trip was smooth sailing, we have successfully suppressed Qiao tribe."

Qiao tribe was a large sized tribe, because all of Hei tribe's members inside Imperial Court blessed land had perished, Qiao tribe which was under them had become tempted to try and leave their control.

"Hmph, Qiao tribe's Gu Immortal, Qiao Dong, became an immortal due to my guidance back then. It has only been a few decades, his loyalty has wavered?" Second supreme elder said plainly.

"Therefore, this time, I struck and taught that Qiao Dong a lesson. Within five years, there should be no issues." Hei Cheng laughed calmly.

The suppression of Qiao tribe was an excuse HeI Cheng had prepared long ago.

Hei Cheng wanted to deal with his own daughter, Hei Lou Lan, this was not a righteous thing to do, he could only do it secretly.

He had planned to use Dark Prison to suppress Hei Lou Lan, preventing her from self-detonating. But he could not directly say this to the first supreme elder. Thus, he used Qiao tribe as an excuse, saying: In order to prevent any accidents when suppressing Qiao tribe, he borrowed Dark Prison.

"Five years?" Second supreme elder chuckled, shaking his head: "Northern plains is in a complete mess now, True Yang Building collapsed, the culprit has not been found. Wild Immortal Gu have been appearing constantly, all the different forces are fighting intensely. Especially now, Qin Bai Sheng's incident is becoming more heated, this involves Giant Sun's inheritance, even those rank eight old fossils are getting ready to strike."

Fourth supreme elder sighed: "True Yang Building collapsed, Imperial Court blessed land was destroyed as well, the Imperial Court contest has lost its meaning. What do we do from now on? All of the Huang Jin tribes, what procedures will they follow, we have no idea!"

Hei Cheng understood their intentions after hearing this, he lowered his head: "Junior understands, I will be more strict in handling the tribes, especially Qiao tribe, Huo tribe, and Zhuo tribe, these three vassals."

"That's right, this time, the entirety of Hei tribe died inside Imperial Court blessed land. There cannot be no display of Hei tribe in northern plains, Hei Cheng, go out into the blessed land and pick carefully, bring a portion of the tribesmen out and rebuild Hei tribe in northern plains." Third supreme elder thought about his tough problem as he gave his view on this matter.

"Yes, don't worry third elder. I have already started preparing. In half a month, northern plains' Hei tribe will be rebuilt." Hei Cheng answered.

"Alright, alright, let Hei Cheng handle the matters of the mortal tribe affairs, we have no worries. Third supreme elder, if you have the time to care about this, why don't you decide on the problem ahead. What tile are you playing?" Fourth supreme elder urged.

Third supreme elder's gaze flickered, he was very hesitant, but he finally gritted his teeth and made up his mind, playing a tile.

At the same time, he called out: "Three tiao!"

Immediately, all the other elders had differing expressions.

First supreme elder could not stay serious anymore, he laughed loudly, flipping over his tiles: "Haha, I won!"

"Argh!" Third supreme elder patted his leg with much force, he grabbed his snow white beard as he sighed: "If I knew, I would not have played three tiao, but six wan instead!"

After hearing this, second supreme elder stared with his eyes wide open, he turned over his own tiles, saying to supreme third elder: "Then play six wan, my set could've won with either four wan or six wan."

"Alright, enough, stop arguing. Quickly make the deal, I'm waiting to recoup my losses!" Fourth supreme elder said impatiently.

"Here, this is the Gu recipe that I researched after spending thirty years." Third supreme elder admitted his loss, he slammed one east window Gu on the table in front of first supreme elder.

First supreme elder took the east window Gu: "Alright, let's go to the next round. Same rules, we are not to use any Gu worms to cheat. We will state the wager first, I have two immortal essence stones."

"Ancient Gu recipe of crescent moon Gu."

"Twenty pieces of grey heart rock."

"A group of dragon eye fish, there is a fish emperor included."

Swish swish swish...

Eight arms swept around the stone table, shuffling the tiles.

Hei Cheng was silently standing at the side, he was very used to these four Hei tribe supreme elders' gambling habits.

The game they were playing was called quartet sparrow battle tactic, it was invented by a mortal genius back in earlier years of Hei tribe, mainly to bootlick the first supreme elder.

