Reverend Insanity
688 Second Battle With Hei Cheng 1/2
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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688 Second Battle With Hei Cheng 1/2

"Fang Yuan!" Tai Bai Yun Sheng's shout could be heard loudly, Fang Yuan opened his eyes and woke up from within the sea of snakes.

All around him, from head to toe, there were snakes. Countless snakes were coiling around him, trying to kill and devour him. If not for Fang Yuan's hair armor protecting him, these small snakes might have drilled into his stomach already.

Fang Yuan laughed heartily, he was joyful instead of shocked!

He stretched out eight huge arms, grabbing with his hands as he destroyed dozens of small snakes. Tens of gushed into his mind.

His consciousness was blur for a moment, but recovered immediately.

As he slowly adapted to it, and as his attainment level increased, the speed of him absorbing the became faster and faster.

Addicted to killing, he withdrew the hair armor and opened his mouth, sucking.

Immediately, countless small snakes crawled into his mouth.

He opened his mouth to chew, his sharp fangs tearing the snake body into shreds, next he swallowed and the snake corpse vanished down his throat, disappearing from this world.

Waves of filled his heart and mind unceasingly.

Strength path , transformation path , all these turned into traces and were absorbed by him. At the same time, with trial and error, he became familiar with the new knowledge, it gave Fang Yuan a much deeper understanding in other territories. For example, his flying attainment.

After Fang Yuan killed the third huge shield snake, his strength path attainment level went from quasi-grandmaster to grandmaster realm.

Strength path grandmaster!

That is to say, if given a bit more time, Fang Yuan would reach the level of blood path in his previous life! Because his blood path attainment level was also grandmaster realm.

Right now, his mind was filled with countless thoughts and countless inspiration. His understanding of strength path had reached a whole new level, he could create many strength path Gu worms and many mortal killer moves that were related to strength path now.

But Fang Yuan was not satisfied, he continued slaughtering.

The earthly calamity failed after transforming into the icefall divine ape, the ancient pegasus, and the shield snake group. Now, there was a new transformation, it turned onto a group of rockmen.

Fang Yuan manipulated the army, killing the rockmen, he trampled on their heads and swallowed their bodies, understanding the power of thickness.

The earthly calamity turned into a bee group next, as Fang Yuan self-detonated his strength path phantoms continuously, learning the power of piercing.

The earthly calamity transformed into the rhinoceros, as Fang Yuan killed them, he learned about the power of charging.

As his strength path attainment continued to rise, after he stabilized his grandmaster realm, he started charging towards quasi-great grandmaster realm.

Right at this moment, two bright rainbows, one black and one white, pierced the air and descended.

"We finally found you!"

"You were in the icy plains indeed."

As the rainbow faded, two people, Hei Cheng and Xue Song Zi appeared.

The strong enemies had appeared!

"So many strength path phantoms, what is going on?" Xue Song Zi's pupils shrunk, before they shone in a bright heated light: "Oh? This is... it seems the rumors were true, undergoing tribulation in the icy plains will possibly attract Reckless Savage Demon Venerable's true meaning!"

Hei Cheng's eyes were eerily looking at the battlefield, next his gaze focused on the three colored qi cocoon.

After such a long time, Hei Lou Lan had not finished absorbing the three qi yet, her human qi was simply too huge in quantity!

"Hehehe, Hei Lou Lan, you guys have nowhere to run, why don't you surrender." Hei Cheng laughed heartily, he opened his right palm and revealed an Immortal Gu.

This Immortal Gu gave off an eerie blue light, it was a time path rank six Immortal Gu.

The aura of the Immortal Gu was surging, it resonated with the two time path Immortal Gu in Tai Bai Yun Sheng's aperture, causing them to vibrate.

Fairy Li Shan's expression changed, she showed herself and stood in front of Hei Lou Lan, she spoke coldly: "Instant Pause?"

This was the rank six time path Immortal Gu Instant Pause, it could freeze the time of the target for six moments, with this Gu around, Hei Cheng did not have to worry about Fang Yuan running away using Fixed Immortal Travel.

Hei Cheng saw Fairy Li Shan and his gaze concentrated, he spoke with depe intent: "To think that the mastermind behind all this was Fairy Li Shan. Why are you sowing discord between us father and daughter? Oh I see, as expected, which Gu Immortal would not be interested in the yin-yang life extension method in my possession?"

Saying so, Hei Cheng laughed sarcastically, he showed a mocking expression to Fairy Li Shan as he oozed with confidence.

Fairy Li Shan's expression was solemn, her voice became louder as it filled the skies: "Hei Cheng, you are destined to fail today. Don't think of causing any harm to Little Lan, because the person stopping you will be me!"

Saying so, Fairy Li Shan stopped hiding it, she revealed the grand aura of a rank seven Gu Immortal.

At the same time, the surface of the ice broke, countless tree roots grew rapidly, they coiled around and moved like huge pythons.

The trees grew quickly, it soon became a forested area. After a few breaths, pear blossoms grew, the smell of the flowers was fragrant and spread for several li.

Fairy Li Shan stood under the tree, her body was shielded by the leaves and branches, vanishing.

Meanwhile, Hei Lou Lan was still balancing the three qi, she was on top of the pear tree.

Battlefield killer move — Pear Orchard!

"To think that third leader's cultivation level had reached rank seven secretly. Be careful Hei Cheng, third leader cultivates earth and woof path, she had set up this battlefield earlier, I am also a member of Snowy Mountain blessed land, I cannot battle Fairy Li Shan due to the alliance rules." Xue Song Zi reminded.

