Reverend Insanity
689 Second Battle With Hei Cheng 2/2
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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689 Second Battle With Hei Cheng 2/2

"Found it." Hei Cheng's eyes shone brightly, he laughed sinisterly as he used his investigative killer move, finding out Fairy Li Shan's figure in the pear orchard.

He immediately used dark arrow Immortal Gu to its limit, as three dark arrows shot out into the air, towards its target.

The pear orchard went into action, countless tree roots stretched out, moved and coiled around like dragons, they desperately blocked these three arrows.

At the crucial moment, Fairy Li Shan was gritted her teeth, her eyes bright as a lamp.

She shouted in her heart: "Earth flower lotus burial!"

The ground exploded loudly, as a huge man eating flower appeared at lightning speed.

The man eating flower opened its mouth, swallowing a dark arrow. Next, the entire man eating flower's size shrunk, it was less than half of its original mass, but it could trap the dark arrow temporarily.

Hei Cheng snorted, his gaze was shining as the swallowed dark arrow was trying to escape, forming a sharp pointed bulge in the man eating flower's surface.

But next, more man eating flowers appeared from the ground. The second man eating flower ate the first man eating flower, shrinking after that. The third man eating flower ate the second man eating flower. Repeating the process, after seventeen to eighteen man eating flowers were summoned, Hei Cheng's connection to this dark arrow fell by at least thirty percent.

Hei Cheng knew that this dark arrow could not escape in the short run, his attention was on his two remaining arrows.

Fairy Li Shan's expression was pale, she shouted lowly: "Fading heavenly flower."

A large number of pear blossoms flew, they were pure as white snow, they floating in the air and turned into light specks.

The dark arrow's speed was fast, but the great number of light specks were all over the sky, during the process of the arrow's flight, it was stained.

Hot sparks developed on the dark arrow which was covered in light specks, white spots appeared on the dark arrow, causing its speed and power to fall.

Hei Cheng snorted, he knew the other party was well prepared. He was openly being targeted by his enemies in the dark, everyone knew about this Immortal Gu Dark Arrow, thus his attack was countered.

But he was not to be trifled with, even though he did not develop an immortal killer move using dark arrow Immortal Gu as the core Gu, he had been trying and had obtained several mortal killer moves that could cause changes to the dark arrows.

Hei Cheng stared with his eyes, using a set of mortal Gu in his immortal aperture. The two dark arrows changed directions, meeting in the air and fusing, becoming one again.

After fusing, the dark arrow was darker without a single light speck, it regained its former speed and power.

The dark arrow shot like lightning, stabbing into a huge trunk in pear orchard.

In Hei Cheng's field of vision, Fairy Li Shan was hiding in this tree trunk.

But at the next moment, Fairy Li Shan voice came from the other side: "You fell for it, Hei Cheng. Tree flower sheds tears!"

A bright flower bloomed in the tree trunk, as thick nectar oozed out from the center of the flower, it was extremely fragrant.

Dark arrow hit an wooden puppet that resembled Fairy Li Shan, the nectar spread and covered this dark arrow completely.

Thereafter, the nectar solidified, becoming like amber as it sealed the dark arrow inside.

"Hei Cheng, today, you will definitely fail!" Fairy Li Shan's body was on top of a tree crown, although she was pale and perspiring profusely, her eyes were bright and her aura was strong.

Hei Cheng's great strength was highly attributed to the dark arrow Immortal Gu.

This was an attack type Immortal Gu, Fairy Li Shan only had a mountain pledge Gu, she could not face it head on. She could only exert her methods and use three mortal killer moves to seal the dark arrows.

After the dark arrows were sealed, Hei Cheng lost his strongest means of attacking.

"Really? You think that's all I have?" Hei Cheng stood in the dark veil, looking down at Fairy Li Shan as he showed a mocking smile towards Fairy Li Shan.

Under Fairy Li Shan's supervision, he stretched out his arm, opening his palm and revealing a black pearl.

This black pearl was about the size of a rice bowl, it was black and shiny, like a black crystal. On the surface of this translucent pearl, one could see a boar shaped animal sleeping inside.

Fairy Li Shan saw this pearl and her eyes immediately enlarged, she showed a shocked and scared expression: "This is Dark Prison?"