After first supreme elder obtained it, he had been playing it daily with the other three supreme elders, competing and engaging in 'battle'. Hei tribe's external affairs were almost all handled by Hei Cheng.

"Then, elders, junior will take his leave." Hei Cheng said.

"Go, go." The supreme elders waved their hands, they had started assembling their hand tiles as they replied to him halfheartedly.

A group of iron eagles flew outside the pavilion, they were screeching as suddenly, the eagle group spread and three desolate eagles appeared, with battle strength equivalent to rank six. One was a dragon eagle with a powerful aura, while the other two were iron crown eagles, having great spirit.

"Shoo, shoo." Third supreme elder waved his sleeves unhappily: "So noisy."

"Hehehe." First supreme elder had a kind and merciful smile, he waved his sleeves and a lot of food was sprinkled in the air.

The eagle group made happy cries, fighting for the food in the air.

Hei Cheng left Iron Eagle blessed land, flying towards the southwest direction, after flying for several minutes, he met Xue Song Zi.

Xue Song Zi had rested sufficiently, he no longer looked as pathetic as before, but he sighed when he saw Hei Cheng: "The situation has become troublesome. I just obtained some information, do you know which force has control of fixed immortal travel Immortal Gu?"

Hei Cheng replied: "You want to say, Immortal Crane Sect of central continent's ten ancient sects?"

"You already knew? When?" Xue Song Zi was slightly unhappy.

Hei Lou Lan snorted coldly: "Not too long ago. Earlier, Dong Fang Chang Fan deduced that Eighty-Eight True Yang Building's matter was related to central continent. Now, Hei Lou Lan has a mysterious immortal zombie around her that controls Fixed Immortal Travel. They are likely the same batch of people!"

Xue Song Zi's eyes narrowed, he fell into silence.

Honestly speaking, this information caught him off guard. He originally thought that they were dealing with a small mortal woman, to think that such a huge force like Immortal Crane Sect was involved now.

Although he had joined Snowy Mountain, this was only a loose alliance, demonic path Gu Immortals were usually selfish and only cared about self interest, they were not as united as the righteous path.

Hei Cheng's predicament was very awkward as well.

Although he was a Hei tribe Gu Immortal, something as shameless as targeting his own daughter could not be known to everyone. Even though many righteous path Gu Immortals were two faced and usually acted differently in public, they at least appeared righteous to the world.

Hei Cheng's matter could not be exposed, thus he could only act alone, even Dark Prison had to be borrowed using an excuse.

"Hmph, I wanted to kill a cat, but to think I messed with a tiger. Hei Cheng, I don't care! Since your secret is in my hands, I want five hundred immortal essence stones. Give me a copy of the yin-yang life extension method as well." Xue Song Zi broke the silence, his expression was ruthless.

He was not sincerely working with Hei Cheng in the first place, after realizing that Fang Yuan and others had deep backgrounds, he wanted to retreat now.

A cold light flashed in Hei Cheng's eyes, he stared at Xue Song Zi as he said slowly: "You know my situation. If you force me, at most, both of us will go down, you will get nothing!"

"You! Aren't you afraid..."

"Hmph, if I cannot catch Hei Lou Lan, I cannot gain lifespan, I am about to die, why would I care about reputation?"

Xue Song Zi was shivering in fury after hearing Hei Cheng's unscrupulous words, his eyes were blood shot: "Who could have thought that the grand Lord Hei Cheng is actually like this."

Hei Cheng shrugged nonchalantly: "Hehe, think what you want. Xue Song Zi, you were too naive. At this point, do you think you can keep out of this matter? Hei Lou Lan takes revenge very seriously, she has Fairy Li Shan backing her, do you think Snowy Mountain would care about you, the seventh peak's branch head, as opposed to the third leader?"

"There is something else I want to tell you. Central continent's Gu Immortals are ready to strike, the ten great ancient sects have created an allied force to charge into northern plains. Right now, the entirety of northern plains is in chaos, I'm sure that with Fairy Li Shan's skills, it would not be hard for her to use the central continent Gu Immortals as an excuse to indirectly kill you, that does not violate the Snowy Mountain union pact, right?"

Xue Song Zi's expression paled.


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