Usually when Fairy Li Shan showed up in northern plains, she always revealed rank six cultivation. Few knew about her true cultivation level.

Hei Cheng's expression was calm, his gaze shifted to Fang Yuan, Tai Bai Yun Sheng and Fairy Li Shan for a moment, before turning back to Hei Lou Lan.

"One immortal zombie, one rank six Gu Immortal, one rank seven Gu Immortal..." Hei Cheng muttered, he snorted coldly, saying to Xue Song Zi: "Go deal with that immortal zombie and the rank six Gu Immortal, after I kill Fairy Li Shan, we will take down Hei Lou Lan."

His tone was filled with decisiveness and confidence.

Although Fairy Li Shan was rank seven, her battle strength should be at the lower tier of rank seven, it was quite far from Hei Cheng.

"Okay!" Seeing that the toughest foe was going to be dealt with by Hei Cheng, Xue Song Zi agreed.

He flew down, straight towards the earthly calamity.

He was someone who had knowledge, he knew that the earthly calamity contained a Demon Venerable, true meaning, even if he was not a strength path or transformation path Gu Immortal, he wanted a share of it. Gu Immortals usually ventured into many paths so that they could assist their main path, who would be unhappy with a higher attainment?

"You're courting death!" Fang Yuan saw Xue Song Zi rushing here and shouted angrily, a ruthless light flashing in his eyes.

"Merely a rank six immortal zombie, you dare to speak such words!" Xue Song Zi snorted in disdain, he rapidly got closer.

In his first battle with Hei Cheng, Fang Yuan focused on retreating, to escape from the place. Thus, he did not reveal his true battle strength.

Hei Cheng and Xue Song Zi analyzed the situation, and assumed that Fang Yuan's two movement Immortal Gu were lent to him by other Gu Immortals.

Even though Fang Yuan's strength path phantom army was fighting against the earthly calamity intensely.

First, the earthly calamity was already half destroyed, second, wide range killer move were very common, third, most immortal zombie's battle strength was lower than ordinary Gu Immortals, and finally, there was a rank six Gu Immortal and a rank seven Gu Immortal on Fang Yuan's side, Xue Song Zi subconsciously underestimated Fang Yuan's threat.

Xue Song Zi's speed was very fast, he was right above Fang Yuan in a moment's time.

"I'll let you taste my power!" He growled, he pushed with his hands and used his killer moves.

Drifting Snow! Ice Mountain Awl! Snow Sparrow Crisis!

He used three killer moves at once, this showed Xue Song Zi extraordinary control over manipulating Gu worms.

These three killer moves were all attack type killer moves. In an instant, intense winds blew as snow blew in the air, countless snowflakes gathered into birds, they moved fluidly in the intense wind and snow, with much spiritualism, there were thousands of them! Twenty to thirty icicles that were the size of mountains were covered in sharp spikes as they flew towards Fang Yuan, trying to pierce through his body.

Fang Yuan laughed coldly, he waved his hand and the myriad army moved!

Myriad self moved with courage, their shouts overwhelmed the heavens, everywhere the army went, ice mountains collapsed, snow sparrows cried, and the snow stopped.

"Eh?!" Xue Song Zi's expression changed, only after fighting did he realize the truly fearsome might of myriad self!

Seeing that the myriad self army was coming for him, Xue Song Zi growled angrily as his hair stood up, traces and traces of frost energy shot out from them.

In an instant, the frost energy spread quickly and formed an ice crystal domain in the air.

Battlefield killer move — Snow Domain!

"Towering pine tree, icy hair dragon stream!" Xue Song Zi growled, using two defensive killer moves at once.

Immediately, pine trees grew in the snow domain, from nothingness, they grew, becoming large trees with high density, the branches tied the trees together, forming many thick walls of defense.

As for his long snow white hair, they extended and gave off a dragon's cry in the air. The long hair turned into dozens of dragon shaped ice, coiling around his body and forming a castle-like defense, with Xue Song Zi protected tightly in the most center.

However, when myriad self army charged over, pine trees collapsed, and ice dragons shattered, the snow domain lasted for a moment before breaking apart.

"An immortal killer move! Who in the world is this immortal zombie?" Xue Song Zi's expression was pale, his eyes showed panic as he retreated quickly, even faster than when he came, he was in a pathetic state!

At the same time, Hei Cheng and Fairy Li Shan had engaged in intense battle.

The battle of the two had reached the climax right from the start.

Hei Cheng used dark arrow Immortal Gu to its limits, shooting three dark arrows into the pear orchard, flying around and trying to locate Fairy Li Shan's true hiding place.

In the pear orchard, it was dense with vegetation, an pear blossoms fell from the trees. The roots were tangled together and growing, as hundreds of sunflower king lotus appeared.

As the lotus opened, beams of burning light shot towards Hei Cheng.

Hei Cheng's body shuddered, dark liquid oozed out of his black robe, dying the area around him black. This was also a battlefield killer move, called dark veil.

In the dark veil, black balls were shot out, pouring down like rain.

The black balls slammed into the pear orchard, forming huge pitch black spirals. This was the killer move that Hei Lou Lan used in the imperial court contest — Dark Vortex.

The dark vortex expanded, corroding the trees and flowers, causing huge holes to form in the pear orchard.

Meanwhile, the heated beams of sunlight also tore open some areas of the dark veil.

As the two continued to attack, the light beams fell in quantity while the number of dark vortexes increased, Hei Cheng quickly gained the upper hand.

As expected of a famous rank seven Gu Immortal expert in northern plains!


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