Hei Cheng nodded slightly: "That's right, this is my Hei tribe's rank six Immortal Gu House — Dark Prison."

His voice was monotone, but it contained a feeling of pride.

Hei Cheng was not Hei tribe's supreme first elder, but to ensure that this trip had no accidents, he paid a huge price and borrow this item from Hei tribe's supreme first elder.

"This is bad..." Fairy Li Shan's heart sank to rock bottom. Dark prison was a beast stable, trapped inside was the ancient desolate beast sharp tusk boar. If it was summoned, Fairy Li Shan would be in deep trouble.

Be it pear orchard, earth flower lotus burial, fading heavenly flower, or tree flower sheds tears, these were all mortal killer move. In order to deal with Hei Cheng's dark arrow Immortal Gu, Fairy Li Shan had thought through it carefully and devised three killer moves that could temporarily seal the dark arrows.

But because of this, her mind was worn out and her head was hurting. Although she had the pear orchard battlefield, she had fallen into a disadvantage against Hei Cheng's dark veil, she could only hang on and pray that Hei Lou Lan's tribulation would finish soon, to come over and assist her.

However, sharp tusk boar was an ancient desolate beast, destroying the pear orchard was as easy as stomping on a garden. Once pear orchard was destroyed, the three 'flower moves' that relied on pear orchard would weaknen greatly, the dark arrows would escape.

"If that happens, all the effort I put in earlier would go to waste!" Fairy Li Shan gritted her teeth, but right at this moment, she heard a warning from Tai Bai Yun Sheng — be careful!

Of what?

Fairy Li Shan looked back, seeing that a dark arrow had secretly flew over, it was thirty centimeters away from her.

"What? But I made arrangements around here..." Fairy Li Shan was shocked, but it was too late.

The dark arrow flew over, piercing into her forehead, through her skull, and coming out of the back of her head.

"Little aunt!" Hei Lou Lan screamed, she had finally digested all three qi and had recovered her mobility. But the moment she opened her eyes, she saw that the relative that had always taken good care of her was killed by a dark arrow piercing her skull, dying a terrible death.

"It's over." Hei Cheng kept the ball shaped Dark Prison.

Fairy Li Shan had only seal two dark arrows, when the two arrows combined earlier, Hei Cheng had secretly shot out a third dark arrow. Using the Dark Prison to attract Fairy Li Shan's attention, he secretly utilized several mortal killer moves, together with dark arrow, he took down all of the defenses around Fairy Li Shan.

However, at the next moment!

A flash of light shot over, as Fairy Li Shan returned to the state a moment ago, her injuries were gone and her skull was intact.

Immortal Gu Man as Before!

Far away, Tai Bai Yun Sheng breathed roughly as he said: "So close, I almost failed to make it!"

Hei Cheng's pupils shrunk, his anger was rising.

He was not furious that Tai Bai Yun Sheng had ruined his battle result, but he was angry at Xue Song Zi for not doing his best! They had agreed that he would kill Fairy Li Shan while Xue Song Zi would kill Tai Bai Yun Sheng and the immortal zombie who was Fang Yuan.

But the result was?

Tai Bai Yun Sheng could interfere in his battle!

"Xue Song Zi..." Hei Cheng gritted his teeth, he looked at the battlefield far away.

But what Hei Cheng saw was, Xue Song Zi's robe was tattered, he was escaping with an expression of fear. His long hair had become much shorter, he was almost bald.

His face was bruised, a part of it was swollen and his body was covered in blood, one of his arm was hanging on his body, the bone had fractured.

Hei Cheng's pupils could not help but contract.

Xue Song Zi had healing Gu in his possession. For Gu Immortals, a fracture was not a heavy injury.

But the point was, the opponent gave Xue Song Zi absolutely no time to heal his fracture!

This... exactly how strong was the enemy?

As if answering his question, the strength path phantom army numbering over two hundred thousand shouted and caused a tremor in heaven and earth.

They were a huge mob, even thicker than the tribulation cloud in the sky, chasing after Xue Song Zi alone.

This was simply bullying!

Even this rank seven Gu Immortal Hei Cheng frowned deeply: "What is going on? Why have these strength path phantoms not been destroyed yet, in fact, even more are appearing?"

After that, he saw that half the phantom army was charging towards him.

Hei Cheng snorted coldly, he willed and several mortal killer moves were activated together.

Thousand Demon Rampage! Dark Fire! Black Wind Break!

"Kill!" The myriad self army charged.

In several breaths of time, the demons were crying, the dark fire dimmed, and the black winds dissipated.

Hei Cheng who had always been confident and relaxed finally changed his expression: "This power... this is an immortal killer move! This immortal zombie that looks inconspicuous has the highest battle strength?"

The myriad self army pressed forth, charging into Hei Cheng's dark veil battlefield fearlessly.

The pitch black battlefield that occupied half the sky was quickly smashed and taken down, it resembled the clothing of a beggar, extremely tattered.

Hei Cheng's eyes twitched, he had to retreat!

He was handsome and elegant, even when he retreated, he still kept his cool, his arms were like butterflies fluttering in the sky, activating mortal killer moves one after another.

But this could not stop the advancement of the myriad self army.

Just like a humongous tide, no matter how powerful his mortal killer moves were, they were like rocks in front of a tsunami, or weak little fish, they were all swept away and devoured mercilessly!

Hei Cheng squinted his eyes, his expression turned grim.

He finally understood how Xue Song Zi felt, facing the myriad self army, he was a great rank seven Gu Immortal, a famous expert in northern plains, but now he felt a sense of helplessness and weakness.

The army had formed into an overwhelming size, it was unstoppable!

"This immortal killer move... even if I use Dark Prison and release the sharp tusk boar, I will not be its match!" Hei Cheng retreated under the pressure of the army.

Under this situation, if Hei Cheng wanted to turn the situation around, he would need to kill Fang Yuan's main body using dark arrows. But two dark arrows were already trapped by Fairy Li Shan, the remaining one could do nothing to Fang Yuan who had Immortal Gu Worldly Wave Trace.

"This lunatic, how many beads of immortal essence did he use?!" Hei Cheng cursed in his heart, his eyes were fixed on Fang Yuan who was on the ground.

Fang Yuan absorbed another trace of the Demon Venerable intent, sensing Hei Cheng's dangerous gaze, he looked back and gave Hei Cheng a smile of disdain.

At the same time, a large portion of the army charged towards Hei Cheng.

"This fellow!" Hei Cheng finally showed a trace of nervousness. Being pincer attacked by two armies, he could only dodge in the sky. Even after he used countless mortal killer moves, he could only halt the army's advancement slightly.

At this moment, the situation had become — two Gu Immortals were being chased down by Fang Yuan alone.

"Good job junior brother!"

Fairy Li Shan stood on the tree crown, seeing this, her expression froze slightly. She did not expect the situation to become like this.

Over at Fang Yuan's side, he had finally destroyed the earthly calamity and obtained all of the true meaning infusion. His strength path attainment was still grandmaster realm, it did not break through again. But his transformation path attainment rose to become a transformation master. As for his flying attainment, it also grew significantly, he broke through master level and reached quasi-grandmaster realm.

But Fang Yuan was not satisfied, he said to Hei Lou Lan: "Quickly, don't you have small family qi Gu, release all of the collected earth qi, we might attract more earthly calamity!"

Everyone heard this and were speechless.

Hei Lou Lan rolled her eyes, after the infusion of the three qi, the essence of her life had been elevated, she had transcended mortals and became a Gu Immortal. Her body was purified in all aspects, even the heavy injury in her eye sockets had healed completely.

"I have to keep these small family qi Gu to refine Immortal Gu. Time is limited, let's retreat!" Hei Lou Lan rejected Fang Yuan's suggestion and shouted.

Fang Yuan licked his lips, unsatisfied. But since she did not agree, there was nothing he could do.

Everyone gathered and entered Fang Yuan's immortal aperture.

Fang Yuan looked at the icy plain battlefield longingly, using Fixed Immortal Travel at long last.

Three breaths later, he vanished, returning to Snowy Mountain blessed land.

"We're letting him leave?" Xue Song Zi and Hei Cheng gathered.

Hei Cheng's brows rose, he said coldly: "Even if I have Instant Pause, can you break through the defense of these strength path phantoms?"

Xue Song Zi looked at the remaining myriad self army in the battlefield and was unable to say a word.


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